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Krissy commented on Lauren 'LC' Conrad Shows Off Her Bridesmaids Dresses In 'Martha Stewart Weddings'

at 4:07PM on Aug 28

What in the world is a “sleeveless neckline”??? Necklines don’t have sleeves!

Krissy commented on As The National Guard Heads To Ferguson, A Reporter Gives A Powerful Tribute To Victims Of Police Brutality

at 5:47PM on Aug 18

I can’t watch the video at this time, but what is happening down in Missouri is so important to us as a nation.

IMO, This isn’t necessarily about what specifically happened in this specific case. It is about the horrific trend of unarmed men of color being shot and killed by police. As a white woman, I hear “unarmed man shot by police” on nearly a DAILY basis, and 99% of the time the photo is a man of color. I am so tired of this, and I am really fearful that Missouri will end up being about Michael Brown or this specific cop, when I think the US as a whole needs to hear the larger message.

This even hit a nerve because it touches on a pre-existing narrative: 1.) that minorities receive much more violent treatment from cops than white Americans, 2.) even innocent minorities face violence at the hands of cops and also that 3.) police regularly kill unarmed people without just cause.

I can’t believe Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by a cop who put on plastic gloves and said he was going to f*ck him up on tape, and yet the cops are found not guilty. This happens too frequently in our society, to people of all races, but especially to minorities.

Krissy commented on #ThrowbackThursday: 'Lady Marmalade' And 9 Other Woman-On-Woman Collaborations That Rocked

at 12:56PM on Aug 8

“There’s room for all of us! In fact, we need MORE of us!”


Krissy commented on People Are Not Happy With The 50th Anniversary Cover Of Roald Dahl's 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' Book

at 12:55PM on Aug 8

I agree. I don’t find this to be “sexual” at all. Doll-like? Yes. Completely unrelated to the book? Yes. But not sexual. I do think that the cover should be related to the book and the actual story, not just themes.

Krissy commented on Kanye West Equates The Struggle Of Celebrity With The Struggle Of The Civil Rights Movement In The US

at 3:22PM on Aug 6

Can we please have a real civil rights activist, who witnessed such horrors decades ago, put Kanye in his place? This isn’t the first time he has said such things. Enough is enough.

Krissy commented on Kanye West Equates The Struggle Of Celebrity With The Struggle Of The Civil Rights Movement In The US

at 3:19PM on Aug 6

That is true about Garner and Berry…but the law they were seeking to pass has been signed into law. Senate Bill 606 was signed into law in Sept. 2013 and took effect Jan. 1, 2014.

I think paparazzi are horrible, and endanger the public and the celebs they stalk. However, it is hard to enforce laws against them when they are also employees of the Kardashian/West family. The celebs that work with the paps make it harder for the celebs that are harassed by the paps.

Krissy commented on Kanye West Equates The Struggle Of Celebrity With The Struggle Of The Civil Rights Movement In The US

at 1:38PM on Aug 6

Mela, I am sorry but Kanye is a victim of NOTHING. His wife has accounts with pap agencies to ARRANGE for her picture to be taken on a daily basis. You can’t claim to be victim of something that you orchestrate! Celebs DO have rights in this area. Laws have been passed. He and his wife CHOSE not to take advantage of privacy rights.

Additionally, as Trent points out, the civil rights era had people being beaten, hung, attacked by dogs, etc. simply because of the color of their skin. It is like a “Hitler” comparison…very few things in this world will EVER compare to that, so it is incredibly stupid to try. There might be teeny tiny ways in which the situations are similar, but the differences far outweigh the similarities.

Krissy commented on Kelly Osbourne's Lawsuit Against Her Landlord Proves That Mo' Money Equals Mo' Problems

at 12:39PM on Jul 31

There are laws about deposits in LA. If a landlord keeps your deposit, they must provide you with the receipts for all expenses related to the keeping of the deposit.

The landlord MUST return your full deposit within 21 days or give you an itemized statement.

Krissy commented on Here Are A Bunch Of Photos That Show How Nerdy Celebs Can Get At San Diego Comic-Con

at 12:44PM on Jul 29

Yay for Tatiana Maslany! She has such a beautiful smile!

Krissy commented on Buzzfeed Publishes An Exposé On TMZ Boss Harvey Levin

at 2:18PM on Jul 25

I have been dubious of them for a while, but even more after I found out that they planted bugs in LA court rooms. During a trial regarding Stevie Wonder being extorted, the judge found a microphone planted on his desk, one on the prosecutions desk, and one on the defense desk. The microphones transmitted back to a company that is a TMZ subsidiary.

I also know of legal documents that they have GREATLY misrepresented on their blog. The documents painted a very different picture than what TMZ said they did.