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nicole commented on Kanye West Adorably Takes North West To Ballet Class & The Beach

at 6:36PM on Mar 24

she’s too adorable. daddy-mode Kanye is probably the best Kanye. i mean seriously, the ballet one..too cute.

nicole commented on Why Are We Afraid To Post Certain Things On Our Own Facebook Pages?!

at 10:02PM on Mar 22

i don’t police myself, i just know that the internet is unforgiving place. one misused word, or spelling mistake…anything, can come back to get you. plus there’s future jobs you have to be watch out for. i see some of the stuff friends post on FB & IG – you know, the not so legal stuff… and i can’t help but shake my head because one day, it’s gonna bite them in the ass. too careless. i try to keep my FB light, so i dont get too serious on it – hell i’m pretty sure buzzfeed has taken over on my page-. but if someone wants/needs my opinion they’re more than welcome to ask for it.

as for family, thankfully i have a fun family who doesn’t take stuff seriously so it’s never really awkward (though i do hide from mom – she can get a little nosey and who knows what she’ll dig up). but i do find that i wont post certain things because of a)certain things will get certain/flirty comments and i’m the baby so my brothers WILL question things lol and b) some of my cousins a gossips, so they dont need to know my business.

i remember when i first got facebook a family friend said “don’t but you’re full name or full birthday, because if you do, theres a good chance you can kiss your future goodbye” and that was when idenity theft seemed to be on the rise..wisest words. they stuck with me. hell, it made me afraid to online shop for the longest time lol.

nicole commented on Watch: Jennifer Lopez Releases A Music Video For 'Feel The Light'

at 7:16PM on Mar 21

The video is alright, definitely one for the kids

nicole commented on 'Scandal' And Lena Dunham Were A Perfect Match: 'It's Good To Be Kink'

at 7:11PM on Mar 21

The thing with Huck is…he’s kind of spiriling. All he wants is Hus family back and she stood as a threat to that. So I wouldnt say it was totally out of charcter – he’s just doing things without thinking.

nicole commented on Watch: Jennifer Lopez Performed 'Feel The Light' On 'American Idol' Last Night, Inadvertently Making Me Care About 'Idol' Again

at 10:59AM on Mar 20

It was a beautiful performance. Though I could have done without the characters showing up (to me it kind of took away from it) but I get why they were there.

nicole commented on 'Scandal' And Lena Dunham Were A Perfect Match: 'It's Good To Be Kink'

at 10:50AM on Mar 20

@fab4runner – I think we’re supposed to suspect he won’t say anything because he doesn’t know what happened to the book. And that the people who ended up killing her were the same ones trying to help him earlier. Plus he didn’t SEE them kill her, for all he knows it was another guy from the book who did it. (Reaching I know Lol)

nicole commented on 'Scandal' And Lena Dunham Were A Perfect Match: 'It's Good To Be Kink'

at 10:47AM on Mar 20

This episode totally made up for last weeks. Not gonna lie, I was glad Huck killed Sue, not because I don’t like Lena, but because I can’t stand her voice and it shut her up. So thanks Huck. Also… #GetItLiv

nicole commented on Les News, 031915

at 5:58PM on Mar 19

a bag of dicks…thats fantastic.

nicole commented on Fox Renews 'Sleepy Hollow' For Season 3

at 11:08AM on Mar 19

Yayyy! So glad there’s another season. I really hope people tune in and give the show a chance.

nicole commented on Watch: Madonna & Justin Bieber Play 'Never Have I Ever' On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

at 5:35PM on Mar 18

i just learned a few things about Ellen…