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Krissy commented on 'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Is Accused Of Sexually Abusing A 17-Year Old Boy

at 5:47PM on Apr 17

I know about Singer’s parties, I have friends who have attended. That is part of what makes me question this. I’ve never heard of force being used. I feel when you step foot into a party like this, you know that it is about hooking up because of all the naked dudes! If it made you feel uncomfortable, why would you be naked in the pool (which he claims he was before Singer arrived at the party)? Why would you go more of these same parties? Why would you go to Hawaii with someone who forced something on you? According to TMZ he sued other men in 2000, after this supposedly happened, yet he didn’t sue Singer at that time. At this stage, it just sounds like an opportunist, not someone who was victimized.

Ultimately, I think that if you are a man or woman in a position of power who likes to date people younger than you, you make yourself vulnerable to these kinds of claims, but that doesn’t mean that a crime occurred or anyone was forced into something. It is very possible what he is saying is true, it is also possible that someone is trying to use experiences that occurred decades ago for current gain. This man filed abuse claims back in 2000…but he didn’t name Singer then, yet these events supposedly occurred in 1999. Singer is probably worth a lot more now, I wonder if that made a difference.

Krissy commented on 'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Is Accused Of Sexually Abusing A 17-Year Old Boy

at 4:29PM on Apr 17

I just have a suspicious feeling about this, but it is usually against my nature to distrust the victims in cases like this. However, in the story that this man tells, it seems as if he was already naked in a pool during a party, and was engaging in encounters with other men before getting with Singer. It just sounds quite odd to me. If you weren’t expecting to be intimate…why are you naked? Why continue to take trips and go to parties over the course of several years, if you had been assaulted? Why wait until you are 31 to come forward? If someone was forcing on me what he claims, you couldn’t pay me enough to get on a plane and go to Hawaii with them. Hmm.

Krissy commented on Jay Z Announces His Made In America Music Festival Is Coming To Downtown LA This Labor Day

at 5:03PM on Apr 16

Hmm. I love the idea, but I don’t know if LA infrastructure can handle that many people there! I was tempted to go to Grant Park for the party at New Years, but then decided against it. Glad I did, because they reached maximum capacity long before midnight. I think it would be great for people that live close by, but I bet the train would be complete insanity that night!

Krissy commented on A New Batch Of 'Orphan Black' Season 2 Promo Photos Has Been Released

at 4:34PM on Apr 16

I am not looking through the photos (because of potential spoilers), but after many cable provider issues, I am VERY happy to say that I finally have the first season on my dvr and have seen through episode #5.

I LOVE this show! I can’t wait to get through the whole season so I can talk about it with people! Right now, I am too scared of spoilers to chat with anyone!

Krissy commented on Miley Cyrus Has Been Hospitalized, Forced To Cancel Tour Dates

at 10:52AM on Apr 16

I am not buying the allergic reaction to antibotics story. She parties too hard. TMZ said they saw her at a mall in KC during the afternoon before she cancelled her show. Something isn’t really adding up.

She hasn’t been on tour that long, but she has already cancelled a lot of shows it seems.

Krissy commented on Neil Patrick Harris Shows Off His Massive Snake In 'Vanity Fair' Magazine

at 4:27PM on Apr 15

I can’t believe he let it go down his pants. How is he not squirming from that?

In the gif of Britney, I am mesmerized by the tale of the snake. It whips around in little circles like it is trying to find something to hold on to! Erm…Neil’s looks like it has something to hold on to.

Krissy commented on Watch: The First Trailer For David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' Has Been Released

at 11:38AM on Apr 15

I really liked the book. The author took a chance, some like that but please be aware…some people really hated this book after finishing it.

I love Fincher, I think Affleck is perfect for his role. I think Rosemund will bring a lot to the table, so I am very excited for this movie!

Krissy commented on Watch: Kids Have No Idea What A Walkman Cassette Player Is

at 11:31AM on Apr 15

My bf and I were talking the other day. We are closer in age to the “kids” these days…but we find ourselves so totally different in mindset sometimes. I feel like I am slowly getting lumped in with my Dad’s generation, though to them, we are still considered “kids”.

Krissy commented on Another Idiot Has Posted A Terrorist Threat On Twitter

at 3:04PM on Apr 14

In better news…I think society will be a litle better off once he gets arrested. Peeing your pants in front of police officers is usually a moment of personal growth and maturation.

You have to be a complete fool to say “stop taking this stuff so seriously”. There are no words for someone that dumb.

Krissy commented on CBS Has Selected Stephen Colbert To Succeed David Letterman As Host Of 'The Late Show'

at 11:42AM on Apr 10

For me personally, i would tune into a Colbert Late Show but not the Fallon show. Fallon is a little too cutesy for my taste, Colbert has much wittier humor. I don’t watch any network late night shows, but that will change when Colbert takes over.