LaurenL commented on Are You Ready For Robert Pattinson's First Gangsta Movie?

at 4:32PM on Aug 5

Wait, wait, wait… The write of KIDS? Holy ish, I’ll go see this film.

LaurenL commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z SLAAAAY LA With Their 'On The Run' Tour

at 7:10PM on Aug 3

Shannon! Thank you, hands up for the curly girls! I’m currently nursing my beyover by binge watching Scandal and thinking of y’all. I told Trent last night the only reason why I started watching that show was because of your April Fools joke. Best. Ever. Win. :)

LaurenL commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z SLAAAAY LA With Their 'On The Run' Tour

at 10:42AM on Aug 3

I was so happy to meet you last night, Trent! You made my night! Alright, Bey was pretty phenomenal too.
It’s true, your blog is the best because of your genuine good heart. Thanks for hanging out last night! You have a new fan in Seana too ;) Here’s to many more years!

LaurenL commented on Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Is Being Sold

at 4:20PM on Aug 1

Perhaps a Graceland for MJ one day…

LaurenL commented on Watch: Katy Perry Releases A Crazy/Fun Music Video For 'This Is How We Do'

at 5:08PM on Jul 31

AAAH! So fun! They made a mini restaurant for La Super Rica, it actually looks like that up here in SB.

LaurenL commented on Child Protective Services Is Reportedly Investigating The Pinkett-Smith Family Over That Willow Smith Bedroom Photo

at 10:17AM on May 21

Waste of resources. BUT if they didn’t investigate and something came out in the future the backlash would be horrible. They have a fiduciary duty.

LaurenL commented on Whoa Whoa Whoa! Did Paris Hilton Hook-Up With Justin Bieber In Cannes Last Night?!

at 9:46AM on May 19

Your pictures! Your pictures!! LOL! Best use of a mug shot ever.

LaurenL commented on This America Ferrera Cannes Film Festival Incident Is So Disturbing

at 3:54PM on May 18

So this reminds me of the activists who throw paint on animal fur, or white powder on Kanye’s baby mama, if someone’s being physically touched there is a line that’s being crossed. It escalates from being a prankster (like an interviewer asking a-hole questions) into something threatening, I don’t like being accosted in any way, so it’s not okay.

LaurenL commented on 5 Ways To Celebrate Shannon's Epic Return To PITNB :)

at 7:42AM on May 14

Hi, Shannon! YAY! After your epic April Fools joke with Trent I’ve been looking for your commentary and posts :) Glad you’re here, and glad that you and T are a team! I’ve missed your Ish Cray of the Day and I’ve missed your “PINTB comments make life happy” posts. This Wednesday just got good!

LaurenL commented on North West Celebrates Her First Mother's Day With Her Mom

at 10:48PM on May 11

So true, it’s like a masquerade!
Kanye is saying, Imma let you finish, but this Rose Wall is the Best Rose Wall of any Walls out there.
It’s an effing wall. I’m sorry that would break my confused little heart if I had to pretend to “understand” that art on Mother’s day!