PITNBer for 6 or 7 years… or something crazy like that.

KJ commented on Zayn Malik Just Quit One Direction

at 1:29PM on Mar 25

There are details we don’t know that will likely leak out over time… quit during the middle of a tour? Something’s not right.

KJ commented on First Look: The CW Releases A Promo Photo Of Brandon Routh As The Atom On 'Arrow'

at 2:34PM on Feb 3

My first reaction: I’m so glad he’s working!

He certainly hit quite the slump after Superman. He did a fine enough job in the role though.

KJ commented on It's Time To Confess To Your Most Intense Binge-Watching Experiences

at 2:05PM on Feb 1

I just finished 5 seasons of Archer in about 6 days (I’m a student, and it’s not midterm season yet). Sue me.

I’m genuinely afraid to tell anyone I know about this accomplishment, because that’s a disturbing amount of time.

But – I will say, that powering through the series gave me an attachment so powerful that having to wait… oh, 6 years… to have accomplished couldn’t have ever done.

KJ commented on Here Is The Cover Of This Week's Issue Of 'Charlie Hebdo'

at 5:01PM on Jan 13

Adam Smith wrote an interesting piece about this idea in 1759: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Adam_Smith#Part_III

KJ commented on Here Is The Cover Of This Week's Issue Of 'Charlie Hebdo'

at 9:59AM on Jan 13

There’s been an interesting amount of criticism regarding supporting Charlie Hebdo magazine – which some see as hate-fuelled and outlandishly offensive – in conjunction with supporting free speech.

The way I see it, if someone massacred members of the Westboro Baptist Church, I would want to stand by them. Not because I support their hate, but because I support their right to hate everyone and not be killed for it.

In that sense, I would love to own a copy of Charlie Hebdo and support their right to offend everyone.

KJ commented on Here's A Safe Space To Talk About/Spoil The Eff Out Of 'Mockingjay'

at 4:37PM on Nov 23

I’ll be seeing Mockingjay again.

The movie felt a little fragmented for me. Looking back, I wouldn’t be able to repeat back to you a coherent beginning-middle-end, because it felt like snapshots of moments in District 13.

It’s as if they took the first half of the book Mockingjay and put it on screen (of course) with the downside being that there isn’t a full storyline there; it just feels like one half of a film.

The acting and visuals were extremely well done. But I think once Mockingjay Part II comes out, I’ll be able to full appreciate the Mockingjay story on screen.

KJ commented on Watch: Lady Gaga Releases A Music Video Mini Film For 'G.U.Y.'

at 10:49PM on Mar 22

Batshit crazy but visually stunning, as usual. If the song were stronger, we’d actually have a pretty classic Gaga formula here. Unfortunately the music itself has been lacking the pop sound it needs to catapult her back up to her previous glory.

KJ commented on Watch: Lady Gaga Performs A 'Wizard Of Oz' Version Of 'Applause' On 'Good Morning America'

at 3:13PM on Sep 9

Was thinking the same thing. Like, eerily similar to Hilton.

KJ commented on Miley Cyrus Officially Releases The Album Cover Artwork For 'BANGERZ'

at 5:29PM on Aug 25

Wrecking Ball is so surprisingly good… I’m so intrigued by this album. It looks like Miley might be combining her classic pop sound with other, more urban tracks as well – and I’m thankful it’s not entirely the latter.

KJ commented on First Listen: Miley Cyrus Releases Her New Single 'We Can't Stop'

at 9:07AM on Jun 3

Listened to this an hour ago; forgotten the melody already.