LaurenL commented on Nicki Minaj Announces A New European Tour While Wearing Racially Insensitive Headwear

at 5:01PM on Dec 8

Trent, you’re right. It’s a headdress of feathers; the imagery is the same as the Native American headdress of the same design. Highly inappropriate and I wonder when stylists will fully absorb this concept.

LaurenL commented on Taylor Swift Is 'Billboard' Magazine's Woman Of The Year

at 9:49AM on Dec 5

She’s so well spoken, kudos to her. And lol to the “no one cares that I want to go home to my cats and watch Friends.” My life!

LaurenL commented on An Evening With Charlie Brown & SAMCRO

at 11:10AM on Dec 4

I read online via SOA insta feed that Jax’s limp was a real life injury they had to write in to the script. Although I question that because they focused on his shoes so closely at the end; I thought there may be a connection. I agree there will be a meaningful delivery of his death, I fear that Jax will have to die so the MC can live on. So many feelings!! And although there were a lot of differing opinions as to why he hooked up with Adriana (I can’t shake Sopranos) at the end, I’m grateful for the booty shots ;)

LaurenL commented on Taylor Swift Covers 'Time' Magazine

at 11:42PM on Nov 14

I couldn’t agree more, I’m so pleased with her well spoken stance on this subject. Thanks for posting the excerpt. And I’m so happy to see her moving on from the tear drops on her guitar crizap.

LaurenL commented on 'Time' Magazine Names Mariah Carey The 'Ultimate Pop Star'

at 11:06AM on Aug 29

Dude, that spreadsheet is so fascinating.
I’m surprised to see the ranking of so many artists!

LaurenL commented on Britney Spears's Father Purchased The Video Of Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her To Spare Her The Embarrassment

at 10:39AM on Aug 29

Makes you wonder if someone like Kristen Stewart had the chance to buy the pictures of her and that dude before they hit the magazines. I wonder if she had the chance and didn’t do it? Or if someone like Papa Spears is like the mafia and can do things like this? Either way I’m glad we don’t have to see the evidence.

LaurenL commented on Nick Cannon Confirms His Separation From Mariah Carey

at 8:17AM on Aug 22

It’s so hard being a celebrity and having a sustainable relationship. Everyone wants a piece of you, and the energy it takes to stay afloat in the business can really sink even the strongest relationships. I know, it seems contrary to pity the poor rich person, but it’s really hard to have everyone wanting something… I agree that if you stay out of the limelight you’ll have a better chance. Whatever is best for the kids I tell ya!

LaurenL commented on Are You Ready For Robert Pattinson's First Gangsta Movie?

at 4:32PM on Aug 5

Wait, wait, wait… The write of KIDS? Holy ish, I’ll go see this film.

LaurenL commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z SLAAAAY LA With Their 'On The Run' Tour

at 7:10PM on Aug 3

Shannon! Thank you, hands up for the curly girls! I’m currently nursing my beyover by binge watching Scandal and thinking of y’all. I told Trent last night the only reason why I started watching that show was because of your April Fools joke. Best. Ever. Win. :)

LaurenL commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z SLAAAAY LA With Their 'On The Run' Tour

at 10:42AM on Aug 3

I was so happy to meet you last night, Trent! You made my night! Alright, Bey was pretty phenomenal too.
It’s true, your blog is the best because of your genuine good heart. Thanks for hanging out last night! You have a new fan in Seana too ;) Here’s to many more years!