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nicole commented on Kanye Wishes His 'Dopest Wife' A Happy Birthday On Twitter

at 6:58PM on Oct 22

“Sometimes I feel like just saying I love you isn’t strong enough to express how much I love you”…that’s actually pretty sweet..

nicole commented on Jennifer Lopez Is Reportedly Really Close To Getting A Las Vegas Residency Show

at 4:30PM on Oct 22

JLO puts on a great show, should be perfect for Vegas. hope this works out well for her.

nicole commented on Shia LaBeouf Strips Down For 'Interview' Magazine

at 7:36PM on Oct 21

i shouldn’t be feeling like this…

nicole commented on Selena Gomez Is All About Walking Around Naked In Her New Home

at 4:14PM on Oct 19

if im home alone, and know no ones going to be home for awhile..i tend to ditch the pants and the bra soon follows.

nicole commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From 'Scandal': 'Like Father, Like Daughter'

at 6:28AM on Oct 18

That last scene from HTGAWM…was amazing. Just give Viola an Emmy now.

nicole commented on First Look: Fat Joe Re-Teams With Jennifer Lopez For His New Single 'Stressin'

at 8:49PM on Oct 17

seriously…if it wasnt for the fact that Joe lost all that weight, i would have thought this came out years ago. JLo doesnt age. – as for the song, i like it. it has a chill kind of vibe to it.