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nicole commented on First Listen: Mariah Carey Releases Her New Single 'Infinity'

at 8:20AM on Apr 27

SHe sounds great. But I just can’t figure out if I like the song or if it’s a grower. That first verse. ..I mean come in, fritos? Lol but that second verse I like. That line about Nick not even owning his stuff. .damn.

nicole commented on This Photo Of North West Touching Toes With Kanye West Is Too Adorable For Words

at 1:59PM on Apr 23

Lol @ the troll. Anyway.. she’s adorable. She has such a cute smile. I love how simple things like that amuse kids.

nicole commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z Are Releasing A New Joint Album On TIDAL, Says DJ Skee

at 1:58PM on Apr 23

Lol anything to maor Tidal happen. Kanye has already put some distance between himself and that failure. That basically shows how bad this is. This album won’t save it. All this does is alienate their fans.

nicole commented on Kelly Rowland Shares A Regal Photo Of Beyoncé's Mom Posing With Her Bridesmaids

at 12:04PM on Apr 23

You gotta love how they stick Bianca in thwith back. If you didn’t tell me this was Beyonce’s mom’s wedding..I would have thought it was a leftover from Solanges wedding.

nicole commented on Netflix Has Renewed 'Marvel's Daredevil' For A Second Season

at 9:11AM on Apr 22

YASSSSS! I was so lost after finishing the show. I wanted more. So glad they renewed it.

nicole commented on Listen: Christina Aguilera Releases A Song Titled 'Shotgun', As Featured On 'Nashville'

at 5:57PM on Apr 21

the girl really can sing everything. i like what i like the most out of these country songs is how she stripped down she is. no overuse on the runs or anything

nicole commented on It's Official! Netflix Will Release A 'Full House' Reboot Series In 2016

at 10:16AM on Apr 21

A part of me is kind of excited but a bigger part of me is dreading this. I just can’t see it having its same kind of..magic (for a lack of a better word). I feel like its going to end up being beyond chessey

nicole commented on There Is Only Word For Blake Lively's Look At 'The Age Of Adaline' Premiere

at 4:02PM on Apr 20

i always love blake on the red carpet. i wasn’t sure about the dress at first, but the more i look at it, i do. it seems like a dress only she could possibly wear.

nicole commented on So What If I Cried During Last Night's 'Scandal': 'I'm Just A Bill'

at 9:07AM on Apr 20

I’m just going to leave this here. Its full of spoilers about look at your own risk…

nicole commented on Justin Timberlake Shares The First Photo Of His Newborn Son Silas Randall

at 6:20PM on Apr 19

i’m shocked we got a pic so soon. i thought for sure it would bea few months. but im so glad they decided to share. he’s adorable! such a cutie.