Sam commented on First Look: 'The Voice' Season 8 Just Released The Most Ridiculous TV Commercial Ever

at 5:10PM on Jan 30

Hahah that was kind of fun. At least they’re embracing the ridiculousness of the whole thing!

Sam commented on The All-Female Cast Of The 'Ghostbusters' Reboot Has Reportedly Been Chosen

at 9:56PM on Jan 27

As long as Melisa McCarthy doesn’t become a walking fat joke, I’m good

Sam commented on Watch: Here Is Your First Look At Mortal Kombat X

at 12:24PM on Jan 15

I have a few favorites just like you. I kill with it Kung Lao, Meleena, Kitana and Ermac. Of course Sub-Zero is my main homeslice :)

We should have an online battle off when the game comes out lol!

Sam commented on Movie Review: 'TAK3N'

at 12:22PM on Jan 15

That’s exactly why I still go see the Fast and Furious movies in the cinema ;)

Sam commented on Movie Review: 'TAK3N'

at 11:48AM on Jan 15

Sometimes these movies are worth it alone on the unintentional comedy provided!

Sam commented on Watch: Here Is Your First Look At Mortal Kombat X

at 11:46AM on Jan 15

I CAN’T WAIIIIIIIT!!!! I love love love Mortal Kombat! Who’s your fave character to play, Trent?

Sam commented on Here Is The Cover Of This Week's Issue Of 'Charlie Hebdo'

at 11:49AM on Jan 13

You can identify more emotionally with 12 people being killed horribly in Europe than 2000 people being slaughtered senselessly in Africa? Why can’t you identify more emotionally with the latter?

Sam commented on Watch: Here Is The Brilliant Bill Cosby Joke That Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Made At The Golden Globes Last Night

at 9:14AM on Jan 13

The only reason I watched was for them. The show needed more of them later on.

Sam commented on Watch: Here Are The Justin Bieber Promo Videos For Calvin Klein Underwear & Calvin Klein Jeans

at 5:10PM on Jan 7

That is the padded crotch area from hell