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swile71 commented on Watch: Mariah Carey Talks To 'Entertainment Tonight Canada' About Her As-Yet Unfinished, Untitled New Album

at 9:58AM on Apr 15

Haven’t most of her recent albums gone “unfinished” for way too long? She takes forever and the results are just mediocre. I would think if she was always taking SO long to release music that it would be half way decent. Oh Mariah.

swile71 commented on Kevin Federline Is Now The Father Of 6 Children

at 10:21AM on Apr 8

For god sake someone SNIP him!

swile71 commented on Justin Bieber Does His Best James Dean On Instagram

at 7:07AM on Mar 24

UGH, James Dean is rolling over in his grave.

swile71 commented on Michael Lohan & His Baby Son Show Up At Court For Mommy Kate Major's DUI Arraignment

at 12:39PM on Mar 14

That poor child. Surrounded by hot messes :-(

swile71 commented on Seth Rogen Calls Justin Bieber 'A Piece Of Sh*t'

at 12:38PM on Mar 14

Seth is the MAN!

swile71 commented on Miley Cyrus Cannot Stop Putting Random People's Panties In Her Mouth

at 3:57PM on Feb 24

I’m sorry, she can express herself any way she likes BUT I don’t think she needs to be so desperate for attention. WE GET IT, you aren’t Hannah freakin Montana.

swile71 commented on Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Are Dunzo!

at 3:55PM on Feb 24

Just. Sad :-(

swile71 commented on Shia LaBeouf Is Sorry And He Wants YOU To Let Him Show You How Sorry He Is

at 11:16AM on Feb 12

The boy has gone off the deep end.

swile71 commented on Shirley Temple Black Passes Away At 85

at 12:47PM on Feb 11

What a beautiful woman with an amazing career. She will be missed.

swile71 commented on Justin Bieber BUSTED For DUI, Drag Racing AND Resisting Arrest [UPDATE]

at 7:37AM on Jan 23

He’s been getting away with EVERYTHING so I am glad he got busted. HE deserves to pay the consequences for his STUPID actions.