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Natalea commented on Michelle Williams Is Next-Level Stunning For Louis Vuitton

at 11:53AM on Sep 4

Friggin love these shots. Friggin love her hair. Friggin love her.

Natalea commented on First Look/Must Watch: The New Amazon Series 'Transparent' Gets A Trailer

at 5:43PM on Aug 30

How have I missed this?? Getting on the bandwagon NOW.

PS. Can I just go ahead and marry Jay Duplass already?

Natalea commented on #ThrowbackThursday: The First 'Now That's What I Call Music!' Album Was Pure Magic

at 12:57PM on Aug 28

Flagpole Sitta is my jam! And though Lenny Kravitz is older than my parents, I have been in love with him since I was old enough to have those feelings aka urges. You will never age for me, Lenny!

Natalea commented on Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Inspires Twitter To Change Their Policies

at 5:18PM on Aug 14

Some people are so damn horrible. I don’t get it. Violence is never the answer, but SOMETIMES I want to smash faces.

Natalea commented on Jennifer Lopez Shares The Bootylicious Cover Art For Her New Single 'Booty'

at 11:40AM on Aug 13

It’s insane that she’s two years younger than my mom. She is flaw-less.

Natalea commented on Lauren Bacall Has Died At The Age Of 89

at 6:02PM on Aug 12

Ugh, this timing! She was phenomenally beautiful. So classy, so sassy.

Natalea commented on It's Time To Confess To Your Most Embarrassing Celebrity Crush

at 5:48PM on Aug 10

YES Akili, YES. I watched it last month to celebrate the 4th (like I needed an excuse) and that scene…I’m just gonna say it – got me bothered.

Natalea commented on It's Time To Confess To Your Most Embarrassing Celebrity Crush

at 12:36PM on Aug 10

“I see all of the money in the world in his face and I kinda just wanna hang out there” – haha I am dying. This is my favorite.

Is it me or is this kind of a difficult self-assessment? I’m a crushing fiend. I just love cute boys (ahem, men). Really though. I’m not embarrassed by this crush, but he’s been on my mind lately because HE GOT ENGAGED and broke my heart: Jeff Goldblum. I freaking love Jeff Goldblum. Anything and everything he does, ya’ll. I bet you didn’t know he was a classically trained pianist in addition to being an actor. He’s also wonderfully tall, witty, and fine as frick for a 60 year old. I could wax poetic about Jeff Goldblum all damn day. Thank you Shannon for giving me this space to do so. Also, James Spader. The film Secretary makes me feel things. I’ve got some mad old man crushes.