PITNBer for 6 or 7 years… or something crazy like that.

KJ commented on Here's A Safe Space To Talk About/Spoil The Eff Out Of 'Mockingjay'

at 4:37PM on Nov 23

I’ll be seeing Mockingjay again.

The movie felt a little fragmented for me. Looking back, I wouldn’t be able to repeat back to you a coherent beginning-middle-end, because it felt like snapshots of moments in District 13.

It’s as if they took the first half of the book Mockingjay and put it on screen (of course) with the downside being that there isn’t a full storyline there; it just feels like one half of a film.

The acting and visuals were extremely well done. But I think once Mockingjay Part II comes out, I’ll be able to full appreciate the Mockingjay story on screen.

KJ commented on Watch: Lady Gaga Releases A Music Video Mini Film For 'G.U.Y.'

at 10:49PM on Mar 22

Batshit crazy but visually stunning, as usual. If the song were stronger, we’d actually have a pretty classic Gaga formula here. Unfortunately the music itself has been lacking the pop sound it needs to catapult her back up to her previous glory.

KJ commented on Watch: Lady Gaga Performs A 'Wizard Of Oz' Version Of 'Applause' On 'Good Morning America'

at 3:13PM on Sep 9

Was thinking the same thing. Like, eerily similar to Hilton.

KJ commented on Miley Cyrus Officially Releases The Album Cover Artwork For 'BANGERZ'

at 5:29PM on Aug 25

Wrecking Ball is so surprisingly good… I’m so intrigued by this album. It looks like Miley might be combining her classic pop sound with other, more urban tracks as well – and I’m thankful it’s not entirely the latter.

KJ commented on First Listen: Miley Cyrus Releases Her New Single 'We Can't Stop'

at 9:07AM on Jun 3

Listened to this an hour ago; forgotten the melody already.

KJ commented on Birthday Lurve For Darion

at 10:10PM on May 29

8th-grader-turned-university-sophomore here: We’re all here for you buddy, and we always have been.

KJ commented on 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Releases A Very Dramatic New Poster

at 8:16PM on May 14

Krissy just blew my mind.

KJ commented on Amanda Bynes Shares Topless Photos, Police Show Up At Her Home, She Feuds/Makes Up With Jenny McCarthy

at 10:25PM on May 3

Harvey and Charles mentioned it on TMZ live. They basically said they’re approaching it now in the same way they approached Britney back when it became clear that she wasn’t just acting crazy, but suffering some mental issues. ‘Scaling back’ probably means less sassy posts; they’re definitely still linking and posting about her.

KJ commented on Amanda Bynes Shares Topless Photos, Police Show Up At Her Home, She Feuds/Makes Up With Jenny McCarthy

at 5:53PM on May 2

This is 5150-esque à la Britney’s darkest days. I’m scared for her.

KJ commented on Watch: The First Trailer For 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Will Be Released On April 14

at 5:59PM on Apr 3

2.5 MINUTES? THAT AIN’T EVEN A TEASER ANYMORE. That’s a legitimate trailer… oh my god.