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Monicaaa commented on 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Jesse Williams Takes To Twitter Over The Disgusting, Racist Verdict In Cleveland

at 9:04AM on May 24

How long…how long must we sing this song?

Thank you Shannon for shining a light on this incomprehensible horror and for trying to educate others. I’m going to try to do the same to help ease this feeling of helplessness and despair.
Prayers to the protesters in Cleveland and all of the victim’s loved ones. :(

Monicaaa commented on Movie Review: 'Pitch Perfect 2'

at 10:19AM on May 16

I didn’t love it either and it definitely pains me to say that too. I felt like the entire premise missed the mark entirely and I agree that they lost everything that was charming about the first movie. It was way too flashy and OTT.
My main criticisms were-it shouldn’t have been set in their senior year or out of college setting (felt like third installment instead of second), it should have contained more story about Beca/Jesse relationship rather than so much on secondary characters. The stakes of a World competition were way too much. The German group were like cartoons. Ugh I could go on but it’s too much of a bummer. Was so looking forward to seeing this movie and hoped it would be awesome.

Monicaaa commented on First Look: Britney Spears Releases The Music Video For 'Pretty Girls'

at 9:35PM on May 13

Love! Such a cute video and fun song too. The parts where Britney is dancing are awesome. It really doesn’t take much but seeing our girl smile to make me happy ha ha.
P.S. Never had a strong opinion one way or the other about Iggy but if she’s a Britney fangirl, she alright in my book! :)

Monicaaa commented on Watch: Madonna Reveals That She Regrets Kissing Drake At Coachella

at 11:45AM on May 4

I loved this Q&A so much. Not only can you see how absolutely stunning she is without all the stage makeup on, but she is just so hilarious too. I think her gratitude towards her fans is very sincere too, which is probably why she inspires so much loyalty. She’s definitely my homegirl for life!

Monicaaa commented on Jesse Williams, Killer Mike And Amandla Sternberg Stand With The Baltimore Uprising

at 10:37AM on May 2

Thanks for sharing Shannon. It’s helpful to hear from a few sane voices to counter all of the mainstream narratives (including silence) out there right now. Still feels like nothing can ease my heavy heart though. :(

Monicaaa commented on An Education

at 12:24PM on Apr 25

My friend, who I watched the interview with, likened the general idea to someone dealing with weight issues, who feels that who they are on the outside doesn’t represent who they are on the inside.
This is a superficial comparison of course, and not meant to make light of the painful struggle of trans people. But that example helped to bring the actual visceral experience home to me in a way that I could relate to.
I wish Bruce the best on her future journey and I hope she is met with compassion, understanding and love. I also hope this story brings light to all the trans people out there who don’t have the same resources that Bruce has to tell their stories. My heart is with them and I hope this interview helped them to feel less alone.

Monicaaa commented on Hillary Clinton Is Officially Running For President!

at 2:44PM on Apr 12

I also am not sure I can stomach all of the vitriol headed Hillary’s way for the next year and a half. I just can’t watch such an accomplished and professional woman get attacked day in and day out.
I hope Hillary just stays focused on the long view and kicks ass all the way to victory. She is by far the most qualified candidate but after 2008, I think I might be too cynical to believe that America will vote a feminist into office but I truly hope to be proven wrong. Go Hillary go!!

Monicaaa commented on Listen: Madonna Talked About Pretty Much Everything On 'The Howard Stern Show' Today

at 6:19PM on Mar 11

So good! Obviously I’m a huge fan of Madonna’s music but sometimes I think that her longevity comes from simply being such an interesting and honest person. The girl has lived some life. Love what she said about Rosie, who I am also a big fan of. Makes me so happy that they are friends for some reason.
All that said, I have been playing the new album non-stop and enjoying it like crazy. Triple hearts!

Monicaaa commented on Madonna Crowns Kanye West The New, 'Black Madonna'

at 8:24AM on Mar 9

“I earned my stripes,” she declared. “Bitch, I’m Madonna. And that’s it.” PREACH

Monicaaa commented on President Obama Speaks Out Against The Ferguson Police Department As More Officers Resign

at 12:52PM on Mar 7

“I often look to the arts (which even includes shows like Scandal) to effect more change in the consciousness of our country, than these politicians.” – Agreed, I think music, film, literature, theater, and especially television have way more power than politics and journalism, to actually change hearts and minds. The problem is closing the loop – having the people who know what’s up actually working together to change the rights and laws. It all comes back to getting the facts out to people who are woefully misinformed and then getting everyone to come out and vote in their best interest. Sigh – feels like too high of a mountain to climb sometimes.