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Monicaaa commented on CBS Has Selected Stephen Colbert To Succeed David Letterman As Host Of 'The Late Show'

at 9:35AM on Apr 10

Definitely the wrong choice. Very similar to the wrong choice they made having Conan replace Leno. I like Stephen Colbert but he is a niche comedian and does not belong on a mainstream format. Sure Letterman wasn’t exactly cookie-cutter but he still knew how to conduct a serious interview with a straight face.

I predict this will not end well. I would have gone with Chelsea Handler personally.

Monicaaa commented on Watch: Lindsay Lohan Admits To Drinking Less Than Two Months After Leaving Rehab

at 5:51PM on Apr 7

Considering that fame and money pretty much ruined Lindsay’s life and surely played a huge hand in her addiction – why would anyone think it was a good idea to give her a ton of money and put her on camera? It’s such a recipe for disaster. I know Oprah probably considered that this show would be good for her bottom line but I would also assume that she was compassionate enough to not make an already bad situation worse.

Lindsay is so far removed from the real world and can’t seem to function on any level without a bunch of minions doting on her. It is so painful to watch but I just can’t seem to look away for some reason. I keep waiting for any indication that she is taking responsibility for her actions and truly wants to get better but so far all I’ve seen is the same old whining, blaming others and excuse-making. She seems as spoiled and self-centered as ever.

How many episodes are there before this train wreck is over?

Monicaaa commented on Lindsay Lohan Reveals That She Was Almost In 'The Avengers' Movie

at 10:36PM on Mar 31

I respect your opinion, and agree that the series is entertaining so far, but I just don’t think Lindsay comes off as very likeable. At the end of the day – she is just a garden variety addict. Being a Hollywood actress doesn’t give her license to behave like a child and blame the world for every problem she has.

If I were in her situation, I would own the mistakes I made and realize that maybe “being on set” is probably a crutch for me and try to discover different thing things to give me meaning and purpose in my life. This whole thing she has with work is based on the idea that she is some uniquely gifted talent that the film industry can’t live without. All I can say is that I just don’t think that is true so she would probably be better off focusing on staying sober and finding real friends who she doesn’t have to pay to hang out with her.

Monicaaa commented on Lindsay Lohan Reveals That She Was Almost In 'The Avengers' Movie

at 2:32PM on Mar 31

I’m sorry but all this episode showed me was that girlfriend has clearly bought into her own hype. She is nowhere near the “most talented actress out there” and I would recommend a huge slice of humble pie before she even thinks about working again.

Her not being on set right now is hardly a sob story compared to real-world problems so she really needs to reevaluate her priorities. Maybe if she tries becoming the best person she can be, good work will eventually follow – not the other way around.

It always seems that Lindsay thinks it’s someone else’s responsibily to make her happy. The fact that she needed the “life coach” minion person to say that she deserves to get work was a really pathetic moment IMO. I’m really trying hard to root for this girl but she’s not making it easy. That said – I am still watching too Trent! :)

Monicaaa commented on Watch: Oprah Winfrey Tells Lindsay Lohan Not To Be 'F*cking Up' In This Clip From 'Lindsay'

at 10:36AM on Mar 24

I can’t even with this girl. Watching how incredibly spoiled and self-absorbed she is is so frustrating. As if being on Mean Girls somehow makes her Meryl Streep or something. I totally got it when everyone used to talk about the wasted potential of Robert Downey Jr., when he was a drug addict, because he is insanely talented by anyone’s standard. That makes it so nice to see how he has pulled himself together and gotten back on top where he belongs.

Lindsay on the other hand is simply not that special IMO. So I truly do not understand why she keeps getting chance after chance by everyone, especially Oprah of all people. I wish the smackdown had ended with Oprah pulling the plug on the series and making it clear that Lindsay was not going to get paid – because it’s so obvious that is the only reason she is even doing this. She is clearly not on some spiritual journey of self-exploration as Oprah might hope and she certainly is not going to teach anyone anything about remaining sober because she is doing absolutely everything wrong right now.

