LaurenL commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z Are Going On Tour Together

at 8:05AM on Apr 16

AMAZING! You’re so right, this shiz is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! I’m so there.

LaurenL commented on Outkast Reunites At Coachella, WATCH Their Full Concert Set Here

at 10:53AM on Apr 15

Hey, y’all. So I was in the audience on Friday for this performance. Before Outkast, Girl Talk brought a HUGE amount of energy to the crowd, it was a blast and a huge dance party. During their performance technical problems began on the main stage, the monitors went out and the video feed went out. Outkast was scheduled for after… cut ahead over an hour later. We waited (all 40 thousand of us) with no music or video feed, it was almost midnight… with the exception of some giant dot matrix triangle fritzing on the main screen. Many of us spent the day traveling to Coachella from all over the place and all the kids were way too blitzed at that point. The energy left the field with the technical problems, it’s too bad because had they started with their hits the crowd would have been ready, but it wasn’t laid out that way. I have a feeling next Friday will be much different. Either way, I was happy to see the boys in action :)

LaurenL commented on Watch: 'Chrisley Knows Best' Is About To Become Your Fave New TV Show OF ALL TIME

at 1:36PM on Feb 11

My gaydar must be way off.

LaurenL commented on On The Run

at 7:29PM on Nov 20

I’m DEEPLY humbled by the ultra marathoners, and cross-fit trainers too for that matter. My friend Lisa is also an ultra runner & she uses Hokas. I buy mine at Santa Barbara Running. I’m on my second pair after running 150 miles in my first pair.
I actually ran around the parking lot in them because I didn’t believe they were that great, I was turned off by their round toe shape. After one jog in the lot I was sold. I don’t think they are in major chain stores yet, local establishments usually have them.

LaurenL commented on First Look: Kanye West Debuts His INCREDIBLY CHEESY Music Video For 'Bound 2' On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

at 7:16PM on Nov 20

You know the film Grease, at the end when Danny and Sandy ride off into the sky, and their car flies away? It’s like that.

LaurenL commented on On The Run

at 4:20PM on Nov 20

Hi, Trent! So, In the last two years I’ve become a long distance runner. I recently ran my first marathon, the Santa Barbara Int’l Marathon, and prior to that I ran four half marathons in the SB area. I SWEAR by my Hokas. The running shoe I wear is the Hoka One One, and I love them passionately. They look like a moon shoe (it’s not a fashionista shoe, by far), but my form was improved by the stability support and I was able to up my endurance. If you’re looking for a shoe after your 100 mile excursion, check out the Hokas. They are technically made for trail running, which isn’t my forte, but they help my skinny ankles feel strong, which is something that I really needed in order to up my game. I love watching your posts about your races. How do you do so many marathons and not suffer any injuries? You’re AMAZING!!

LaurenL commented on Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Are Reportedly, Kind Of Dating Again

at 7:13PM on Nov 1

I agree, it looks like they are friendly and that’s it. I wish them well, but really it’s got to stink to have so much public interest constantly…

LaurenL commented on Former TLC Manager Perri 'Pebbles' Reid Is NOT Happy About That TLC Biopic Film

at 10:37AM on Oct 31

True, the behind the music episode details some facts about their arrangement, it was a bum deal for the band and a good deal for Pebbles. I don’t think the film was defamatory – it just stated the facts. Pebbles made the money so the film is just a reflection on that fact. She should let it go… what’s done is done. Great film overall.

LaurenL commented on Yes, The Pink Is The New Blog Baby Is The Most Attractive Being In The Universe

at 10:25AM on Oct 22

CONGRATULATIONS Shannon!!!! YAY!! Sending lots of love your way to you and your soccer team, I mean family, and I’m so happy from afar!!!!!!!!!! :) weeeeeeeeeeee!

LaurenL commented on The First Pink Is The New Blog Baby Has Been Born

at 10:40AM on Oct 16

Great news!!! Congratulations Shannon!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Weeeee!