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nicole commented on We Will Be Getting 38 New Emojis Next Year

at 2:27PM on May 22

I feel like if so many kids didn’t have phones…we’d have that damn middle finger emoji already.

nicole commented on Ghost Story

at 1:23PM on May 21

I’m glad you’re seeing this movi . I need to know how this movie plays out. Cause I want to see it. ..buuuut I don’t want to die.

nicole commented on First Look: Here Is The First Teaser Video For 'The Flash' Season 2

at 4:32PM on May 20

it was so good! and when The Flash was running back in time, i loved the little peak at Caitlin’s future as Killer Frost – which could end up being an amazing storyline seeing as she just married Firestorm. the peak at the characters in the new DC show. Barry possibly ending up in jail. there was so much in that one spot. and of course, the helmet. its going to be a long wait for season 2.

nicole commented on Watch: Christina Aguilera Reveals Herself To Be A Master Of Impressions In This Fun Promo Clip For 'The Voice'

at 11:16AM on May 20

I had a couple good laughs. Sia & the birdcage line. Cher & Adam Levine. Gaga & adding meat to the chair. Perfect.

nicole commented on Watch: Mariah Carey Performed Her New Single 'Infinity' At The Billboard Music Awards Then Previewed The Music Video For The Track

at 9:52AM on May 18

I feel like I’m one of the only people who didn’t hate her performance. Yes her voice isn’t what it used to be. And yes..a couple notes weren’t quite there. But seeing as a couple days ago she wasnt even allowed to use her voice, she did damn good.

nicole commented on Watch: Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Perform 'Pretty Girls' At The Billboard Music Awards

at 9:16AM on May 18

Sometimes when brit dances she just seems a bit unsteady on her feet which is why I’ll never understand why she doesnt wear flat shoes. I feel like if she just made that one change she’d be able to actually get into the dances again.

nicole commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Has Released Her Mini-Movie Music Video For 'Bad Blood'

at 9:03AM on May 18

I had a feeling this would end up being over hyped and I’m glad not the only one who thinks so. It came across as more of a “look guys, see how many “friends” I have” kind of thing. But I will say this. ..normally I can’t stand Taylors hair, but redhead Taylor is something I can get behind.

nicole commented on Ryan Reynolds Has Released The First Photo Of His Daughter James

at 12:09PM on May 14

I love these kinds of pictures. Though. .wouldn’t it have been fun if she was holding deadpools hand?

nicole commented on First Look: Hilary Duff Releases The Music Video For Her Single 'Sparks'

at 12:05PM on May 14

Well…the dance parts were fun. The colours are great and she looks fantastic. For the rest of it… meh..

nicole commented on First Look: Britney Spears Releases The Music Video For 'Pretty Girls'

at 1:57PM on May 13

The only goof thing about this video is Britney’a short hair. Its super cute.