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kiskillilla commented on Watch: Blush Debut Their New Music Video 'Miss Out' Right Here On PITNB

at 9:37PM on Sep 6

Love the song…but agree the video is kind of “meh”. I like the dancing though.

kiskillilla commented on Watch: Missy Elliott Teases Her Two New Singles, '9th Inning' & 'Triple Threat'

at 6:14PM on Sep 3

SO excited! I can’t wait to hear the crystal clear versions without the speaker distortion. ♥♥ About time she came back. Always loved her creativity.

kiskillilla commented on Watch: This Australian Group's Electro Dubstep 'Centipede' Track Is The New Jam

at 3:02PM on Aug 25

My little brother saw them at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas this year. He said it was one of the best sets of the whole festival.

Dubstep is like wine…it comes in a myriad of varieties. Some goes down smooth and sweet while others give you a straight up headache.

kiskillilla commented on Watch: The Full Video For Beyoncé's 'I Was Here' Is Released For World Humanitarian Day

at 12:00PM on Aug 19

She did an amazing job. The video playing in the background blew me away. That would truly be a sight to see…with or without her there singing live.

kiskillilla commented on Miley Cyrus CHOPS Off All Of Her Hair

at 8:56AM on Aug 13

Her cut looks kinda like Robyn’s. I like it. She had the long hair all through her childhood/teen years. She went a little shorter as she got older, this is just a progression. If she gets tired of it she can always put the extensions back in. :)

kiskillilla commented on Bring On The Freestyle Jams

at 6:37PM on Aug 11

I saw Dino and The Cover Girls open for New Kids back when I was in middle school. Good times…

kiskillilla commented on First Listen: Mariah Carey Releases 'Triumphant (Get 'Em) (Featuring Rick Ross & Meek Mills)'

at 4:39PM on Aug 2

I agree with Nicole – Mariah sounds like a last minute addition to the song to bring some melody in.

It sort of turned in to background music for me about a minute in. Not bad enough to shut off but not great enough to listen intently.

kiskillilla commented on Emeli Sandé Covers Coldplay's 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall'

at 4:34PM on Aug 2

LOVE! I am a huge fan of Coldplay lyrics but not a huge fan of Chris Martin’s voice. This is a win/win for me! Thank you for sharing :)

kiskillilla commented on Watch: Justin Bieber Gets Beat Up By Michael Madsen In His New Music Video 'As Long As You Love Me'

at 7:18PM on Aug 1

I didn’t realize this was a JB song for the longest time. I thought it was Imogen Heap……

kiskillilla commented on Pink Is The NEWER Blog

at 8:07PM on Jul 26

Love it so far! Loads a lot faster for sure ^__^