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Serenity commented on Bobby Brown Has Banned His Family From Bobbi Kristina's Bedside In The Wake Of A Deathbed Photo Leak

at 6:39PM on Jul 7

I can sympathize with keeping her “alive.” It’s not easy to be the one to say “pull the plug,” even if you know that’s what the person would want.

Serenity commented on Nick Cannon Has Replaced The 'MARIAH' Tattoo On His Back

at 4:52PM on Oct 3

Is he trying to make a statement that being married to Mariah Carey was as painful as being crucified?

Just kidding…

Johnny Depp is still my favorite as far as handling tattoos of ex’s names.

Serenity commented on Watch/Whoops: North West's Mother Leaves Hotel And FORGETS The Baby Inside

at 4:48PM on Oct 3

@Jackie – Your comment hit a sore spot with me, because one of my friends is a foster parent for DCFS. The situations that these kids come from is so very far away from “she forgot to bring North to the car with her.” You may dislike Kim, but please don’t act like this one oversight is at the level of needing intervention.

Serenity commented on David Lucado Is TOTALLY BANNED From Contacting Britney Spears

at 10:42AM on Aug 31

They weren’t “100% together”? Come on, now. He was alive when “Friends” was on the air. We all know how well “we were on a break” went down.

Serenity commented on Surprise! Reality TV Has Turned Honey Boo Boo Into A Brat

at 8:41AM on Jun 22

Barring some medical and/or psychological diagnosis, I don’t get these kids who hit their parents, as if there are no consequences. Even if I thought I was all bad and could hit my mom in public because she wouldn’t retaliate in front of witnesses, I know that there would be some serious reckoning when we got home – and I don’t mean a beating, either. It’s entirely possible to discipline children and have boundaries without hitting them.

Serenity commented on Listen: Sinéad O'Connor Covers 'I Would Die 4 U' By Prince

at 11:42AM on Jun 17

Well, I felt like I was stuck in an elevator for 90 seconds…

Serenity commented on Gender-Fluid Actor Andrej Pejic Has Been Cast In Sofia Coppola's 'The Little Mermaid'

at 11:40AM on Jun 17

@GenderQueer, have you studied any languages aside from English? I ask, because the word pairings in the ones I’ve studied are structured according to gender, so pairing the wrong words would look/sound “off”: things like “el cocina” or “la hombre.” I think it’s less about it being transphobic and more about breaking grammar rules. That’s what I got from Britney’sBitch’s comment.

Serenity commented on First Look: Meet The Young Cast Of 'Disney Descendants'

at 11:33AM on Jun 17

They look like villains from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Serenity commented on 'Heroes Reborn' Casts Its First Returning Character

at 11:22AM on Jun 17

I liked Claire’s character in season one, but felt the life was sucked from the series when they gave her more to do in subsequent seasons. I found her too whiny and annoying.

I’m all for bringing back Peter/Milo, though.