Lauri commented on First Listen: Charli XCX Releases A New Song Titled 'Boom Clap'

at 5:13PM on Apr 12

Trent! Have you read “The Fault in Our Stars” yet? I SO recommend it. And am super excited for the film/soundtrack. :)

Lauri commented on Before They 'Consciously Uncoupled', Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Went On Holiday In The Bahamas Together

at 8:07PM on Mar 27

It’s strange, but I’m…happy for them? Break ups are never good, but sometimes I think you really do just become roommates. You’re still amicable, friendly…but there’s nothing there and you need to move on. It seems like that’s what happened here?

Lauri commented on Justin Bieber BUSTED For DUI, Drag Racing AND Resisting Arrest [UPDATE]

at 11:43AM on Jan 23

I know he actually wouldn’t at this point, I’m just surprised it hasn’t come up more I guess. I think it goes to show even more how little he cares about/expects to actually get in trouble? Anyone I know living in the States without citizenship are on their best behavior since they know the consequences.

Lauri commented on Justin Bieber BUSTED For DUI, Drag Racing AND Resisting Arrest [UPDATE]

at 11:18AM on Jan 23

I just don’t get why he isn’t getting deported? How hard did the US try to get Lennon out of the states back in the day…?

Lauri commented on That One Time I Got To Chat With 'The Good Wife' Actress Mary Beth Peil

at 4:36PM on Dec 20

Oh geebus.
I would have spent the entire time discussing big plot points of Dawson’s Creek if I got the chance to interview her ever. So, er, better you than me?

Lauri commented on Amanda Bynes Is Having Her Ups & Downs In The Psychiatric Hospital [UPDATE]

at 3:59PM on Jul 25

As everyone has been saying it’s messed up that this information is being shared- as it is nobody’s business and NOBODY should be talking- if it’s staff, that’s a HUGE HIPPA violation.

One of the worst parts about schizophrenia is how late it happens and how suddenly. it hits. For women it’s generally 25-30 years old, so it makes sense for her age and behavior?

Lauri commented on The First Official Photo Of André 3000 In The Jimi Hendrix Biopic Is Unveiled

at 3:54PM on Jul 25

From what I understand though, a lot of songs by Hendrix weren’t his (covers and the sort) and they’ll be able to use those? Though I read about that in December so I could be wrong.

Lauri commented on One Direction Releases A Line Of Nail Polish To Combat Bullying

at 10:29PM on Jun 12

I’d get the fuchsia type one because…Niall….nail…

Okay. I’m done.

Lauri commented on Movie Review: 'The Purge'

at 5:31PM on Jun 9

Just saw The Purge and I completely agree with you. SPOILERy maybe, but I’m kind of put off that they didn’t give any sort of background/dialogue at all to the black man. It had a great concept but it all just fell so flat.

Lauri commented on Watch: A Clip Of Ryan Gosling From The 'Goosebumps' TV Series Hits The Internets

at 10:32PM on Jun 5

I was totally going to post on here about him being on Goosebumps, but figured it had been covered already! This was like two days ago…binging on Netflix, getting all nostalgic and bam, random Gosling. Never a bad thing though. :)