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Rebecca commented on Headed For The Polar Vortex

at 2:52PM on Feb 20

I hope you have gloves!

Rebecca commented on Kate Mara Talks About 'That Scene' In 'House Of Cards' Season 2

at 2:50PM on Feb 20

Oh, and Emily, I totally agree that it was premeditated. Frank plays people like they are chess pieces – all part of the strategic plan.

Rebecca commented on Kate Mara Talks About 'That Scene' In 'House Of Cards' Season 2

at 2:49PM on Feb 20

I watch HoC and my husband doesn’t, so when it happened, I wanted to talk about it and couldn’t (without proving that I have way too much invested in fictional characters)! I immediately wanted to vent somewhere, but it was the big NO SPOILER day for people who didn’t do the Valentine’s Day binge, so I just swallowed it up and kept watching. Zoe was SO instrumental in Season One, I just miss that whole dynamic, but in the long view, it makes sense. Too bad HoC isn’t campy enough to have her ghost come back and haunt him. Frank would have to have a guilty conscience (or any kind at all) for that to happen.

Rebecca commented on Watch: 'House Of Cards' Season 2 Releases A First Trailer

at 9:50AM on Dec 13

I’m in.

Rebecca commented on Watch: Kevin Federline Is Going To Be A Father For The 6th Time

at 10:46AM on Dec 12

“it’s entirely possible that YOU are now pregnant with his baby just by reading this post.”

I hope you can hear me laughing all the way from Santa Barbara! You kill me, Trent!

Rebecca commented on Watch: 'Girls' Season 3 Releases A First Trailer

at 3:35PM on Nov 23

I agree with everybody here – it’s pretty much a downer, but I love that it’s a strong young woman’s point of view. I just don’t love the emphasis on the bleak parts of the 20s. There are many celebratory, joy-filled parts, too, and I’d enjoy seeing those mixed in, even if the balance of the equation ends up being, “This is hard.’

Rebecca commented on 'Batkid' Miles Scott Saves The Day In San Francisco/Gotham City

at 9:05PM on Nov 16

Love this! Thanks for posting – I heard about it, but didn’t know the deets. Such a sweet, happy story!! I hope one of the movie Batmen gets wind and sends him a photo or vid, but dang, the President! Wow. It gave me chills. :)

Rebecca commented on Sorry, Miley! Ellen DeGeneres May Have, In Fact, Won Hallowe'en 2013

at 1:18PM on Oct 31

Ellen by a long shot. She’s in on the joke, while Miley has to grow up a little more to not *be* the joke. Ellen is the best!

Rebecca commented on Les News, 102213

at 1:34PM on Oct 22

I hope Jake G. doesn’t go Skeletor

Rebecca commented on My Fastest Marathon Ever

at 3:18PM on Oct 21

p.s. Go 313!!