Mela commented on Happy Friday Guys! Hope You Have A Fantastic Weekend!

at 11:44AM on Oct 5

There’s no need for unkindness. I also keep coming back out of sheer muscle memory. My fingers make their rounds to the few sites I have visited every single day for years and this is one of them. And the truth is…it’s not the same. No disrespect to the new writers, but trying to adopt Trent’s voice will be futile. Day 1 you showed a picture of KK on your blog when many of us have always loved the fact that Trent would put cutsie little hearts over her face in an effort not to buy in to the over-exposed media hungriness that is her MO. You’ve adopted all of the lingo and used Trent’s favourite blogs to source the Les News bit but all without revealing yourselves as individual human beings, instead opting to veil your identity/identities with Golden Girl assumed names. It’s clear that while PITNB is largely a marketable product, the loyal consumer base has been following Trent’s life for years. Ousting him as a writer was a poor move in my opinion and the site is suffering to find its voice in the wake of his departure. There’s nothing here of the blog that I fell in love with a decade ago. It’s not that I don’t want the site to do well…it’s that everything since Trent’s departure feels disingenuous and that is just something I don’t have time for. I hope you guys find your own voice for this site but I might as well start either reading DIY blogs because I didn’t exactly come here for celebrity news…I came here for Trent’s take on celebrity news.

Mela commented on Thank You For Being A Friend

at 2:01PM on Oct 1

Assumed names? If you wanted loyal PITNB readers to do more than glance at how this site will try to recover from the ousting of Trent, you should have done more than an old picture of the Golden Girls and assuming their names. This site became what it is because the writers were more than observers of pop culture…they were identifiable people. Sorry…just no. Buh bye.

Mela commented on Dunzo

at 2:53PM on Sep 30

And I can’t believe this is the last time I’m logging on to PITNB and the last time I’m commenting here. But I’ve already bookmarked your TUMBLR and as soon as I figure out what TUMBLR is you can bet I’ll be watching whatever you do next. All the best to you Trent…see ya tomorrow…just not here :) You were the best of Pink Trent and you really chose to go out on a high note. I love that about you. And also Britney is damn lucky to have you ;)

Mela commented on Watch: 'Game Of Thrones' Actress Maisie Williams On Jon Snow: 'He's dead. Sorry.'

at 1:24PM on Sep 23

I reject. Mellisandre will give him the kiss of life…he’s too hot to die!

Mela commented on Megan Fox Will Be The New Girl On 'New Girl'

at 11:33AM on Sep 18

Uh…come again for big fudge? Really? I’m not 100% on board with this idea but I am 100% on board with the show so…I’ll give it a chance.

Mela commented on Cheesecake & K-Town

at 7:04PM on Sep 15

I am absolutely gutted about your news Trent. You have been the celebrity news and pop culture blog I’ve followed since those beginning days on the blogspot where “bitch stole my look” and hatred for Capri pants and unadulterated love for Britney Spears was not only on the table, but was served with a genuine side of heart. You kept it classy, never forgetting that the people you were writing about were human beings and that while you had fun talking about their fire crotches and nip slips, you respected them for living a life in the spotlight and being people. You invited us into your friendships, your heartaches, your family celebrations and reminded us that some things should never be forgotten or overshadowed by gossip. It’s not PITNB I’ve been following for the last decade…it’s you and without you I will no longer need to check this site anymore. Since I refuse to go to TMZ I suppose I will have to get over my need for small bits of showbiz news and speculation unless you find yourself in a position to start anew. ..and I’ll be watching for it. But whatever you do, I hope you’ll be so happy. September 30th will be Peace the Spork out to PITNB because it’s just a domain without you in it. Love you Trent.

Mela commented on Disney Is Planning A Remake/Sequel Of 'Mary Poppins' And I'm Having All Sorts Of Feelings About It

at 2:06PM on Sep 15

I just…I mean…wh…????!? Why Disney? Has even one of your remakes been as successful as the completely new and original story Frozen? Then why do you keep going back and ruining what is perfect already? You will NEVER touch anything that Julie Andrews has ever done and improve upon it…EVER. I must now go watch Victor Victoria and remember the good old days.

Mela commented on Watch: Here Is Our First Look At Incarcerated Felon Teresa Giudice's New Reality TV Show

at 2:56PM on Sep 14

Yes…yes I will. This year I binge watched RHONJ and I actually felt deeply saddened for Teresa and her kids and I’ve kinda been dying to know how they are navigating this situation and still keeping their family together somehow.

Mela commented on Watch: Janet Jackson Kicked Off The 'Unbreakable' World Tour With A New Song Featuring Missy Eilliott

at 8:43AM on Sep 1

I’m trying not to watch this video. I’m trying to avoid spoilers because I am SO PUMPED for this concert on Monday night!!! SQQQEEEEEEE!!!

Mela commented on Miley Cyrus Thinks It's Cool To Use The Word 'Mammy' Whilst Rocking Faux Dreadlocks

at 8:03AM on Aug 31

Is it possible she didn’t have a hot clue what she was saying could be taken that way? I can’t speak to how many people are educated in this generation about the sensitivities of the portrayal of black nursemaids. In fact, I hadn’t even been educated on this AT ALL until I binge watched the show “A Different World” where they tackled the issue in an episode. However, being that I’m Canadian it’s probably more acceptable for me to be ignorant than say, someone born in Tennessee.