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Monicaaa commented on Lindsay Lohan Covers The New Issue Of 'Time Out London' Magazine

at 1:23PM on Sep 22

Wow Lindsay is looking rough. Still amazed that so many people keep giving this girl chances to redeem her “career.”

Monicaaa commented on Watch: Britney Spears SHINES BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND In A New Interview With 'Good Morning America'

at 10:53AM on Sep 10

OMG – could she look any more stunning in these interviews? I guess break ups agree with her – she is positively glowing!

Monicaaa commented on A Quick Trip Home

at 4:27PM on Sep 9

Sending lots of healing energy to your dad! My dad has been ill recently too and it definitely gave me quite a scare. So glad you are able to be with him in person – better than any medicine I say! Take care. xoxo

Monicaaa commented on Britney Spears Referenced Her Cheater Ex-Boyfriend During Her Las Vegas Show This Weekend

at 8:59AM on Sep 1

It’s Britney, bitch. He clearly didn’t appreciate how great he had it so good for her for basically saying “next!”

Monicaaa commented on Nick Cannon Is Reportedly Worried About 'Mariah's Emotional State'

at 11:30AM on Aug 23

If it’s true that Nick made these statements about Mariah – I’d say he needs to learn to be a gentleman and shut the hell up about their personal business. Just comes off as mean and shady.

Monicaaa commented on First Look/Hide The Kids: The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Is Here!

at 8:38AM on Jul 24

Never read the book but I have a feeling this movie will rank right up there with Showgirls for me (in a good way!) :)

Monicaaa commented on Imogen Heap Will Release A New Album Titled 'Sparks' In August

at 4:50PM on Jul 1

So exciting! Love me some Immi.

Can’t wait for her to tour again too – she is an absolute genius live. Right up there with my all-time top performers.

Monicaaa commented on Diplo Confirms That He Wrote A Song With Madonna Titled 'Bitch, I'm Madonna'

at 10:20AM on Jun 30

“Bitch, I’m Madonna” will now enter the Catch Phrase Hall of Fame along with “It’s Britney, Bitch.” LOVE!

The mash-up possibilities will be endless!

Monicaaa commented on You Have To Read The Best Kimye Wedding Announcement EVER

at 2:15PM on May 26

This sort of bums me out because it’s a reminder that Kanye is forever tied to this girl who is nothing but a punchline and therefore will always be fair game for mean jokes like this.

I feel compelled to come to his defense, not only because I think he is a brilliant artist, but I also have always thought he was somewhat misunderstood as a person. I still get a lump in my throat when I think about his mom’s sudden passing and on that level, I am genuinely happy for him that he has found love and is building a family of his own.

Kanye is a big boy so obviously doesn’t need my protection but I still feel bad for him. I really believe he has good intentions. I am one of the few people on planet earth who knows next to nothing about the Kardashians, but from what little I do know, they just seem beneath him – if only in terms of coolness!

We shall see what happens but for Kanye’s sake – I hope it’s true love despite his less-than-desirable choice of babymamma’s. Plus that baby is too cute to handle!!