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RonRontb22 commented on Watch: Britney Spears's Music Video For 'Oops!... I Did It Again' Turns 15 Years Old Today

at 5:12AM on Mar 28

I remember sitting in English class and two of my classmates informing me that Britney had a new song out. And they had it already. So they let me listen to it, and I freaked out with joy.Then freaked out even more that following week when I watched Making the Video. AAAhhhhh memories!

RonRontb22 commented on Love And Marriage, 'Scandal' Style: 'Put a Ring On It'

at 5:07AM on Mar 28

Yes Carol, I couldn’t agree more!

RonRontb22 commented on DC Comics Is Giving Wonder Woman And Superman New Costumes

at 8:14PM on Mar 12

Wonder Woman looks cool,but def not as good as the original.
And there is NOTHING “super” about that Superman. Just, no.

RonRontb22 commented on First Look: NBC Releases The First Teaser For 'Heroes Reborn'

at 10:36AM on Feb 2

I’m super excited!

RonRontb22 commented on Watch: Britney Spears Starred In The Best Commercial From Super Bowl XLIX

at 10:32AM on Feb 2

She stole the night indeed! It was such a smart move made by her and her team. Of course it leads me to believe that there is something brewing, and they wanted to get her in the fore front of the public’s mind. (Where she should always be honestly.)
Secondly, I feel like the fact that she garnered so much positive attention the SB may tap her to perform the halftime next year. And I truly believe that if Brit and her team play to her current strengths that she could indeed bring the house down. #4evaoptimistic

RonRontb22 commented on Kelly Clarkson Releases The Cover Art & Tracklisting For Her New Album 'Piece By Piece'

at 9:44AM on Feb 2

Well the photo choice is quite unfortunate…but I have no doubt the music will be epic as always.

RonRontb22 commented on Watch: Did Missy Elliot And/Or Lenny Kravitz Outshine Katy Perry During Her The Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show?

at 9:35AM on Feb 2

I honestly found Kat’s performance to be underwhelming. I felt nothing until Missy came hit the stage. Which sucks, because Katy has such a great catalogue of music.

I feel like this was more epic.