Lauri commented on Movie Review: 'The Visit'

at 9:49PM on Sep 14

Ah! I was planning on seeing this based on the trailers alone, had no idea it was M. Night Shymalan. That mixed with the ‘eh’ review, I think I’ll wait until it’s a the cheap theater.

Lauri commented on In An Apparent Dig At Katy Perry, Taylor Swift Featured The Left Shark On Her Concert Stage

at 10:24AM on Jul 27

To me it looks like she was amused/surprised by it? Maybe it was a joke by someone on her crew.

Lauri commented on Take A Cue From North West Today, And Live Your Life To The Fullest

at 1:04PM on Jul 20

I will never be able to listen to that song without needing to watch Office Space. I know what I’m doing tonight. :P

Lauri commented on Is It Mean If We Discuss Our Least Favorite 'Orange Is The New Black' Characters?

at 5:06PM on Jun 14

Finished the season!

I think overall Piper was the only one that really annoyed me, but I think that’s kind of the point? Her selfishness and manipulation (lying to make people happy/not upset with or at her) was at max but she finally became self aware about it.
On the other side of that though, the Tucky/Big Boo relationship is amazing this season.

Lauri commented on Poor Beyoncé Fans Woke Up Hella Early For Her Disappointing 'Good Morning America' Announcement

at 8:53AM on Jun 8

As a vegan, it’s always funny to me when it’s pushed as this super healthy weight loss thing. I get asked to make cakes/baked good for people because “It’s so much healthier.” Aside from not having eggs in it, it’s still mostly sugar. :P While it can be easier to eat healthy….french fries are vegan generally. ;)

Lauri commented on 10 Beautiful Fashion Looks From The Women Of 'Mad Men'

at 5:25PM on Apr 5

I *JUST* finished watching the first half of the season after hiding in a hole and refusing to watch it until the last half aired. Too much excitement.

Lauri commented on Taylor Swift Tweeted About 'Starbucks Lovers' And Starbucks Tweeted Her Back

at 2:53PM on Feb 16

Welp. The lyric not being “Starbucks Lovers” is news to me….

Lauri commented on A Criminal Investigation Into Bobbi Kristina's Case Is Now, Reportedly, Underway

at 12:07PM on Feb 7

I always respect how responsible you are about your reporting.
That said, even if only half of what we were hearing was true…this is just so incredibly sad.

Lauri commented on Watch: Did Missy Elliot And/Or Lenny Kravitz Outshine Katy Perry During Her The Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show?

at 1:34AM on Feb 2

I don’t think she did awful, but it did seem like she was incredibly uncomfortable/unprepared. Lenny wasn’t on stage that long-sure- but the whole time he was it looked like she was like “What do i do?! What should I be doing!?”

Lauri commented on First Look: Gwen Stefani Releases A Music Video For 'Spark The Fire'

at 12:56PM on Dec 2

Funny, I was about to say the complete opposite. Can’t really decide how I feel about the song but I love the video.