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Shannon commented on 'Scandal' Will Get Back To Way More 'Gladiating' In Season Five, So Spaketh Shonda Rhimes

at 6:14AM on Aug 17

Thomas, yes let’s hope that spark returns! The focus on Gladiating is a good sign :)

Shannon commented on Let's Try To Figure Out If Nicki Minaj Is Preggers In These New Instagram Photos

at 5:00PM on Aug 10

Samantha, aghhh now I can’t un-see that lol.

Shannon commented on First Look: Elle Fanning Plays A Trans Teen In 'About Ray'

at 7:06AM on Aug 9

KELLYGREEN, there’s def a cheese factor. But I think we’re going to start seeing more of that—it’s the “trans people, they’re just like you!” thing that, unfortunately, some people need to see.
As for me, Tangerine might be more up my alley :)

Shannon commented on BTW, American Police Have Killed 674 People (And Counting) This Year

at 6:05AM on Aug 5

“The real issue is with American gun culture and your general acceptance of day to day violence. The stories that you tune out are national tragedies in the rest of the developed world.”—I don’t agree that this is the only real issue. Race is definitely a real issue—a real, big issue. And, yes, American gun culture & acceptance of day to day violence is also a real issue. The two are not mutually exclusive but I have a hard time declaring which is the bigger issue. Obviously, for black Americans, both are having a huge, negative impact on our lives.

Shannon commented on Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Are Dunzo!

at 11:02AM on Aug 4

I know I should be used to stories like this, but NO! I AM IN FEELINGS OVER THIS!!!

Shannon commented on Fashion Critic Catherine Kallon Comes Under Attack For Her Caitlyn Jenner ESPYS Post

at 2:15PM on Jul 19

Redvispa, Thanks for this. I hadn’t read those earlier comments but I’ll go back and take a look. I think it’s an interesting story.

Shannon commented on Usher Boldly Stated That He Is Not Here For Independence Day

at 11:56PM on Jul 7

Hey jonie. I’ve honestly been avoiding certain comments on posts like this lately but Trent actually sent yours to me. As you say, “slaves were not free on the 4th of July.”

For me, that’s plenty of reason not to wish anyone a Happy 4th of July. I consider those slaves to be my ancestors, and I happen to know that Thomas Jefferson was a slaveowner and I also happen to know the story of Sally Hemings and their children. So, no, I don’t say “Happy 4th” and I don’t say Happy President’s Day either.

For you to say “no we weren’t perfect” is devastating to me. That’s how I honestly feel. When I hear people say they are truly “confused” about why blacks and whites who believe Black Lives Matter are angry right now, or they’re confused about why a black man or a black woman wouldn’t want to celebrate the 4th, it’s devastating. Slavery is not this horrible thing that happened in the past, and now everyone is working really hard towards repairing the damage. I see it as incredibly relevant to current events. And I’ve honestly grown weary of seeing and hearing people trying to explain that to the “confused.” At some point we all have to start taking responsibility for our own education—for our knowledge or lack thereof. I believe you sincerely wanted to hear my thoughts and these are my sincere thoughts. I’m devastated, I’m tired and to me the fact that we are still debating issues like this is very disheartening. That there is a “debate” over the very complicated significance of the 4th to black Americans is troublesome to me. Obviously I say this knowing many blacks do celebrate the holiday with no qualms but for those of us who aren’t waiving the flag, I don’t believe there should be any confusion about that decision.

Shannon commented on Hillary Clinton And Ellen DeGeneres Speak Out To The Gay Child From 'Humans Of New York'

at 8:35AM on Jul 6

Kiki1976, yes I was hoping that too. But I remember finding out about it because there were some articles written, reporting that the photo was taken down.

Shannon commented on Movie Review: 'Terminator: Genisys' In 4DX

at 7:40AM on Jul 4

Came here to co-sign Brent. #Whipped

Shannon commented on Celebrating Our Very Own Shannon On The Occasion Of Her Birth

at 6:09PM on Jun 29

Hey guys! I was off the blog for a few days but I’m back—thanks for all the B-Day love! Y’all are the best!!!!