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stfuChivonne commented on Iggy Azalea Is Pissed Off At Papa John's Pizza For Giving Her Phone Number Out To Fans

at 2:51PM on Feb 9

Honestly, I can’t tell if this is a joke or not. If this was any other celebrity the whole world would be on fire.

stfuChivonne commented on Happy Hallowe'en 2014 From Your Fave Costumed Celebs

at 10:25AM on Nov 1

Iggy A. won in my eyes.

stfuChivonne commented on Oh, So That's What Amber Rose's Wedding Dress Looked Like!

at 2:08PM on Aug 23

I actually like it……. I’d never wear it though.

stfuChivonne commented on Papa Don't Preach: Miley Cyrus Goes Topless On Instagram Again

at 7:37AM on Jun 15

She has a smokin’ body! I’m too involved in eating things to even attempt to look that good.

stfuChivonne commented on Lil' Kim Gave Birth To A Lil' Girl . . . And You'll Never Believe What She Named Her

at 2:24PM on Jun 10

Wait, she was pregnant? Good luck to Royal….. major eye-roll should be inserted here.

stfuChivonne commented on Child Protective Services Is Reportedly Investigating The Pinkett-Smith Family Over That Willow Smith Bedroom Photo

at 4:12PM on May 21

Major eyeroll’s are happening from my end of this comment. I just don’t understand…….

stfuChivonne commented on Watch: The FULL Video Of Solange Physically Attacking Jay Z Has Been Released (UPDATE)

at 2:47PM on May 12

His body language does not match the situation. He acts nothing like what you would expect. Towards the end he seems to confront her for the first time which sends her in to a tizzy. He even picks up her bag and tries to hand it to her. Honestly, it seems odd that Bey isn’t even saying anything. She is taking neither side. Huh.

stfuChivonne commented on 'Glee' Announces The Song List For Its 100th Episode

at 2:27PM on Feb 25

I’m a binge watcher who will wait a good 4 or so weeks and watch a bunch at once. I tend to fast forward through any song I dislike or dialogue from character I don’t care about. I personally like the original cast the best. I’m ALL FOR them focusing just on those who are in New York.

I look forward to the 100th episode for some reason.