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mandylala commented on 'Elle' Magazine Releases Photos From Miley Cyrus's 'Women In Music' Issue Photospread

at 1:27PM on Apr 8

Why can’t this girl keep her tongue to herself?? It’s either flapping in the wind or violating something. Jeez.

mandylala commented on You Can Watch The FULL Nine Inch Nails Performance On 'Austin City Limits' Right Here, Right Now

at 11:31AM on Apr 6

AMAZING performance!!! I watched it last night and will again today, And probably tomorrow and every day thereafter. :)

mandylala commented on David Beckham Bares His Bod To Promote 'David Beckham Swimwear'

at 10:25AM on Apr 3

Thirst is the word of the day here at PITNB! :)

mandylala commented on Watch: An Earthquake Hits LA Right In The Middle Of The 'KTLA Morning News'

at 8:20AM on Mar 17

I know earthquakes are no joke but his reaction cracked me up. I watched it 3-4 times and laughed out loud every single time.

mandylala commented on Watch: Miley Cyrus Goes On An Expletive-Laden Rant On The Concert Stage

at 10:40AM on Mar 14

Wait. $1000 a ticket?!?! Huh??

mandylala commented on The Cure Is Readying The Release Of A New Album Titled '4:14 Scream'

at 4:46PM on Feb 4

Yay!! Love the older stuff but I have to agree with you about the newer stuff. I’ve only seen The Cure in concert once in the early 90′s. I would LOVE to see them again!!

mandylala commented on Listen: A Nine Inch Nails Fan Releases A Hilariously Brilliant Parody Titled 'This Is A Trent Reznor Song'

at 2:44PM on Jan 30

HAHAHAHA!!! I don’t laugh out loud to just anything. But this cracked me up! Best. Thing. Ever.

mandylala commented on Watch: Trent Reznor Blasts The Grammy Awards After The Nine Inch Nails Finale Performance Was Cut-Off

at 12:14PM on Jan 27

I agree with Paul. Those Hollywood snobs walking out while they were performing is unbelievably disrespectful. I wonder if the Grammy’s will release the full performance online??