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nicole commented on Ashlee Simpson Is Pregnant With Diana Ross's Grandchild

at 8:48PM on Dec 18

Bronx is 6 already?? damn

nicole commented on Sony Pictures Has Cancelled The Release Of 'The Interview'

at 9:19AM on Dec 18

This movie should have never been made in the first place. Its one thing to take digs are the guy(we all know he’s a douche). But a movie about an assination attemp on a world leader, who already wants to nuke your country just seems like a shit idea.

nicole commented on First Look: Backstreet Boys Release An Official Trailer For Their New Documentary 'Show 'Em What You're Made Of'

at 9:52PM on Dec 17

this actually looks so much better than i thought it would. looks like it’ll be an interesting watch. i’ll definitely check it out.

nicole commented on Sony Pictures Has Cancelled The NYC Premiere Of 'The Interview' In The Wake Of A Terrorist Attack Threat

at 1:46PM on Dec 17

I know a lot of people seem to be upset that movie theaters are deciding to not show the movie, but you just can’t ignore these things. You can’t take the chance that its an empty threat. Its the world we live in right now. What I don’t understand is how Sony thought this movie was a good idea in the first place. I can’t believe it ever got the ‘OK’.

nicole commented on Iggy Azalea Confirms Her Collaboration With Britney Spears

at 1:58PM on Dec 11

After Britney Jean…having Brit do a song with Iggy was probably the smartest thing they could have done. Hell even Nick Jonas would have been smart.

nicole commented on Watch: Disney/Pixar Releases A Second Trailer For 'Inside Out'

at 5:38PM on Dec 10

looks cute. and seems like it’ll have something for everybody.

nicole commented on Watch: The Avengers (And Groot) Sing Christmas Carols In This Fun Lip Dub Video

at 5:35PM on Dec 10

i probably laughed at that more than i should have.

nicole commented on All-Black Everywhere: 10 Must-See Celebrity Fashion Looks Of The Week

at 6:18PM on Dec 7

even pregnant Blake is freakin flawless. ugh…i love her. and ummm…how random of Ashanti to pop up at the NASCAR awards lol.

nicole commented on Let's Discuss The 5 Best TV Shows Of The Year

at 6:17PM on Dec 7

i can’t list my top shows, because the last couple years i’ve turned into a tv junkie and i’m not proud lol. but i completely fell in love with How To Get Away With Murder. i only started watching because of Viola Davis and it ended up being so much better than i thought it would.