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Sandy! commented on James Franco Says Lindsay Lohan Lied About Having Sex With Him

at 9:01AM on Mar 27

It’s funny since one of the jokes in This Is The End, he says he slept with her lol

Sandy! commented on Britney Spears Suggests She May Retire From Music In Two Years

at 1:19PM on Dec 5

Wait a minute, HOLD THEE EFF UP.
What are we supposed to do with ourselves if the Queen retires? I can handle a hiatus (Not an *NSYNC type hiatus) but not retiring.
But our dear Britney has to do what’s best for her and her boys :(


Sandy! commented on Watch: Miley Cyrus Teams Up With For His New Music Video 'Feelin' Myself'

at 10:35PM on Nov 26

Once again, I’ll be hating myself for a few weeks for enjoying a Will.I.Am song.
I just can’t with Miley anymore, girl’s more of a try hard than Bieber now.
It saddens my heart that Wiz Khalifa’s in this

Sandy! commented on Lea Michele Shares A Photo From The Set Of Her First Music Video

at 9:22PM on Nov 18

I was thinking snot, but it’s definitely more joint like

Sandy! commented on Watch: Lady Gaga And R. Kelly Get Raunchy During Their 'Do What U Want' Performance On 'Saturday Night Live'

at 6:51PM on Nov 17

When she was slung over his back, she looked my three year old sister when she’s throwing a fit

Sandy! commented on Tension Moves To Las Vegas

at 11:11AM on Nov 15

Whatever it is, I hope you’re okay. I’m glad you had someone there for you.
Have a wonderful weekend, Trent!

Sandy! commented on LMAO: Beyoncé Fans Start A Petition To Keep Her From Going To Kanye West's Wedding

at 8:14PM on Nov 9

Slut shaming?
Not cool, bro.
Not cool.

Sandy! commented on Watch And LOL: This Vine Of Al Roker At The Drake Concert Is Everything

at 7:51AM on Oct 28

Al Roker’s face, the superfan going hard in the back and the chick next to superfan swaying and looking semi bored, kinda like this was a date she didn’t want to go to- Everything in this Vine is perfect

Sandy! commented on The First Pink Is The New Blog Baby Has Been Born

at 10:37AM on Oct 16

Congratulations Shannon!!!!
Now you can watch Scandal unpregnant!

Sandy! commented on Whoa! Charlie Hunnam Quits The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

at 7:54PM on Oct 14

Good for him
I’m sure he doesn’t want to be Christian Grey for the rest of his life.
This was a smart choice.