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lost in here commented on CBS Has Selected Stephen Colbert To Succeed David Letterman As Host Of 'The Late Show'

at 9:18AM on Apr 10

Well this is disappointing!! Nothing against Colbert, I was hoping we would finally have a lady in late night. Its been a boys club too long.

lost in here commented on Watch: Justin Bieber Gets 'Arrogant', 'Lovesick', 'Contentious' & 'Disrespectful' In A Videotaped Deposition

at 3:21PM on Mar 10

i just can’t with these videos!! whats with the fake falling asleep?? Even his lawyers were pulling on his sleeve. I just wanted to yell “Dude!! you’re like 20, act like it!”

lost in here commented on Trent Reznor Calls The Grammy Awards 'An Utter Waste Of Time'

at 11:21AM on Feb 19

I’m actually surprised he didn’t say anything about the people streaming out while they were playing.

lost in here commented on Watch: 'Chrisley Knows Best' Is About To Become Your Fave New TV Show OF ALL TIME

at 8:09PM on Feb 11

I think I already love this show!!!

his forehead never moved right?!

lost in here commented on LOL! Beyoncé Really Loves Cutting People Out Of Her Throwback Thursday Photos

at 6:48PM on Feb 6

I hope one day Beyonce will cut me out of a picture. But first I need to get in a picture with Beyonce.

lost in here commented on Justin Bieber BUSTED For DUI, Drag Racing AND Resisting Arrest [UPDATE]

at 11:03AM on Jan 23

anyone know if the arrest video from the police car has been released?

lost in here commented on Police Detain Justin Bieber During A Raid On His Home [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

at 11:05AM on Jan 14

lets say he gets charge and convicted of felony. since he is Canadian, does he get deported and never allowed back in?

lost in here commented on 'Duck Dynasty' May Be DUNZO As The Rest Of The Cast Rallies Around Phil Robertson

at 12:02PM on Dec 20

Personally, I think this is all a publicity stunt. The new season starts in January. My guess is close to the start date Phil and A&E will apologize and they will go on making millions of dollars.

lost in here commented on So Here's What That 'Duck Dynasty' Guy Said About Gay People And Black People

at 11:08AM on Dec 19

Exactly!!!! Almost every time you are hired, a company has you sign a morality clause. Basically states that you will represent the company even when not at work in the best light. I had to sign one and i’m not in the public eye.

lost in here commented on Amanda Bynes & Her Parents Spend The Day At Disneyland

at 10:01AM on Dec 11

I realize there are a lot of paparazzi but it seems like she has been photographed a lot lately. I’m starting to wonder if the paps are being called by a member of her family.