Mela commented on Boyz II Men Are Releasing A New Album This Fall

at 1:02PM on Sep 17

THIS is the most exciting musical release I’ve heard about all year minus Beyoncé’s overthrow of the music machine earlier in the year. We NEED harmony back in this world.

Mela commented on Watch: Kanye West Responds To That Video Of Him Yelling At Those Wheelchair-Bound Concert Goers

at 3:20PM on Sep 16

Lol…I just feel like if I was defending my artistry and I was Kanye West, I’d pick a better line than “I sent you a picture of my dick” to do it with…but that’s Kan. Love or hate, there is no in between. That’s how he likes it.

Mela commented on How Much NSFW Nicki Minaj Underboob Is Too Much?

at 2:01PM on Sep 14

She got that shirt for 50% off…the bottom. What confuses me most is the fact that it’s a turtleneck…I mean…I’m just getting mixed signals as to whether she’s trying to cool off or keep warm.

Mela commented on Kanye West Was Hospitalized In Australia Hours Before His Final Concert In Melbourne

at 8:37AM on Sep 12

Man…telling someone they need to clear a patient from an MRI so that Kanye can break into their time…that’s ugly. I don’t know what things are like over there, but in my province in Canada a person can wait up to 6 months for an MRI. Security details are supposed to be about security, not about publicity control.

Mela commented on Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Are Reportedly Feuding Over John Mayer

at 1:06PM on Sep 10

Frankly speaking, in my mind John lowered himself artistically to collaborate with either one of these girls and both stood to gain something from a relationship with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was rivalry about it.

Mela commented on Nicki Minaj And Naomi Campbell Have Been Chillin' At New York Fashion Week

at 7:27AM on Sep 10

I just don’t know why she doesn’t smile more. She’s got a great smile.

Mela commented on Janay Rice Defends Her Husband/Abuser Ray Rice, And Attacks The Media On Instagram

at 7:27AM on Sep 9

I have never been a victim nor have I been a witness to domestic violence. It’s jarring for me to realize how lucky that makes me. I don’t know how to react. Based off the incident that occurred (I will not be watching the video so I’m going off descriptions) I’d say he’s the scum of the earth and naturally a part of me screams out “What the eff are you doing woman? Everyone knows. Just walk away right now!”…and then there’s a part of me that knows people can grow. I’ve seen it. It’s not uncommon. I really hope there’s no video of my rock bottom moments in life because I’m not proud of them and I’ve pulled myself out of that. So I guess if she’s determined to stick with her man, then I can only hope for the absolute best for her, but I still think the NFL did exactly what it needed to do. There can be no tolerance for that kind of mistake.

Mela commented on Watch: 'New Girl' Season 4 Will Explore What's Next For Nick & Jess

at 10:24AM on Sep 5

I’m more interested in whether or not Winston will do another puzzle.

Mela commented on Alyssa Milano Has Given Birth To A Baby Girl

at 2:29PM on Sep 4

That is a mouthful of a first name but I’m happy for them.

Mela commented on Sofia Vergara Is Taunting Us With Photos From Her Romantic Holiday With Joe Manganiello

at 3:26PM on Sep 2

Let me pretend something about him isn’t drop dead sexy Vicky!