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nicole commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Performed 'Blank Space' At The BRIT Awards

at 7:54PM on Feb 25

well..that was lackluster. and again, the crowd didnt help either.

nicole commented on Watch: Kanye West Debuted His New Song 'All Day' At The BRIT Awards

at 7:51PM on Feb 25

i LOVED this. had such a old school/real feel. it’s nice to see him without the theatrics sometimes..though i think a different crowd was needed. everyone was just kind of standing around.

nicole commented on First Listen: Kelly Clarkson & John Legend Release Their New Duet 'Run Run Run'

at 7:44PM on Feb 25

yessssssssss!!! i knew i would love this song. so good!

nicole commented on Watch: Here Is Video Of Kanye West Accepting The Visionary Award At The BET Honors

at 7:41PM on Feb 25

this Kanye…is the one i like. it was a great speech. i love hearing him talking about North, so much love there. and the part of the speech where he was talking about white girls and rich black guys…i dieeeeeeeeed. dude has a sense of humor.

nicole commented on Lady Gaga Has Been Cast As The Lead In The Next Season Of 'American Horror Story'

at 1:30PM on Feb 25

*sigh* its official. Ryan Murphy hates me.

nicole commented on Watch: Christina Aguilera Does An Impression Of Britney Spears On 'The Tonight Show' And It Is Pretty Perfect

at 8:38AM on Feb 24

LOL Omg. Everything about that video was perfect.

nicole commented on First Listen: Zedd & Selena Gomez Release Their New Song 'I Want You To Know'

at 9:26AM on Feb 23

Its definitely a grower. The more I hear it, the more I like it.

nicole commented on Who Slayed The Red Carpet At The 2015 Academy Awards?

at 9:18AM on Feb 23

Last night was such a great red carpet! So many beautiful dresses. I’m not even sure I have a fav. I gotta hive a shout out to Christina Aguilera though….her after party dress/look….home girl looked fantastic.

nicole commented on Rihanna Reportedly Has Best Birthday Ever, Dancing And Flirting With Leonardo DiCaprio

at 10:45AM on Feb 22

i can’t picture them dating, but i could totally see them being friends with benefits.

nicole commented on Selena Gomez & Zedd Preview Their New Music Video 'I Want You To Know'

at 10:43AM on Feb 22

they really are adorable.