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Rebecca commented on Dunzo

at 3:28PM on Oct 1

Thank you for everything, Trent! I’ve been with you since the beginning, when you were the quick hit of pop culture without a mean spirit. Then you started making friends with the famous and I thought we’d lose you, but you kept it sincere and sweet. I was so sad for you during your breakup, then so proud of you when you started running! Even though we’ve never met, I will miss you very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your true self and being someone I could virtually visit whenever I needed a pick-me-up! Best of luck in your whatever you do next!

Rebecca commented on Disney Is Planning A Remake/Sequel Of 'Mary Poppins' And I'm Having All Sorts Of Feelings About It

at 2:15PM on Sep 15

Impossible to improve on the original. Just re-release it. Done and done. Have Andrews and van Dyke at the premiere again. This is lunacy.

Rebecca commented on Kim Davis Gets A Special LGBT Rights Billboard Sign In Her Hometown

at 11:56AM on Sep 14

I’m just going to focus on the positive overall here. This is the fastest change I have seen in the U.S. over any divisive issue. It is amazing. That the last sticking points are in the South, especially Kentucky, is just proof that there are a few barnacles after the tidal wave. Kim Davis is playing the role of the old guard standing on the deck of the Titanic. I, for one, am grateful that the majority has become enlightened. And to Kim and people on the other side, I say “Buh bye!”

Rebecca commented on Salma Hayek Goes Topless And Gives Excellent Dating Advice In 'Allure' Magazine

at 9:34AM on Aug 3

1. She is gorgeous, of course
2. These are so photoshopped, it’s hard to take seriously as some kind of statement about aging
3. Good message about patience, tho I’m still waiting for my adoring billionaire to show up

Rebecca commented on Pack This Way

at 1:54PM on Jul 28

Good luck! You’ll be so happy when it’s done. Be sure to take breaks and hydrate!

Rebecca commented on Watch: Caitlyn Jenner Delivered An Emotionally Moving Acceptance Speech At The 2015 ESPY Awards Last Night

at 10:41AM on Jul 16

Beautifully said. We are all different in our own ways. If acceptance was the norm, imagine what we could accomplish together.

Rebecca commented on Hillary Clinton And Ellen DeGeneres Speak Out To The Gay Child From 'Humans Of New York'

at 1:42PM on Jul 6

It is hard to explain to people much younger how important this change is in the world. I am so happy to get to see it happen. We can change and indeed are changing for the better! YAY!

Rebecca commented on May The 4th (Of July) Be With You

at 2:27PM on Jul 5

Love that view! I could hear the Santa Barbara fireworks from my house, but watched them on a webcam in my pjs. Too lazy to fight the tiny traffic we have here… Glad you had a good night!

Rebecca commented on Tamar's First

at 1:39PM on Jul 4

Happy 4th, Trent! Hope you have a wonderful day!