Mela commented on Why Aren't You Watching 'The Last Man On Earth' With Me?!

at 7:26AM on Apr 20

I had not even heard of this show until you made mention of it over the weekend and now I’ve watched every episode…and I think I’ll be rewatching them over and over again. So awesome. I love it…and the new guy last night…that just solidified my loyalty to the show.

Mela commented on Kim Richards Of 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Was Arrested For Being A Drunken Mess

at 3:16PM on Apr 16

This is really quite sad. It’s fairly clear that Kyle is Kim’s emotional punching bag because when we are in a state of self loathing we often lash out at those who have the ability to make us vulnerable. But the amount of venom she leveled at Kyle…wow. I just kept thinking “This should not be televised. TV is making this so much worse.” I hope for both their sakes that Kim does NOT come back next year, and I would hope Andy has enough humanity not to allow it. I hope she gets well and comes back to reality.

Mela commented on North West Got Baptized In Jerusalem Today

at 1:12PM on Apr 13

It’s sweet that they are providing her with more than just stuff, but rooting her in the Armenian culture as well, however flamboyantly they decide to do it.

Mela commented on Watch: If You Haven't Seen Anne Hathaway's 'Wrecking Ball' Lip Sync, Get Your Life

at 6:54AM on Apr 12

I saw this yesterday…so many times. She tore it up with this and my fave moment was also when she gave Blunt the finger. She just had so much fun with it. This is the funnest show.

Mela commented on Hillary Clinton Will Reportedly Launch Her Presidential Campaign On Sunday

at 9:57AM on Apr 10

Hilary Clinton is the Saint Alicia of the real world and if I was American, she’d probably have my vote.

Mela commented on Watch: Madonna Performed 'Holiday' (With Classroom Instruments) & 'Bitch I'm Madonna' On 'The Tonight Show'

at 8:20AM on Apr 10

I’m not going to comment on ANYTHING except the classroom instruments version of Holiday, which was my favourite thing Madonna’s ever done.

Mela commented on Disney Is ALSO Planning To Make A Live-Action Adaptation Of 'Pinocchio', UGH!

at 8:18AM on Apr 9

I’m into it. I love these stories and I feel like adapting them for live action is keeping the story-telling tradition of these tales alive for the new generation. I never get tired of hearing them and seeing adaptations of them. And besides that, this is really nothing compared to the amount of comic book movie adaptations in the last 5 years.

Mela commented on Kanye West Formally Apologizes To The Paparazzo He Assaulted At LAX Airport

at 3:25PM on Apr 7

Lol…does Kanye know Brandi Glanville? Because their MO’s are pretty much the same. The ol’ slam&sorry routine.

Mela commented on Watch: Filming Of The 'Deadpool' Movie Takes To The Streets Of Vancouver

at 9:28AM on Apr 7

So happy to see a major production filming in Canada again. Feels like it’s been a while. And Ryan is so great…he even tweeted his apologies to the commuters this morning. Awe.

Mela commented on Bruce Jenner's Interview With Diane Sawyer Will Air On ABC On April 24

at 12:35PM on Apr 6

Trent, I really appreciate that your language is so respectful around this issue. Whether he is or not he owes nothing to anybody but himself at this point. If in fact he is in transition or not is really nobody’s business but his until he makes something public.