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Krissy commented on Sarah Jessica Parker Pissed Off The People Who Live In Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Building

at 10:48AM on Oct 22

“While the house owners agreed to let “SATC” use the facade as Carrie’s home for the show, they’ve since grown tired of the frenzied fan attention and want privacy”

By “agreed” they mean “signed a contract and got paid”. I don’t think it was good for SJP to use their stoop without permission, but they can NOT get upset that fans and tourists are constantly taking pictures of their front steps. They signed up for that and were paid for it. If they didn’t have enough forethought to think that it might continue after the show was off the air, that is their own fault.

Krissy commented on Nicki Minaj Spoke With 'GQ' About Her 'Anaconda' Video And Fell Asleep A Few Times In The Process

at 2:31PM on Oct 21

Yeah, I don’t buy her thoughts on the video at all. I was surprised that she would try to hide from it, instead of just owning it like you said.

Krissy commented on Nicki Minaj Spoke With 'GQ' About Her 'Anaconda' Video And Fell Asleep A Few Times In The Process

at 2:30PM on Oct 21

I have heard many people suggest the use of heroin here.

I think the difference between falling asleep in a class or a movie, is that in those cases people are passively observing and staying stationary (in a theater, you’re in the dark too). In this situation, she is in the middle of a conversation with someone in a lit room!

Krissy commented on This Is What Renée Zellweger Looks Like Now

at 1:57PM on Oct 21

When people with heavy eyelids age, it can impact their vision as the lid droops further and covers their eye. I think she had her eyelids done for medical/vision reasons.

If she was going to do her lids for cosmetic reasons, I think she would have botoxed her forehead, crows feet, filled in her laugh lines, etc. But those areas show traditional signs of aging, so I think she left them alone.

Krissy commented on Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Homophobic Haters On Twitter LIKE THE BOSS THAT SHE IS

at 4:35PM on Oct 20

Good point. It makes sense to me that a show that has a man going down on a woman in its opening episode might also have a scene that shows men getting sexual with other men. Sexually, the show pushes the boundaries. It seems rational that it would be equal opportunity in the boundary pushing.

Krissy commented on Watch: Snoop Dogg Formally Apologizes And Squashes His Beef With Iggy Azalea

at 2:02PM on Oct 16

I keep getting “you’re posting to quickly” messages when I am posting my first comment of the day!

Krissy commented on 'Sex And The City' Star Chris Noth Says Carrie Bradshaw Was 'A Whore'

at 3:08PM on Oct 15

He wasn’t talking to his good buddy at home here, he was talking to an interviewer knowing his comments would be published. He might not have meant it to sound that bad, but like casual racism, casual sexism gives a signal to those around you that it is ok and acceptable. It is not.

If we didn’t live in a country where women are being denied access to birth control while being called “sluts”, I might feel differently. But right now, there are too many people who legitimately share the sentiment that women who have sex on the regular are whores.

Krissy commented on Chris Rock Will Host 'Saturday Night Live' With Prince As Musical Guest

at 5:00PM on Oct 14

I love this!!! I am definitely going to record it. Chris Rock is so incredibly funny. I love his stand up! He makes me laugh so hard I cry.

Krissy commented on Kesha Has Sued Dr. Luke For Sexual Assault And Battery

at 1:13PM on Oct 14

Great points, Trent. Very wise.

I really respect and appreciate how you treat sensitive issues. You reveal the incredible quality of your character time and time again.

Krissy commented on Breaking News: Beyoncé Now Has Very Severe Bangs

at 1:12PM on Oct 14

:: krissy wraps her arms tightly around herself while whispering, “it’s only a wig, it’s only a wig, it’s only a wig ::