Lauri commented on 30 Times Mindy Kaling Owned The Fashion Game

at 1:58PM on Sep 15

If you haven’t read her book yet, DO IT. Gah, I need her to be my best friend.

Lauri commented on Apple Unveils The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus In Glorious Apple Fashion

at 11:38AM on Sep 10

I’ll wait. I’m still on the 4S, and will probably just get the 5C when my contract is up in February.

Lauri commented on Should This Celebrity Nude Photo Leak Be Compared To Rape?

at 10:04AM on Sep 9

It was faulty- actually. There was a program within the cloud that had a bug that would allow someone to guess passwords indefinitely rather than lock up after a few tries. Apple fixed it after, while claiming it wasn’t their fault.

Lauri commented on Should This Celebrity Nude Photo Leak Be Compared To Rape?

at 5:34PM on Sep 8

While I don’t put this in the same field as rape- I can’t even imagine how fucking awful and disgusting it has to feel to have these private pictures for all to see. Yes, it was naive and a little bit stupid for them (or anyone) to keep these kinds of photos on the cloud, or to send them- but is it their fault the cloud was faulty? I think it’s pretty ridiculous that many are going with the “well, they deserve this” sort of mentality.

And whoever up there was comparing sexual, intimate photos to the breast feeding in public, there is a difference- if you want to sexualize breast feeding…oy.

Lauri commented on Ariana Grande Looks Like An Entirely Different Person With Her Hair Down

at 12:00PM on Sep 7

I think I read somewhere that her hair was so badly damaged from bleaching/dying on that Nick show that she had to get extensions and it looked healthier or something in the ponytail, maybe it’s growing out or something? Who knows.

Lauri commented on First Look: Meet The Cast Of 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur - Blood Vs. Water'

at 8:24PM on Aug 27

Annnnnd, the token racist of the season is, John Rocker (the baseball guy).
I like the Blood Vs. Water twist though- and it’ll be interesting not having the return players thrown into the mix.

Lauri commented on Here Is The Trailer And Poster For 'The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story' On Lifetime

at 4:39PM on Aug 13

I am WAY too excited about the train wreck that this will most certainly be.

Lauri commented on A Friend Like He

at 6:36AM on Aug 13

I still can’t fully process that he’s gone. Nor can I wrap my head around how devastated I am for the loss of someone I never knew, but had such an impact on my life.

Good luck with your packing and moving though! You deserve a fresh start and I can’t wait to see how you do the place up! :D

Lauri commented on 'We Shouldn’t Have To Wait Another Year For This!'

at 9:53PM on Aug 9

If Jesse Williams could just be the spokes-picture of all of the comment collection posts for the rest of forever, I would just be so okay with it.

Lauri commented on Tori Amos In TORIonto

at 3:58PM on Aug 9

SO jealous. Toronto is probably my favorite city in the world. I mean, aside from Austin of course. :P