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Krissy commented on Buzzfeed Publishes An Exposé On TMZ Boss Harvey Levin

at 2:18PM on Jul 25

I have been dubious of them for a while, but even more after I found out that they planted bugs in LA court rooms. During a trial regarding Stevie Wonder being extorted, the judge found a microphone planted on his desk, one on the prosecutions desk, and one on the defense desk. The microphones transmitted back to a company that is a TMZ subsidiary.

I also know of legal documents that they have GREATLY misrepresented on their blog. The documents painted a very different picture than what TMZ said they did.

Krissy commented on First Look/Hide The Kids: The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer Is Here!

at 2:37PM on Jul 24

There are things I liked, but the biggest irritant for me was Dakota in the office. She really over played the “oh I’m shy and awkward”. It was the kind of acting you’d see in a high school play. It sounds weird to focus on the acting in such a movie, but “sexy” is all about mood and vibe and not taking you out of the moment by distracting you. Maybe it was just the way the trailer was edited that made it feel that way, though.

He looked pretty dang hot, so they have a victory in that area! And her back looks really beautiful in the screencaps.

Krissy commented on 'Orphan Black' Is Getting Its Own Comic Book Series

at 2:30PM on Jul 24

I have never bought a comic book before, but I will now! I love OB so much, I’ll take it in all its forms!

Krissy commented on 'Weird Al' Yankovic Nabs The First #1 Album In His 26-Year Music Career

at 1:39PM on Jul 23

I loved Weird Al ever since I was a kid!
I have a friend that teaches music to young kids, and he says 10 year olds are always telling him about Weird Al as if he is completely new and no one has heard of him before. His humor withstands the test of time!

Krissy commented on Is Scarlett Johansson Getting Hitched Next Month?

at 2:29PM on Jul 21

Hasn’t Ryan been engaged 3 or 4 times, though? Perhaps he is the one with the issues.

Krissy commented on Viola Davis Keeps It Real About Roles For Black Actresses And Working With Shonda Rhimes

at 1:19PM on Jul 17

True, but I think Viola could make the reading of the phonebook riveting television. She is THAT talented. If this is a script she is excited about, and then you add her talent to those words, I think it has a real possibility of being freakin amazing! :)

I wish my dvr would let me set recordings months in advance! :)

Krissy commented on Watch: Michael Sam Delivers A Powerful Speech At The 2014 ESPY Awards

at 1:15PM on Jul 17

He was also unanimous first-team All-American, a big accomplishment.

“The NCAA officially recognizes five postseason All-American lists. Players who make the first team on three of the lists are considered consensus All-Americans, while players who appear on all five are unanimous.”

Krissy commented on First Look: Paris Hilton Releases A Music Video For 'Come Alive'

at 4:03PM on Jul 15

This might be a great song, but I will never know because I REFUSE to be an audience for Paris. There are a lot of talented singers and producers out there, they will get my ear. Not this chick. She has shown herself to be pretty awful time and again, and I won’t support it. If she was actually an artist, I might be able to overlook her being an ass, but she isn’t an artist. She is a hack.

Krissy commented on GREAT NEWS: 'Orphan Black' Has Been Renewed For Season 3

at 11:57AM on Jul 10

I am totally bitter about the Emmy thing (mostly embarrassed for the Emmys and their geriatric tastes), but this makes it a little bit better!

“, but we have our mysteries and we want to earn the answers.”
…sigh. THIS is why I love this show. Well that, and Tatiana’s AMAZING performances!