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Rebecca commented on Whoops! Madonna Took A Serious Tumble During Her Performance At The BRIT Awards

at 4:36PM on Feb 25

She is an immaculate performer! I can’t believe she kept singing! I just wish there was backstage footage of whoever got reamed afterwards.

Rebecca commented on Patricia Arquette Attempts To Clarify The Feminist Comments She Made On Oscar Night

at 2:45PM on Feb 24

I have met the Arquettes and I can tell you first hand that there is no problem with good intentions here. But this is one of our lovely media firestorms, where the 24-hour news cycle needs to be fed. And, I can’t even imagine trying to put out a clear, political statement with all the adrenalin of winning the Oscar! All that being said, I agree with you Trent. If she had been able to stick to just, “Women should be paid the same as men for the same work” and just repeated that like a broken record, that would have been more effective and less open for misinterpretation.

Rebecca commented on Iggy Azalea Has Quit Twitter Due To Online Bullying

at 6:12PM on Feb 19

She’s not a swimsuit model, she’s a musician. This is exhausting. Why can’t we all just get along?

Rebecca commented on Eddie Murphy Refused To Do A Bill Cosby Skit On The 'SNL' 40th Anniversary Special

at 10:30AM on Feb 19

Eddie Murphy is still one of the funniest people ever. Bill Cosby, in horrifying contrast, is a serial rapist who will probably never see the inside of a jail cell or express regret for his crimes. His campaign to avoid any accountability and keep the PR train running is laughable. To paraphrase Neil DeGrasse Tyson, “the good thing about facts is that they’re true whether or not you believe in them.”

Rebecca commented on The New Cast Of 'Ghostbusters' Hung Out Together At The 'SNL' 40th Anniversary Party

at 10:36AM on Feb 17

Leslie Jones makes me so happy! She is FIERCE.

Rebecca commented on Watch: Here Is Video Of Jon Stewart Announcing His Departure From 'The Daily Show'

at 9:20AM on Feb 11

^ Same. I’m trying to be thankful for all the comedy and stop feeling upset to lose him, but I’m not there yet. (I Love Lucy voice) “Waaaaaaaaaa!”

Rebecca commented on Jon Stewart Has Decided To Leave 'The Daily Show'

at 9:16AM on Feb 11

I know I’m just a viewer and he’s got his life to live, but DAMMIT. I had just said to someone last week, I’m so grateful we have Stewart to guide us through the 2016 election madness, whatever happens. So again, DAMMIT. I’m just upset because I love.

Rebecca commented on Chris Pratt Made Good On His Superhero Super Bowl Bet With Chris Evans

at 3:16PM on Feb 6

As if I needed, well, you get the idea…this is WINNING

Rebecca commented on Milo Ventimiglia Has Been Cast As A Villain On 'Gotham'

at 6:23PM on Feb 4

This might make me watch this show. He is lovely.

Rebecca commented on Jennifer Aniston Suggests, After All These Years, That Brad Pitt Didn't Cheat On Her With Angelina Jolie

at 9:58AM on Jan 22

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be asked the same questions by every reporter, year after year, and be expected to respond. These sound like sane, honest answers in the face of astonishing intrusion. Good for her!