Sam commented on First Listen: Rihanna Has Released Her New Single 'Bitch Better Have My Money'

at 1:32PM on Mar 28

What’s up with those caterpillars on her face?

Sam commented on James Franco Says That He Is 'Gay Up To The Point Of Intercourse'

at 3:53PM on Mar 19

I kiiiind of get what he means. I don’t think he’s gay but he’s definitely not straight either. Like OG Emily said, sexuality is a spectrum and he falls somewhere in between. I’ve had my college experimental days and I don’t consider myself lesbian or even bisexual at all. His comments about the sailors and the art are a tad ignorant in my opinion, though

Sam commented on First Look: Hustle Roses Releases A Music Video For Her New Single 'Perseverant Animal'

at 3:01PM on Mar 19

This is super catchy, Trent! Love the visuals in the video too.

Sam commented on I'm Still Not Over Ciara's 'I Bet' Video, So Let's Discuss

at 9:32AM on Mar 15

I love her videos. This is no exception!

Sam commented on Kendrick Lamar Reveals The Tracklisting For His New Album 'To Pimp A Butterfly'

at 11:30AM on Mar 13

Ouuuuhhhhh I can’t wait!!!! Good kid maad city was one of my fave albums that year, and I still bump it very often.

Sam commented on Cool Mom Madonna Reveals The College Advice She Gave To Lourdes Maria

at 3:51PM on Mar 10

What would you have her say? Honestly this sounds like some reasonable and realistic advice.

Sam commented on 'Homeland' Season 5 Is Getting A Very Serious Revamp, Doesn't Sound Like 'Homeland' Anymore

at 11:25AM on Mar 9

The show to me is much more about Carrie than anything else, and her journey in life. I also trust the producers. Last season was excellent!

Sam commented on Neil Patrick Harris Suggests He Might Never Host The Academy Awards Again

at 12:12PM on Mar 6

I don’t know if the world could take it, let alone his husband and kids. I like the man but he was awful. The jokes fell flat each time

Sam commented on First Listen: Here Is Carly Rae Jepsen's New Single 'I Really Like You'

at 12:06PM on Mar 6

Honestly I have no idea why you hyped this up so much. It’s standard bubblegum pop made for tweens.