Mela commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z Have Renewed Their Wedding Vows

at 1:14PM on Oct 23

I try not to speculate too much but if you Google celebrity couples who renewed their vows it kind of reads like a pre-divorce checklist item.

Mela commented on North West Will Be Forced To Get A Job, Says North West's Mom

at 9:04AM on Oct 23

North will definitely work. I mean…all the Kardashians work (some more than others) and the older sisters did their time in retail until the endorsement deals and other opportunities started coming in and already the younger sisters can pretty much do what they want. North will have her pick of anything she wants to do because there will always be money in the family which is kind of the dream of any parent who’s had to work their way up in the world.

Mela commented on This Is What Renée Zellweger Looks Like Now

at 2:11PM on Oct 21

I was actually going to say maybe she had to get her eyelids done. I was 21 when the doctors told me my eyelid nerves were dead and that in order to stop them from drooping and ruining my vision more I’d have to get some taken out and tightened up but they said it is actually quite common when people age for it to happen. Ptosis is what they call it.

Mela commented on This Is What Renée Zellweger Looks Like Now

at 1:46PM on Oct 21

I mean…15-20 years ago I had a pretty different face too. I was a little surprised at the difference but then I started to really look and compare with old photos and I don’t actually think she’s had much done. She hasn’t touched her nose or lips or chin that I can tell…maybe an eyelid tuck and some fillers…OR it’s possible that what we’ve been seeing until now is her face full of fillers and botox and she’s now letting some of that go. She looks like she’s aging and she’s sporting way more of a tan than I’m used to seeing her with, other than that I kind of think she looks like a beautiful woman in her mid-forties.

Mela commented on 25 Photos That Prove Zooey Deschanel Has The Coolest Hollywood Friends

at 11:15AM on Oct 20

I know but usually I see her in photos by herself…when you see her looking rail thin compared to three women beside her all rocking about a size 2…that’s pretty durn thin. Just saying…it kinda shocked me to see it in perspective with such tiny women.

Mela commented on Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Chosen Baby Names For His Child With Blake Lively

at 10:14AM on Oct 20

LOL. Love these two. My guess is slightly conservative first name, freechild middle name. “John Agape Reynolds” or “Annabelle Sky Reynolds”.

Mela commented on 25 Photos That Prove Zooey Deschanel Has The Coolest Hollywood Friends

at 10:10AM on Oct 20

Not surprised at all the cool friends. ZDesch is awesome. The thing that shocked me most was the rail thin figure of Nicole Ritchie. Girl is scary thin to my eyes.

Mela commented on Jennifer Lawrence Tells 'Vanity Fair' That Her Nude Photos Leak Is A Sex Crime

at 10:46AM on Oct 7

I have to agree with Kendra on this one, over many years your site has emerged as the only one I can stomache to look at and I think that speaks volumes about the way you present sometimes fun, sometimes ugly stories. No way to please everyone.

As for J, the only thing I take issue with is her little comment about the fact that men will either look at porn or their gf’s. I think that’s part of the problem, that women feel the need to take risks about putting their naked bodies to the mercy of the internet knowing that they could someday be exploited because there is this internal fear that if we don’t keep up with men’s expectations of being able to be sexually gratified at any moment, they might find somewhere else to go. This is the expectation we are raising boys with. That there’s naked women to look at for free all day and night so unless their women snap a cooter shot, they are free to find someone else’s.

Besides that small fact that I probably blew out of proportion there to make my point, I feel that the leak is a sex crime because unlike porn, she did not design her photos for distribution. I feel that if there is some loophole in the law that protects these kinds of violations and allows people to profit off of them, it’s a horrendous oversight in the law and something needs to change. I will say though, that while she says she doesn’t have it in her to be angry, she sounds pretty pissed to me.

Mela commented on Blake Lively Is Pregnant!

at 8:10AM on Oct 6

Blake & Ryan’s babies could end up being cuter than the one I almost had after that picture of Joe, Sofia, Channing & Jenna came out.

Mela commented on Lena Dunham Wrote About Being Raped In College, And Why It's More Complicated Than 'No Means No'

at 7:43AM on Oct 2

“I feel like there are 50 ways it’s my fault…” I SO identify with this statement. After my own experience of having my first real boyfriend ignore my wishes and force intercourse over my “no” took me 5 years to recognize it as rape. Yes I broke up with him right afterwards. Yes I felt violated. I mean, he took what I’d been saving for 25 years in one heated moment…however I blamed myself for 5 years for getting him all excited and putting myself in that position and teasing him because I felt like I caused the atmosphere that led him to do what he did. But now I realize that if he honestly couldn’t control himself that’s on him. And that’s why it is so important to change the conversation regarding this because the sole responsibility of inappropriate sexual contact should not rest on what the woman did to deserve it. There are still very antiquated views on a women’s responsibility for her sexuality as if men are simply responding to the siren song and have no choice but to follow wherever their penis leads. (DISCLAIMER: My comment is generalizing but I am in no way saying that all men are this way nor do I think that it’s a black and white type of situation… it’s complicated for sure).