Mela commented on Zayn Malik Just Quit One Direction

at 11:41AM on Mar 25

“There goes the hot one” is EXACTLY what I was about to say! LOL. I don’t know if it’ll last but I feel bad for the group right now.

Mela commented on Watch: I Do NOT Think The World Is Ready For The Drama To Come In The 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Season 5 Reunion

at 10:06AM on Mar 20

TRENT! I did not know you were a fan! This show is 100% my unguilty pleasure.

I agree Kim needs to go, because frankly what is going on between her and Kyle should not be televised and it’s sad to watch someone imploding and taking others with her while Brandy basks in the emotional fallout and plants seeds of continued chaos for her own pleasure.

Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster are perfection. Kyle would be so great if she didn’t have to be tortured all the time. I kind of miss Adrienne. Lisa R & Eilleen Davis were awesome additions to the crew.

The reunion is going to be awful. I honestly wish Kim would have bowed out because it’s going to be so ugly…but I can’t wait for it.

Mela commented on James Franco Says That He Is 'Gay Up To The Point Of Intercourse'

at 7:59AM on Mar 18

Sigh…sadly I no longer see James Franco as a sexual being at all. The last few years of him has been an absolute turn-off to all of his sexuality for me. I’m pretty sure he’s only teasing sexuality for what he perceives to be his gay following. It’s all just so…tired? I think tired is the word. Can we just pin our hopes on Dave now and move on?

Mela commented on Watch: These Videos Of 12 Year Old Ryan Gosling Dancing Back In 1992 Will Make Your Life So Much Better

at 8:09AM on Mar 10

WHAT!? This is one of the most awesome things ever. He’s such a slick player in these vids! Those pants…that attitude. I mean…where’s his dance movie?!

Mela commented on Watch: It's A Good Thing Iggy Azalea Didn't Win A Grammy Award Because She Says She Didn't Want A Grammy Award Anyways

at 9:29AM on Mar 4

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never been a fan, but now I actually think she’s vile. I respect her hustle and turning her dream into a reality, but she’s been in the game for like 3 or 4 years and is in her early 20′s and hasn’t gotten a Grammy and thinks it’s okay to diss not only on America’s most prestigious music awards but also to use Eminem as her jumping off point in some sort of gender battle? As if Eminem’s struggle to rise to the top has nothing to do with his talent and everything to do with his penis? Please girl, stop. Dragging someone else to make a point about your own talent is so not helping you, your image or your brand.

Mela commented on Members Of Bobby Brown's Family Are Filming A Reality Show About Bobbi Kristina's Medical Drama

at 9:40AM on Mar 3

WHO DOES THIS!?!?!? This is really the most disgusting exploitation. I mean…this is Jerry Springer style gross behavior.

Mela commented on First Look: Disney Releases A Trailer For 'Frozen Fever'

at 9:57AM on Feb 25

I am unashamedly going to go! I always love a new fairytale spin and this Frozen short will really make it even more worth-wile. Plus I miss Olaf. YES I’M A GROWN DWEEB!

Mela commented on OMG! Disney Is Bringing Back 'DuckTales'! Woo Ooo!

at 9:55AM on Feb 25

AHHH! I loved this show! Somewhere on a VHS I still have an episode where the boys go back in time and I still watch it sometimes!

Mela commented on Watch: Giuliana Rancic Apologizes For 'Crossing The Line' With Her Comments About Zendaya's Hair

at 8:48AM on Feb 25

Sigh…I think the apology is authentic enough. Does she owe a pound of flesh for a mistake made in an unscripted moment of attempted comedy in a show famous for cutting down people for their fashion choices? She acknowledged it was wrong, acknowledged her own ignorance, and asked forgiveness. She did it herself and not over Twitter. That’s enough for me.

I just feel like more and more nobody can make a comment without everyone assuming they are the worst person in the world. It’s kind of exhausting. There are already entire articles out there devoted to reading into her apology and cutting down her intentions. I can’t waste my life not accepting peoples apologies because there’s a chance it’s not as sincere as I think it should be. I don’t choose to live that way. And I hope Zendaya has enough character to end this the right way. She made her point and the outcome has been good.

Mela commented on Rihanna Reportedly Has Best Birthday Ever, Dancing And Flirting With Leonardo DiCaprio

at 9:31AM on Feb 22

Somebody needs to run down all the A list celebs tied to Leo. Dude’s got serious game.