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Rebecca commented on Jennifer Aniston Suggests, After All These Years, That Brad Pitt Didn't Cheat On Her With Angelina Jolie

at 9:58AM on Jan 22

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be asked the same questions by every reporter, year after year, and be expected to respond. These sound like sane, honest answers in the face of astonishing intrusion. Good for her!

Rebecca commented on The 'Layaway Angel' Just Dropped $20,000 At Toys 'R' Us

at 11:09AM on Dec 13

I love these stories! So sweet!

Rebecca commented on Bill Cosby Breaks His Silence For The First Time Since All The Rape Allegations Surfaced Last Month

at 3:07PM on Dec 3

This is not enough. I don’t know the truth, but he has an opportunity to address the issue right now and I wish he would take it. A LOT of people are listening.

Rebecca commented on Willow & Jaden Smith Talk About The Non-Existence Of Time, Holographic Realities & 'The Opposite Of An Apple' In An Odd-Ball New Interview

at 6:52PM on Nov 18

It’s a good thing they will never have a real job interview because: went to school for one year. Egads.

Rebecca commented on Movie Review: 'Interstellar' In 4DX

at 10:03AM on Nov 13

Katy – I had to plug my ears a few times from the loudness.

Rebecca commented on All Hallows Eve In NYC

at 4:56PM on Nov 1

Hope you have a great race, Trent!

Rebecca commented on Les News, 102914

at 12:50PM on Oct 29

I love Bruce Jenner’s nails, but I’m sorry to see him smoke. :(

Rebecca commented on Benedict Cumberbatch gets waxed for Madame Tussaud's

at 7:27PM on Oct 22

That’s the first one I’ve ever seen that really looks like the person!

Rebecca commented on Neil Patrick Harris Was The 4th Choice To Host The 2015 Academy Awards

at 3:00PM on Oct 22

I love him as a host. Now, if there was just a way to combine him with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, I’d be the happiest girl in the world.