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Rebecca commented on May The 4th (Of July) Be With You

at 2:27PM on Jul 5

Love that view! I could hear the Santa Barbara fireworks from my house, but watched them on a webcam in my pjs. Too lazy to fight the tiny traffic we have here… Glad you had a good night!

Rebecca commented on Tamar's First

at 1:39PM on Jul 4

Happy 4th, Trent! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Rebecca commented on Surprise! Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig Are Starring In A Lifetime Made-For-TV Movie Titled 'A Deadly Adoption' This Month

at 10:35AM on Jun 3

The only twinkle of hope here is “campy, fun, contemporary wink at the genre.” But I’ll be waiting until the reviews are in. I prefer when these two do all out, kooky comedy.

Rebecca commented on Here Are Photos From Caitlyn Jenner's 'Vanity Fair' Photospread

at 1:51PM on Jun 2

This all makes me so glad for her, for us, for anyone struggling. Of course it’s photoshopped and made unattainably glorious, like all magazine shoots, but this would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Every time a famous person speaks for and embodies an underserved/unknown/misunderstood population, there is a much better chance we will all live better lives by being more educated. Bruce becoming Caitlyn starts a conversation I wouldn’t normally be having and I am grateful to learn more.

Rebecca commented on Caitlyn Jenner Has Joined Twitter [UPDATE]

at 11:42AM on Jun 1

Very, very happy for her!

Rebecca commented on First Look: The 'Point Break' Reboot Has Released Its First Movie Trailer

at 2:18PM on May 27

Not enough no in the world. And I will see it (hangs head).

Rebecca commented on George Clooney Is Profusely Sorry For Almost Ruining The Batman Movie Franchise With 'Batman & Robin'

at 12:38PM on May 26

I’m a Clooney fan for life, but he makes a stinker every now and then, just like everybody else. At least he just admits it and laughs. I love that about him.

Rebecca commented on Off To Never Land

at 4:37PM on May 9


Rebecca commented on David Letterman Made A 'Whore' Joke That Fell Flat In Front Of His 'Late Show' Audience

at 2:25PM on Apr 24

Good line, wrong place & time. I totally agree that nothing should be off limits in humor. However, this sounds like a nightclub joke for the over 21 set, who will take it as it is meant, a little culturally tone deaf, but witty in its day/for his age.

It doesn’t really work in a “family friendly” atmosphere. Letterman reaches so many people, it’s just cooler to err on the side of spreading good feelings.