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Krissy commented on Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Homophobic Haters On Twitter LIKE THE BOSS THAT SHE IS

at 4:35PM on Oct 20

Good point. It makes sense to me that a show that has a man going down on a woman in its opening episode might also have a scene that shows men getting sexual with other men. Sexually, the show pushes the boundaries. It seems rational that it would be equal opportunity in the boundary pushing.

Krissy commented on Watch: Snoop Dogg Formally Apologizes And Squashes His Beef With Iggy Azalea

at 2:02PM on Oct 16

I keep getting “you’re posting to quickly” messages when I am posting my first comment of the day!

Krissy commented on 'Sex And The City' Star Chris Noth Says Carrie Bradshaw Was 'A Whore'

at 3:08PM on Oct 15

He wasn’t talking to his good buddy at home here, he was talking to an interviewer knowing his comments would be published. He might not have meant it to sound that bad, but like casual racism, casual sexism gives a signal to those around you that it is ok and acceptable. It is not.

If we didn’t live in a country where women are being denied access to birth control while being called “sluts”, I might feel differently. But right now, there are too many people who legitimately share the sentiment that women who have sex on the regular are whores.

Krissy commented on Chris Rock Will Host 'Saturday Night Live' With Prince As Musical Guest

at 5:00PM on Oct 14

I love this!!! I am definitely going to record it. Chris Rock is so incredibly funny. I love his stand up! He makes me laugh so hard I cry.

Krissy commented on Kesha Has Sued Dr. Luke For Sexual Assault And Battery

at 1:13PM on Oct 14

Great points, Trent. Very wise.

I really respect and appreciate how you treat sensitive issues. You reveal the incredible quality of your character time and time again.

Krissy commented on Breaking News: Beyoncé Now Has Very Severe Bangs

at 1:12PM on Oct 14

:: krissy wraps her arms tightly around herself while whispering, “it’s only a wig, it’s only a wig, it’s only a wig ::

Krissy commented on Kesha Has Sued Dr. Luke For Sexual Assault And Battery

at 12:30PM on Oct 14

I know it is wrong to take sides when we don’t know all of the facts yet, but I am inclined to believe her. Dr. Luke essentially runs radio and by doing this she is really risking her entire career. My gut tells me that she wouldn’t have taken that risk unless she was telling the truth. If these incidents did happen, I really feel for her. She sounds like she was at the mercy of someone very powerful.

Krissy commented on Another Police Officer Shoots & Kills Another Black Teen In St. Louis, MO

at 5:31PM on Oct 9

More thoughts:
If the police are saying his gun jammed, WHY did they shoot him since he was essentially unarmed at that point?

Why did the policeman do a U-turn and follow the men even though they were simply walking down the street? Running away from a car is not a crime and it is not evidence of guilt!

Why did the cop expect the men to know he was a police officer when he wasn’t on duty, possibly wasn’t in his police car as he was working for a private company, wasn’t in police uniform?

What was he arresting them for?

Krissy commented on Amanda Bynes Says She Is Suing 'In Touch Weekly' Magazine, 'In Touch' Responds

at 5:25PM on Oct 9

That’s really sad.
On one hand, I think it is awful for InTouch to be taking advantage of a person going through mental illness. They were exploiting her.

On the other hand, maybe looking for a silver lining, perhaps documentation of her mental status will help get her the help she needs?

Krissy commented on Another Police Officer Shoots & Kills Another Black Teen In St. Louis, MO

at 5:10PM on Oct 9

Ashen, thank you so much for your post. It really moved me. I can’t imagine the fear that you felt with that gun in your face. As a white woman, I KNOW that there are two different types of justice in my country, and it breaks my heart and makes me incredibly angry. I am so incredibly tired of so many unarmed people of color being shot. I am tired of hearing the excuse like “they reached for their waistband”, said by police officials who ignore the fact that a human being’s hands will most likely hang by their waist when they aren’t doing anything at all.

It needs to stop. This isn’t right. I wish I had a positive way to use the passion that I feel about this subject to make a difference.