Lauri commented on November 5 Has Been Declared 'Britney Day' In Las Vegas

at 5:32PM on Oct 23

I am more okay with sharing my birthday with this. All the more reason to celebrate! :)

Lauri commented on 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Star Nicholas Brendon Got Married In Las Vegas

at 11:32AM on Oct 3

I’m so happy! I got to meet him/see him in a panel at a Con last year- he was one of the sweetest, and hilarious people I’ve ever met. Such a good dude.

Lauri commented on Watch: Don Hertzfeldt Directed This Couch Gag For 'The Simpsons' And It Is Glorious

at 2:58PM on Sep 29

So called it. :) Love it.

Lauri commented on Jennifer Lopez Was Involved In A Car Accident Where She Was Hit By A Drunk Driver

at 11:31AM on Sep 29

I am, and I was wrong. Quick to jump on the being grumpy about it as red-light selfies and the sort are seemingly doubling my travel time recently. >< Thanks for pointing it out!

Lauri commented on Jennifer Lopez Was Involved In A Car Accident Where She Was Hit By A Drunk Driver

at 12:52PM on Sep 28

While I’m really happy to see her talk about the stupidity of drinking and driving….selfies/tweeting/texting/etc. while driving is pretty stupid as well– i don’t know HOW many people I nearly get hit by almost every single day with their phones in their faces. I understand she’s at a red light in this pic, but oy.

Lauri commented on My Homebody Is A Wonderland

at 12:16PM on Sep 24

Get a futon from the glorious IKEA! Most of them have the storage box under them. ;D

Lauri commented on Ariana Grande's Diva Antics Reportedly Caused Her Life Coach To Quit

at 10:49AM on Sep 22

I would be more hesitant to believe this had I not watched this summer’s Big Brother. Her big brother is on it, claims to be a “social media mogul’, has made comments about women choosing to be lesbians, threatened other contestants with sending his ‘millions’ of fans after them if they do him wrong- and their mother has been distasteful/rude on twitter as well. Seems like a family thing.

Lauri commented on Sharon Osbourne Talks And Laughs About Cutting Herself To Prove Her Love For Ozzy Osbourne

at 11:59AM on Sep 18

I think her seemingly lighthearted explanation of what happened is probably a mix of her trying to cope/defend herself- it’s an awkward/embarrassing story to tell. Also, a lot of people don’t ‘get’ the thoughts/feelings behind cutting, that while it is a isn’t? People don’t just get over it or just suddenly stop doing it generally.

Lauri commented on Watch: Neil Patrick Harris Releases A Brilliant Video Trailer For His Autobiography

at 12:22PM on Sep 17

Right when I think “Wow, he can’t get any cooler!”

He does. Every time.

Lauri commented on 30 Times Mindy Kaling Owned The Fashion Game

at 1:58PM on Sep 15

If you haven’t read her book yet, DO IT. Gah, I need her to be my best friend.