Mela commented on North West Wore A Sheer Outfit In The Front Row At Givenchy's Autumn/Winter '14 Fashion Show

at 12:43PM on Sep 29

I’m not as upset about the ugly sheer outfit as I am about the fact that they have been trying to brand their daughter since before she was born. It’s upsetting to me because none of it feels honest, you know? It all feels like pushing her to be the first and only baby of fashion. I just feel like that’s a ton of pressure to be born to. After all, she’s NOT royalty. She’s just a baby with cray parents.

Mela commented on Amanda Bynes Busted . . . Again

at 12:38PM on Sep 29

This is just sad and nothing else. Since we haven’t heard anything from her really since she went home – no parties or wild antics, it’s really that much more sad to see her struggling and falling off the wagon. I wish her nothing but the strength it takes to start over again and keep going.

Mela commented on Lindsay Lohan's Stage Debut Made The Audience LOL (And Not In A Good Way)

at 1:25PM on Sep 25

Lol it may not seem fair, but I hold all actresses to the bar that Meryl Streep has set. :)

Mela commented on Lindsay Lohan's Stage Debut Made The Audience LOL (And Not In A Good Way)

at 9:53AM on Sep 25

I think we keep waiting for Lindsay to emerge on top as if she were Meryl Streep talented or something…that’s just not the case. She’s NEVER put in the effort in her entire career that Meryl puts into 1 movie. If she can ever get a sense of work ethic I think that she’ll do fine but how do you unburn a bridge? If a show doesn’t make it because it bombs in previews, who’s going to hire her for theatre again?

Mela commented on Vince Vaughn Will Co-Star With Colin Farrell On 'True Detective' Season 2

at 12:13PM on Sep 23

Jeepers…should I be watching this show?

Mela commented on First Look: 'The Good Wife' Season Six Preview Looks Amazing

at 7:08AM on Sep 22

I recently decided to watch this series…and so I binged watched all 5 seasons in a matter of a few weeks…so I was GUNNING for this episode to get going. Good Wife never disappoints. Understandably I’m still jarred by Will’s death but things are heating up for this season and I’m excited! This has got to be just one of the most well written and well acted shows on TV today.

Mela commented on Janet Jackson Celebrates The 25th Anniversary Of Her Album 'Rhythm Nation 1814'

at 2:34PM on Sep 19

First cassette tape I ever owned! Now I want to go on an Escapade!

Mela commented on Should We All Be More Pissed About Beyoncé Continuing To Photoshop Her Thighs?

at 9:57AM on Sep 18

Have we so limited a view in today’s society as to tell people what kind of feminist they can or can not be? I hate that she’s photoshopping her thighs. I think her legs tell a story of a fabulous woman who works hard on stage and those muscles and curves are fantastic. The thigh gap is something I will never understand. It seems disjointed to me for any woman to desire or not desire a gap there at all. It’s ridiculous. And yeah, I think she’s adding fuel to that fire by not being fine with her gorgeous legs. If I had those legs I wouldn’t wear pants and I damn sure wouldn’t be photoshopping in a thigh gap. But to say that having body issues cancels out one’s feminism would pretty much wipe feminism off the face of the earth, so let’s just not go there.

Mela commented on Boyz II Men Are Releasing A New Album This Fall

at 1:02PM on Sep 17

THIS is the most exciting musical release I’ve heard about all year minus Beyoncé’s overthrow of the music machine earlier in the year. We NEED harmony back in this world.

Mela commented on Watch: Kanye West Responds To That Video Of Him Yelling At Those Wheelchair-Bound Concert Goers

at 3:20PM on Sep 16

Lol…I just feel like if I was defending my artistry and I was Kanye West, I’d pick a better line than “I sent you a picture of my dick” to do it with…but that’s Kan. Love or hate, there is no in between. That’s how he likes it.