kt commented on Um, One Of Your Beloved PITNB Writers Is Hella Pregnant, And It's Kind Of A Big Deal

at 9:23AM on Jul 30

Hands down, best birth announcement ever!! Congrats to you, and your partners in crime!!!

kt commented on Happy Birthday, Shannon <3

at 11:48AM on Jun 26

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it’s a great one!

kt commented on Diving Into Fun

at 12:53PM on May 28

Through all of it Trent, I hope you remember that what happened had nothing to do with you, rather a certain person’s shitty character. I’ve been there, and dissected myself for a long time, only to come out of it realizing it wasn’t my fault in any way. You’re better off, and someday (sooner than later) you’ll be happy that life through that wrench in. Lots of love!!!!

kt commented on Justin Bieber Is A Proud Beer Drinker

at 9:43AM on May 10

I gotta agree with Ashley here.. Here in Ontario (where he’s from) the legal drinking age is 19. I’m also a pretty strong belieber (see what i did there?) in it being parents responsibility for what kids do. If Justin were to jump off a bridge, and you catch your tween on the edge about to jump..then you haven’t done your job as a parent.

kt commented on Beef & Books

at 12:50PM on Mar 12

I plowed through all 5 books pretty quickly, to the point where I developed an eye twitch for about a week once I was done reading. Lol worth it!!

kt commented on Happy Birthday Jay-Z!

at 4:19PM on Dec 4

Loooove this post!! He is my #1! Also I could NOT be more jealous of your hug moment! Happy Birthday Jay!!!!

(apologize for my excessive exclamation marks lol)

kt commented on Broken

at 11:00PM on Nov 12

Sending love your way.

kt commented on Pink Is The NEWER Blog

at 8:07PM on Jul 26

Loving it so far!

kt commented on Aunts Judy & Susan Got Hitched!

at 12:41PM on May 13

My thoughts exactly. Congrats to them!

kt commented on The Practice

at 12:14PM on Apr 28

Is NPH officiating the wedding?! So awesome!