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lost in here commented on Joey Fatone Confirms That Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Are Having A Baby

at 1:21PM on Dec 17

Damn it Joey!! You had one job!! Just keep your mouth shut but nope, you just had to talk.

lost in here commented on First Listen: Justin Bieber Jumps On A Remix Of Meghan Trainor's 'All About That Bass'

at 7:27PM on Oct 15

I don’t need to listen to it to say: NOPE!

lost in here commented on Amanda Bynes Believes She Has A Microchip Implanted In Her Head

at 6:41PM on Oct 8

This is heartbreaking. Sadly i don’t think this will end well.

lost in here commented on George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Actually Got Married In A Simple 10-Minute Civil Ceremony

at 7:10PM on Sep 29

To be completely honest my issue with this whole wedding thing is that they sold their pictures. It just really bugs me when celebrities who always try to be private and say things about paparazzi getting up in their business turn around and sell their pictures. Granted the money is going to charity but it still irks me.

lost in here commented on Uh Oh! Those Brangelina Wedding Photos Didn't Sell A Lot 'People' Magazines

at 10:12AM on Sep 21

The only time I read actual paper magazines is at the doctor and dentists office. Digital all the way!!

lost in here commented on Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Are Reportedly Feuding Over John Mayer

at 5:59PM on Sep 10

Ugh why does the media always pit women against each other. I rarely hear of dudes feuding. I want a good guy feud preferably shirtless and with oil.

lost in here commented on It's Time To Confess To Your Most Embarrassing Celebrity Crush

at 2:05PM on Aug 10

Oh my goodness, yes, Captain von Trapp.

lost in here commented on The Return Of The Bieber'stache

at 2:36PM on Jul 29

ARGH!!!!,Dude I was eating lunch. A warning would have been nice.

lost in here commented on 'Glee' Star Lea Michele Has Joined The Cast Of 'Sons Of Anarchy'

at 12:44PM on Jul 28

I hope Rudy and Bud make an appearance.

lost in here commented on LOOK: The Warwick Rowing Team Gets NAKED To Fight Homophobia In Sports

at 8:32PM on Jul 26

I believe rowing is now my favorite sport.