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Natalea commented on The End Of An Era

at 6:57PM on Sep 12

So sorry to hear about this Trent. But I’m glad I’ll at least be able to keep up with you and Shannon (and Devonte) via Instagram . I know the future holds bright things for you! Looking forward to supporting you in your next endeavor. xoxo

Natalea commented on 'True Detective' Director Cary Fukunaga Says We're All To Blame For The Death Of Cinema

at 8:03PM on Apr 30

Catching up on posts. Ummm…I love Cary. I love him in braids. I love him in a bun. I’d love him with a bowl cut. I love him all the ways. Oh, and his filmmaking is good too. If you ever get to interview him, Shannon, put in a good word for me.

Natalea commented on Charlotte Gainsbourg Of 'Nymphomaniac' Joins 'Independence Day' Sequel

at 9:12PM on Mar 22

All about this. Want to be in the movie. Want to watch the movie. Want to own the movie.

Natalea commented on Shia LaBeouf's Disorderly Conduct Case Will Be Dismissed Under Certain Conditions

at 9:07PM on Mar 22

Right, the ending?!? It was NOOO! But yes? But NO. But still kinda YASS.

Natalea commented on New Mom Zoe Saldana Shares The First Photo Of Her Twin Boys

at 8:46AM on Feb 14


Natalea commented on It's Time To Confess To Your Most Intense Binge-Watching Experiences

at 12:27PM on Feb 1

YASSS. Call the Midwife. Even the narration is BRILLIANT.

Also, Lost forever!

Natalea commented on Watch: Disgusting Video Shows Police Officer Beating Middle School Girl With A Baton

at 1:12PM on Jan 31

“And even if she had, the attack with the baton still wouldn’t have made any sense to me.” — Exactly! EXACTLY. My heart hurts so much over this.

Natalea commented on Watch: Disgusting Video Shows Police Officer Beating Middle School Girl With A Baton

at 11:02AM on Jan 31

Note how blatantly willing the police officer was to initiate an aggressive restraint against a CHILD…After watching the video multiple times, it appears that Diamond was trying to release the hold the other girls’ had on one another/the police officer. I didn’t see any “shoving.” (My own assessment) And WHAT THE F*CK is up with the school administrators aka THE OTHER ADULTS PRESENT merely spectating over a child getting lambasted by a baton and then restraining another child while she gets sprayed in the face with pepper spray. How is this real? Who are these people?