Mela commented on Lana Del Rey Is Annoyed That None Of The Men She Slept With 'In The Industry' Got Her A Record Deal

at 1:54PM on Jul 22

Lana Del Rey is the Rob Ford of the music world.

Mela commented on Is Scarlett Johansson Getting Hitched Next Month?

at 2:53PM on Jul 21

How dare you Madam. :)

Mela commented on Is Scarlett Johansson Getting Hitched Next Month?

at 12:57PM on Jul 21

Honey, if you can’t make it work with Ryan Reynolds, maybe marriage just isn’t for you.

Mela commented on Lana Del Rey Tells 'Rolling Stone' Magazine That She Doesn't Want YOU To Listen To Her Music

at 2:05PM on Jul 16

I can’t say that I’m really familiar with her music although I’ve heard great things about her as a performer. But talent aside…this girl sounds like a dick when she opens her mouth to do interviews. Like, if you’re music was for you and you didn’t want people to hear it you wouldn’t have a record company and worldwide distribution and marketing backing you. She just makes glib remarks about suicidal thoughts and courts controversy and I find that undermines my desire to discover her music.

Mela commented on Sofia Vergara Celebrated Her Birthday With Her New Bae Joe Manganiello

at 10:16AM on Jul 14

Gad…people who don’t need clothes. I need to hit the gym more.

Mela commented on Bethenny Frankel Can Wear Her Four Year-Old Daughter's Clothes, And People Are Pissed [UPDATE]

at 10:12AM on Jul 14

Just another moment in time where women can never get it right. A woman is always either fat or skinny, a prude or a slut, a bitch or a bimbo…I’m so sick of it. In this picture I see a slender woman who’s always up for a laugh at her own expense and some stretchy fabric that made it possible. #Iclaimtobenicebutmyfingersarejustsobitchy

Mela commented on YOU Are The New Blog: Should Pregnant Celebrities Just Go Into Hiding?

at 9:25PM on Jul 13

I get why they go into hiding…because it’s dangerous. I mean the second they found out Eva was pregs she was probably literally scared for her safety. I recently caught up on the last couple seasons of KUWTK and Kim entire family was so aggressively pursued by the paps it was disgusting and very dangerous. I think having to deal with that celebrity would be a massive amount of pressure at any time but if it was my unborn baby that they are stalking that takes it to a whole other level.

Mela commented on Here Are Photos Of Kit Harington As The New Face Of Jimmy Choo Man, Fall/Winter 2014

at 11:24AM on Jul 3

This guy is as sexy in clothes as many without to me. He’s just so dark and handsome and that Jon Snow scratchy low voice…yes please.

Mela commented on The Director Of 'The Notebook' Reveals That Ryan Gosling Hated Rachel McAdams During The Filming Of Their Movie

at 2:23PM on Jul 2

I have to agree. Knowing that tension existed makes more romantic for me. Maybe that is what fired up the chemistry they had. I don’t care. Also, anyone who hasn’t seen this should not let anything stand in their way. Call in sick. Find a gal-pal…or an oversized container that will fit enough ice cream to drown your tears. It is gorgeously filmed and more than just a love story. The heart-wrenching look at dementia is also very poignant and well, these two were beautiful together once. Sigh.

Mela commented on Watch: Madonna Teases A New Song Titled 'Messiah'

at 8:56AM on Jul 2

I don’t profess to be any good at Twitter, but who hashtag’s the word “keep”?