Michigan girl, what what?

Kim commented on Errands

at 11:50AM on Jan 22

Too bad it wasn’t last weekend! It was a nice mild 40 :) Safe travels back to the mitten!

Kim commented on 20 Reasons Chantelle Winnie Is The Model To Watch This Year

at 6:25PM on Jan 18

She IS absolutely stunning and a beautiful woman, but I did not enjoy her on ANTM. She was a bitch. Sure editing can go a long way, but she needed a slice or two of humble pie.

Kim commented on Neil Patrick Harris Has Filmed His Scenes For 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

at 6:35AM on Dec 8

I am ok enough with the season…my friend thinks they took the campy-ness too far. My thing is that there are so many different characters you never know where they are going to go with the season. Not very enjoyable

Kim commented on Listen (If You Dare): Mariah Carey Has Difficulty Singing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' On Live TV

at 9:22AM on Dec 4

I will take this performance over Leann Rimes, now that was a HOT MESS

Kim commented on John Cameron Mitchell Will Star In 'Hedwig And The Angry Inch' On Broadway

at 8:12AM on Nov 23

I am trying to convince my friend we should go.

Also I propose Miriam Shor come back for a few shows…she could still rock out when she was on the short lived GCB w/Kristin Chenoweth

Kim commented on Watch: Here Is The First Trailer For The 'Peanuts' Animated Film

at 12:12PM on Nov 20

I agree with Kendra, hoping for some repetitive jumping and shaking of the hair

Kim commented on First Look/Listen: Allison Williams Sings, Christopher Walken Is Perfect In This New Promo Video For 'Peter Pan Live!'

at 6:05AM on Nov 20

i remember the old version back in the day with Mary Martin. That may or may not still be recorded on vhs at my parents.

I will still watch

Kim commented on First Look: Disney Releases A First Trailer For 'Cinderella'

at 5:58AM on Nov 20

The trio of Helena, Johnny, Depp, and Tim Burton get on my nerves. I love them and I hate them. I didn’t know she was in this….I hate Disney and using these people too,,,,ugh probably won’t see it. Roger and Hammerstein = better version.

Now to get nerdy, yes I know Disney did a version in the 90′s of R&H. Love that one. Whitney Houston as the fairy godmother? Hell yes

Kim commented on I Just Love These White Lesbians Suing The Sperm Bank Because They Got A Biracial Baby

at 4:34AM on Oct 5

We are trying for a baby and this makes me so angry! I’m adopted and have been raised by a white family. I grew up with primarily white kids, kids from middle east descent, throw in a few black kids, and maybe one other asian lol. NEVER HAD A PROBLEM.

As an adult I am currently living where the KKK grand dragon lived…yep still no problems here. And the people of ALL RACES that visit the Tanger Outlet down the street? Nope, still no problems.

These women are pissing me off. I also have not been following the story but seriously…”our neighborhood is racist, our families are racist” Sounds like it is time to move and be their own family. If people can’t accept a biracial family member, then they are not worth the time or energy. Get the papers drawn up, I will adopt her and raise her as my own!

Kim commented on Good News

at 3:46PM on Sep 10

Glad pneumonia has been ruled out! Have a great next few days :D