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PixiesBassline commented on Watch: Miley Cyrus Is Making Out With A Unicorn In Borgore's 'Decisions' Video

at 1:40PM on Nov 4

OMG. What an abomination! I can’t stay here now. I have to go clean out my brain with some Bassnectar.

PixiesBassline commented on Kristen Stewart Stuns In Balenciaga At A Screening For 'On The Road'

at 1:12PM on Nov 4

I agree with Emma. My first thought was “Blech!”

PixiesBassline commented on Watch: No Doubt Releases A Music Video For 'Looking Hot' [UPDATE]

at 1:10PM on Nov 4

This seems like somthing they would’ve/ could’ve/ should’ve thought about BEFORE spending all the time, effort and money on making the video.

PixiesBassline commented on First Look: Chloë Moretz & Julianne Moore In Character In 'Carrie' Remake

at 1:55PM on Aug 26

Hasn’t this movie already been redone before?

PixiesBassline commented on Watch: This Australian Group's Electro Dubstep 'Centipede' Track Is The New Jam

at 1:30PM on Aug 26

I don’t understand why some people are so against dub step. I really don’t. But whatever. (Let’s ban them from the planet! ;)
Shannon, I feel the same way you do about this song. Nice beat but I don’t even like hearing the word “centipede” over and over. *Shudder*

PixiesBassline commented on Madonna Faces A $10 Million Lawsuit For Morally Damaging Concert-Goers With Gay 'Propaganda'

at 3:12PM on Aug 20

Those poor, corrupted people! How dare she come in there and screw them all up for life!! Now they’ll all be gay and no more babies will be born! Awfulness!!! lol…

PixiesBassline commented on Lady Gaga Goes Orange In Austria

at 3:10PM on Aug 20

I love cartoon colored hair. :)

PixiesBassline commented on Miley Cyrus Appears To Be Ashamed Of Her New Shorter Hair'Do

at 2:19PM on Aug 14

It looks more like she’s trying to hide her face more than her hair, or else she could’ve just worn a hat.
On a side note: GAH!! I HATE that saying about opinions being like assholes.

PixiesBassline commented on Miley Cyrus CHOPS Off All Of Her Hair

at 2:51PM on Aug 13

The color isn’t that great but I do like the cut. I like “severe” looks though.
She has cute little ears too.
I enjoy drastic changes like this. It’s fun and interesting. :)