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stfuChivonne commented on 'Glee' Announces The Song List For Its 100th Episode

at 2:27PM on Feb 25

I’m a binge watcher who will wait a good 4 or so weeks and watch a bunch at once. I tend to fast forward through any song I dislike or dialogue from character I don’t care about. I personally like the original cast the best. I’m ALL FOR them focusing just on those who are in New York.

I look forward to the 100th episode for some reason.

stfuChivonne commented on E! News Deletes Their Story Mocking Ellen Page As A 'Massive Man'

at 9:25AM on Feb 16

E! is one of the most obnoxious and disgusting channels I can think of. Their judgment and opinions on what beauty is are completely absurd. I have no respect for them when it comes to anything.

stfuChivonne commented on The Creator Of Flappy Bird Says The Game Is Going Away Tomorrow

at 2:22PM on Feb 8

I understand. I HAD to see what the hype was about. After 5 minutes with the game I wanted to light things on fire and Hulk Smash anything within reach. Haven’t touched it since.

stfuChivonne commented on Joan Rivers Mocks Baby North West's Appearance During A Stand Up Comedy Routine

at 2:47PM on Jan 21

Joan Rivers annoys the hell out of me. She pokes fun and passes judgement on everyone and calls it her job. The fact that she took a shot of a baby’s appearance is just low. I don’t find her funny or anything positive.

stfuChivonne commented on Here Is Our First Look At The Entire Main Cast Of 'Girl Meets World'

at 6:32AM on Jan 11

I’m prepared to be disappointed. This show will focus more on the kids than what I would like and that just makes my insides ache.

stfuChivonne commented on Lindsay Lohan Is Suing 'Grand Theft Auto V' For Allegedly Using Her Likeness In The Video Game

at 11:17AM on Dec 1

I always thought it looked like iJustine or Denise Richards.

stfuChivonne commented on And The Last Blockbuster Video Ever Rented Was . . .

at 3:38PM on Nov 12

I remember the excitement of getting to go and pick out a video. The disappointment of them being sold out of that video is also quite familiar. Goodbye childhood.

stfuChivonne commented on The Woman Who Filmed Justin Bieber Sleeping Speaks Out About Her Encounter

at 3:55PM on Nov 11

Not to be rude but he seriously could have so many other women. Why would he need a prostitute or this Tati chick? & the video was so creepy