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mandylala commented on Watch: Here Is The Season 6 Trailer For 'The Walking Dead' Debuted At San Diego Comic-Con

at 8:59AM on Jul 13

This trailer blew me away!!! I’ve watched it at least 10 times. Come on October!!!

mandylala commented on This Photo Of North West Touching Toes With Kanye West Is Too Adorable For Words

at 11:55AM on Apr 23

Is she wearing Docs?? OMG! Too cute!

mandylala commented on 'The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Covers 'Entertainment Weekly' Magazine

at 10:37AM on Feb 4

I never thought greasy, smelly and dirty could look so good! Yum. lol

mandylala commented on Bobby Brown Says Daughter Bobbi Kristina Never Married Nick Gordon

at 8:28AM on Feb 4

Terribly sad. Have you heard if they found drugs? At first I heard they didn’t then I heard they did.

mandylala commented on Watch: Jimmy Fallon BRILLIANTLY Recreated The Opening Title Of 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' For 'The Tonight Show'

at 12:36PM on Feb 3

You’re right, he can do no wrong!! I LOVE Jimmy so much. I DVR his show every night and when I get home from work, I turn it on and usually laugh like crazy. It’s especially great to watch when I had a crappy day.

mandylala commented on Movie Review: 'Selma'

at 1:11PM on Jan 20

I knew I wanted to see this film. But thank you for making me realize that I NEED to see it. Hopefully this weekend!

mandylala commented on The Creator Of 'The Walking Dead' Reveals That Daryl Dixon Is Not Gay After All

at 10:59AM on Dec 2

Isn’t Tara gay? I wonder if the new character is going to be a guy…..

mandylala commented on Chelsea Handler Shares A Photo Of Her Bare Ass On Instagram

at 9:11AM on Nov 12

“I mean, on a greasy level alone, Chelsea wins hands down.” HAHAHA!!! I love you, Trent. :)

mandylala commented on Alyssa Milano Shares A Beautiful Breastfeeding Photo On Instagram

at 1:22PM on Oct 28

I LOVE this! I Love Alyssa!
p.s – I think her daughters name is Elizabella isn’t it? :)