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swile71 commented on Apple Unveils The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus In Glorious Apple Fashion

at 11:46AM on Sep 10

Trent, I am anxious to get your take on the 6 Plus. I like to have a phone I can just throw in my pocket and I wonder if the 6 Plus might be too big. BRING IT!

swile71 commented on Janay Rice Defends Her Husband/Abuser Ray Rice, And Attacks The Media On Instagram

at 8:55AM on Sep 9

I think she may be a bit delusional to think that this will never happen again. I find it hard to believe that this was the first time he has assaulted her and I have a feeling it will not be the last. They both need professional help.

swile71 commented on Ray Rice Has Been Fired From The Baltimore Ravens Football Team

at 1:15PM on Sep 8

He’s disgusting. Can’t imagine why the then fiancé, now wife, stayed with him.

swile71 commented on Joan Rivers Has Passed Away At 81

at 1:26PM on Sep 4

I was fortunate enough to see her perform a few years ago. She was a true force of nature and will be TERRIBLY missed :-(

swile71 commented on The Cast Of 'The Little Rascals' Pose For A 20th Anniversary Photo

at 5:37AM on Sep 4

I LOVED watching the original Little Rascals but have NO fond memories of the movie. I thought it was awful, but cute reunion pic :-)

swile71 commented on Joan Rivers Has Been Moved Out Of Intensive Care, Into Her Own Private Room

at 1:04PM on Sep 3

I am SOOOO hoping Joan will come back to us. I enjoy her so much. Sending lots of positive vibes and love her way.

swile71 commented on 50 Cent Gave His 2-Year Old Son His Very Own Mercedes SUV

at 12:02PM on Sep 3

Seems pretty wasteful. The kid wouldn’t have known the difference between this thing and a k-mart toy car. I guess he can use this one as a trade in for when he grows out of it in 6 months.

swile71 commented on LeVar Burton Brings Us The Greatest 'Star Trek' Selfie Ever

at 5:21AM on Aug 29

LOL. It looks like “The Shat” was just dropped into the photo.