Kent commented on 'American Horror Story' Has Been Renewed For Season 4

at 3:07PM on Nov 6

Omg I didn’t realize she was retiring altogether!!! Noooo… she’s just too damn good. I imagine AHS without her. Nobody can drop a house like she can.

I am loving Coven *almost* as much as Asylum but season two, so far, is still my favourite season. I loved every single inch of it. Having partly grown up Roman Catholic until I clued in and ditched it when I was 12, I love nothing more than seeing fucked up nuns on TV.

Kent commented on Lady Gaga Will Perform In Space In 2015

at 2:39PM on Nov 6

I hope the ship is shaped like a meat egg!

Trent, I don’t know what’s more surprising here… that you spent time creating a signature PITNB stencil photo for Gaga or that you have no interest in space travel!

Kent commented on 09-11-13

at 2:54PM on Sep 12

Last night on PBS it was the season premiere of Nova which documented the construction of the new tower, the memorial and the museum. It was really quite stunning to watch. The resilience of life that has risen from the ashes of ground zero is very moving to watch, but I really want to see it in person. I sincerely recommend watching this episode (I think it’s on their site).

Kent commented on Miley Cyrus Officially Confirmed For Kanye West's 'Black Skinhead' Remix

at 2:50PM on Sep 12

From a black skinhead to my white forehead… which I’m slapping with all kinds of WhyTFness over her ubiquity these days. I do like her current two singles but I don’t want her anywhere near the Kanye tune cuz it’s so great WITHOUT her.

Kent commented on Prince Joins Twitter, No Longer Hates The Internet (I Think)

at 2:38PM on Aug 14

For such a progressive artist he sure is an effing dinosaur about digital, anything. I’m still personally ticked at him, as a fan, for getting in my way of sharing my love for his music – and for creating a fascist-ish environment in his live show. But what is life without seeing the light so hopefully he finally has and catches up with the rest of the entire universe.

Kent commented on Watch: Madonna & Steven Klein Release A Full Trailer For #SecretProject

at 4:22PM on Jun 21

upon first thought I feel like I already saw this live during Gang Bang

Kent commented on Madonna's 'MDNA' World Tour Will Air On EPIX Next Month

at 4:28PM on May 9

Never even heard of Epix. Can’t be all that and a bag of chips, I’m guessing!
I am LIVING to see this tour in its entirety again, even if on TV. Seeing the tour twice – once from inside the (stupidly named) Golden Triangle – made MDNA one of my top live concert experiences ever. Top 3, at least.

Kent commented on First Listen: Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull Release A New Single Titled 'Live It Up'

at 11:14PM on May 8

This makes my ears ANGRY.

Kent commented on 'Young And The Restless' Star Jeanne Cooper Passes Away At 84

at 10:43PM on May 8

I’ve been really quite sad about this all day. We knew it was coming but it’s just so sad to me. Her son has been writing beautifully about the end of life experience and I especially love this part of what he put on FB today:
“her light finally gave into the wind that gives flight to all our journeys”. So beautiful…
I got to meet her once. We rode a gondola together and went to a cocktail party. So fun! She was interesting and interested, ya know? Love her. May Jeanne Cooper rest in peace forever.

Kent commented on Kathy Bates Joins The Cast Of 'American Horror Story' Season 3

at 3:38PM on Feb 26

Can’t wait to see next cock-a-doodie season!