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RonRontb22 commented on Luke Evans Will No Longer Be 'The Crow', A New Actor Is Being Sought

at 9:08PM on Jan 26

It should be an “unknown” actor.

RonRontb22 commented on 'Glee' Actress Melissa Benoist Will Play Supergirl In The New CBS Series

at 7:40PM on Jan 22

I was really rooting for Claire, especially since she had already cut back on The Originals. But if anyone from Glee was chosen, I personally would have gone with Diana Agron. Still hopeful though.

RonRontb22 commented on Britney Spears Offers Sage Pearls Of Wisdom

at 1:31PM on Jan 21


RonRontb22 commented on Let's Discuss The 5 Best TV Shows Of The Year

at 6:14PM on Dec 7

1. The Good Wife (As an actor I live for this script.)
2. How to Get Away With Murder (Pretty clever, with diverse developed characters.)
3. The Mindy Project (Makes me warm and fuzzy with laughter every time. Britney Spears should guest start.)
4. The Originals (Sexy and intense.)
5. Sleepy Hollow (My modern day Buffy.)
6. The Goldbergs (Olde School love.)
7. Black-ish ( To die for!)

RonRontb22 commented on Britney Spears Celebrated Her Birthday At Her Very Own 'Club 33'

at 4:35PM on Dec 3

I just love it so much! They did such a great job, and great song choice!