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nicole commented on Christina Aguilera Tweets About Giving Birth To A New Baby, New Music

at 4:54PM on Apr 19

new music?! yesssssssss!!

nicole commented on Bad News, Americans - Justin Bieber Will Not Be Deported From The US

at 4:52PM on Apr 19

ha! suckers! you gotta keep him :p

nicole commented on Gwen Stefani Is Reportedly Joining 'The Voice'

at 7:54PM on Apr 18

if only Gwen had joined instead of Shakria…i’d probably still be watching the show.

nicole commented on Watch: The 'Scandal' Season 3 Blooper Reel Is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING

at 5:11PM on Apr 18

LOL! it kind of takes away from the seriousness of the show and i love it
“dude from Felicity just killed a women” was easily the best part.

nicole commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From The Season Three 'Scandal' Finale!

at 4:59PM on Apr 18

with the season being cut short…this was kind of the perfect finale. yes it wasnt super exciting…but it started a lot of storylines for a crazy season 4.

-i still have faith in Huck & Quinn. i refuse to give up on that relationship!

- totally didnt see one of the kids dying. that shocked me.

- its crazy how hints were dropped all season long that it was papa pope setting things up.

- Fitz & Mellie will be interesting to watch. will they get closer…or both be drunk all the time? who knows, it could go either way.

- #TeamJake

- as for Harrison, with all the legal troubles Mr Short is going wouldnt shock me if his character got killed off. it was like they left it open so if nothing comes from his legal issues, they can do something. but it his legal issues cause trouble, they can basically get rid of him.

nicole commented on Watch: Joey Fatone Says There Is 'Absolutely 100% No' Chance Of A *NSync Reunion

at 8:33AM on Apr 18

Blah…..that should say *doesn’t scream*

nicole commented on Watch: Joey Fatone Says There Is 'Absolutely 100% No' Chance Of A *NSync Reunion

at 8:29PM on Apr 17

because starting up a “man band” with a bunch of boyband left overs does scream needing money at all lol

nicole commented on Watch: Joey Fatone Says There Is 'Absolutely 100% No' Chance Of A *NSync Reunion

at 8:27PM on Apr 17

LOL Joey…don’t be bitter.

nicole commented on Watch: Here is Video Of Lindsay Lohan's Appearance On '2 Broke Girls' Last Night

at 5:48PM on Apr 16

yeah…it seems like theres some stuff missing. she wasnt as horrible as i thought she would be. from the few guest spots shes had on tv the last year or thinking instead of her trying to get into movies..she should try tv, it suits her better.

nicole commented on Watch: John Mayer Covers Beyoncé's 'XO' In Concert In Australia

at 5:45PM on Apr 16

that was….really good.