Michigan girl, what what?

Kim commented on Movie Review: 'Pitch Perfect 2'

at 3:42PM on May 7

Hm maybe I will go to a early show so I don’t feel as bad if I don’t enjoy it… sad it seems meh

Kim commented on 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Turns 18 Years Old Today

at 1:45PM on Mar 11

I remember watching “The Pack” in the summer and then immediately was hooked and brought my friends with me.

Kim commented on The Company That Owns The Power Rangers Are REALLY Pissed Off By That Amazing Fan Film We Saw Yesterday

at 4:29AM on Feb 26

My husband and I watched it and absolutely loved it! We wished it was an actual movie!

Kim commented on Darren Criss Has Been Cast In 'Hedwig And The Angry Inch' On Broadway

at 3:08PM on Feb 20

I would be interested because he is so much younger.

Kim commented on A Lady And Her Tramp

at 3:57AM on Feb 17

This is my favorite Disney movie! I think my parents still have a vhs recording off the Disney Channel, then it goes into 1/2 of Big Bird Goes to China

Kim commented on Ashley Parker Angel Gets SUPER THIRSTY For Attention On Instagram

at 3:56AM on Feb 17

Well damn I saw him at the Detroit Opera House a few weeks ago…if only Fiyero had to be shirtless

Kim commented on Painting The Town Red

at 2:47AM on Jan 28

Ooohhh Sugar House has not been on my radar…thanks Trent & Sarah!

Kim commented on Errands

at 11:50AM on Jan 22

Too bad it wasn’t last weekend! It was a nice mild 40 :) Safe travels back to the mitten!

Kim commented on 20 Reasons Chantelle Winnie Is The Model To Watch This Year

at 6:25PM on Jan 18

She IS absolutely stunning and a beautiful woman, but I did not enjoy her on ANTM. She was a bitch. Sure editing can go a long way, but she needed a slice or two of humble pie.

Kim commented on Neil Patrick Harris Has Filmed His Scenes For 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

at 6:35AM on Dec 8

I am ok enough with the season…my friend thinks they took the campy-ness too far. My thing is that there are so many different characters you never know where they are going to go with the season. Not very enjoyable