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Natalea commented on First Look: Marion Cotillard And The Dardenne Brothers Get Oscar Buzz For 'Two Days, One Night'

at 12:51PM on Nov 17

It goes without saying, but no one else could be that beautiful in a pink tank top. #flawless #hero

Natalea commented on MTV's 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge' Star Diem Brown Has Passed Away

at 1:10PM on Nov 14

Such sad news today. Damn.

Natalea commented on The Osbournes Are Returning To Reality TV

at 1:06PM on Nov 14

I LOVED this show back in the day. The Osbournes helped me to look past my own family’s dysfunction and feel normal for once, haha. I’ll probably tune in for curiosity’s sake.

Natalea commented on #ThrowbackThursday: An Epic Gwen Stefani/Fergie Music Video Face-Off

at 2:55PM on Nov 13

1) This throwback has made my day.
2) Flossy is one of my favorite words. And can really only be used in conjunction with itself #flossyflossy
3) I have found a platform where I can flaunt my obsession with “Cool” (!!!!!!) Not only my fave Gwen song, but one of my fave music videos of all time. EVER. I want all of the clothes. And the Italian villa. And the hawt man. Brunette Gwen rules.

Natalea commented on Pregnant Blake Lively Says There's One Woman Who Can 'Creep Up' On Her Man

at 7:18PM on Nov 9

I want all of Lindsey Thornburg’s cloaks. All of them. Oh but wait, I’M POOR.

Natalea commented on Let's Talk Super-Creepy Celebrity Dreams

at 1:51PM on Nov 2

So, my super-creepy celebrity dream was not fueled by a horror film, but nonetheless, it spawned repulsion for this celebrity for years afterward…

At some point during my pubescent years, I once dreamt that my grandmother and I went on a cruise, and as we boarded, Robert Downey Jr. helped with our luggage (because he wasn’t an actor in my dream, he worked for a cruiseline). Later, he came back to our room, and asked if I wanted to party with him. In a trashcan. He was high on cocaine and physically attacked me. That’s all I remember. So. Insane. I hated him for years after this dream. My psyche is cray, y’all. Love me some RDJ now.

Also, I had a recurring fear of being kidnapped growing up and dreamt that both Jimmy Kimmel and Michael Jackson were my kidnappers.

Natalea commented on Watch: The FKA twigs Google Glass Dance Video Is So Awesome

at 10:28AM on Oct 27

I just started listening to her last week! She is crazy cool. Her song Two Weeks…ohmygawsh…guys…add it to your sexytime playlist.