Mela commented on Avril Lavigne Responds To Allegations Of Racism By Saying, 'LOLOLOL!!!'

at 11:57AM on Apr 24

I didn’t say appropriation. I don’t know exactly what I would call it. I don’t think it’s racist or appropriation, but…I guess I felt like some people felt last week about Sky Ferreira’s backup dancers being cultural props…I didn’t find it that bad, but just a little too…something. Sort of the same way people felt about Miley’s use of little people at MTV and on her tour.

Mela commented on Peter Jackson Reveals The Title Of The Third & Final 'Hobbit' Film

at 10:00AM on Apr 24

Hmmm…LOVE everything Tolkein, but this last movie title isn’t grabbing me just yet. I really thought the title “There and Back Again” suited the ending to this the biggest adventure of Bilbo’s life and the title of his memoir, written about this adventure.

Mela commented on Chris Brown Will Remain In Jail Until June

at 9:55AM on Apr 24

I really do hope that once and for all, Chris can spend enough time in jail to fully realize that he hasn’t come far enough. Every time he breaches his probation is a slap in the face to Rihanna because it shows he either doesn’t take it seriously or has a real and very serious problem that makes him a threat to others. It’s too bad because all the talent in the world and money and fame can’t save you from yourself.

Mela commented on Kevin Clash, The Voice Of Elmo, Has Been Completely Cleared Of All Sex Abuse Charges

at 8:42AM on Apr 24

It’s kind of an unsettling ending isn’t it? The people who charged him (I will stop short of calling them victims) will not get their chance to prove themselves or have themselves disproven, and Kevin Clash will never get his innocence validated.

Mela commented on Avril Lavigne Responds To Allegations Of Racism By Saying, 'LOLOLOL!!!'

at 8:18AM on Apr 24

I can see it. I’m 100% sure she didn’t intend it, but I can see it. The expressionless girls behind her throughout the video made me feel like it was a little off. Everything else was just whatever. The song? Well…I think Avril needed a paycheque because I don’t believe for a second she actually intended to write a good song…just one that would sell.

Mela commented on A 'Will & Grace' Reunion Is NOT In The Works [UPDATE]

at 3:26PM on Apr 23

Yasss!!! More! Service my nostalgia!

Mela commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z Are APPROVED To Play A Stadium Concert In Pasadena, CA

at 3:09PM on Apr 23

The only word that comes to mind is “boss”.

Mela commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z Are APPROVED To Play A Stadium Concert In Pasadena, CA

at 1:52PM on Apr 23

I rarely drop coin on concert tickets but if they come close to me in Canada I’ll def go.

Mela commented on Lindsay Lohan Reveals To 'KODE' Magazine That She Is Seeing A Married Man With Kids

at 10:18AM on Apr 22

The only person to blame for Lindsay’s situation is Lindsay. While I do believe she’s been influenced her whole life by yes-men and enablers, at nearly 28 years old your choices are totally your own. That’s just about 30 peeps. Lindsay’s a full grown woman and absolutely knows what she’s doing.

Mela commented on 'Vogue' Magazine Has 'No Plans To Work With' Terry Richardson In The Wake Of A New Sex Allegation

at 1:00PM on Apr 21

To me his work is a turn off which is why I’m shocked that high fashion editors have ever sought him out in the first place. I wouldn’t want to be someone who blindly believes malicious accusations however I will say that given his body of work the accusations couldn’t be less of a shock. If true I believe the fashion community has a responsibility to publicly and socially black list him if for no other reason than to send a message that models are to be protected in a world where they are already vulnerable as many of them are young and lines between the acceptable and not can be easily blurred when faced with career making photographers.