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nicole commented on The All-Female Cast Of The 'Ghostbusters' Reboot Has Reportedly Been Chosen

at 9:15PM on Jan 27

i like the casting. i cant lie, i was loving the thought of Rebel Wilson, but i can deal with this – i’m sold on anything with Melissa McCarthy. though it feels like McKinnon & Jones came out of nowhere.

nicole commented on Shall We Discuss Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Giving Her Baby Breast Implants?

at 4:30PM on Jan 25

thats one adorable baby. she has a lot of Roger in her.

nicole commented on First Listen: Rihanna Nabs Paul McCartney And Kanye West For Her New Single 'FourFiveSeconds'

at 9:36AM on Jan 25

This can’t be legit…this had to be them just screwing around in the studio. Right?…

nicole commented on 'Glee' Actress Melissa Benoist Will Play Supergirl In The New CBS Series

at 6:15PM on Jan 22

as much as i adore Claire Hoult and would have loved her for this role. i like the idea of someone not hugely known. she was decent on glee, but lets face it, don’t give them much to work with. should turn out to be decent – Arrow & Flash have been good, so hopefully that magic rubs off here too.

nicole commented on Watch: 'The Loft' Is The Sexy, Suspense Thriller You've Been Hungry For

at 6:12PM on Jan 22

Wentworth Miller? sold.

nicole commented on Nick Jonas Shows 'GQ' That He Looks Good In Clothes, Too

at 10:48AM on Jan 22

A Jonas shouldn’t make me feel any kind of way. But here we are..*sigh*

nicole commented on New Kids On The Block Are Going On Tour With TLC & Nelly

at 4:07PM on Jan 21

i actually can’t wait for this concert. there’s no way this can be a bad show.

nicole commented on Jennifer Lopez Slays The World With THAT BODY In The Pages Of 'Complex' Magazine

at 4:03PM on Jan 21

YAAAASSSS mama! she looks fantastic.

nicole commented on One Of The 'Real Housewives' Is Joining The 'Revenge' Cast

at 10:42AM on Jan 19

the show started to lose me last season but it started to pick up a bit…but no sooner did that happen, its started to lose me again. honestly, i’d say give this show one finale season, and just end it. they’ve run out of ways to act out “revenge”. time to move on.