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nicole commented on Nicki Minaj's Wax Figure Now Needs Bodyguards Because Gross People Are Gross

at 11:55AM on Aug 29

I have a hard time feeling upset about this when Nicki seems to be fine with it. The video was “so iconic” and well…that wax figure pretty much sums up the video.

nicole commented on Mariah Carey Is Turning Her Xmas Song 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' Into A Children's Picture Book

at 3:06PM on Aug 26

Can’t we get through Halloween before we start talking Christmas? Geez Mimi. But really…I need this book in my life. I’ll just buy it for my niece or nephew and “borrow” it…forever.

nicole commented on Watch: One Direction Releases An Astronaut-Themed Music Video For 'Drag Me Down'

at 4:57PM on Aug 21

@Trent – Damn you Trent, now that song will be stuck in my head for a month lol. i also need too correct myself, the video for ‘Story Of My Life’ was very fitting for their song. (and thats about as far as my knowledge for 1D goes.)

nicole commented on Listen: JoJo Has Released Her Long-Awaited 'Tringle' Which Features 3 NEW SONGS!

at 3:17PM on Aug 21

Yassssss! I’ve been living the odd song that sneaks out every so often. Here’s hoping a full album comes soon.

nicole commented on Watch: One Direction Releases An Astronaut-Themed Music Video For 'Drag Me Down'

at 3:03PM on Aug 21

Have any of their videos had anything to do with the lyrics?

nicole commented on Shania Twain Rocks This Country, Rocks LA

at 1:29PM on Aug 21

I was so jealous seeing all your pictures and videos last night,she was my childhood. She looked amazing. She totally rocked that last outfit. I missed her when she came through my city. Thankfully it seems like she’s coming back in October. Hopefully I’ll get to see her show then.

nicole commented on Kelly Clarkson Announced Her Second Pregnancy In Concert In LA Last Night

at 11:28AM on Aug 20

I knew it! I was just taking about this with a friend the other day.I don’t know what made me think she was, maybe she had a bit of a glow….but I was getting some pregnancy Vibes from her

nicole commented on Zayn Malik & Calvin Harris Are Feuding On Twitter Over Taylor Swift

at 4:55PM on Aug 17

and here i thought Calvin was grown. so silly.