Sam commented on Lorde Doesn't Seem To Like That Magazine Editors Airbrush Her Face

at 1:11PM on Apr 16

Good for her!

Sam commented on Hide Your Eyes, Taylor Swift! Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Got Really Snuggly At Coachella This Weekend

at 7:48PM on Apr 15

I know the photos are blurry but she looks high as hell

Sam commented on Watch: Here Is Video Of Anne Hathaway Singing 'Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe', Broadway-Style

at 12:09PM on Apr 9

Is it just me or is this shtick starting to get a teeeeensy bit old?

Sam commented on 'Empire' Overload

at 11:48AM on Apr 9

I tried watching Empire Records after mentioning how much you loved it and, yeah, I guess you have to be a child of the times to really get it.

Sam commented on Barbara Walters Will Leave 'The View' In May

at 8:42AM on Apr 8

I will kindly leave this here:

Sam commented on Justin Bieber Got A $2 Million Dollar Bugatti From Birdman

at 8:39AM on Apr 8

You’d be surprised! Birdman is apparently worth 170 million dollars. It’s not what they do as rappers, it’s the producing credits and investments that make them filthy effin’ rich!

Sam commented on Miley Cyrus Covers 'Elle' Magazine's Annual 'Women In Music' Issue

at 1:41PM on Apr 7

That cover looks like it’s from 1994!!

Sam commented on Watch: 'The Simpsons' Pays Tribute To David Letterman With A Cute Couch Gag

at 1:40PM on Apr 7

I feel like they are referencing something with that opening…Does anyone recognize what it is?

Sam commented on Dolce & Gabbana Publicly Besmirch Victoria Beckham As A Fashion Designer

at 5:05PM on Apr 6

Ain’t nothing wrong with Zara and H&M!

Sam commented on Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Officially Confirms Her Second Pregnancy

at 10:13AM on Apr 4

I just came here to say: “STOP WITH THE DUCK LIPS!!!”. No person and/or mother should be doing that, jeeez