Nat commented on How Do YOU Define Body Positivism?

at 7:55AM on Apr 20

As a parent of a teenage girl,with friends who are also parents of daughters,I see on a daily basis this emphasis on being beautiful.Any pictures shared are usually followed by an endless thread of comments on how beautiful and gorgeous the girl is.This could be on pictures about an athletic, academic or artistic accomplishment or just being a teenager,doing teen things.It makes me cringe,because these girls are doing amazing things,and older women are perpetuating this belief that still what matters primarily is that they are beautiful and that they need to be told 24/7 in order to feel validated and good about themselves.
I have really tried to make an effort with my 17 year old to not focus on beauty,and instead I compliment her on her actions and efforts,things that make her the person she is.She has some things she is self conscious about,but has learned that those don’t define her.

Nat commented on I Just Love These White Lesbians Suing The Sperm Bank Because They Got A Biracial Baby

at 11:48AM on Oct 4

They have my complete sympathy and I find it ridiculous that they are supposed to just sit back and be thankful that they have a baby because so many people don’t.
So much of this couples story has been misrepresented and twisted since Take Part published this, and people are just running with it like bloodthirsty hounds.

Nat commented on Ricky Martin Is Ready To Add A Daughter To His Family

at 2:42PM on Sep 4

He makes it sound as if you can custom order a baby girl.
I don’t care if you go the direct or surrogate route-either way you get what you get,no picking and choosing.

Nat commented on Grad Tidings

at 11:41AM on Jun 15

Do you ever resemble you dad!Same nose for sure!

Nat commented on 'The Good Wife' Actress Christine Baranski Has Lost Her Husband Of 30 Years

at 4:33AM on May 26

I’ve loved the character she played way back when on Cybill!

Being married that long takes work and a deep love, and it rarely happens in Hollywood.What they had must have been special, and true friendship as well.

Nat commented on Lil' Kim Enjoyed A Royal-Themed Baby Shower And It Was FABULOUS

at 6:40AM on May 16

Hope this brings her happiness.

Nat commented on Watch: Bill Nye Argues Evolution & Ken Ham Argues Creationism In The 'Creation Debate'

at 7:47AM on Feb 5

I watched it and would like those 2 hours of my life back. Any debate discussing evolution and science- biology, geology, and physics-should not be including ‘morals, sin, bible’.
The moment he declared that those Christians who also believe in evolution are not true Christians, or misguided, I was done with anything he said. See, his type of Christianity depends on people completely ignoring or denying what science discovers, because it disputes, disproves or questions what the bible claims. Well, can’t have that!
Anyhow-kudos to Nye for keeping his calm in light of this debacle.

Nat commented on Mariah Carey Shares The Cutest Holiday Photos Ever Of Dem Babies

at 11:31AM on Dec 27

defuq?Really?I love those glasses!Why poor?Would you say the same about a toddler who has to use,crutches,a wheelchair or leg braces?They are not poor-they are doing just fine.

Nat commented on Peter Lanza, Father Of CT Shooter, Issues A Statement

at 11:54AM on Dec 16

Sorry-my 17 yr old-who was realing from what he saw on TV friday afternoon,who abhors violent games and prefers Nintendo,who is well manered and quiet and under the radar in school,but could very easily be perceived as anti social by his peers and even many adults…he hates the thought of guns,hunting or violence-even pretend.So thanks for throwing out a blanket statement that could apply to thousands of young men who are strugling each day because they don’t fit the cookie cutter norm society seems to expect of them yet they persevere-despite idiotic statements such as yours.Are there some nut jobs where the profile could fit?Sure,but it is unfair and unwise to spread information that has neither been confirmed in this case-not does it justify profiling .

Nat commented on 'I Am Adam Lanza's Mother': A Mother Courageously Writes About Having A Son With A Mental Disability

at 11:43AM on Dec 16

I have now read this multiple times as it travels social media circles.As a mom of a boy with autism,formerly considered Aspergers,I still cringe at the lumping in of autism spectrum with mental illness.It is not.It is a dissorder and it is extremely rare for autistics to exhibit violence that would be considered pre-meditated or planned.It makes me ill to think that my son would be looked at with mistrust or suspicion because our media,and I include this writer,does not think before they write or talk on TV.Just this morning on CNN Dr. Gupta discussed how autism does not cause violence,only to turn around and say something that more or less stated the opposite.