Sam commented on #ThrowbackThursday: 5 Videos More NSFW Than Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda'

at 6:42PM on Aug 21

That lemon video…what.the.hell

Sam commented on Watch: Nicki Minaj Releases An Insanely Luscious Music Video For 'Anaconda'

at 9:33AM on Aug 20

Is it just me or does the song sound incomplete as hell? Like they only had a quarter of an idea…

Anyways, not a fan. You probably know this by now, Trent ;)

Sam commented on All Keyed Up

at 9:44PM on Aug 19

We need an e-tour of the place, Trent!

Sam commented on Jennifer Lopez Shares The Bootylicious Cover Art For Her New Single 'Booty'

at 2:49PM on Aug 14

Nudity is not nudity. The context and way it’s done is important. In my opinion, here, it’s tasteful whereas with Nicki it was tasteless and tacky.

Sam commented on First Look: Iggy Azalea And Rita Ora Release A 'Kill Bill'-Inspired Music Video For 'Black Widow'

at 2:43PM on Aug 14

Not feeling the song. Is it just me or does Rita Ora look so much like Rihanna when the song starts?

Sam commented on First Listen: Ariana Grande Teams Up With Big Sean For A New Song Titled 'Best Mistake'

at 10:09AM on Aug 12

Not bad! I like when she softens her voice a bit. One less problem had a bit too much screaming going on, even though I don’t dislike the track

Sam commented on Selena Gomez's Cut-Off Shorts Leave Very Little To The Imagination

at 1:14PM on Aug 1

Ugh, please put that ass back where it belongs. Srsly though does no one have anymore modesty left in them?

Sam commented on Avril Lavigne Shows Off The Gaudy New Ring That Hubby Chad Kroeger Gave Her

at 1:13PM on Aug 1

“living embodiment of Ed Hardy clothing” – LMAO!!!

Sam commented on Katy Perry Talks Cultural Appropriation, Babies & Teenage Awkwardness With 'Rolling Stone' Magazine

at 7:17PM on Jul 30

I tend to agree with her. You can tell when someone is mocking a culture vs someone who is appreciating a culture. Context is important. This “wrong is wrong is wrong” business needs to stop, it’s more complicated than that.

Sam commented on Watch: George R. R. Martin Talks Comic-Con, 'Game Of Thrones' & Boobies In A New Interview

at 9:24PM on Jul 28

Trent, I think your webpage is getting spammed again :/