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Sabrina commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From 'Scandal': 'Like Father, Like Daughter'

at 10:44AM on Oct 21

Shannon the entire time I was watching all I could think was “Shannon’s recap is going to be amazing!”

Sabrina commented on Meeting The 'Neighbors'

at 12:05PM on Apr 8

You had me at “Zac Efron is shirtless” ;)

Sabrina commented on Here Are The Top 5 'OMFG, Yasss Ma'am' Moments From 'The Fluffer', Last Night's Episode Of 'Scandal'

at 2:06PM on Apr 4

@Trent you did a great job for your 1st Scandal recap, but I have to disagree with you NOT being on #TeamJake

Even though, he did chock Olivia I am still on Team Jake. And yes, my ovaries were going crazy when Jake told Olivia “I asked you to save me and you said no” She should have just let drunk Jake in!

Fitz looks weak all the time with Olivia. Is it wrong that I am so over Fitz and his constant whining about everything?!

Love you Trent even though we are on different teams!

Sabrina commented on Photo credit: Getty

at 12:58PM on Apr 4

OMG I will seriously give Prince Harry as many babies as he wants!

Sabrina commented on Here Are Some Of The Ridiculous Ways 'Scandal' Tries To Hide Kerry Washington's Pregnancy

at 11:49AM on Apr 4

Can I vote that Shannon writes her recap right after Scandal so we can freak out with everyone immediately?!?! :)

Sabrina commented on PITNBrs, It's Officially Time To Address Shannon's Impromptu Hiatus [UPDATED WITH PRESS RELEASE]

at 7:16AM on Apr 2

I almost had a heart attack reading this! Not cool guys not cool lol :)

Sabrina commented on Gladiator In A Suit

at 2:57PM on Mar 7

You can also buy them on iTunes.

@Trent so you have to tell us if you are Team Jake????

Sabrina commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From 'We Do Not Touch...,' Last Night's Episode Of 'Scandal'

at 1:40PM on Mar 7

Aww thanks Shannon!

I am totally #TeamJake

“I even used my fake Olive Pope boyfriend key”

I died, if Olivia doesn’t start cooking for this man I will give him a REAL boyfriend key and cook for him. The husband will have to get use to it!

MAMA POPE! AHHH I did not see that coming!


Sabrina commented on Fat Tuesday At Disneyland

at 1:07PM on Mar 5

When I saw your picture on Instagram last night I thought “OMG Trent went to NO and didn’t tell anyone!” then I saw you were at Disneyland lol.

Sabrina commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From The Spring Premiere Of 'Scandal'

at 1:05PM on Mar 5

@Trent THANK YOU! You can see pictures at my Instagram bree_izzy