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nicole commented on Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganielle Take Their Lurve To The Streets

at 10:17AM on Jul 22

the grey in this beard though….*swoooon*

nicole commented on 'Serious Discussions' Are Underway For A 'Sons Of Anarchy' Prequel Series

at 10:13AM on Jul 22

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! from the prequel to how Charlie thinks about the Emmy’s.

though when it comes to the Prequel, i wouldn’t get tooooo excited about Opie’s return. if anything, it would be young Opie. i would assume that the prequel would focus on Jax’s dad and Clay.

nicole commented on Azealia Banks Announces The Release Of New Music, Finally

at 8:41PM on Jul 21

does this mean she’ll finally stop hating on all the other girls in the game now?..cause that whole thing was getting tired.

nicole commented on Apparently, Ciara Really Got Dreadlock Extensions

at 12:07PM on Jul 20

i dont blame her for keeping the dreadlocks, they look really good on her.

nicole commented on Megan Fox Doesn't Let Her Boys Watch TV, But Says Movies Are Cool

at 12:05PM on Jul 20

it makes total sense. when i compare to how much tv i watched or used the computer, or got a cell phone when i was younger…to how my nephew is now, it blows my mind.
thought i do think once her kids start school, odds are good they’ll be allowed to use the computer for school purposes.
she seems like she knows what shes doing, and motherhood definitely agrees with her.

nicole commented on Will Neil Patrick Harris Join The Cast Of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'?

at 11:58AM on Jul 20

the clowns in this season of AHS are going to be the death me. hell…even looking at the picture made me feel nervous

nicole commented on First Look: 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 2 Releases A First Promo Photo & Video

at 11:49AM on Jul 20

YESSSS!! i almost forgot about this show! it’s been forever since it was on. can’t wait for the new season!

nicole commented on Watch: 'Weird Al' Yankovic Brilliantly Parodies Lorde & Iggy Azalea With Two New Music Videos

at 11:45AM on Jul 20

LOL! this is like the greatest handy man commercial ever. i’d hire him.

nicole commented on Wentworth Miller Will Play The Villainous Captain Cold In The CW's 'The Flash'

at 1:00PM on Jul 18

Oh nice! I miss seeing Wentworth ‘s beautiful face on my tv.