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mandylala commented on The Return Of The Bieber'stache

at 10:28AM on Jul 29

Chin pubes. Hahahaha! I really needed to giggle today. Thanks, Trent! :)

mandylala commented on First Look/Hide The Kids: The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Is Here!

at 9:21AM on Jul 24

O.M.G. I seriously might have to wait until this comes out on DVD. I’m not sure if I can watch it in public. I may need to be alone. lol

mandylala commented on Here Are The Nominations For The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

at 10:59AM on Jul 17

Wait. Where are the rock categories?

mandylala commented on #TBT

at 12:54PM on Jul 10

I turned 41 in June and I was not excited at all about my bday. But I realized, even tho getting older sucks, I have to be thankful for each bday I am able to celebrate. I know way too many people that weren’t able to celebrate their 40′s. So feel privileged that you have another bday to celebrate, Trent!! :)

Now, on to Z.Cavaricci….That is all I would wear and I seriously thought I was the shit. hahaha! I remember making sure my shirt was tucked in just right so everyone could see the white Z.Cavaricci tag in the zipper area. All we can do is look back at ourselves and laugh, right?!?!

mandylala commented on These Photos Of Jamie Dornan Will SURELY Brighten Up Your Day Life

at 11:56AM on Jun 2

For the love of God picture #2 has my imagination going wild.

mandylala commented on AMC Has Released The First Promo Photo For 'The Walking Dead' Season 5

at 10:19AM on May 15

October?!?!. Sigh.

mandylala commented on Watch: Jay Z Was Physically ATTACKED By Solange Knowles At The Met Ball Last Week

at 10:18AM on May 12

I might pay money for audio of that…OMG!

mandylala commented on Watch: New Coaches Gwen Stefani & Pharrell Performed On 'The Voice' Last Night

at 10:32AM on May 6

Although I loved watching her perform, this is my least favorite song of hers. What in the hell is a Hollaback Girl anyway?? And why are bananas involved?