Ugh – I wish I could just be indifferent to this hot mess but for some reason it just makes me crazy to see her on my TV screen. I really believe that the minute people stop paying so much attention to Lindsay and she actually has to stand on her own talents – she might actually have a shot at a normal life. As it stands though – she makes it impossible to root for her with her ridiculous behavior. All she does is make excuses and blame other people for her problems.

Monicaaa commented on Michael Musto Tells Madonna To 'Stop Fearing The Aging Process' In A New Open Letter

at 3:03PM on Mar 15

I think Madonna matured quite a lot when she first became a mother. She covered up a lot and you could tell how more more humble, down to earth and grounded she was. That change is part of what has kept her so relevant – because she became accessible – the one thing that huge superstars like her are rarely able to do.

I may think she does silly things sometimes (grillz = ugh) but until people are saying the same things about aging male artists (imagine this article being written about Paul McCartney who incidentally performed with Dave Grohl at The Grammys) – I can only label them haters and tell them to STFU. If older men don’t have to act their age (whatever that means) – then neither to older women. Sarah Jessica Parker is almost 50 and still skips around like a schoolgirl after all.

Madonna never gets enough credit for her remarkable achievements in my opinion and I think it’s ten times easier to make fun of her in order to cut her down to size (the same happens with Hillary Clinton). But nothing people say about her even phases her and it’s part of why she remains the ultimate bad-ass in my book. Rock on Madonna!

Monicaaa commented on A List Of Lindsay Lohan's Famous Lovers Has Been LEAKED

at 7:28PM on Mar 12

Where is everyone getting this idea that JT is so classy? I’d use the exact opposite word to describe him given his own kiss-and-tell crap he pulled with Britney years ago. He has never behaved like a gentleman in my eyes so if anyone deserves to have their previous “indiscretions” out there for public consumption – it’s him. I’d say it’s karma.

As far as Lindsey – while of course I don’t believe in slut shaming – given that she was most likely crazy drunk or high during all of these escapades – I don’t think this list is anything to high five her over either. Her whole life seems to be about others exploiting her so I find it sad whenever she gets any press these days. She needs a LONG media break.

Monicaaa commented on Lindsay Lohan's Docu-Series 'Lindsay' Premieres On OWN

at 5:43PM on Mar 10

I found the whole thing painful to watch. I just don’t understand why anyone is paying any attention to this girl right now. In my opinion the last thing she needs is to be working. How is it helpful to her sobriety to put her on camera?
I also still felt like she still seems to be blaming everyone for her problems and doesn’t seem the least bit humbled by her latest rehab stint. I just find her so immature and spoiled and those are very unattractive qualities.
At the end of the day, I just don’t think she’s talented enough to warrant all of these chances. I wish she should just fade into obscurity – fame has clearly been toxic for her life.

P.S. Not that I am advocating it but why doesn’t she live with her mom??

Monicaaa commented on Miley Cyrus Performs Faux Fellatio On A Faux Bill Clinton On Stage

at 10:26AM on Feb 17

I think Miley wishes she was the new Madonna but I think she still has a long way to go. The big things Miley is lacking are focus and true performance ability. I appreciate that she can carry a tune but she seems clueless about how to really express herself otherwise. That’s why Britney made a better comparison to Madonna in her day because she was out there being empowered and beautiful and sexual but was still dancing her ass off and giving amazing performances. Even now in Vegas her numbers have great production value.

Miley on the other hand seems to just be going for shock value to cover up the fact that she doesn’t know how to perform. So I’d put her more in the Gaga camp for that reason. To me being on stage is not about running around acting rowdy and calling that a message. People might be clutching their pearls in the short term but she doesn’t really seem to have anything provocative to say overall.

I do appreciate Miley’s punk rock spirit and hope that she will pull her performances together so they are less crude and sloppy. If she really worked on that – I think she could definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the pop world. She just hasn’t come anywhere near Madonna yet in my book.