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Serenity commented on Dolce & Gabbana Publicly Besmirch Victoria Beckham As A Fashion Designer

at 10:24AM on Apr 7

They’re not very nice. If they’re friends, why couldn’t they frame this in a way that’s constructive? Something like, “Her lines are basic and the colors are bland.” Or, heck, even something less catty like, “Well, she really works really hard, even if this wasn’t her first passion”?

Serenity commented on An Alternate Ending Of 'How I Met Your Mother' Will Be Included On The Series DVD Box Set

at 12:33PM on Apr 5

Translation: We’re lifting that video a fan made and calling that our “alternate ending.”

Serenity commented on Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Officially Confirms Her Second Pregnancy

at 8:20PM on Apr 4

@nicole – I think the judgment is just something that comes with motherhood. She hears most of it because she’s in the public eye, but it’s not anything other women don’t get (usually behind their backs, sometimes to their faces). Why is she having kids/she’s too young to have kids/she’s too old to have kids/she’s too dumb to have kids/why is she stopping at one when it will be lonely/OMG she has [x] number of kids; does she not get how birth control works.

Serenity commented on Les News, 040114

at 11:11AM on Apr 2

Didn’t you wish Shannon a happy 50th birthday last April Fools Day? lol

Serenity commented on Watch: Nick Cannon Defends His Use Of Whiteface On 'Good Morning America'

at 11:09AM on Apr 2

@amanda The bottom line is that there is a standard of decency which should be applied to people regardless of race, ethnicity, or any of these surface things. Expounding on the nuances of the meaning of racism sounds impressive in the classroom, but let’s focus on the actual application of how we behave and treat people as opposed to arguing semantics.

Serenity commented on 'Frozen' Has Become The Highest Grossing Animated Film Of All Time

at 10:54AM on Mar 31

This is my favorite Disney princess movie, mostly because the princess wasn’t dependent on being saved or falling in love, and the focus on the sisterly bond.

Ultimately, though, I feel silly going into too much detail about why I may or may not like movies like these, because I’m not the target audience. I kind of giggle at all the adults I hear tearing it down because it didn’t meet grown up standards.

Serenity commented on Watch: Check Out All Of The X-Men Who Are Featured In 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

at 8:55AM on Mar 27

I think I’ve said this before, but, “BLINK!”

I’m so, so, so stoked that she’s in the movie! I think the first time I got teary eyed over the X-Men comics was when she sacrificed herself in the Phalanx covenant storyline.

Serenity commented on Watch: The International Trailer For 'Maleficent' Features LOTS Of New Footage

at 10:30AM on Mar 26

My inner fairytale geek would like to point out that the original curse was that the princess would prick her finger on the spindle and die. A fairy who hadn’t gotten around to giving her gift couldn’t take that back, so she softened to, “She’ll fall into a deep sleep.”

Anyhow, the more I see of this, the more excited I am to see it when it comes out.

Serenity commented on Watch: The Future Looks Really, REALLY Terrible In The Second Trailer For 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

at 9:50AM on Mar 24

I melted just a little when Magneto talks about how many years he and Xavier wasted by fighting each other. I know he’s usually the antagonist, but I can kind of feel where he’s coming from considering his character’s background, and it must suck to part ways with somebody who used to be a very good friend.

Serenity commented on Chick-Fil-A Founder Dan Cathy Regrets Speaking Out Against Gay Marriage

at 7:14PM on Mar 19

By the way, why don’t we see these “traditional marriage” people rallying against divorce? If we’re going by the Christian version of things, divorce is only allowed when the wife is infertile (or if she cheats, in which case we get to stone her).