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Syslak commented on Taylor Swift Goes All-Black Elie Saab For The 2013 Brit Awards

at 9:56AM on Feb 21

She looked great, but she was so boring.
“You guys have cool accents!” Thumbs up.

Syslak commented on Kevin Clash's Accuser Recants Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Against The Voice Of 'Elmo'

at 8:07AM on Nov 14

If this were me, and I was 16 year old who was being hit on by a 40 year old who was just waiting until I turned 18 (and even if we didn’t have sex until I was 21 or whatever), I would have seriously messed with my head and I would be pissed. I would feel taken advantage of, and even if it was legal, it really would have been wrong. BUT not illegal. So, it may be true that the individual feels “victimised” even if it was all legal. Some people can handle that at 16, some can’t.