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swile71 commented on Trent Is the New Blog

at 7:43AM on Sep 28

Look forward to seeing you on Tumblr. Excited for you & your new journey.

swile71 commented on The End Of An Era

at 5:25AM on Sep 14

I can’t tell you how sad I am to read that you will be leaving. Checking out your site each day was a highlight and I have SO enjoyed following you throughout your many journeys. You have no doubt touched MANY people’s lives & brought laughter and smiles to many, including me. Good luck with everything you do & I hope we all see you in some way again soon.

swile71 commented on Cate Blanchett Will Reportedly Play Lucille Ball In A New Biopic Film

at 7:47AM on Sep 3

I LOVE LUCY & CATE. Perfect casting. Can’t wait.

swile71 commented on Legendary Filmmaker Wes Craven Passes Away At 76

at 10:48AM on Aug 31

I hadn’t heard he was sick either. This is truly sad. He brought so much great work to us all.

swile71 commented on Here Is Our First Look At The Cast Of Lifetime's 'The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story'

at 8:16AM on Jul 23

This is going to be AWFULLY good. I figured out every character from the cast photo, mainly because of how they are styled.

swile71 commented on Watch: Caitlyn Jenner Delivered An Emotionally Moving Acceptance Speech At The 2015 ESPY Awards Last Night

at 10:43AM on Jul 16

I couldn’t agree with you more Trent. Caitlyn’s speech was incredible and I know it will help so many people that struggle with similar issues.

swile71 commented on Watch: Ariana Grande Apologizes For Licking Donuts, Saying That She 'Hates America'

at 6:10AM on Jul 13

UGH! I am SO over celebrities doing STUPID things and getting busted and then giving us these WEAK apologies. You’re in the public eye so TRY to behave.

swile71 commented on The US Supreme Court Has Legalized Same-Sex Marriage In The United States Of America

at 9:57AM on Jun 26

Such an amazing & emotional day. SO HAPPY. Equal rights for all as it should be.