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Monicaaa commented on Trent Is the New Blog

at 10:57AM on Sep 27

Best news ever! I have refrained from saying any kind of sappy goodbye to you Trent, because I was really hoping you would find a new online home where we could all still visit.

Will look forward to seeing you on your Tumblr page, or wherever else you decide to go, for many years to come! Sending lots of love! xoxo

Monicaaa commented on Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Got Into A Twitter Feud Over The Nominations For The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

at 5:41PM on Jul 22

Dear Nicki – please cut it out with the constant shading and cattiness. It’s not a good look.

Dear Taylor – please sit down. Not everything is about you.

I think the media is so desperate to find something to tarnish the halo that Taylor has so firmly planted on herself right now that they will try to sensationalize anything. This is the definition of a non-story IMO.

Monicaaa commented on Honoring Our Beloved Trent On This, The Day Of His Wondrous Birth

at 12:43PM on Jul 12

Happy Birthday Trent! Can’t believe you’ve been in my life for over a decade. Wishing you good health and blessings in the new year. Stay fab! xoxo

Monicaaa commented on Kanye West Tells 'Q' Magazine That He Blames Himself For His Mother's Death

at 4:37PM on Jun 27

As a Kanye fan, this is just heartbreaking to read. I definitely sensed a deep sadness in him after his mother’s death, beyond just normal grief over losing a loved one, so this kind of answers that question of what was up. I always thought it was sweet how much of an open mama’s boy he was. I agree that he was a lot more together before her death, and my impression is that he seems to be getting back to that place lately, so good for him.

Monicaaa commented on Celebrating Our Very Own Shannon On The Occasion Of Her Birth

at 1:13PM on Jun 26

Happy Birthday Shannon! As a fellow academic nerd, I love that you’ve brought more of that vibe to the discussions around here. Thanks for your contribution to this blog! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Monicaaa commented on The US Supreme Court Has Legalized Same-Sex Marriage In The United States Of America

at 10:53AM on Jun 26

Can’t contain my emotions over this. It’s one thing to hope, and think it will probably happen, to it ACTUALLY happening for real! All I can say is that I am so happy to be in SF today to celebrate the perfect ending to this pride month with my pals. Woo hoo!

Monicaaa commented on Nicki Minaj Shares Mia Farrow's Charleston Massacre Tweet Condemning The Racist Judge On The Case

at 10:35AM on Jun 20

I haven’t been able to read any of the news on this awful story either. I’m just at a loss. I know I’m supposed to stay vigilant, and not let myself feel resigned, but it’s so hard. My heart just can’t take anymore. :(

Monicaaa commented on Here Are All Of The Celebrity Cameos In Madonna's 'Bitch, I'm Madonna' Music Video

at 1:57PM on Jun 17

I am a card-carrying loyal Madonna apologist but I am not thrilled with this video. I can forgive my queen for almost anything as long it is somehow still fun and cute and /or fabulous. While the cameos fit that bill, the actual Madonna parts were just not up to her standards. The pink hair? No. The “street” attire? No. The seemingly drunk or high dancing? Um no. This could have been so amazing if she kept it more high class Madonna but as it is, I am definitely disappointed. Still love her forever though. I’m just going to chalk this one up to her being sad about Lola leaving for college and needing to drown her sorrows in partying.

Monicaaa commented on Video Of The 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion Panel Discussion Has Been Released

at 8:19AM on Jun 8

OMG – you just made my day!