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swile71 commented on After Diplo Attacked Taylor Swift On Twitter, Lorde Shut Him Down Like A Boss

at 12:12PM on Nov 13

Lorde have mercy! I love her even more now.

swile71 commented on Madonna's Iconic Album 'Like A Virgin' Turns 30

at 11:29AM on Nov 12

Hard to believe it’s been 30 years. I remember saving my money as a teenager to buy a very expensive portable cd player, i think over $200, and this CD was the FIRST I bought to play in it. I still have both the player and the CD ;-)

swile71 commented on Chelsea Handler Shares A Photo Of Her Bare Ass On Instagram

at 11:26AM on Nov 12

Is her greasy ass emerging from a trash bag? If so then how appropriate.

swile71 commented on Justin Timberlake Is Having A Baby!

at 12:21PM on Nov 6

He’s bringing baby back ;-)

swile71 commented on Amanda Bynes Was Freed From Medical Care Yesterday, She Spent The Night Roaming Sunset Blvd.

at 8:13AM on Oct 31

Usually when a person in her condition takes her meds she can balance out and return to a sense of normalcy. But WAY too often people stop taking their meds thinking they no longer need them. I think this hearing officer needs to be reprimanded for letting her go. Does he/she not know her history? So sad.

swile71 commented on 'Black Panther' Will Be Among 9 New Superhero Films From Marvel Studios Over The Next 5 Years

at 5:39AM on Oct 29

I thought the 90′s movie “Spawn” was the first movie to feature a black superhero.

swile71 commented on The Horror: Jaden Smith Says He's The Best Rapper, Threatens To Unleash Multiple Albums

at 5:27AM on Oct 20

What did any of us do to deserve this?

swile71 commented on OMG Did You Watch ... 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Premiere: 'No Sanctuary'

at 1:24PM on Oct 13

BALLZ TO THE WALL!!!! Loved it!

swile71 commented on First Listen: Here Is Aretha Franklin's Version Of Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive'

at 5:57AM on Oct 9

Hmmmm, NO. Sorry Aretha, not feeling this at all.

swile71 commented on Teresa & Joe Giudice BOTH Sentenced To Prison Terms For Their Bank Fraud Convictions

at 7:32AM on Oct 3

I agree. I have NO sympathy for them and they have to pay. What terrible role models for their 4 children. I seriously doubt either will serve their entire sentences.