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Kendra commented on The NRA And The Albuquerque Police Will Hold A Police Shooting Tournament Next Month

at 10:02AM on Aug 31

Yeah..I don’t know..I can see that someone who has sworn to “protect and to serve” would be traumatized about taking a life..I mean, that’s what they’re trying to prevent, right? I’m sure they know it’s a possibility and train for it, but to actually have to do it, would really probably mess with their heads..I guess that’s how it would be in a perfect world..Obviously we don’t live in one of those..Not doubting that there are definitely cops out there who have been traumatized by a shooting, but probably not as many as I’d like..

I’m not sure what would be a good time for a tournament like this, but THIS is really not it..I mean, really..

Kendra commented on First Look: The 'Downton Abbey' Season Five Trailer Shows Things Are Heating Up (Lit'rally)

at 9:46AM on Aug 31

I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…..EXCITED! I MIGHT watch this illegally so hopefully I won’t have to wait until January..Though I heard that Lady Edith, yet again, doesn’t have an easy season..I really hope that’s wrong because she’s the best character and just constantly gets crapped on..

Kendra commented on 'Fess Up: Which Celebrity Sex Tape Would You Totally, Unashamedly Watch?

at 9:10AM on Aug 31

I watched the Paris Hilton sex tape and just laughed throughout the whole thing..She seemed so disinterested..I watched a little of the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee tape just to see his pants monster..And it totally lived up to the hype! But, for the most part, I felt uncomfortable..I was watching people I actually kind of liked in really intimate moments..It just felt wrong..When I’m in a mood, I’ll stick to my regular ol’ porn stars..Shout out to James Deen! Wooot!

Kendra commented on Britney Spears & David Lucado Are Dunzo!

at 7:36PM on Aug 30

What kind of moron cheats on Britney freaking Spears?? Bah! Good riddance..This clears the way for her perfect man(or woman), whoever that should be..I’ll volunteer!

Btw, I wasn’t able to log in for SO LONG! Stoked that I finally did! No more “guest” comments from me!

Kendra commented on Joan Rivers Is Reportedly On Life Support

at 7:33PM on Aug 30

This is so heartbreaking..I’m not even her biggest fan, but I’m still not ready for her to leave us..Hoping she makes a full recovery..

Kendra commented on David Beckham Shares Photographic Proof That Victoria Beckham Can Smile

at 3:26PM on Jun 24

I love this picture way more than I should..

Kendra commented on Kanye West & His Babymama Have Decided On A Name For Their Daughter

at 8:01PM on Jun 20

So what will their nickname for her be? No? Nor? That’s it! Maybe it’s an ode to the character in the Wicked book, Nor! They went literary..Good for them..(Yeah right..Like either of those fools have picked up a book in the last 10 years..)

Kendra commented on Confirmed: Ryan Gosling WILL Play Christian Grey In The '50 Shades Of Grey' Movie!

at 10:41AM on Apr 1

I’m not believing anything I hear today since I ALWAYS fall for stuff..I’m just going to assume everyone is a dirty liar and will ignore everything people say to me until tomorrow..I hope nothing big happens..

Kendra commented on First Look: Emma Watson Is Doing Very Bad Things In Sofia Coppola's New Movie, 'The Bling Ring'

at 11:19AM on Mar 8

I’m torn about this..On one hand, I don’t want those morons who actually did this to get attention or be portrayed as cool..Then again, I love Sofia Coppola and KNOW it’s going to be a super fun movie, especially with little Emma Watson playing a bad girl..Hmmm..Ah..Who am I kidding..I so rarely go to movies so I’m sure I’ll be renting this one, as usual..

Kendra commented on Building A Mystery

at 2:28PM on Mar 4

Lucky bastard..I got a peanut up my nose when I was a kid and had to make a run to the ER..Who knew playing “Mr. Peanut climbs up Nose Mountain” would turn so dark so quick?

I love Legos, but my son is too old for them now..Thank goodness I have nephews that will soon be playing with them..And you best believe I’ll be buying as many sets as possible as payback for all of the ones my brothers and sisters bought for my son and I ended up stepping on! I do miss getting the big blue tub of different sized pieces, though..It seems like it’s all sets now..