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Meghan commented on First Look: Kristen Wiig And Bill Hader Are Perfection In 'The Skeleton Twins'

at 11:45AM on Jun 30

I need this movie in my life!

Meghan commented on Let's Discuss Kelly Osbourne's New Head Tattoo

at 11:30AM on Jun 30

I love tattoos and have a bunch, but I wouldn’t get a head tattoo since it means I would have to shave a portion of my hair. Just couldn’t do it.

Meghan commented on Watch: Jason Stackhouse & Eric Northman Had Sex Last Night On 'True Blood'

at 11:27AM on Jun 30

Oh my….I need to start watching True Blood again. I gave up a while back..

Meghan commented on Lindsay Lohan Is Making Her Stage Debut In London

at 8:52AM on Jun 27


Meghan commented on #ThrowbackThursday: This Is What The Cast Of 'Game Of Thrones' Looked Like Back In 2009

at 8:50AM on Jun 27

Look at Jon Snow (Kit)! That is so cute!

Meghan commented on Shia LaBeouf Got Arrested Last Night For Disorderly Conduct At A Broadway Show

at 8:49AM on Jun 27

He’s obviously mentally ill. I hope he gets some help.

Meghan commented on Here Is A Brilliant Alternate Ending To 'The Mountain And The Viper' Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones'

at 11:50AM on Jun 5

Sigh….I wish it had turned out like this. A part of me really wanted the writers to change this part of the book and have Oberyn live. He’s such a great character and Pedro Pascal really brought him to life.

Meghan commented on Did Lena Headey Spoil This Week's Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones' On Instagram?

at 8:01AM on Jun 4

I have read the books and know what is coming, but Sunday’s episode was still devastating! As for the second picture, those of us who have read the books know what is coming and it will be amazing! I hope it is the last scene in the finale.

Meghan commented on Movie Review: 'Maleficent'

at 1:19PM on May 29

I was hoping you would say you liked it! The reviews have not been good and I was disappointed. However, I’m still excited to see this. That Mac makeup collection is awesome! Especially the lipglass!