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swile71 commented on Barbara Walters Names Amal Alamuddin One Of The 'Most Fascinating People' Merely Because She Married George Clooney

at 11:39AM on Dec 15

What a missed opportunity to introduce this accomplished woman to the world as just George Clooney’s wife. Really? Time for Babs to pack it up and move on. So sad.

swile71 commented on OMG Did You Watch … 'Sons Of Anarchy' Series Finale: 'Papa's Goods'

at 12:34PM on Dec 10

Do I see a Bea Arthur ornament there? I LOVE it!

swile71 commented on An Education By Fleetwood Mac

at 8:03AM on Dec 9

I have the BEST memories of hearing them on the radio when I was a child in the 70′s. They have always been and will always be my favorite band. When I finally got to see them in concert it was unbelievable.

swile71 commented on Neil Patrick Harris Has Filmed His Scenes For 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

at 8:49AM on Dec 8

This season is a real disappointment. I keep hoping it will improve. The story week to week is so uneven and the characters are all over the place. I was hoping they wouldn’t do to AHS what they did to Glee but sadly it looks that way :-(

swile71 commented on After Diplo Attacked Taylor Swift On Twitter, Lorde Shut Him Down Like A Boss

at 12:12PM on Nov 13

Lorde have mercy! I love her even more now.

swile71 commented on Madonna's Iconic Album 'Like A Virgin' Turns 30

at 11:29AM on Nov 12

Hard to believe it’s been 30 years. I remember saving my money as a teenager to buy a very expensive portable cd player, i think over $200, and this CD was the FIRST I bought to play in it. I still have both the player and the CD ;-)

swile71 commented on Chelsea Handler Shares A Photo Of Her Bare Ass On Instagram

at 11:26AM on Nov 12

Is her greasy ass emerging from a trash bag? If so then how appropriate.

swile71 commented on Justin Timberlake Is Having A Baby!

at 12:21PM on Nov 6

He’s bringing baby back ;-)

swile71 commented on Amanda Bynes Was Freed From Medical Care Yesterday, She Spent The Night Roaming Sunset Blvd.

at 8:13AM on Oct 31

Usually when a person in her condition takes her meds she can balance out and return to a sense of normalcy. But WAY too often people stop taking their meds thinking they no longer need them. I think this hearing officer needs to be reprimanded for letting her go. Does he/she not know her history? So sad.