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norcor commented on Kelly Clarkson Posts An Open Letter Putting Clive Davis On BLAST!

at 4:21PM on Feb 19

kelly is obviously awesome. i have always been especially impressed with the level of autonomy she has managed to achieve, considering she came from the pop music machine that is american idol. very similar to what girls aloud also managed to do.

norcor commented on First Listen: Britney Spears & Team Up With Pitbull For A NEWER Remix Of 'Scream & Shout'

at 4:15PM on Feb 19

i think it’s kind of great. as with all versions of this song (thus far), my only qualm is that there is not enough britney.

definitely MUCH prefer it to the other remix. can we get a third music video now?

norcor commented on Lindsay Lohan Will Be Charged With 4 Crimes On 2 Different Coasts

at 11:50AM on Nov 29

a legitimate prison sentence might actually provide ample time to allow whatever she has injected into her face to wear off… that would be a plus. then at lease she could check “face” off on the list of things that are a mess in her life.

norcor commented on Listen: Christina Aguilera Officially Releases Her New Single 'Your Body'

at 9:59AM on Sep 14

i am absolutely obsessed with this song.

despite being probably the best vocalist of her generation, xtina so seldom gets it right– but i think this song is a hit.

now, when can we expect to hear brit’s new collabo? that is what i really can’t wait for!

norcor commented on 'Glee' Releases Promo Images From Their Upcoming Season 4 Britney Spears Episode

at 10:18AM on Sep 5

those lea michele pics sort of remind me of paula’s video for cold hearted snake… would LOVE if they mashed that with womanizer!

norcor commented on's New Album Tracklisting Confirms A Collaboration With Britney Spears

at 12:07PM on Aug 24

I am so excited for some new Britney material! Big Fat Bass was probably my least favorite track on FF (or maybe Trouble For Me) but I am optimistic that Sexy Sexy will be a huge improvement!

norcor commented on US Gymnast Gabby Douglas Wins The Gold Medal In The All-Around Event At The London Olympic Games

at 9:15AM on Aug 3

Gabby is actually the fourth American to win the all-around title (behind Mary Lou Retton, Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin), not the third. She is the third consecutive American to win it, however.

Gabby is so wonderful to watch, I couldn’t be happier that she is having the meet of her life. My heart broke a little for Raisman, that tie breaker was brutal (and I would argue unnecessary), though I was happy to see Mustafina walk away with a medal, her gymnastics is just gorgeous.

norcor commented on Watch: Lana Del Rey Releases A Music Video For 'National Anthem'

at 5:56PM on Jun 27

have to admit i rolled my eyes when i heard about the concept of this video, but upon seeing it i actually am very impressed. it works a lot better with the song (which is probably my favorite on the album) that i expected and I think her jackie is quite good. visually it’s gorgeous and i think it’s also poignant at times– the casting of A$AP Rocky does it a lot of favors in my book.

WHAT THE HELL is going on with her face though?! it looks more and more distorted every time i see her.

norcor commented on Britney Spears Arrives In Kansas City, MO For 'The X Factor' Auditions

at 4:30PM on Jun 8

this is the best her hair has looked literally in YEARS. love the dress too (much more than the pink one), so happy to see her looking this amazing !

norcor commented on First Look: Lindsay Lohan & Grant Bowler As Liz & Dick In 'Liz & Dick'

at 6:09AM on Jun 5

the promo photo looks great! lindsay looks beautiful and grant’s resemblance to richard burton is uncanny.

the latter shots… yikes. I just want to exfoliate lilo..