Mela commented on Mariah Carey Legally Requires Nick Cannon To Shut His Mouth Regarding The Couple's Split

at 12:06PM on Aug 22

I’m not surprised. If I had a closet like that, I wouldn’t have much of a relationship either…I’d just be in there all day.

Mela commented on Nick Cannon Confirms His Separation From Mariah Carey

at 7:54AM on Aug 22

I read somewhere that the best sign of a good relationship is no sign of it on the internet. I don’t know whether that is particularly true, but I always felt like this couple was trying too hard to get people pumped about their marriage. Aaand…of course this news comes just after she announces a massive tour that’s going to take her to the other side of the world. Divorces in the celebrity world are more like career choices than life choices.

Mela commented on Robin Williams's Wife Reveals That He Had Early Stages Of Parkinson's Disease Before He Died

at 2:41PM on Aug 14

I understand where you’re coming from, but with respect, I have to disagree with you. There is nothing to support the idea that people facing suicidal thoughts have no choice but to take their own life. It doesn’t make them evil or wrong, but I will never support saying that one doesn’t have a choice but to commit suicide due to depression, because that means no hope for countless people facing those same thoughts who may yet pull through. I think it’s far too reckless to claim that Robin had no choice but to take his own life but depression does not kill the way cancer or drug overdose do. Those things kill your body but not always your will. Depression kills your will and sometimes that leads people to desperation in order to end their own suffering, but it is still, sadly, a choice. To those suffering, I hope for nothing more than enough hope to cling to another day because tomorrow may be the day you find just enough strength or inspiration or help to carry on and turn things around. Ending something is not the same thing as freeing yourself from it.

Mela commented on Robin Williams's Wife Reveals That He Had Early Stages Of Parkinson's Disease Before He Died

at 12:07PM on Aug 14

When I read this headline I just thought, “OMG how does this just keep getting sadder?” I already felt sooo terribly sad about Robin leaving the world this way and now to find out that he had this piled onto his depression…it’s just remarkable how hard it is to take this news about someone I’ve never met.

Mela commented on #Ferguson And The Truth About Our American War Zone

at 10:31AM on Aug 14

In Canada’s main news outlet this morning, the top headline read “Michael Brown shooting: The police’s military-like response to Missouri riots” and I honestly felt like I was watching Egypt’s Arab Spring all over again and thinking “THEY ARE MAKING IT SO MUCH WORSE THAN IT HAS TO BE”. Obama needs to squash this ASAP or the people living with their heads in the sand are going to realize America may not be the “land of the free” as advertised. My heart is really going out to everyone down there, especially the family of the victim who is facing the reality that the police are protecting the man who murdered their son.

Mela commented on Surprise! Michael Jackson Released A New Music Video On Twitter Last Night

at 9:41AM on Aug 14

I was watching “So You Think You Can Dance” last night and the entire episode was a tribute to the music of MJ. His own choreographer did the opening arrangement and the whole show just made me happy. I honestly believe that MJ would love all of this. In spirit, it is all meant to keep alive the greatness that was one of the best musical artists and performers of our time. Yeah, some people are probably going to make some bank off of it, namely his children, who will receive royalties for the years to come, which was his intention anyway. I think it’s great that Michael’s music can be so popular again and I am loving every bit of it.

Mela commented on Robin Williams Has Died At The Age Of 63

at 11:38AM on Aug 12

I don’t want to sound crass, but I think everyone should be careful saying things like “You’re free now”. Robin is, hopefully, at peace now, but many people out there are still struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, and glorifying the “freedom” of suicide is not the kind of message we want to send them. It’s hard to know what to say right now but it’s just a thought that I’ve had that we need to be cautious that we don’t forget the living who are struggling now in an attempt to articulate what we are feeling for Robin’s passing.

Mela commented on Robin Williams Has Died At The Age Of 63

at 10:03AM on Aug 12

I honestly can’t put words to how I feel about this. Depression is often buried deep under a solid and strong face. We can’t understand it. To me, I can’t comprehend how someone who has brought me so much joy in life, who exemplified not only comedy, but heart, could be suffering so deeply under the surface. It also goes beyond my understanding that someone with influence and resources couldn’t get the help he desperately needed to make it through this struggle. It just leaves me feeling very sad and helpless against an invisible enemy that could take any one of us to the same place. I have to agree with Adam, who simply said “Gutted.”

Mela commented on Megan Fox Tells The World She's Not Having Sex With Her Husband, Because Kids

at 8:05AM on Aug 7

Sigh…giving up carbs cold turkey is the dream. Damn you Kraft Dinner Sharp Cheddar!!!

Mela commented on Kanye West Equates The Struggle Of Celebrity With The Struggle Of The Civil Rights Movement In The US

at 2:54PM on Aug 6

The respectful back and forth is great. And you just totally shut it down by pointing out that the actions of a few don’t equate to the systematic abuses that were the norm before and during the civil rights movement. I think that’s the most important point you could have made. Kudos.