Sam commented on Happy New Year From Your Friends At Pink Is The New Blog!

at 8:35AM on Jan 6

‘We know some of you haven’t totally warmed to us new folks”

Maybe it’s because we have no idea who you are? I suggested making a few posts introducing yourselves when the change was first made, and we haven’t seen any of that.

Maybe you didn’t think it was necessary and that people would love you out of thin air?

Sam commented on North West Playing ‘My Little Pony’ With Ellen Will Melt Your Heart Today

at 6:58AM on Oct 2

Seeing Kim K.’s face on this blog is……weird

Y’all should have done some research into what made PINTB work before posting this sort of stuff

Sam commented on Watch: Tom Hanks Ponders Life's Biggest Questions With Stephen Colbert

at 9:27AM on Oct 1

I’ll try not to be sour because of the huge changes happening here. Welcome. I hope you gals do a good job.

I would suggest that you make posts presenting yourselves first, before continuing on with the gossip du jour! Good luck :)

Sam commented on Dunzo

at 7:08AM on Oct 1

Much love, Trent.

Sam commented on Trent Is the New Blog

at 12:47PM on Sep 30

We love ya, Trent! This is not goodbye, only ‘until next time’ ;)

Sam commented on Morena Baccarin Is Planning To Marry Her New Babydaddy Benjamin McKenzie

at 7:16AM on Sep 29

They got together so messily it would be a miracle if they stay together long enough to get married

Sam commented on Watch: This New Trailer For 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Is Seriously Intense

at 10:06AM on Sep 28

My body is ready. I don’t understand how this show has such a hold on me. Last season was so meh but I’m still very excited to see where it goes.

Sam commented on After 26 Years, Waylon Smithers Will Come Out As Gay On 'The Simpsons'

at 9:54AM on Sep 28

Nooooo! I liked the idea that they never spelt it out. Besides, I always thought he was more of a ‘Burns-sexual’ than a homosexual, lol

Sam commented on First Look: You Need Amandla Stenberg's Comic Book In Your World

at 7:50AM on Sep 28

I like the fact that they are coming up with their own strong biracial characters instead of just making an already established superhero a different race