Mela commented on This Is The Moment When Taylor Swift Met Her Godson Leo Thames

at 12:33PM on Jul 29

Watch out Calvin…

Mela commented on John Stamos Shares The First Photos From The Set Of The 'Full House' Reboot 'Fuller House'

at 10:19PM on Jul 26

So I’m probably going to binge watch the entire series before this premiers. I’ve been happy with all the Netflix originals I’ve watched so far…I’m hoping they do a good job bringing this show into a new audience.

Mela commented on Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Got Into A Twitter Feud Over The Nominations For The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

at 10:40AM on Jul 22

A different “kind” of artist? Like one who uses their talent to make good music and videos? Is that what you mean Nikki? Like one who creates original music instead of heavily sampling a song that was never really good in the first place? Nikki? Like the kind of artist who doesn’t try to elevate themselves by putting others down? That “kind” of artist Nikki? Hmm? Hunnn?

Mela commented on 60 Years Of Disneyland

at 2:45PM on Jul 17

Hope you had an awesome day!

Mela commented on Should We Care If Rihanna's 'Bitch Better Have My Money' Video Is Feminist Or Not?

at 12:20PM on Jul 17

I’m a little late on the take here. I hadn’t seen the video before today and now I wish I hadn’t. I watched it without the music and it was horrid. I found nothing whimsical or catching about it at all. It was one big gratuitously nude & violent and offensive video and yeah…I do think it’s extraordinarily anti-woman. I wouldn’t even want to associate the word feminism with this, though unfortunately for us as a gender, many will.

Mela commented on Amandla Stenberg Is Done With White Celebrities Wearing Cornrows

at 10:32AM on Jul 13

There are some obviously detrimental forms of cultural appropriation, I’ll give you that. Blackface? Horrible. Racial mascots for sports teams? Deplorable. Twerking and corn-rows? Unless they’re legit making a mockery of a cultural act or look, I can’t with all the appropriation accusations.

I respect my husband’s culture. He came almost five years ago from Africa and we’ve been together for most of that time. I belong to an association of his culture. They asked me to join their church choir and play piano for them. They encourage me to learn their cooking, their language, their dances, and welcome me to wear Ankara fashions. Though all of those things are sacred to them, they don’t seem to feel threatened by my inclusion in them. In fact they are more than anything afraid that by not passing their culture on in any way possible, that it will be lost entirely. I have had this same experience with friends from an Island off Madagascar, friends from Asia, and even local Aboriginal Reserve dwellers in Canada. The only culture I see voraciously defending their exclusive right to their culture are African American people specifically those defending the urban music world. Saying something like “Kylie Jenner’s hair is offensive” is no better, to me, than Juliana Rancic spouting ignorance over Zendaya’s hair and likening her locks to racial stereotypes.

However, saying this as a white woman doesn’t hold much weight. I guess if you feel that Kylie Jenner is part of the oppression of American black people, then her sporting dreads is cultural appropriation, but I’d have to ask why anyone would consider Kylie Jenner part of the oppression of black people. I don’t see it.

Mela commented on Ciara's Boyfriend Says They're Not Having Sex Because God Told Him 'To Lead Her' In Abstinence

at 7:19AM on Jul 13

Imagine…a man wanting a woman for more than what’s between her legs. #thenewtaboo

Mela commented on Bobby Brown Has Banned His Family From Bobbi Kristina's Bedside In The Wake Of A Deathbed Photo Leak

at 1:03PM on Jul 8

Goodness no. That’s certainly not what I was going for by putting quotes around “alive”. I just meant that I hope their motivation in keeping her true condition in the headlines isn’t financial because that would be disgusting. However, nothing can surprise me right now.

Mela commented on Bobby Brown Has Banned His Family From Bobbi Kristina's Bedside In The Wake Of A Deathbed Photo Leak

at 2:51PM on Jul 7

If it turns out they’re keeping her “alive” and cooking up drama for the sake of a reality TV show I’m going to be so pissed. I just don’t see how any human beings could keep making this situation worse and dragging it out unless they needed to.

Mela commented on Shots Fired: Miguel Declares He Makes Better Music Than Frank Ocean

at 1:28PM on Jul 6

I’m always turned off by artists who feel the need to try to convince me they’re better than other artists. 1st of all: there’s room in my repertoire for all kinds of musicians. Have some respect for the consumers. 2nd of all: shut up and let your music speak for itself. If it’s good, people will recognize that. 3rd: Michael Jackson. When you’re there you can talk but you’ll never get there because you don’t know when to shut up.