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Monicaaa commented on Watch: Britney Spears SHINES BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND In A New Interview With 'Good Morning America'

at 10:53AM on Sep 10

OMG – could she look any more stunning in these interviews? I guess break ups agree with her – she is positively glowing!

Monicaaa commented on A Quick Trip Home

at 4:27PM on Sep 9

Sending lots of healing energy to your dad! My dad has been ill recently too and it definitely gave me quite a scare. So glad you are able to be with him in person – better than any medicine I say! Take care. xoxo

Monicaaa commented on Britney Spears Referenced Her Cheater Ex-Boyfriend During Her Las Vegas Show This Weekend

at 8:59AM on Sep 1

It’s Britney, bitch. He clearly didn’t appreciate how great he had it so good for her for basically saying “next!”

Monicaaa commented on Nick Cannon Is Reportedly Worried About 'Mariah's Emotional State'

at 11:30AM on Aug 23

If it’s true that Nick made these statements about Mariah – I’d say he needs to learn to be a gentleman and shut the hell up about their personal business. Just comes off as mean and shady.

Monicaaa commented on First Look/Hide The Kids: The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Is Here!

at 8:38AM on Jul 24

Never read the book but I have a feeling this movie will rank right up there with Showgirls for me (in a good way!) :)

Monicaaa commented on Imogen Heap Will Release A New Album Titled 'Sparks' In August

at 4:50PM on Jul 1

So exciting! Love me some Immi.

Can’t wait for her to tour again too – she is an absolute genius live. Right up there with my all-time top performers.

Monicaaa commented on Diplo Confirms That He Wrote A Song With Madonna Titled 'Bitch, I'm Madonna'

at 10:20AM on Jun 30

“Bitch, I’m Madonna” will now enter the Catch Phrase Hall of Fame along with “It’s Britney, Bitch.” LOVE!

The mash-up possibilities will be endless!

Monicaaa commented on You Have To Read The Best Kimye Wedding Announcement EVER

at 2:15PM on May 26

This sort of bums me out because it’s a reminder that Kanye is forever tied to this girl who is nothing but a punchline and therefore will always be fair game for mean jokes like this.

I feel compelled to come to his defense, not only because I think he is a brilliant artist, but I also have always thought he was somewhat misunderstood as a person. I still get a lump in my throat when I think about his mom’s sudden passing and on that level, I am genuinely happy for him that he has found love and is building a family of his own.

Kanye is a big boy so obviously doesn’t need my protection but I still feel bad for him. I really believe he has good intentions. I am one of the few people on planet earth who knows next to nothing about the Kardashians, but from what little I do know, they just seem beneath him – if only in terms of coolness!

We shall see what happens but for Kanye’s sake – I hope it’s true love despite his less-than-desirable choice of babymamma’s. Plus that baby is too cute to handle!!

Monicaaa commented on First Listen: Lily Allen Namechecks Rihanna, Lorde, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga & More In Her New Single 'Sheezus'

at 11:21AM on Apr 23

Love me some Lily Allen! Can’t wait to get the new album!

Monicaaa commented on Lindsay Lohan Reveals That She Suffered A Miscarriage

at 9:39AM on Apr 21

The kind of person who would do something like that is an addict. Not to generalize about all addicts of course. Some are humbly working very hard to get well and need our support. But some addicts just have no shame and I think Lindsay is one of those.

It is so obvious that Lindsay never had any intention of being herself in this “docu-series” and tried to manipulate the audience whenever possible. She was playing the character of a person just out of rehab, trying to live a sober life, but in doing that, she actually revealed her true colors. All addicts think they are way smarter than everyone else but I just will never buy what Lindsay is selling anymore. She’s nothing more than a con artist and sadly she still seems to have the power to hustle a lot of people.