Ruby commented on Miranda Kerr's Instagram Page Continues To Make Life Happy

at 9:00PM on Jul 20

Damn she is gorgeous!! Just look at that face – perfection.

Ruby commented on Rihanna Spotted Rocking Her Ice-Grey Locks In A Roberto Cavalli Store

at 9:00PM on Jul 20

Oh my god. She’s just embarrassing.

Ruby commented on Les News, 071913

at 3:36AM on Jul 20

Oh mix tapes, you are divine!
I think we all valued music more back then because you couldn’t just skip the song if you didn’t feel like listening to it, the old rewind and fast forward just made it not worth it. I miss those days. :(

Ruby commented on Leaked Audio Shows Kanye West Talkin' Shizz About Taylor Swift After That Infamous MTV VMAs Incident

at 3:31AM on Jul 20

OH my god Kanye you’re an IDIOT!! You are not cool, you are not awesome, you aren’t even talented thru my little eyes and ears, haha. Can’t stand that guy. Why is he still around??

Ruby commented on First Look: Britney Spears Releases A Music Video For 'Ooh La La'

at 7:27PM on Jul 18

She looks so pretty!! And she looks happy and her kids are so cute. Love it all, good video for the kids. :)

Ruby commented on Newlyweds Stephen Amell & Cassandra Jean Are Pregnant With Their First Baby!

at 5:11PM on Jun 11

Ahhh this man is the hottest thing ever! I don’t think you could find a guy any more perfect than him. *swoon*

Ruby commented on Britney Spears Shares A Photo From The Set Of Her 'Ooh La La' Music Video

at 4:07AM on Jun 11

Aww… she looks cute!

Ruby commented on Check Out Rihanna, Emma Watson, And More In New Promo Photos For 'This Is The End'

at 4:04AM on Jun 11

Should be a good movie… except for Rihanna. Saw her act in that Battleship movie – terrible acting.

Ruby commented on Jessica Simpson Sued For Fraudulent Use Of A Baby

at 3:41AM on Jun 11

Oh but really, why does it matter? The world hasn’t stopped for the real parents, nothing bad came from it so it’s not a big deal.

Ruby commented on Beyoncé Shares The Most Annoyingly Fabulous Photos On Her Tumblr

at 3:32AM on Jun 11

Something about this woman rubs me up the wrong way. I just find her annoying and everywhere. The media are just completely up her ass and think she’s amazing but I find her quite dull really.