Mela commented on What The Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Tell Us About Celebrity/Hero Worship

at 8:23AM on Nov 20

I think you hit the nail on the head in saying that the fear we have is that we could be capable of loving and admiring someone who could do such things. In Canada we recently had a similar case where a beloved media personality was accused by several women of performing rough BDSM acts on them without consent What those women have had to endure, simply because they were less known than him was horrifying to me. In this case, we don’t know Bill Cosby. We know Cliff Huxtable. We love Cliff Huxtable. Cliff Huxtable would never have done this. We NEED to separate the two.

Another thing that would be great is if television and movies didn’t make it appear as if such a large amount of women were faking rape to gain something. The truth is that most of them are in shock, ashamed of themselves, trying to rationalize it and never speaking about it to anyone and those who do come forward are often criminalized for “ruining” men’s lives with their lies.

Also, my heart really goes out to the girls from the “Huxtable” family because already people have started spreading vicious rumours about how Bill Cosby conducted himself with them and that’s just so damaging.

Mela commented on Watch: Janice Dickinson Reveals That Bill Cosby Raped Her

at 12:20PM on Nov 19

This is all completely horrible. Those of us who grew up watching Dr. Huxtable every week and associating Bill Cosby with one of our favourite treats, Jello, will have a very hard time reconciling that with a sexual offender. In general, I don’t like to take sides in these cases, but I will never infer that any woman is lying about her sexual assault because in reality, that number is low. It’s somewhere between 2-8% of women who lie about rape and I’m with Ella on this one…what woman actually does that? The truth is that many of us are so shocked that we rationalize it as our own fault and never report it. And when there are so many women coming forward with the same accusation, there is a very good chance that it’s legitimate. We have to stop saying “I think she’s lying” until we know one way or another. It’s so damaging.

Mela commented on First Look: Disney Releases A First Trailer For 'Cinderella'

at 12:02PM on Nov 19

I’m so excited about this! I love the look that they’re going for and I can not wait to see the movie. They could make 1000 Cinderella movies and I’d want every one of them. I still watch Ever After WAY TOO MUCH. You had me at Cate Blanchet but then I saw her and I was so completely sold. She is perfect for this role. Just another reason to look forward to Spring.

Mela commented on Willow & Jaden Smith Talk About The Non-Existence Of Time, Holographic Realities & 'The Opposite Of An Apple' In An Odd-Ball New Interview

at 1:36PM on Nov 18

“Because Living” is going to be my new catchphrase.

I mean…my oh my. I shake my head back and forth.

Mela commented on Chris Pratt Cover's 'GQ's Annual 'Men Of The Year' Issue For 2014

at 6:23AM on Nov 18

This guy will always be goofy Andy from Parks & Rec to me and I LOVE seeing him do so well! Also, not to make a thing out of it, but notice how GQ gets to put a “Man of the Year” spread out where their main model is completely clothed (and 100% sexy)? Can we puhleaze have more women celebrated this way?

Mela commented on Watch: This Disturbing Video Shows How Gay Men Are Treated Just By Walking Around New York City

at 6:19AM on Nov 18

To break the ice with levity, Bill de Blasio can NOT be happy about these videos coming up.

Sigh…the truth is that you could put a lot of different spins on this and the result will be shameful. I’ve always been a bigger girl and I’ve dealt with my share of moments where I had to hold my head up and pretend I didn’t hear things people have said to me on the street. I’ve also been on the other end when travelling to places where my looks were appreciated where I couldn’t walk anywhere without being accosted by men. If you threw a video camera on a skinny “nerd”, an obese person, someone who dresses in religious garb…the result will be that there are people out there who get off on tearing down others. Even my mixed race marriage get it.

This video is horrifying. That man was actually obviously not that safe and that really disturbs me. I don’t know what we do to turn this around. Feeling small.

Mela commented on Solange's Wedding Photos Basically Broke The Internet

at 7:26AM on Nov 17

IIiiiiii’m sorry y’all but some of these photos look like they could easily be the cover of a book titled “Queen of Covens: My life as a high priestess” or something equally as bizarre. It’s a wedding and nobody is close to touching each other…

Mela commented on Beyoncé Strips Down, Looks Horrifyingly Amazing In These New Photos

at 6:34AM on Nov 10

Dick move Shannon…on a Monday morning while I’m sipping the worlds tallest and fattiest French Vanilla cappuccino you’re gonna pull this? I’d love to give no eff’s about this but I might just print one off for my inspiration wall.

Mela commented on Disney/Pixar Announces Production Of 'Toy Story 4'

at 10:12AM on Nov 7

OMG a Toy Story 4: Back to the Toystore. That’d be epic.

Mela commented on Amanda Bynes Crashed Out And Took A Nap In The Middle Of A LA Mall

at 2:18PM on Nov 6

There’s really just not much to say. It’s a very sad thing to watch her fighting so hard to remain in her current state. I only hope she remains safe and gets the help she needs. I think her parents are doing the right thing by taking a step back. She obviously is projecting all of her issues onto them now and she might need this space to realize that her problems are internal.