Mela commented on Jennifer Lawrence Tells 'Vanity Fair' That Her Nude Photos Leak Is A Sex Crime

at 10:46AM on Oct 7

I have to agree with Kendra on this one, over many years your site has emerged as the only one I can stomache to look at and I think that speaks volumes about the way you present sometimes fun, sometimes ugly stories. No way to please everyone.

As for J, the only thing I take issue with is her little comment about the fact that men will either look at porn or their gf’s. I think that’s part of the problem, that women feel the need to take risks about putting their naked bodies to the mercy of the internet knowing that they could someday be exploited because there is this internal fear that if we don’t keep up with men’s expectations of being able to be sexually gratified at any moment, they might find somewhere else to go. This is the expectation we are raising boys with. That there’s naked women to look at for free all day and night so unless their women snap a cooter shot, they are free to find someone else’s.

Besides that small fact that I probably blew out of proportion there to make my point, I feel that the leak is a sex crime because unlike porn, she did not design her photos for distribution. I feel that if there is some loophole in the law that protects these kinds of violations and allows people to profit off of them, it’s a horrendous oversight in the law and something needs to change. I will say though, that while she says she doesn’t have it in her to be angry, she sounds pretty pissed to me.

Mela commented on Blake Lively Is Pregnant!

at 8:10AM on Oct 6

Blake & Ryan’s babies could end up being cuter than the one I almost had after that picture of Joe, Sofia, Channing & Jenna came out.

Mela commented on Lena Dunham Wrote About Being Raped In College, And Why It's More Complicated Than 'No Means No'

at 7:43AM on Oct 2

“I feel like there are 50 ways it’s my fault…” I SO identify with this statement. After my own experience of having my first real boyfriend ignore my wishes and force intercourse over my “no” took me 5 years to recognize it as rape. Yes I broke up with him right afterwards. Yes I felt violated. I mean, he took what I’d been saving for 25 years in one heated moment…however I blamed myself for 5 years for getting him all excited and putting myself in that position and teasing him because I felt like I caused the atmosphere that led him to do what he did. But now I realize that if he honestly couldn’t control himself that’s on him. And that’s why it is so important to change the conversation regarding this because the sole responsibility of inappropriate sexual contact should not rest on what the woman did to deserve it. There are still very antiquated views on a women’s responsibility for her sexuality as if men are simply responding to the siren song and have no choice but to follow wherever their penis leads. (DISCLAIMER: My comment is generalizing but I am in no way saying that all men are this way nor do I think that it’s a black and white type of situation… it’s complicated for sure).

Mela commented on Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan And Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Went On A Double Date

at 12:32PM on Oct 1

It’s not actually fair to humanity for these people to all be so hot and so happy all together…I love them all together.

Mela commented on Bethenny Frankel Is Reportedly Returning To 'The Real Housewives Of New York City' [UPDATE: Bethenny Speaks]

at 9:50AM on Oct 1

Ooo…I might actually watch the show again.

Mela commented on North West Wore A Sheer Outfit In The Front Row At Givenchy's Autumn/Winter '14 Fashion Show

at 12:43PM on Sep 29

I’m not as upset about the ugly sheer outfit as I am about the fact that they have been trying to brand their daughter since before she was born. It’s upsetting to me because none of it feels honest, you know? It all feels like pushing her to be the first and only baby of fashion. I just feel like that’s a ton of pressure to be born to. After all, she’s NOT royalty. She’s just a baby with cray parents.

Mela commented on Amanda Bynes Busted . . . Again

at 12:38PM on Sep 29

This is just sad and nothing else. Since we haven’t heard anything from her really since she went home – no parties or wild antics, it’s really that much more sad to see her struggling and falling off the wagon. I wish her nothing but the strength it takes to start over again and keep going.

Mela commented on Lindsay Lohan's Stage Debut Made The Audience LOL (And Not In A Good Way)

at 1:25PM on Sep 25

Lol it may not seem fair, but I hold all actresses to the bar that Meryl Streep has set. :)

Mela commented on Lindsay Lohan's Stage Debut Made The Audience LOL (And Not In A Good Way)

at 9:53AM on Sep 25

I think we keep waiting for Lindsay to emerge on top as if she were Meryl Streep talented or something…that’s just not the case. She’s NEVER put in the effort in her entire career that Meryl puts into 1 movie. If she can ever get a sense of work ethic I think that she’ll do fine but how do you unburn a bridge? If a show doesn’t make it because it bombs in previews, who’s going to hire her for theatre again?

Mela commented on Vince Vaughn Will Co-Star With Colin Farrell On 'True Detective' Season 2

at 12:13PM on Sep 23

Jeepers…should I be watching this show?