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Shannon commented on Okay, Now I'm Starting To Think Beyoncé Is Photoshopping Her Instagram Photos

at 5:00AM on Aug 21

OG Emily, ‘Beyonce has been photoshopping pics for years’—well, that’s why I made the headline more personal. This is about ME coming to terms with the news, LOL. I’ve seen all of those other pictures and I’ve just always made excuses or given the benefit of the doubt. I felt like, in some cases, people were just looking for stuff. OR I felt like it was an isolated incident. Now I see it’s a trend, or a norm for her.

Shannon commented on Watch: I, Too, Have Accepted The ALS #IceBucketChallenge

at 11:30AM on Aug 20

xokimmy, ‘feet water’—OMG why did you have to put it like that?! LOL.

Shannon commented on Vin Diesel's Nude Post-ALS #IceBucketChallenge Photo Is Incredible

at 10:09AM on Aug 20

Paul, LMAO! Well, I just posted it so SPOILER ALERT, I’m not nude. However, I’m pretty sure one of my nursing pads is showing so hopefully that will turn folks on. And get them donating, LOL ;)

Shannon commented on Kelly Osbourne 'Burst Into Tears' Over A Recent Phone Call

at 4:45PM on Aug 18

OG Emily, LMAO! Look at you, workin’ on your positivity! I like it :)

Shannon commented on As The National Guard Heads To Ferguson, A Reporter Gives A Powerful Tribute To Victims Of Police Brutality

at 8:29AM on Aug 18

And I’m a Conservative, ‘I want you to substitute “black” for any other minority, and see how uncomfortable it makes you.’—thank you so much. It’s interesting to see how we’ve become desensitized in many ways to hearing about these shootings of “black men.” Even for myself, saying “the deaths of unarmed black men” doesn’t sound the same as “the deaths of unarmed gay men”—it’s lost some of its shock value, which is horrifying in and of itself.

Shannon commented on First Look: HBO Releases The Dopest Trailer Ever For Beyoncé And Jay Z's 'On The Run' Special

at 5:12AM on Aug 18

Ariel Echeverria, yes—you might have missed it, but I put in a link to the Nancy Sinatra version.

Shannon commented on Do We Need More Safe Spaces To Talk About Depression?

at 3:21PM on Aug 17

Devonte Antonio, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this. I have my own version of a similar experience—where my emotional state was really related to a particular life hurdle, like you said—so I remember a lot of these feelings.

Shannon commented on Do We Need More Safe Spaces To Talk About Depression?

at 3:14PM on Aug 17

Karen, yes to so much of this. ‘What I think is less available, and am realizing is very helpful, are places for people without mental illness to be exposed to the reality of it for people who have it’—and for this to happen more we need to work on making people feel more comfortable about opening up.

I also have never heard anyone talk about the strength behind it all. Thank you for this.

Shannon commented on 'Pretty Sure Even Jesus Is Tired Of Them'

at 5:47AM on Aug 17

Steph, LOL! Thanks for catching that. NO, no. I do not want to shank you ;)

Shannon commented on Watch: Jennifer Lawrence And Alison Brie Made An Awful 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Parody

at 9:58AM on Aug 16

Trent, maybe awefsome is a better word… LMAO. I’m glad you enjoyed :)