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Natalea commented on Happy Rex Manning Day!

at 8:45AM on Apr 8

haha this is so great!

Natalea commented on Sarah Jessica Parker Teams Up With Manolo Blahnik On A New Line Of Shoes

at 6:25PM on Apr 4

YES!!!!! Though that price range for shoes is still high for me, I gotta get at least one pair. ;)

Natalea commented on Prince William, Kate Middleton & Prince George Release A New Family Photo

at 5:14PM on Mar 29

Adorable. I feel like only yesterday I tuned in at 5am to see them get married. Yes, I HAD to see it live.

Natalea commented on The Spice Girls Say Victoria Beckham Gave Her Blessing For A Tour Without Her

at 5:10PM on Mar 29

I’ll light one too. I need this tour to happen!

Natalea commented on The Spice Girls May Go On Tour With Backstreet Boys!!!

at 4:29PM on Mar 25

YES!! :)

Natalea commented on The Spice Girls May Go On Tour With Backstreet Boys!!!

at 3:48PM on Mar 24

I flew out to LA to see the Spice Girls on their reunion tour for my 20th birthday, and it was quite literally one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I would hands down see them again, in whatever capacity, sans Posh, with BSB, whatever. Viva Forever!

Natalea commented on New DNA Evidence Professes That Brandon Howard Is Michael Jackson's Illegitimate Son

at 9:24PM on Mar 6

His voice!!! *insert creeped out face emoji*

Natalea commented on Watch: Iggy Azalea's Music Video Tribute To 'Clueless' Is Really F*cking Fantastic

at 8:22PM on Mar 5

I love seeing some of my favorite scenes from the film paid tribute in this video. Perfection.

Natalea commented on The 'Point Break' Remake Film Has Cast Its Leading Actors

at 12:35PM on Feb 28

This remake will be nothing short of a disaster. Calling it.