Sam commented on Watch: This Disturbing Video Shows How Women Are Treated By Men Just By Walking Around New York City

at 3:39PM on Oct 29

This video needed to be shared. I’ve experienced the exact same type of behavior, especially when visiting NYC. However I believe that the poster is confusing regular greetings and cat calling/harassment. Some of these men are only saying hello, while others are clearly being aggressive and sexist. You can’t be upset at every person who says hi to you on the street and call it harassment. Also, I’m curious as to how donating any sum of money will help “end street harassment”.

Sam commented on Can Sex Scenes On TV Change The World?

at 6:43PM on Oct 28

If only they could find a way to make them not so cheesy and even more realistic!

Sam commented on Nicki Minaj Spoke With 'GQ' About Her 'Anaconda' Video And Fell Asleep A Few Times In The Process

at 2:29PM on Oct 21

She played the whole clueless act during an Ellen interview too. I’m sorry but I don’t remember my sleepovers looking anything like the Anaconda video. If she’s going to be so graphic and gratuitous, she should at least own it and not act like she doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on.

Sam commented on First Look: Here Is Gwen Stefani's Music Video For 'Baby Don't Lie'

at 2:26PM on Oct 21

It’s whatever, and the song she took major influence from is better than this. Disappointed in Gwen, I usually really dig her stuff.

Sam commented on Gwen Stefani Releases A New Promo Photo, Officially Releases Her New Single 'Baby Don't Lie'

at 8:07PM on Oct 20

This sounds SO much like heartbreakfree by Jil Nilsson! Methinks Gwen needs to fess up to her “influences”.

Sam commented on Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Homophobic Haters On Twitter LIKE THE BOSS THAT SHE IS

at 8:04PM on Oct 20

I have a problem with shows using sex gratuitously whether or not the scenes involve men, women or both. I don’t like when a show pauses to showcase it, which is what I felt was happening in my opinion. I’m going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

Sam commented on Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Homophobic Haters On Twitter LIKE THE BOSS THAT SHE IS

at 1:06PM on Oct 20

I’ve only seen the first episode of How to Get Away with Murder and I agree that the scene was so useless. It’s not “too much” of anything besides gratuitous.

Sam commented on An Extra Reveals That A MAJOR DC Comics Character Will Be Featured In 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice'

at 10:20AM on Oct 17

Jena Malone seems like a perfect choice! Trent, I love how you conveniently squashed any memory of the Schumacher movies :p

Sam commented on Malala Yousafzai Becomes The Youngest Winner Of The Nobel Peace Prize

at 2:02PM on Oct 10

Amazing! So glad she got recognized.

Sam commented on First Listen: Marina And The Diamonds Releases A New Song Titled 'Froot'

at 1:52PM on Oct 10

Really liking this! There’s a bunch of lyric videos that dropped recently that are making me hopeful for coming music. Are you a fan of Tv on the Radio, Trent? They released “Careful You” a few days ago…check it out, you might like!