Sam commented on Sony Pictures Has Cancelled The Release Of 'The Interview'

at 3:03PM on Dec 17

Who thought it would’ve gone this far?

Sam commented on Warning: These New Prince George Baby Might Induce Baby Fever

at 9:26AM on Dec 15

Methinks you forgot the word “photos” or “pictures” in your headline, Shannon! ;)

Sam commented on First Look: Nicki Minaj Gets Kinky & Very NSFW In The Music Video For 'Only'

at 1:08PM on Dec 12

I realized I can only tolerate Nicki when she has 2 or 3 features on a song lol

Sam commented on Let's Discuss The 5 Best TV Shows Of The Year

at 10:16PM on Dec 11

The only shows I watch on your list are OITNB and Silicon Valley and it’s they’re one of my faves of the year too. So are:

House of Cards
Game of Thrones
Homeland (Great season!)
Orphan Black
South Park has been sooo good this year lol
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
The Strain

I watch The Walking Dead but I didn’t put it in because this season has been off the to a weak ass start…

Sam commented on Watch: Malala Yousafzai Delivers A Stunning Speech As She Accepts The Nobel Peace Prize

at 8:18PM on Dec 10

My idol and she’s 10 years my junior. What an inspiration.

Sam commented on Voila: Here Is The First Trailer For The Film Adaptation Of 'Le Petit Prince' (The Little Prince)

at 8:13PM on Dec 10

I’m still waiting for my Oscar nod though…

Sam commented on Voila: Here Is The First Trailer For The Film Adaptation Of 'Le Petit Prince' (The Little Prince)

at 8:12PM on Dec 10

I was the little prince for my 2nd grade stage play! *badge of honor*

Sam commented on Nicki Minaj Announces A New European Tour While Wearing Racially Insensitive Headwear

at 12:59PM on Dec 8

This is representants of Trinidad and Tobago at a Caribbean Fest:

Headdresses are a part of various cultures, not just Native American. It’s kind of offensive that you would think so, if that’s the case.

Sam commented on Nicki Minaj Shares A Busty Photo From Her 'SNL' Rehearsals

at 10:38PM on Dec 5

Puh-lease, if she wanted the cleavage to be less extreme, she could easily do it :)

Sam commented on Aretha Franklin, Charli XCX, Iggy Azalea And More Will Be Honored At The 9th Annual 'Billboard' Women In Music Awards

at 12:28PM on Dec 5

I cannot believe Iggy Azealia got nominated for best rap album. I mean I knew the grammy’s were a joke but that along with “Anaconda” being nominated as best rap song really makes it totally unfunny.