Michigan girl, what what?

Kim commented on I Just Love These White Lesbians Suing The Sperm Bank Because They Got A Biracial Baby

at 4:34AM on Oct 5

We are trying for a baby and this makes me so angry! I’m adopted and have been raised by a white family. I grew up with primarily white kids, kids from middle east descent, throw in a few black kids, and maybe one other asian lol. NEVER HAD A PROBLEM.

As an adult I am currently living where the KKK grand dragon lived…yep still no problems here. And the people of ALL RACES that visit the Tanger Outlet down the street? Nope, still no problems.

These women are pissing me off. I also have not been following the story but seriously…”our neighborhood is racist, our families are racist” Sounds like it is time to move and be their own family. If people can’t accept a biracial family member, then they are not worth the time or energy. Get the papers drawn up, I will adopt her and raise her as my own!

Kim commented on Good News

at 3:46PM on Sep 10

Glad pneumonia has been ruled out! Have a great next few days :D

Kim commented on First Look: Here Is What Allison Williams Looks Like As Peter Pan

at 5:16PM on Sep 5

I also have fond memories of the Mary Martin version.

I am looking forward to this simply because I love musicals. I enjoyed Carrie Underwood’s Sound of Music. I go into these with no expectations, i think that helps haha

Kim commented on Barely Survived The Disneyland 10K

at 2:07PM on Aug 31

Hope your stomach calms down Trent!

Kim commented on Zoe Saldana Confirms Her Pregnancy With An ALS #IceBucket Challenge Video

at 2:32PM on Aug 23

Aww that was cute! They should make a cute baby too!

Kim commented on Here Are A Batch Of Promo Posters For Disney's 'Into The Woods'

at 4:26PM on Aug 4

haha I thought the same thing! It is because he has become a Disney puppet. I have such a love/hate relationship with Depp

Kim commented on Watch: Disney's 'Into The Woods' Releases A First Teaser Trailer

at 4:24PM on Aug 4

i did not even know this existed….but am afraid Disney might ruin it a little (ex: Alice in Wonderland)

But I will still see it

Kim commented on Here Is Your First Look At Andrew Rannells In 'Hedwig And The Angry Inch'

at 3:33PM on Jul 21

Wish I could afford another trip to NYC to see him!

Kim commented on My Only Wish (This Year)

at 6:35AM on Jul 13

Happy Birthday Trent!