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Kendra commented on First Look: One Direction Releases A Music Video For 'Steal My Girl'

at 10:48AM on Oct 24

Danny DeVito is basically just being Frank Reynolds, which is ALWAYS a good time!

Kendra commented on J.K. Rowling Is Releasing A New Harry Potter Story For Hallowe'en

at 9:28AM on Oct 24

SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Now Pottermore needs to release the next set of interactive picture things for Order of the Phoenix! Not that I participate in such childish things or anything…….

Kendra commented on North West Will Be Forced To Get A Job, Says North West's Mom

at 9:01AM on Oct 23

The job that made her mama’s money is of the blow variety so let’s hope the child doesn’t take that same route..And, with the way her younger sisters have dropped out of school to do nothing, I don’t have much faith in anything that family says or does..They’re all just so awful..

Kendra commented on Watch: 'Saturday Night Live' Releases Jim Carrey Promo Videos

at 11:01AM on Oct 22

Holy crap..His impression of Aidy had me almost peeing myself! Ugh..I can’t freaking wait!!

Kendra commented on Which Celebrity Breakup Are You Still Not Over?

at 9:21PM on Oct 16

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett..I love them both so much individually and felt like they were a dream match! Ugh..Still makes me so sad..And, of course, Britney and Justin..I still hold out hope that someday they’ll get back together and will take over the world! At least, the pop world!

Kendra commented on Warner Bros. Announces A New Trilogy Of Harry Potter Films Is Coming Our Way With MORE Movies Likely To Follow

at 3:52PM on Oct 15

I just crapped my pants a little..This is the best news ever!!

Kendra commented on Watch/Be Horrified: The '80s Cartoon 'Rainbow Brite' Has Been Rebooted Into A TERRIBLE MESS

at 5:20PM on Oct 14

@Joanna – It’s very possible that I spend some mornings watching My Little Pony and I’m a 36-year-old woman..Yes, it’s pretty and adorable, but it’s funny, too! I wish they’d leave the classics alone, but if they do them as well as MLP, I couldn’t be too mad about it..

Kendra commented on Chris Rock Will Host 'Saturday Night Live' With Prince As Musical Guest

at 5:14PM on Oct 14

Bill Hader, Jim Carrey and now Chris Brown?? Season 40 is bringing it!!

Kendra commented on First Listen: Taylor Swift Releases Her New Song 'Out Of The Woods'

at 12:12PM on Oct 14

No worries! I figure I’ll hear it all over the place soon enough, but thanks for sticking up the extra link! Her voice sounds much more mature on this song..I dig it..

Kendra commented on First Listen: Taylor Swift Releases Her New Song 'Out Of The Woods'

at 10:30AM on Oct 14

The video you put up was already taken down.. :(