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swile71 commented on Jessica Lange Confirms Her Exit From 'American Horror Story', Matt Bomer Joins The Series As The New Lead Star

at 12:21PM on Mar 16

As long as the new season is better than the travesty of freak show then I can give it another shot. Jessica will be missed SORELY.

swile71 commented on Watch: Nick Gordon's Interview On The 'Dr. Phil' Show Is As Tragic As You Feared

at 8:44AM on Mar 12

Who’s a bigger mess, Nick or Dr. Phil? UGH!

swile71 commented on Nick Gordon Filmed His Interview With Dr. Phil Then Checked Himself In To Rehab

at 12:24PM on Mar 6

SO glad that others feel the same about Dr. Phil. He is ONLY out for himself. The way he is always patting himself on the back for his book sales & good deeds is sickening.

swile71 commented on Watch: Debbie Gibson's Ballad 'Lost In Your Eyes' Was The #1 Song This Week Back In 1989

at 12:01PM on Mar 4

I sigh just as heavily Trent. How has it been that long? The 80′s were the best!

swile71 commented on 'Star Trek' Star Leonard Nimoy Has Passed Away

at 10:23AM on Feb 27

I can still clearly see in my mind my Dad taking my brother and I to the first Star Trek movie. We were so mesmerized by it and I immediately became a big fan of Leonard Nimoy. So sad to hear this news.

swile71 commented on The 'Clueless' Soundtrack Is Being Released On Vinyl

at 1:02PM on Feb 26

Where’s “Tenderness” , “All by Myself”, “Fashion”, “Shoop” ? :-(

swile71 commented on Listen: Someone Mashed Up Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' With Beck's 'Loser' In A Bid For World Peace

at 10:48AM on Feb 13

Sounds like the 2 songs are just playing at the same time, not really mashed. MEH.

swile71 commented on LMFAO! North West HATED Kanye West's Fashion Show Today

at 7:32AM on Feb 13

I am LOVING the look on the faces of everyone around that screaming child. You notice Bey left her little one home where she belongs. Kim is such a media whore. That poor kid.