Mela commented on Selena Gomez's Cut-Off Shorts Leave Very Little To The Imagination

at 10:26AM on Aug 1

Lol…OMG remember when prostitutes started wearing more clothes than celebrities?

Mela commented on Janet Jackson's Sound Engineer Claims She Is Readying The Release Of A New Album

at 3:31PM on Jul 31

This news is bonx. I grew up in the boonies with country parents and heavy metal older brothers and somehow Rhythm nation was the first tape I ever owned and it slayed my reality. I’ve loved her ever since and I can’t wait for new music! HoooO!

Mela commented on Kelly Osbourne's Lawsuit Against Her Landlord Proves That Mo' Money Equals Mo' Problems

at 11:12AM on Jul 31

If she flooded not only her condo but the ones below then the condo owner is responsible for those units as well so I wouldn’t blame him for not giving her deposit back. But if he allowed dogs he should have taken an extra deposit for animals.

Mela commented on First Look: 'New Girl' Season 4 Releases A First Promo Poster

at 8:47AM on Jul 31

I hope Prince becomes sort of like Trang to Nick…like a spiritual advisor of sorts. I CAN’T WAIT!!! I also can not get enough of WINSTON!

Mela commented on Watch: Orlando Bloom Punched Justin Bieber In The Face In Ibiza Last Night

at 10:20AM on Jul 30

I think it’s telling that Orlando Bloom would pay any attention to Justin Beiber at all. Sure he can be annoying but we can’t condone one act of violence over another (as much as we’d like to make an exception for Justin sometimes) so I’m not on team anyone on this because Orlando Bloom actually lowered himself to a violent reaction rather than just walking away.

Mela commented on Lana Del Rey Is Annoyed That None Of The Men She Slept With 'In The Industry' Got Her A Record Deal

at 1:54PM on Jul 22

Lana Del Rey is the Rob Ford of the music world.

Mela commented on Is Scarlett Johansson Getting Hitched Next Month?

at 2:53PM on Jul 21

How dare you Madam. :)

Mela commented on Is Scarlett Johansson Getting Hitched Next Month?

at 12:57PM on Jul 21

Honey, if you can’t make it work with Ryan Reynolds, maybe marriage just isn’t for you.

Mela commented on Lana Del Rey Tells 'Rolling Stone' Magazine That She Doesn't Want YOU To Listen To Her Music

at 2:05PM on Jul 16

I can’t say that I’m really familiar with her music although I’ve heard great things about her as a performer. But talent aside…this girl sounds like a dick when she opens her mouth to do interviews. Like, if you’re music was for you and you didn’t want people to hear it you wouldn’t have a record company and worldwide distribution and marketing backing you. She just makes glib remarks about suicidal thoughts and courts controversy and I find that undermines my desire to discover her music.

Mela commented on Sofia Vergara Celebrated Her Birthday With Her New Bae Joe Manganiello

at 10:16AM on Jul 14

Gad…people who don’t need clothes. I need to hit the gym more.