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Rebecca commented on Benedict Cumberbatch gets waxed for Madame Tussaud's

at 7:27PM on Oct 22

That’s the first one I’ve ever seen that really looks like the person!

Rebecca commented on Neil Patrick Harris Was The 4th Choice To Host The 2015 Academy Awards

at 3:00PM on Oct 22

I love him as a host. Now, if there was just a way to combine him with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, I’d be the happiest girl in the world.

Rebecca commented on Sarah Jessica Parker Pissed Off The People Who Live In Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Building

at 4:00PM on Oct 21

It looks like any NY backlot in Hollywood or a zillion other stoops in New York! Why enrage the owners further? This just seems odd.

Rebecca commented on Movie Review: 'This Is Where I Leave You'

at 1:47PM on Oct 1

Trent, I LOVE hearing about you having a good time. It makes me, as a homebody, very happy to hear about your adventures and thankful that I get to live vicariously through you!

Rebecca commented on Watch: Emma Watson Breaks Down Feminism, Slays Her U.N. Speech, Becomes My Fave [UPDATED With Video]

at 12:46PM on Sep 22

Trent -
Thank you for the video link! She does a great job. Same pay for same work…I hope that time has come!

Rebecca commented on Here Are MORE Photos From Brangelina's Wedding Ceremony

at 10:46AM on Sep 2

Love it: romantic and fun!

Rebecca commented on Making Progress

at 2:20PM on Aug 16

Happy New Home, Trent! Psyched for you! Moving is so much work, but worth it. Cheers to your new place. May you have many great times there!

Rebecca commented on A Friend Like He

at 12:06PM on Aug 12

Thank you for the Aladdin clips. Some of many beautiful moments from Robin Williams. Trying to focus today not on the sadness, but on the gigantic, talent-packed, energetic contribution to the world.

Rebecca commented on Robin Williams Has Died At The Age Of 63

at 11:09AM on Aug 12

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