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nicole commented on Watch: S Club 7 Reunited Last Night In Spectacular S Club 7 Style

at 9:37PM on Nov 15

i cant be the only one who uncomfortable watching this. half the time they seemed off key and the dancing….it made me kind of sad. thought i will say this…Rachel, Tina & Hannah, look like they hardly aged at all.

nicole commented on Twitter Hilariously Responds To Lifetime's 'Aaliyah' Movie

at 8:49PM on Nov 15

oh and that vine…i friggin love the girl.

nicole commented on Twitter Hilariously Responds To Lifetime's 'Aaliyah' Movie

at 8:46PM on Nov 15

so glad i forgot this movie existed. i will NEVER watch it. ever.

nicole commented on These Photos Show How Much Fun North West Had At The Zoo

at 9:37PM on Nov 14

Nori is so adorable!

nicole commented on First Look: Here Is The First Teaser Trailer For 'The Divergent Series: Insurgent'

at 7:03PM on Nov 12

i didn’t mind the first movie. decent watch when you’re bored. but yeah…that hair is a bit distracting.

nicole commented on Watch: Selena Gomez Appears To Be Singing About Justin Bieber In 'The Heart Wants What It Wants' Video

at 11:07AM on Nov 6

i like the song, definitely a different side of her, slightly more mature-ish (i say “ish” because i also agree on not liking the phrase). who knows, maybe this will be her personal/inside look album and maybe she’ll let us all know why she kept going back to doucheface

nicole commented on Yes, If You're A Human Being, You Probably Need Therapy

at 10:36AM on Nov 6

my second year of high school, i was in a very dark place, and i can never thank the teacher who noticed enough. he convinced me to talk to the guidance counselor who then got me into twice weekly therapy sessions. without a doubt, that teacher & therapist saved my life. after a few years i stupidly stopped going because my therapist moved and i couldn’t imagine going to someone else, but during the last year or so i’ve been thinking about going back and i think this post just gave be this push i needed. so thank you Shannon :)

nicole commented on Justin Timberlake Is Having A Baby!

at 6:44PM on Nov 5

THE MAN BAKES PIES!…FREAKIN PIES! *swoon*. if this is true, congrats to the couple. its going to be one adorable baby.

nicole commented on Filming Production Has Wrapped On The Set Of 'Magic Mike XXL'

at 6:43PM on Nov 5

hate to burst peoples bubble, but from what i understand theres no full frontal nudity. there’s suppose to me more than the first movie and have an R rating, but man goodies.

nicole commented on Watch: Britney Spears Releases A Sexy Promo Video For 'Camilla' From Her 'Intimate Collection' Lingerie Line

at 6:49PM on Nov 4

it looks like they filmed this while she was doing a photo shoot for the line.