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swile71 commented on LeVar Burton Brings Us The Greatest 'Star Trek' Selfie Ever

at 5:21AM on Aug 29

LOL. It looks like “The Shat” was just dropped into the photo.

swile71 commented on Watch: Justin Bieber Covers 'Ring Of Fire' By Johnny Cash

at 10:13AM on Aug 27

I wish Johnny would have taken Bieber with him when he passed.

swile71 commented on Zara Attempted To Sell Pajamas That Look Frighteningly Similar To Concentration Camp Pajamas

at 10:12AM on Aug 27

Zara is a JOKE. They honestly expect ANYONE to believe that they didn’t see that resemblance? They should be ashamed of themselves.

swile71 commented on Jennifer Lopez Shares The Bootylicious Cover Art For Her New Single 'Booty'

at 11:24AM on Aug 13

Ehhhh, I don’t think this is nearly as tabu and Nicki’s photo. Nicki’s looked like a porn photo. At least JLO’s looks more toned down and sexy.

swile71 commented on Robin Williams Has Died At The Age Of 63

at 8:28AM on Aug 12

Such sad news to hear. Robin is one of the first people I remember watching on tv as a child when he was on Mork & Mindy. I recall being fascinated by his humor and energy. He was a force of nature. I hope he is at peace.

swile71 commented on This Is What Cristiano Ronaldo Looks Like USING The Throat Strengthener He Endorses In Japan

at 5:47AM on Aug 8

LOL. I hope he made a LOT of money for this.

swile71 commented on First LOOK: Nicki Minaj Releases Fairly NSFW Cover Art For Her New Single 'Anaconda'

at 10:08AM on Jul 24

Looks like she got her money’s worth on that backside.