Lauri commented on Watch: Joss Whedon's 'Firefly' Will Live Again In Video Game Form

at 10:21AM on Jul 25

I’m really hoping this turns out awesome. I got the board game and tried a few times to play it, my group decided it was pretty awful after giving it all the chances. >< It was really pretty though.

Lauri commented on First Look! Ben Affleck's Batman Cowl/Cape Goes On Display At San Diego Comic-Con

at 11:22AM on Jul 24

I love it. And I love how it looks like it’s grinning since there’s nobody wearing it. They should probably turn it into an emoticon, just saying.

Lauri commented on Should Celebrities Steer Clear Of Politics?

at 1:54PM on Jul 20

I feel like they should be able to talk about politics, but they have to understand that people are going to pay attention to their opinions (good or bad) far more than the “Average Joe” opinion on the internet. I think it’s important for them to realize that people will have strong opinions about these issues, and it *can* hurt their career/public persona/etc. Also, for people like…the Bieber or the sort- they have a *lot* of young, oftentimes very impressionable fans and should try to be responsible.

Lauri commented on First Look: 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Releases A FIRST Teaser Video

at 12:18PM on Jul 13

I am so excited! I loved the first two seasons (well, without the aliens in season 2, still not really sure where they were going with those), and thought the 3rd season was meh, but still good.

This looks like a a return to the first two. Hopefully. :)

Lauri commented on Watch: Kids Have No Idea What A Nintendo Game Boy Is

at 7:32PM on Jul 8

I had a IRL moment of these videos the other day. I’m a preschool teacher, and brought my ipod in full of children-type music that isn’t mind melting. “What’s an ipod? You Mean an iPad? That’s not real.” >

Lauri commented on Anthony Stewart Head Really Wants Giles To Get His Own 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Spin-Off Series

at 4:14PM on Jun 26

I’m on the awful fine line of not being able to NOT click on Buffy news, but also have *just* started the Buffy comics (on the second volume of the omnibus).
I expect the spoilers.

Then the spoilers kill me.

Lauri commented on Watch: Jeremy Meeks, The 'World's Hottest Felon', Gives An Interview From Jail

at 12:32PM on Jun 20

Hearing the newscaster guy say “I’d go 50 Shades of Grey on that man,” kind of made my day. I was really hoping he’d read the whole “lolololol,” part of the other comment though. :P

Lauri commented on Kanye West Reveals It Took FOUR DAYS To Photoshop His Wedding Photo To Perfection

at 11:18AM on Jun 17

I actually use the ‘snapseed’ app THEN upload to instagram. It’s pretty great.

Though the four days seems a bit much (maybe more than a bit) I’m sure it feels nice to occasionally have control over what the pictures of you being put out there look like- considering how many unwanted pictures get taken of them….

Lauri commented on Kevin Federline Celebrated Father's Day With All 6 Of His Children

at 11:47AM on Jun 16

It seems like he’s really gotten his shiz together and is there for his kids (ALL of them). Good on him for growing up.

Lauri commented on Watch/Marvel: Sir Mix-A-Lot Teamed Up With The Seattle Symphony For A Brilliant Performance Of 'Baby Got Back'

at 12:54PM on Jun 8

Well, that just won the weekend.
I guess I can be done with the internet now.