Sam commented on Chris Pratt Is Apologizing For His Ignorance In Advance Of His 'Jurassic World' Press Tour

at 7:35AM on May 25

This is funny and beautifully illustrates the perma-offended state of people these days. Just get over it, already. If you don’t approve of something, don’t pay to see it, simple as that.

Sam commented on Kanye West Has Decided To Change The Title Of His New Album

at 2:03PM on May 4

If the music is legit, I don’t care!

Sam commented on Here Is Our First Look At Harley Quinn, Deadshot & More As They Will Appear In The 'Suicide Squad' Movie

at 1:58PM on May 4

I totally agree with you with Harley’s look. She just looks like a raver!

Sam commented on Superheroes & 'Star Wars'

at 1:46PM on May 4

I think you should follow every ‘Happy Stars Day!’ with – ‘And happy birthday to our lovely PITNBer Sam – who is annoyed Star Wars hijacked her birthday but will humbly accept the by-line – for the geeks!’

That’s quite a moutful lol

Sam commented on First Listen: Britney Spears's New Single 'Pretty Girls' Has Made Its Debut Online

at 9:58AM on May 4

I think I get what she was going for – but I’m gonna have to agree with most commentators here – not a fan.

Sam commented on Donald Glover Stars In This New 'Magic Mike XXL' Poster

at 3:22PM on Apr 30

Ughhh, YES PLEASE!!! I frickin love him. Might have to see this in the theater just for him

Sam commented on First Look: Here Is The First Poster For 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 3

at 12:53PM on Apr 27

Nice! Looking very much forward to it. Netflix has been churning out a lot of great stuff lately, still have to watch House of Cards s.2 and Daredevil!

Sam commented on The First Promo Photo Of Jared Leto As The Joker In 'Suicide Squad' Is Seriously Insane

at 12:49PM on Apr 26

I just can’t imagine The Joker going into a tattoo parlor and asking to get that on his forehead lmao

Sam commented on David Letterman Made A 'Whore' Joke That Fell Flat In Front Of His 'Late Show' Audience

at 8:59AM on Apr 25

I have a hard time believing you’ve never found a so-called misogynistic, racist, homophobic or any other kind of controversial joke funny. That’s just impossible, unless you have the sense of humor of an ironing board. This is just a joke that misfired. Your attitude comes off as slightly holier than thou at times.

Sam commented on The First Promo Photo Of Jared Leto As The Joker In 'Suicide Squad' Is Seriously Insane

at 8:47AM on Apr 25

I think this is trying way too hard to make The Joker look “CRAAAAAAAAZY!!”. He looks like he’s part of an emo band that got inspired by Marilyn Manson.

Also, that “damaged” tattoo is seriously lame.