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Shannon commented on 'Scandal' And Lena Dunham Were A Perfect Match: 'It's Good To Be Kink'

at 11:45AM on Mar 20

AkiLi, I like this theory but I believe Brian White’s abs (LMAO) really happened. The editing and fantasy stuff, to me, looked more like it had to do with her kidnapping. Being in the bathroom freaked her out and brought on the flashbacks. I think the book just inspired her to get out, and get some.

Shannon commented on It's Time To Publicly Request Your Celebrity 'Hall Pass'

at 7:40PM on Mar 15

nicole, HA! Re-read the prompt! I took folks like you into consideration: “which celebrity[ies] would you pick?” ;)

Shannon commented on 'Scandal' Creates A Magical, Pretend World Where #BlackLivesMatter: "The Lawn Chair"

at 5:20AM on Mar 7

ella, ‘This isn’t an issue of one racist cop, this is about the system that has always existed in America.’—yup. And Karen said the same thing below. This episode made it seem like he ALONE was the problem. Ugh. I’m so torn, because I really did like the episode, but I also had so many issues with it. I just wish the show could have taken a bolder stance.

Shannon commented on Zendaya Coleman Brilliantly DESTROYS Giuliana Rancic For Ignorant Comments About Her Oscar Hairstyle

at 9:01AM on Feb 24

Thank you Trent. Part of the anger for many of us comes from the fact that this happens ALL of the time. Nobody ever admits that they made a racial or racist comment, and that they have some growth to do. I feel like Benedict Cumberbatch recently did this, and people were so shocked that he just came out and legit admitted he was wrong, and apologized, and didn’t try to make an excuse.

Shannon commented on I'll Be Watching 'Beyond The Lights' On iTunes Today, If You Need Me

at 7:57PM on Feb 14

Joy, weee! I’m SO psyched that you watched it. I vowed to never stop talking about the movie, because I felt like so many people missed it so thank you!

And thanks for reading the other piece. In it, I believe I linked to another really great article about how the marketing for the film might have negatively impacted its box office success. Among critics, it was very popular so a lot of us were flustered over its lack of attention.

Shannon commented on I'll Be Watching 'Beyond The Lights' On iTunes Today, If You Need Me

at 7:54PM on Feb 14

Nikki Johnson, yess! So happy to hear you saw it. And also glad to have a new ‘Scandal’ convert! Do keep us posted on your thoughts :)

Shannon commented on Olivia Pope Pronounced Dead On Last Night's 'Scandal': 'Gladiators Don't Run'

at 2:11PM on Feb 13

Elyse, oooh I hope you’re right. I’ve been wondering about Papa Pope—that would make total sense. Also co-sign Quinn/Huck/Jake. They’re such a crazy little squad (though I do miss the original Gladiators sometimes).