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Natalea commented on John Travolta Creeped Up On A Guy In An Empty Gym At 3 AM

at 4:28PM on Jan 15

LOL is all I can manage.

Natalea commented on An Impossible Task: Tell Us Your #1 Favorite Movie Of 2014

at 10:27AM on Dec 14

My Top Five:
Obvious Child – so smart and so funny and just THE BEST
Le Weekend – brilliant and beautiful (plus Jeff Goldblum)
Only Lovers Left Alive – dark and delicious (Tilda and Tom are breathtaking, like, I can’t deal with it)
Birdman – jarring and visceral and the cast has stellar chemistry
Men, Women & Children – poignant social commentary, both funny and heartbreaking

I loved so many more and have a long list of films I’ve yet to see!

Natalea commented on Praise Yeezus: Devonte Antonio Is Finally On YouTube, And 100% NSFW

at 10:15AM on Dec 14


Natalea commented on Who Is Nathan Fielder, And How Did He Nab Marion Cotillard For A Christmas Duet???

at 8:20AM on Nov 30

OHMYGOD. This is glorious.

Natalea commented on Watch: Selena Gomez Made The World Cry With Her Performance Last Night Of 'The Heart Wants What It Wants' At The 'American Music Awards'

at 9:09AM on Nov 24

Toward the end of her performance, when it looked like she was about to cry, she mouthed “Thank you Jesus,” and I just wanted to give that poor baby a hug.

Natalea commented on First Look: Marion Cotillard And The Dardenne Brothers Get Oscar Buzz For 'Two Days, One Night'

at 12:51PM on Nov 17

It goes without saying, but no one else could be that beautiful in a pink tank top. #flawless #hero