Mela commented on Shots Fired: Miguel Declares He Makes Better Music Than Frank Ocean

at 1:28PM on Jul 6

I’m always turned off by artists who feel the need to try to convince me they’re better than other artists. 1st of all: there’s room in my repertoire for all kinds of musicians. Have some respect for the consumers. 2nd of all: shut up and let your music speak for itself. If it’s good, people will recognize that. 3rd: Michael Jackson. When you’re there you can talk but you’ll never get there because you don’t know when to shut up.

Mela commented on Fox Is Adapting 'Fatal Attraction' Into A TV Series Because The World Is Dark & Full Of Terrors

at 9:56AM on Jul 2

Are there not thousands of people sitting in Starbucks at this very second writing screenplays? We can’t be this completely out of original concepts.

Mela commented on Watch: Janet Jackson Was Honored With A Dance Tribute, Ultimate Icon Award At The BET Awards Last Night

at 11:22AM on Jun 29

Two months from now an absolute pop legend hits the stage and I cannot wait! Rhythm Nation was my first cassette tape and my first experience of music outside the country of my parents and the metal of my brothers. I’ve been waiting most of my life for this concert and comeback. SO PUMPED.

Mela commented on Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Went On A Double Date With Joe Jonas & Gigi Hadid

at 11:06AM on Jun 29

Um…nice body language Joe Jonas. Learn to read the boat.

Mela commented on My Day At 4DX Studios

at 2:14PM on Jun 26

That’s super cool! I really hope this technology catches on even though I can’t imagine how much it would raise the cost of theatre tickets. How much does it cost you to see a 4DX movie in LA?

Anyway, I’d pay. It would be awesome…unless of course they’re piping in gorilla farts or something.

Mela commented on Today Will Be Fun

at 1:59PM on Jun 25

Lol oh you terrible tease you!

Mela commented on Brandi Glanville Has Reportedly Been Fired From 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills'

at 9:15AM on Jun 19

And the peasants rejoiced. Halleluryer.

Mela commented on 'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Ended Last Night, Leaving Me With A Lot Of Feels

at 10:41AM on Jun 16

If he’s really dead, then Westeros is totally effed. If in fact, as Lacey pointed out, he is who they have hinted he may be, then this just can’t be the end. I love that nobody knows where they will go from here. I want to know what Bran has been doing this whole time so bad and what will become of the mother of dragons!? if Cersei’s trial brings the incest to light, who will be the one to claim the throne next!? Is Sansa alive!? So many questions. An awesome season in my opinion.

Mela commented on Janet Jackson Announces The 'Unbreakable' World Tour!

at 2:15PM on Jun 15

My jaw totally dropped when I saw my city was #5 on her list of destinations!!! So excited to catch the first leg of her world tour here in Canada!!! Rhythm Nation was my first ever cassette tape and the love runs deep. Can’t wait to finally see her live.

Mela commented on I Am Here For These 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion Photos

at 7:48AM on Jun 8

Lorelai is my spirit animal. I slowly built my collection of DVD’s and they are the only ones I just will never get rid of. And now that it’s on Netflix I just play it through every day. It’s the soundtrack to my cooking and my getting-ready-in-the-morning playlist. When my husband is on night shift, Sam Phillips and her chorus of “la’s” sing me to sleep as they underscore life in Stars Hollow…yes I am an uberfan. And this reunion was everything.