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rawrkristy commented on Kathy Bates Joins The Cast Of 'American Horror Story' Season 3

at 9:38AM on Feb 28

woot!! can’t wait! kathy bates and jessica lange together on the same screen is going to be out of control!

rawrkristy commented on Amanda Bynes Has Pierced Her Face

at 1:40PM on Jan 15

a marilyn monroe piercing is placed just above the upper lip and it looks like amanda has been ‘pierced’ on both cheeks.

rawrkristy commented on Shakira Is Pregnant!

at 4:04PM on Sep 20

yayyyyy! love them!! this is such wonderful news! that baby is going to gorgeous!

rawrkristy commented on Shakira Will Replace Christina Aguilera On 'The Voice'

at 9:08PM on Sep 18

YESSS! i love shakira so much that i may have to start watching this show!

rawrkristy commented on Christian Siriano Opens A Fab Concept Store In NYC

at 6:28PM on Sep 6

omg i am sooo jealous!! i love project runway! been watching since christian’s season and i used to love trent’s weekly break downs of the episodes!
so happy you got to go shannon!

rawrkristy commented on Watch: The Venezuelan Film 'Hermano' (Brother) Hits Theatres This Week

at 10:44AM on Aug 20

omg i have never heard of rudo y cursi but i looove me some gael garcia bernal and diego luna!! y tu mama tambien.. what up! lol if you havn’t seen that one either shannon you should totes get on that tip!
this hermanos movie also looks great.. i love latin movies although the subtitles are sometimes infuriating because they are totally off lol thanks for posting shannon!

rawrkristy commented on Lana Del Rey's H&M Campaign Photos Are Here!

at 1:22PM on Aug 17

i love me some LDR but i’m really not feeling these photos. and those nails have got to go lol

rawrkristy commented on Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias Rock LA

at 1:12PM on Aug 17

yayyy! i’m so happy that enrique has won you over! i totes remember that whole britney spears debaucle way back when so i was surprised to see that you actually went to see him in concert. i saw him last year in toronto when he toured with pitbull and he did the same thing and pulled up a fan from the crowd, so cute! and when he did he even told security to just let everyone who was in the higher up seats come down to the floor level and my girls and i actually ended up in front row! so epic!

rawrkristy commented on Taylor Swift Announces Her New Album 'Red' During A Fan Webchat

at 11:10AM on Aug 14

wuiiiii!! i’m so excited for new taylor swift music!!

rawrkristy commented on The Estate Of Deceased 'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Is Being Sued For The Death Of His Friend

at 6:59PM on Aug 9

i totally agree.. i am a server/bartender as well and when i read this story the first thing i thought was that i feel bad for whoever was serving them. it’s ryan dunn, who’s gonna cut him off at the bar?
regarding the suit i think that it’s fair that the estate pay for the funeral expenses but as a few people have already said, his parents are not really entitled to any of his future earnings and you really can’t put a value on someone’s “pre-impact fright, fear, pain and suffering”.