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swile71 commented on Voice Actor Harry Shearer Has Been Let Go From 'The Simpsons', The Show Will Go On Without Him

at 8:44AM on May 14

TRULY bummed by this news. It will be interesting to see who they find to fill Harry Shearer’s shoes.

swile71 commented on Zac Efron Has Been Added To The Cast Of 'Empire' . . . As Lucious Lyon's Fourth Son? [UPDATE]

at 8:30AM on May 12

I think Empire needs to pump the brakes. It already has SO much going on that adding more cast members might not be the best decision. Guess we’ll see if it works.

swile71 commented on Janet Jackson Is Reportedly Releasing An Album Titled 'Unbreakable' In July

at 5:44AM on May 12

PLEASE be true. I miss Janet.

swile71 commented on Fox Has Cancelled 'The Mindy Project'

at 7:53AM on May 7

I am TRULY bummed to read this news. I think Mindy is hilarious and I looked forward to the show every week. Fingers crossed that things work out over at Hulu.

swile71 commented on Jessica Lange Confirms Her Exit From 'American Horror Story', Matt Bomer Joins The Series As The New Lead Star

at 12:21PM on Mar 16

As long as the new season is better than the travesty of freak show then I can give it another shot. Jessica will be missed SORELY.

swile71 commented on Watch: Nick Gordon's Interview On The 'Dr. Phil' Show Is As Tragic As You Feared

at 8:44AM on Mar 12

Who’s a bigger mess, Nick or Dr. Phil? UGH!

swile71 commented on Nick Gordon Filmed His Interview With Dr. Phil Then Checked Himself In To Rehab

at 12:24PM on Mar 6

SO glad that others feel the same about Dr. Phil. He is ONLY out for himself. The way he is always patting himself on the back for his book sales & good deeds is sickening.