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Shannon commented on First Look: 'The Good Wife' Season Six Preview Looks Amazing

at 6:27AM on Sep 22

fab4runner, ditto for me. It started SO late. I watched the first half so far, have to wait for On Demand for the rest.

Shannon commented on 'Nothing but endless Taylor Swift and Anaconda replays...'

at 11:03AM on Sep 20

@samantha @Trent, DONE.

Shannon commented on The Lifetime Aaliyah Biopic Releases New Stills

at 8:32AM on Sep 20

Trent, I don’t know if umma make it through. I think Twitter will help, lol.

Shannon commented on The Limited 'Scandal' Collection Look Book

at 2:00PM on Sep 18

Yes. Me. Wearing this stuff. All of it. Okay, maybe one piece. But all of it. NOW.

Shannon commented on Should We All Be More Pissed About Beyoncé Continuing To Photoshop Her Thighs?

at 10:55AM on Sep 18

Mela, ‘But to say that having body issues cancels out one’s feminism would pretty much wipe feminism off the face of the earth, so let’s just not go there.’—I agree completely, and wish I’d phrased things a bit differently… just a bit.

My issue is the front. There are celebrities who are open about the work it takes to get their bodies to look a certain way. Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Uzo Aduba—I love when celebs let the world know it takes “a team” to help them look the way they look. I think it bugs me that we never hear Bey do this. While I love the “I Woke Up Like Diss” message, I find it problematic when stuff like this happens.

And those same celebs I just named (and many others) don’t photoshop on IG! Honestly, this isn’t really about body insecurity, which is why I wish I hadn’t sent that message. I don’t take issue with the feeling of insecurity, I take issue with the action. If you’re a feminist and a public figure and you claim to be about empowering young girls and women, I think photoshopping personal pictures (as in, not pics in a magazine) is problematic.

On the one hand, I don’t want to be that person taking away feminist cards. But there ARE women who claim to be feminists, whose actions might suggest something OTHER feminists take issue with. So, I’ll say I take issue with Beyonce’s brand of feminism (which I think is complicated by her bigger brand as an icon).

Shannon commented on Sharon Osbourne Talks And Laughs About Cutting Herself To Prove Her Love For Ozzy Osbourne

at 10:18AM on Sep 18

tanu, thank you for commenting—more please!

I definitely hear what you’re saying. I don’t want to come off judgmental. Like I said, I dig Sharon Osbourne. It’s just that she’s saying this publicly, and I kept thinking of how others might receive it.

Shannon commented on Sharon Osbourne Talks And Laughs About Cutting Herself To Prove Her Love For Ozzy Osbourne

at 10:16AM on Sep 18

Iris B, ‘Also, the anchor stating that it’s a reminder for her love and passion for Ozzy – That’s the wrong thing to say.’—yup. Very scary message to send, IMO.

Shannon commented on Watch: Painfully Awkward Video Emerges Of Kanye West Demanding Two Wheelchair-Bound People Stand Up At His Concert

at 12:21AM on Sep 16

Mish, I cannot even bring myself to watch this. I think I’m afraid of feeling what you’re feeling too. AGHhhh.

Shannon commented on Why Is Beyoncé Crying In Her Latest Instagram Photo?

at 8:34AM on Sep 13

Missy, BWAHAHAHA! I totally thought that!

Shannon commented on Janay Rice Defends Her Husband/Abuser Ray Rice, And Attacks The Media On Instagram

at 6:09PM on Sep 9

Krista, thanks for sharing this. I’m getting ready to read now.