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Monicaaa commented on Hillary Clinton Is Officially Running For President!

at 2:44PM on Apr 12

I also am not sure I can stomach all of the vitriol headed Hillary’s way for the next year and a half. I just can’t watch such an accomplished and professional woman get attacked day in and day out.
I hope Hillary just stays focused on the long view and kicks ass all the way to victory. She is by far the most qualified candidate but after 2008, I think I might be too cynical to believe that America will vote a feminist into office but I truly hope to be proven wrong. Go Hillary go!!

Monicaaa commented on Listen: Madonna Talked About Pretty Much Everything On 'The Howard Stern Show' Today

at 6:19PM on Mar 11

So good! Obviously I’m a huge fan of Madonna’s music but sometimes I think that her longevity comes from simply being such an interesting and honest person. The girl has lived some life. Love what she said about Rosie, who I am also a big fan of. Makes me so happy that they are friends for some reason.
All that said, I have been playing the new album non-stop and enjoying it like crazy. Triple hearts!

Monicaaa commented on Madonna Crowns Kanye West The New, 'Black Madonna'

at 8:24AM on Mar 9

“I earned my stripes,” she declared. “Bitch, I’m Madonna. And that’s it.” PREACH

Monicaaa commented on President Obama Speaks Out Against The Ferguson Police Department As More Officers Resign

at 12:52PM on Mar 7

“I often look to the arts (which even includes shows like Scandal) to effect more change in the consciousness of our country, than these politicians.” – Agreed, I think music, film, literature, theater, and especially television have way more power than politics and journalism, to actually change hearts and minds. The problem is closing the loop – having the people who know what’s up actually working together to change the rights and laws. It all comes back to getting the facts out to people who are woefully misinformed and then getting everyone to come out and vote in their best interest. Sigh – feels like too high of a mountain to climb sometimes.

Monicaaa commented on Watch: Kanye West Debuted His New Song 'All Day' At The BRIT Awards

at 10:20PM on Feb 25

Watching Taylor Swift try to get down to this Kanye performance gave me a pretty good laugh. I know everyone loves her award show antics but I’m sorry, this girl needs to sit down and stop making a spectacle of herself all the time. When Kim K is standing next to you looking calm and mature, it’s time to take it down a notch.

Monicaaa commented on Madonna's 'Rolling Stone' Magazine Cover Leaks To The Internets [UPDATE]

at 8:56AM on Feb 25

Nothing but love. To use her words, I can’t help myself – Madonna is like part of my DNA after all these years. She always gives a great interview though. There are too few strong, intelligent and articulate females speaking their mind these days so she will forever have my admiration for that.

Monicaaa commented on Watch: Here Is Video Of Kanye West Accepting The Visionary Award At The BET Honors

at 4:12PM on Feb 24

This is the Kanye I love and I think I’ll always be a proud fan of his. I find his passion and creativity inspiring. He’s definitely deserving of this award because that’s what he is – a visionary. Credit where credit is due.

Sure he suffers from foot-in-mouth disease too often but I’ve always said that I think he truly means well. I choose to believe that Kanye is a good guy. He seems like he was a very devoted son to his late mother and he is clearly a devoted husband and father now. We also know that he’s a very loyal friend (sometimes to a crazy degree!) – which is a quality I admire in anyone.

So I’m still Team Kanye. I’ve been a fan of his music since he first came around so I guess you could say I’m into being loyal too.

Monicaaa commented on Rosie O'Donnell Is Quitting 'The View', Divorcing Her Wife & Starring In A New HBO Special All At The Same Time

at 12:21PM on Feb 7

Love Rosie and wish her all the best. She never belonged in The View format, especially if she wasn’t going to be the lead moderator. Her personality is all about keeping it real and The View is all about keeping things super PC (gotta satisfy those corporate partners!)

I appreciate her passion and humanity and wish she could find a better fit for herself somewhere on TV. I am not a fan of The View but I started DVRing it just to watch her. Will always have a soft spot for Rosie. She seems like such a kind and empathetic person. I also think she’s a great interviewer.

Monicaaa commented on Missy Elliott Returns To The iTunes Singles Chart After Her Stunning Super Bowl Halftime Performance

at 8:36AM on Feb 2

Love me some Missy Elliott! I totally agree that there is no one in the game like her – she’s a true innovator. Missy will always be on whole other level to someone like Katy Perry IMO. Her set was bad-ass and she absolutely stole the show. Her songs have become classics because her sound was always so fresh and on point. It’s clear from the chart above that I’m not the only one who has missed her which makes me so happy! Can’t wait for new music!