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Natalea commented on Surprise! *NSync Released A NEW ALBUM Today!!

at 2:54PM on Jul 29

It’s so bizarre to me that I dedicated a good four/five years of my life to this band. Any time someone mentions NSYNC, I pause and momentarily reflect on my childhood obsession, as if they were memories from some past incarnation. Crazy. Kinda like this album.

Natalea commented on On Women 'Provoking' Men To Violence: Can A Feminist Agree With Stephen A. Smith's Comments?

at 1:51PM on Jul 27

Thanks for sharing these stories zanne. Domestic abuse is a very sobering reminder that violence occurs within suburban walls and not just in war torn countries. And there are often multiple issues involved – gender conflict, mental/emotional illness, substance abuse, etc. And then of course, sometimes violence against a partner also involves violence against children.

Natalea commented on On Women 'Provoking' Men To Violence: Can A Feminist Agree With Stephen A. Smith's Comments?

at 1:31PM on Jul 27

“I do agree with the intent behind Smith‘s comments—I’m open to a dialogue about whether or not women have any control or impact on the violence in their relationships. But I’m not especially open to having that dialogue in a public arena where many men are going to take such conversations as “proof” that it’s not always their fault when they get violent with women. I’m not open to that kind of conversation because that’s not new and that’s not helpful. ” – Agreed.

Like you said, I think it’s especially important for women to have this dialogue with other women. I’ve met many women who believe that provocation in relationships is largely in their own hands, and then of course, there are women who would argue that it’s never okay for a man to raise his hand to you even if, say, you’re attacking him with a golf club. The spectrum of opinion that I’ve encountered in my own life is very interesting, and it’s a discussion I think we should all participate in. And perhaps it’s part of a larger discussion on the social psychology of how we deal with conflict.

Great topic this week!

Natalea commented on First Look/Hide The Kids: The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Is Here!

at 11:23AM on Jul 24

As much as I mocked my sister, my grandmother, and the rest of the world for reading these books, I might have to see this movie because ohhhmyyyygawwwwsh I watched that trailer more than once. Just call me a hypocrite, whateva. Can we say cleanup on Aisle 12? Heyyyooooo.

Natalea commented on First Look: This New Elisabeth Moss Movie Looks So Deliciously Weird

at 8:48AM on Jul 21

Deliciously weird no doubt! I’m already in love with this Moss + Duplass coupling. And Ted Danson makes everything wonderful and strange.

Natalea commented on First Look: Paris Hilton Releases A Music Video For 'Come Alive'

at 9:22PM on Jul 15

No, honey, just no. In addition to the autotune madness, there’s no hook. The lyrics? Reminds me of the “songs” my friends and I wrote…in first grade. The Victoria’s Secret/Candyland/Fantasia theme makes it all the more terrible. I couldn’t make it through to the end.

Natalea commented on Is Zoe Saldana Hella Pregnant Right Now?!

at 7:37AM on Jul 13

Helloooo Zoe’s husband that I’ve never seen before. Aren’t you just all cute and artsy?

Natalea commented on Movie Review: 'Boyhood'

at 5:53PM on Jul 12

I can’t wait to see it!!!

Natalea commented on 3 Life Lessons We've All Learned From The Great Trent Vanegas

at 5:50PM on Jul 12

Happy birthday Trent! Thank you so much for creating this space for us pop culture fiends. Reading this blog is a part of my daily routine, and I value the PITNB community so very much.

PITNB 4 LYFE. Hugs to you! And Shannon ;)

Natalea commented on Watch: Robin Thicke Enlists The Aid Of Children To Continue His Public Harrassment Of Paula Patton

at 9:42AM on Jul 2

However shameless and inappropriate this therapy session of an album might be to some, in the interview Robin seems like he’s accepted that they’re relationship is over, and that they’re better people because of it, right?