Mela commented on James Franco Calls A 'New York Times' Theater Critic 'A Little Bitch'

at 1:07PM on Apr 18

This is really ugly on him. I am not sure he realizes but a lot of people lost their taste for him when he didn’t step up to the plate hosting the Oscars and like Sam, I have to agree that whatever character he plays IS James Franco and not the other way around. Fame don’t buy class friends.

Mela commented on 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Child Star Mara Wilson Says She Is NOT Interested In Appearing In The Sequel

at 1:23PM on Apr 17

I LOVE Mrs. Doubtfire, but I guess I am now filled with wonder at how they would bring it back to life? I guess a little piece of me also wonders “why?”. Irregardless ;) I can’t wait to see what they do. I’m interested that more than one movie from my childhood is suddenly getting a sequel with the original cast.

Mela commented on Watch: John Mayer Covers Beyoncé's 'XO' In Concert In Australia

at 7:32AM on Apr 17

I’m obsessed with John as a musician.

Mela commented on Let's Talk About Last Night's Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones', Season 4 Episode 2 'The Lion And The Rose'

at 7:43AM on Apr 15

LOL…I guess he never watched the Hobbit so he doesn’t know that swords are named for the great deeds they do…in his case, the sword could be named “pie-killer”.

Mela commented on Let's Talk About Last Night's Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones', Season 4 Episode 2 'The Lion And The Rose'

at 7:37AM on Apr 15

I had to avoid spoilers for a single day and it was almost impossible. Thank goodness I did because what a shocker! As I haven’t read the books, HBO is able to amaze me with the visual and I’m kind of glad. 1st off – what a death! That young man has some serious acting chops! 2ndly I’m crossing Westeros off my “destination wedding” list. 3rdly – NOBODY IS SAFE!!

Mela commented on This Is What Cher Looks Like When Bob Mackie Doesn't Design The Costumes For Her Tour

at 3:27PM on Apr 11

The wig is a no, but I have to say that I’ll bet this thing glimmers on stage like nobody’s business.

Mela commented on HBO Has Renewed 'Game Of Thrones' For Two More Seasons

at 12:25PM on Apr 8

OMGee…not like I didn’t think it’d keep getting renewed but it is nice to hear. I love this show so much and since I haven’t read the books, I never know what’s coming. I know some said the season 4 premier was a bit slow, but that just means they’re setting the stage for what is to come and it’s a total free-for-all in the 7 kingdoms.

Mela commented on Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Officially Confirms Her Second Pregnancy

at 11:46AM on Apr 4

Totally! It’s been amazing to see how she’s come into her own as a mother. It does suck that she can’t trust the people closest to her not to leak info like that though. If and when I get preggers I’ll keep it under wraps as long as humanly possible. My belly will be like Tim “the toolman” Taylor’s neighbor Wilson’s face.

Mela commented on Watch: A Fan Reimagines The Series Finale Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

at 12:48PM on Apr 2

I don’t believe in closure. It’s a myth. In life, nothing is ever closed. Even death isn’t closure to life. I think that’s what’s great about this ending…it’s full of possibilities.

Mela commented on Watch: A Fan Reimagines The Series Finale Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

at 11:24AM on Apr 2

Okay, I for one, think everyone had an opportunity to know that she was going to die. Several episodes ago the wife said “who would miss their daughter’s wedding?” and Ted breaks down crying. We all knew right there that Ted was telling his kids how he met their mother and that mother was no longer with them. So I didn’t feel like we missed seeing them together because the name of the show was not “How I met, fell in love with, married and lived with your mother”.

And now the finale. I agree with Scott that Lilly got the short end of the stick as far as series closure, but she did get plenty throughout the last season. I wrestled with whether or not to hate the creators for killing off the wife and cutting Robin and Barney’s marriage and giving us almost none of their ceremony after an entire season set on the weekend of their wedding. In the end though, Ted’s eternal optimism is the winning factor in this show. I don’t think him getting together with Robyn diminishes what he had with his wife. Their relationship has underscored the entire series and they got together without either having to compromise the life they wanted to lead. Robyn got to travel the world and be successful and not have kids and Ted found the love of his life, got married and had children. I thought ending with her at the window and him with the blue French horn couldn’t have been done better.

I think it’s better than just wrapping things up with some neat little bow and saying that everything will always be alright. Life is messy and complicated and just because someone is beloved doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong for them. I say it was fitting and emotionally moving from start to finish.