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mandylala commented on This Photo Of North West Touching Toes With Kanye West Is Too Adorable For Words

at 11:55AM on Apr 23

Is she wearing Docs?? OMG! Too cute!

mandylala commented on 'The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Covers 'Entertainment Weekly' Magazine

at 10:37AM on Feb 4

I never thought greasy, smelly and dirty could look so good! Yum. lol

mandylala commented on Bobby Brown Says Daughter Bobbi Kristina Never Married Nick Gordon

at 8:28AM on Feb 4

Terribly sad. Have you heard if they found drugs? At first I heard they didn’t then I heard they did.

mandylala commented on Watch: Jimmy Fallon BRILLIANTLY Recreated The Opening Title Of 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' For 'The Tonight Show'

at 12:36PM on Feb 3

You’re right, he can do no wrong!! I LOVE Jimmy so much. I DVR his show every night and when I get home from work, I turn it on and usually laugh like crazy. It’s especially great to watch when I had a crappy day.

mandylala commented on Movie Review: 'Selma'

at 1:11PM on Jan 20

I knew I wanted to see this film. But thank you for making me realize that I NEED to see it. Hopefully this weekend!

mandylala commented on The Creator Of 'The Walking Dead' Reveals That Daryl Dixon Is Not Gay After All

at 10:59AM on Dec 2

Isn’t Tara gay? I wonder if the new character is going to be a guy…..

mandylala commented on Chelsea Handler Shares A Photo Of Her Bare Ass On Instagram

at 9:11AM on Nov 12

“I mean, on a greasy level alone, Chelsea wins hands down.” HAHAHA!!! I love you, Trent. :)

mandylala commented on Alyssa Milano Shares A Beautiful Breastfeeding Photo On Instagram

at 1:22PM on Oct 28

I LOVE this! I Love Alyssa!
p.s – I think her daughters name is Elizabella isn’t it? :)

mandylala commented on Breaking News: Beyoncé Now Has Very Severe Bangs

at 12:52PM on Oct 14

OMG, Trent, I’m dying!! That pic with the bowl on her head…dying!! Thanks, I really needed a good laugh today. :)