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oxforddaisy commented on Marion Cotillard Gets The Coolest, Weirdest 'W' Magazine Spread

at 1:08PM on Nov 19

Yay for more magazine covers that actually make you want to look at them twice.

oxforddaisy commented on Madonna Is Readying The Release Of A New Fragrance Called 'Truth Or Dare: Naked'

at 1:07PM on Nov 19

At first I only quickly glanced at this photo, and it looked like she has massively hairy armpits–now I CANNOT unsee it.

oxforddaisy commented on Believe It Or Not, This Is An Ad For Boots

at 7:37AM on Aug 10

LMAO–not to say it isn’t working for her, but that is the most ridiculous “indulgence” I have ever heard of. Raw cookie dough anyone?

oxforddaisy commented on First Look: Lady Gaga Covers 'Vogue' For The Second Time

at 5:38AM on Aug 9

This cover is stunning and one of the more unique covers I’ve seen on Vogue in a long time–which I guess is fitting given that it’s Lady Gaga. I cannot stop staring at that dress.

oxforddaisy commented on Kristen Stewart's Email Inbox Contents REVEALED

at 11:21AM on Aug 3


oxforddaisy commented on Meet The 'Boy Wonder'

at 1:02PM on Aug 1

Wow–what an awesome work, I may become a little obsessed…

oxforddaisy commented on Victoria Beckham Covers & Guest Edits 'Glamour' Magazine

at 11:09AM on Aug 1

yesyesyesyesyes–as a loyal Glamor-rite I cannot wait for this issue. Victoria Beckham is the most fashionable robot evs.