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Krissy commented on North West Wore A Sheer Outfit In The Front Row At Givenchy's Autumn/Winter '14 Fashion Show

at 1:01PM on Sep 29

This is all kinds of wrong: parading your daughter through paparazzi even though you were just “attacked” while navigating the crowds, making a child that young sit through a fashion show, putting a toddler in over sexualized black lace sheer fabric, making a tiny child suffer for your own promotion….

There aren’t words for how completely gross and inappropriate this is.

Krissy commented on Amanda Bynes Busted . . . Again

at 12:57PM on Sep 29

Oh no, this is really sad. I am hoping she gets back on track.

Krissy commented on Lindsay Lohan's Stage Debut Made The Audience LOL (And Not In A Good Way)

at 1:45PM on Sep 25

I don’t think the Streep comparison was in regards to talent, it was about the effort put into preparation!

Speed the Plow is a very easy to find play. She should have shown up on day 1 with her lines down if she was serious about a come back, if she was serious about being a professional.

Krissy commented on 'Peter Pan Live' Releases A New Promo Photo Of Peter Pan AND Captain Hook

at 5:21PM on Sep 24

I agree. This photo doesn’t look like anything is happening, just two people with their arms in the air. It would look better if it appeared that they were dueling or something!

Krissy commented on Vince Vaughn Will Co-Star With Colin Farrell On 'True Detective' Season 2

at 1:49PM on Sep 23

I am fine with this casting, but I am more excited about Colin than Vince.

I just hope that 1. there is a female character 2. she isn’t just a love interest, 3. she is a good actress

The reason season 1 was so good was that the quality was so good all around. I don’t dislike Jessica Biel, but I hope that the actress they chose has acting chops and isn’t just a pretty face.

Krissy commented on Lindsay Lohan Covers The New Issue Of 'Time Out London' Magazine

at 1:06PM on Sep 22

Her face doesn’t look well rested or healthy.

Krissy commented on What's Your Most Memorable Concert Experience?

at 1:03PM on Sep 22

Seeing Radiohead at Red Rocks in Colorado. I had tickets for the 16th row, but a guy came up to me and my bf. He had tickets for the 12th row, but all of his friends were next to us in row 16. So we got upgraded to 12th row, with the mountain air blowing in my hair as I listened to amazing music.

Krissy commented on Happy Laundry Day

at 3:15PM on Sep 19

Wow, wish I had that luck!

Krissy commented on Uh Oh! Those Brangelina Wedding Photos Didn't Sell A Lot 'People' Magazines

at 3:14PM on Sep 19

28% more is a good bump. Just because it wasn’t the same huge bump as the kids photos doesn’t mean it was a failure. I am not a brangeloonie, but it sounds like this is a bit exaggerated. If it sold even with normal issues, that would be embarrassing.

Krissy commented on First Look: Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea Release The Music Video For 'Booty'

at 2:10PM on Sep 19

I love that Jlo’s is all natural. Compared to the Nicki video, I just have to think “Silicone parts are made for toys”. Jlo’s muscle tone is just stunning and beautiful.