Mela commented on Apparently 'Real Housewives' Star Kim Richards Was An Inebriated 'Mess' At Her Daughter's Wedding

at 2:41PM on May 26

This is all just so tragic. Anyone who’s watched this last season of the housewives has seen the kind of cutthroat aggressor Kim can be and I can’t imagine doing that to your daughter on her wedding day. However the saddest part is that she’s just falling apart completely because she’s never had to be accountable to her actions. I really hope she can pull it together and soon.

Mela commented on Watch: Mariah Carey's Just-Launched Las Vegas Residency Is Already On Hiatus

at 11:53AM on May 26

I have to say that it must be hard for artists who are not already conditioned by a tour to take up a residency in Vegas. It’s too bad because it’s a great way for an artist to have some sort of quality of life while still performing every night so it’s actually an ideal gig for the artists who have family lives.

However, I’d say I’ve gone from being 100% excited and looking at planning a trip to Vegas based on this concert series to now thinking I wouldn’t take a chance on spending all that to show up to a cancelled show. Too much diva for my money.

Mela commented on 'The Good Wife' Gave Us An Awesome Surprise Twist In Last Night's Finale

at 12:48PM on May 11

I feel like I’m the only one NOT buying the lurve between Alicia and Finn. I don’t feel like there’s any heat there at all. I’m 100% pumped for Florrick Canning though. That was an awesome twist. Bargh…summer!!!

Mela commented on Fox Has Cancelled 'The Mindy Project'

at 9:05AM on May 7

I have to admit that the first couple episodes of this season just about had me bowing out, but then it picked up and I’ll really miss it if it goes, even though I already really miss Peter. I love Mindy Kaling and it’s great to see a female lead who is unapologetically herself, even if somewhat shallow, inappropriate and obsessed with Beyoncé. lol.

Mela commented on Watch: This Audio Clip From Rehearsals For Mariah Carey's New Vegas Show Will Give You LIFE!

at 8:01AM on May 7

WOW. I am so glad that she’s getting this shot to really put all the trash talk to bed about how she can’t hit it anymore. I think it’s incredible that she’s maintained that insane range for all these years. With the right song writers and producers I think Mariah could do amazing things yet in her career if she wants it.

Mela commented on Conspiracy Theorists Do Not Believe Princess Charlotte Is Real, Do Not Believe Kate Middleton Birthed Her, Etc.

at 10:48AM on May 6

Um…LOL. What possible motivation would Kate have to fake the date she gave birth? My sister claims she could have run a marathon right after each of her children were born. It’s not uncommon at all for women to be up and at it, especially if their births go quickly and smoothly. People are honestly so crazy.

Mela commented on The Fashions From The 2015 MET Ball Gala Were Expectedly Outrageous

at 10:57AM on May 5

I think I might be getting old and boring because for most of the pictures I just cringed and thought to myself “These poor girls are just trying way too hard”. I’m sure in person Bey’s dress (dress? casing?) was sparkly as heck but I wasn’t feeling it nor was I into JLo or KK’s for that matter. Here’s what I loved:
Kate Hudson…because her look was great but her smile is genuine. She’s not overworking her pout or any of that. She’s just bubbly and feminine and I love it. I also thought Gabriel Union looked totally fab and of the more “out there” designs I actually thought Zendaya had an interesting dress.

Also Common just keeps getting hotter and he wore the hell out of that suit.

Mela commented on 'Real Housewives' Star Kim Richards Has Checked In to Rehab

at 11:16AM on Apr 27

I’m glad she’s in rehab…and I really hope it was her decision for her health and not, say, to keep her spot on the reality show that she is obviously not strong enough to be a part of right now. If Andy allows her back this next season I’m not sure I can conscionably watch the show anymore.

Mela commented on Why Aren't You Watching 'The Last Man On Earth' With Me?!

at 7:26AM on Apr 20

I had not even heard of this show until you made mention of it over the weekend and now I’ve watched every episode…and I think I’ll be rewatching them over and over again. So awesome. I love it…and the new guy last night…that just solidified my loyalty to the show.