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Kendra commented on Lady Gaga Has Been Cast As The Lead In The Next Season Of 'American Horror Story'

at 10:15AM on Feb 25

My initial reaction isn’t positive since she bugs the crap out of me, but I’m going to try really hard to reserve judgement until I actually see her in the show..I’ll watch no matter what..But Jessica Lange she will never be! I know that for sure!

Kendra commented on Kanye West Says He Is Recording New Music With Taylor Swift, Clarifies His Post-Grammy Comments About Beck In A New Interview

at 9:49AM on Feb 11

I’ve never liked Kanye and, as a HUGE and very long-time fan/admirer/devotee of Beck, the whole thing just makes me want to shove my fist through his stupid mouth..But then I’d get a bunch of crap on it because he’s always so full of poop! Love that he’s trying to save face, but hopefully the smart people will see through it..

Kendra commented on It's Time To Confess To Your Most Intense Binge-Watching Experiences

at 10:11AM on Feb 2

Ooh! I binge-watched Twin Peaks back in the day! My brother and I watched the movie first, then spent the whole weekend getting stoned and watching the whole series..I repeated the process later that summer with my boyfriend..Mind you, we had to watch taped VHS copies back then.. :) Last year I repeated the process (minus the weed) with my son..And on DVD..It was much more enjoyable..

Other than that, I did the binge watch thing when I finally got to rent Dexter..Only the first 3 seasons were out, though and it killed me to wait for the regular season..So, while I waited, I binge watched Six Feet Under..I had no choice..It was so good!

Now, if I have time and nothing to do, I’ll binge watch any Chris Lilley show..Or Buffy..Or Absolutely Fabulous..I guess I should just say I really love tv.. :(

Kendra commented on One Of The 'Real Housewives' Is Joining The 'Revenge' Cast

at 10:29AM on Jan 19

I don’t watch the show, but just glad it’s not Nene!

Kendra commented on Charlie Sheen To Kanye West's Wife, 'Go F Yourself'

at 10:12AM on Jan 6

Honestly, I think I have more of an issue with an innocent 6-year-old girl “worshiping” Mrs. West..That’s frightening..Girls that age should be worshiping Twilight Sparkle or Coraline, not someone who’s famous for having a big arse and a sex tape..

Kendra commented on E! Releases The First Promo Photo For The New Incarnation Of 'Fashion Police'

at 11:55AM on Dec 19

What I’d like to know is what is so interesting about that black wall they’re all facing..And they should have kept George and booted Kelly..

Kendra commented on Watch: 'House Of Cards' Season 3 Announces Its Release Date

at 9:57AM on Dec 1

Crazy timing! My son and I were JUST talking about House of Cards and wondering when it was coming back! The Netflix Gods heard us..Wooooo!

Kendra commented on Who Is Nathan Fielder, And How Did He Nab Marion Cotillard For A Christmas Duet???

at 9:24AM on Nov 30

His show, Nathan For You, is so uncomfortable to watch but is freaking awesome! Plus, he’s done these little challenges on his Twitter..Like to text your partner “I haven’t been completely honest with you..” and then don’t follow up for an hour..The responses were hilarious and sometimes brutal..I think he was responsible for a few break-ups..Mwahahaa! I love that little weirdo..

Kendra commented on FIRST LOOK: My Friend Darion Lowenstein Is Looking For LURVE In His New Reality Show 'Friends To Lovers?'

at 10:47AM on Nov 26

Most of these people seem really annoying, but I’ll tune in for Darion’s big blue eyes..I’ll probably just DVR it and fast forward through everyone else.. :)

Kendra commented on John Cameron Mitchell Will Star In 'Hedwig And The Angry Inch' On Broadway

at 1:56PM on Nov 20

I literally hate everyone who will be able to see JCM as Hedwig..It’s been a dream of mine forever! Argh!