Mela commented on First Look: Disney Releases A Trailer For 'Frozen Fever'

at 9:57AM on Feb 25

I am unashamedly going to go! I always love a new fairytale spin and this Frozen short will really make it even more worth-wile. Plus I miss Olaf. YES I’M A GROWN DWEEB!

Mela commented on OMG! Disney Is Bringing Back 'DuckTales'! Woo Ooo!

at 9:55AM on Feb 25

AHHH! I loved this show! Somewhere on a VHS I still have an episode where the boys go back in time and I still watch it sometimes!

Mela commented on Watch: Giuliana Rancic Apologizes For 'Crossing The Line' With Her Comments About Zendaya's Hair

at 8:48AM on Feb 25

Sigh…I think the apology is authentic enough. Does she owe a pound of flesh for a mistake made in an unscripted moment of attempted comedy in a show famous for cutting down people for their fashion choices? She acknowledged it was wrong, acknowledged her own ignorance, and asked forgiveness. She did it herself and not over Twitter. That’s enough for me.

I just feel like more and more nobody can make a comment without everyone assuming they are the worst person in the world. It’s kind of exhausting. There are already entire articles out there devoted to reading into her apology and cutting down her intentions. I can’t waste my life not accepting peoples apologies because there’s a chance it’s not as sincere as I think it should be. I don’t choose to live that way. And I hope Zendaya has enough character to end this the right way. She made her point and the outcome has been good.

Mela commented on Rihanna Reportedly Has Best Birthday Ever, Dancing And Flirting With Leonardo DiCaprio

at 9:31AM on Feb 22

Somebody needs to run down all the A list celebs tied to Leo. Dude’s got serious game.

Mela commented on Zack Snyder Has Shared The First Photo Of Jason Momoa As Aquaman

at 10:27AM on Feb 20

OH my sun and stars he looks good.

Mela commented on Kelly Clarkson Reveals That No One Wants To Collaborate With Her :(

at 9:39AM on Feb 18

She also had that big beef with Ryan Tedder some years ago. She may have a rep for stirring the pot with those she’s worked with.

Mela commented on Kanye West Has Blue Eyes Now

at 6:06PM on Feb 16

I love Kanyes eyes so I think switching up the colour took something from them for sure.

Mela commented on Tell Us EVERYTHING About Your 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie Going (Or Anti-Movie Going) Experience!

at 11:27AM on Feb 15

My friends a split into two camps: those who are lining up and those who are running a scortched earth campaign against all things 50 shades on moral grounds. I personally have been avoiding the entire fiasco because the plot seems ridiculous and the writing was purported to be terrible. However I’ve also got sick of all the “I haven’t read the books but….” posts. So I’ve not read the first 13 chapters of the first book and I have to say…it’s just the worst. Not only was it originally written as twilight fan fiction, but it’s so repetitive and really creepy. And no, it’s not the bdsm that I find most creepy. It’s the fact that Ana is set up as a super juvenile character. She doesn’t have a computer or any experiences and likes to wear pigtails and getting drunk for the first time (and that her friends are okay with a total stranger picking her up when shes hammered) tripping over her feet all the time and having absolutely no sense of herself whatsoever. It sets up Christian as a total predator and as far as I can tell, that isn’t quitting. The writing is Gawd offal. There is zero for a romantic basis and what I’m seeing is a woman so desperate for passion in her life she’s willing to do anything for an organ at the hands of her crush even if it means completely changing her own personality. It’s too unsettling for me to find erotica in the least.

Mela commented on Justin Bieber's Church Has Signed With A Hollywood Talent Agency

at 9:14PM on Feb 11

I was a little weirded out when I read your post. I’ve always been a fan of their worship music but never followed the news of the church. It looks like they’ve got a full length movie releasing in the next few months and my guess is they are picking up representation in Hollywood to help them out since they are based in Oz. I’ll probably go see it…but I’d agree getting an agent for your church and pastors beckons a bit to the side of idolization. They sing purty nice though.

Mela commented on Bruce Jenner Was Involved In A Fatal Car Accident On Pacific Coast Highway

at 12:13PM on Feb 8

The mere fact that a papperazi just happened to be there to take pictures of the crash proves Jenner was being followed. I can’t believe how this is still being allowed almost 20 years after Princess Diana passed away. It’s gross.