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swile71 commented on First LOOK: Nicki Minaj Releases Fairly NSFW Cover Art For Her New Single 'Anaconda'

at 10:08AM on Jul 24

Looks like she got her money’s worth on that backside.

swile71 commented on Justin Bieber Is Reportedly The New Celebrity Spokesmodel For Calvin Klein Underwear

at 6:08AM on Jul 24

Like we don’t see him shirtless with his pants down enough already? I would NEVER buy CK if he represented them. GAG!

swile71 commented on 'Weird Al' Yankovic Nabs The First #1 Album In His 26-Year Music Career

at 11:32AM on Jul 23

Well deserved. What I have seen & heard from this new album is hilarious!

swile71 commented on First Listen: Deborah Cox Has Recorded 'I Will Always Love You' For The Whitney Houston Biopic

at 6:29AM on Jul 21

I have read other stories that are putting down Deborah’s version but I think she has an amazing voice and sounds great!

swile71 commented on Christina Aguilera's Baby Shower Cake Depicts Her Baby Emerging From Her Vagina

at 6:39AM on Jul 16

I agree. She does not look pregnant at all. That white dress is certainly slimming.

swile71 commented on First Look: 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Releases A FIRST Teaser Video

at 10:43AM on Jul 15

I have read online that this is a fan made fake but it sure is well done.

swile71 commented on Uh Oh! It Looks Like Daryl Dixon Will Be In Serious Trouble In 'The Walking Dead' Season 5

at 1:20PM on Jul 14

I’m with you Trent, this pics makes me NERVOUS.

swile71 commented on Here Is Your FIRST LOOK At Arlen Escarpeta As Bobby Brown In The Upcoming 'Whitney Houston' Biopic

at 1:18PM on Jul 14

They need to tighten Bobby’s gumby fade & but other than that it looks good.