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LOdragonmom commented on Listen: Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Duet On 'Let Me Go'

at 5:38AM on Oct 9

I didn’t even listen – as soon as you said it sounded a little too much like Nickleback I threw up a little in my mouth.

LOdragonmom commented on Just Because Paula Deen Says 'The N-Word' And Loves A Good Plantation Wedding, It Does Not Make Her A Racist

at 7:36AM on Jun 21

For Paula Deen’s “people” to say she grew up in a time in the South where this went on and therefore should excuse her behavior is unacceptable. That’s as bad as the Germans after WWII saying that they had to go along with what happened to the Jews because “that’s just how it was”. BS!!

LOdragonmom commented on Kanye West & His Babymama Have Decided On A Name For Their Daughter

at 7:05AM on Jun 21

I really, really, really don’t want to believe this is true. Maybe its’ a fake birth certificate to throw off TMZ? So when the 3 of them appear on the cover of People or In Style or wherever they sell the photo rights to it will also include the REAL name, which the mag paid extra for? Please let my theory be true, please!! I can see Kim doing this, but I just can’t see Kanye going for it.

LOdragonmom commented on Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Pregnant!

at 9:08AM on Dec 3

Great news!! Hate to hear about the severe morning sickness – I always had bad morning sickness with my girls, but not my boys. With my last girl I actually had to be on medicine to control it, but thankfully not hospitalized!! I hope it passes quickly!!

LOdragonmom commented on Bye Bye, Baby

at 6:29AM on Jul 22

Get a Volt!! The new Mustang is really nice too…..