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nicole commented on #ThrowbackThursday: The First 'Now That's What I Call Music!' Album Was Pure Magic

at 5:52PM on Aug 28

oh man… All Saints…i used to be all about them! please excuse me while i go sing ‘Never Ever’ everyday for the next two weeks.

nicole commented on Oh, So That's What Amber Rose's Wedding Dress Looked Like!

at 10:31PM on Aug 23

LOL! Lauren….you’re awesome! Maybe we should start a ‘say yes anonymous’ group. Its good to know I’m not alone out there

nicole commented on Nick Cannon Is Reportedly Worried About 'Mariah's Emotional State'

at 7:50PM on Aug 23

so..he’s worried about her emotinal state..and fears from the kids…but its going to leave the kids with her and give them a part time “safe haven” instead. so really how bad could she be, and how fearful for his kids could he be? i mean, if it was really that bad i would assume he would go after full custody – which is why im not sure i 100% buy this story at all.

nicole commented on Watch: Here Are The FIRST Teaser Videos For 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

at 7:43PM on Aug 23

why do people hate Canada so much? WE LIKE TO WATCH TEASERS TO!! *sigh*

nicole commented on Oh, So That's What Amber Rose's Wedding Dress Looked Like!

at 7:38PM on Aug 23

@Lauren xx – has someone also in their late 20s who watches every episode of Say Yes….im not sure thats a P’nina. seems like its missing the sparkle that goes with those dresses. unless she got it done without….which seems like a horrible thing to do to a P’nina. (though the more i look at it….hmmm…maybe your right lol)

nicole commented on Diplo Talks To 'Billboard' About Making New Music With Madonna

at 5:10PM on Aug 22

i had no idea what this guy looked like. he sure is something to look at.

nicole commented on Watch: Nicki Minaj Releases An Insanely Luscious Music Video For 'Anaconda'

at 7:44AM on Aug 20

Oh drakey poo…you wouldn’t know what to do with it.
But for real though….this song sucks. Didnt she say this era was supposed to be different? Its like the “classier” side of her she used with pill n potions didn’t work like she wanted so she just went back to what does. *yawn*

nicole commented on Kevin Hart Got Engaged The Same Night His Ex-Wife Debuted On 'Atlanta Exes'

at 7:39AM on Aug 20

From what I can tell… Kevin doesn’t care about what’s going on with his ex’s life, he doesn’t have time to worry about that. I think it was purely coincidence.

nicole commented on Watch: HBO Releases A Final Promo For The Last Episode Ever Of 'True Blood'

at 7:33PM on Aug 18

i cant believe its the last episode already. the season flew by.

nicole commented on Christina Aguilera Reveals The Name Of Her Newborn Daughter

at 6:31PM on Aug 18

such a beautiful name :)