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Sandy! commented on Watch: Here Are The Justin Bieber Promo Videos For Calvin Klein Underwear & Calvin Klein Jeans

at 8:15AM on Jan 8

I can’t. He still looks like a child in the face.

Sandy! commented on Watch: Miley Cyrus Announces That Twerking Is Out, The Nae Nae Is In

at 2:50PM on Oct 17

She’s a little late…
The rest of us are on the Shmoney dance.

Sandy! commented on Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Are Dunzo!

at 5:21PM on Sep 24


Sandy! commented on 'Jaden, Please Be Seated,' And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week

at 9:05AM on Jun 2

Happy 10th anniversary PINTB!!! I started reading this when I was 15 years old. It was the only pop culture blog that wasn’t hateful or nasty at the time and it had what I loved- Queen Britney. I’m 22 now. Coming to PINTB is bright spot in my day. In a way, it feels like I grew up with this blog. It’s amazing to see how much has changed. Thank you, Trent! And thank you, Shannon! You two are my favorite bloggers.
I wish you many more years!!

Sandy! commented on Why It's Important To Keep #YesAllWomen Trending... Forever

at 7:44PM on May 25

I’m so happy you wrote this, Shannon. I sincerely hope this discussion stays around for a while.
To just write him off as mentally ill and misunderstood is ridiculous. While I’m not disputing his mental health, I think we need to call this what it is- misogyny and male entitlement. It’s disgusting that all these people lost their lives because no woman would sleep with him.
Now, when I turn someone down, I’ll be thinking about whether or not I could die for doing so.
The more I read the tweets, the more upset I get that this is our normal. We still live in a world where girls are taught not to get raped instead of teaching boys not to rape. The fact that what I’m wearing could make it “understandable” for a guy to rape me is scary.
This hashtag is one of the best thing to happen all year. It gives men a GLIMPSE of how women live everyday. Hopefully, it leads to a change.

Sandy! commented on 5 Ways To Celebrate Shannon's Epic Return To PITNB :)

at 10:15AM on May 16

Oh Shannon! I’ve missed you so much! I mean, I follow you on instagram and all, but it’s just not the same.
Welcome back!!!

Sandy! commented on James Franco Says Lindsay Lohan Lied About Having Sex With Him

at 9:01AM on Mar 27

It’s funny since one of the jokes in This Is The End, he says he slept with her lol

Sandy! commented on Britney Spears Suggests She May Retire From Music In Two Years

at 1:19PM on Dec 5

Wait a minute, HOLD THEE EFF UP.
What are we supposed to do with ourselves if the Queen retires? I can handle a hiatus (Not an *NSYNC type hiatus) but not retiring.
But our dear Britney has to do what’s best for her and her boys :(


Sandy! commented on Watch: Miley Cyrus Teams Up With For His New Music Video 'Feelin' Myself'

at 10:35PM on Nov 26

Once again, I’ll be hating myself for a few weeks for enjoying a Will.I.Am song.
I just can’t with Miley anymore, girl’s more of a try hard than Bieber now.
It saddens my heart that Wiz Khalifa’s in this

Sandy! commented on Lea Michele Shares A Photo From The Set Of Her First Music Video

at 9:22PM on Nov 18

I was thinking snot, but it’s definitely more joint like