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Kendra commented on What's Your Most Memorable Concert Experience?

at 2:10PM on Sep 21

This is rough..I’ve had some amazing concert experiences..Roger Waters doing The Wall is one that absolutely blew my mind! And I wasn’t even stoned! Or, not TOO stoned, I should say..He sounded amazing..The screens and graphics were INSANE!! Also, the first time I saw The Flaming Lips..They never disappoint, but the first time was something so new for me..I almost cried from the joy they brought!

Beck is my favorite musician ever and I’ve seen him put on some rad shows, but he did one at The Knitting Factory a while ago and it was such an intimate setting..I was up front shooting the shit with him during his set! My friend has a recording of that show and you can hear our banter..It was so awesome..

Oooor the time I got to sing Happy Birthday to Justin Meldal-Johnsen at an Ima Robot show..I sounded awful but what are you going to do when Alex Ebert sticks a mic in your face??

Kendra commented on YES: Jim Carrey Is Coming Back To 'Saturday Night Live'!

at 9:33AM on Sep 20

Yes!! I just wish he could bring some stuff from MADtv..I miss The Disfunctional Home Show..PORK AND BEANS!! Jim Carrey is so awesome..

Kendra commented on First Look: 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Finally Introduces Us To Twisty The Clown

at 1:53PM on Sep 19

Uhhhhh..HELLZ NO!! Except, HELLZ YES because it looks so good!! But still..HELLZ NO because clowns scare the crap out of me anyways and this one is just..just…..HELLZ NO!

Kendra commented on Prince Harry Of Wales Turns 30 Years Old

at 8:45AM on Sep 15

Off the top of my head, I can think of AT LEAST 30 dirty things I’d like to do to Mr. Prince Harry..Whether it was his birthday or not! How does he keep getting hotter and hotter?? It’s just not right..Not. Right!

Kendra commented on Things Are Looking Up

at 11:07AM on Sep 12

Aww..What a sweet husband! So glad to hear he’s feeling much better!

Kendra commented on All In The SC Family

at 2:51PM on Sep 8

Wishing a super speedy recover for your papa!

Kendra commented on HOLY HELL! 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Just Released The Scariest Teaser Videos EVER!!!

at 9:03AM on Sep 5

………I need a hug..

So glad they busted these out..Honestly, I’ve been missing the creepy factor from most of the other teasers..Didn’t make me any less excited for the new season, but these totally made up for the other ones!

Kendra commented on Joan Rivers Has Passed Away At 81

at 3:08PM on Sep 4

I’m in denial..I keep saying I’m not ready for her to go..She’s just such a strong funny lady with so much spirit..Just doesn’t feel right that she went so fast..Like Krissy said, at least she went out while still working, but it was still way too soon..I always respected her for being a stand out in a field dominated by men, but her documentary opened my eyes to just how hard she hustled..I’m heartbroken for her daughter and grandson..Just sadness all around..

Kendra commented on The Season 19 Cast Of 'Dancing With The Stars' Has Been Revealed

at 9:52AM on Sep 4

Why would Tavis Smiley and Sharna Burgess “raise eyebrows”?

Kendra commented on Watch: Britney Spears Is REALLY EXCITED About One Night Stands

at 9:44AM on Sep 4

LOVE this! Our girl looks fantastic which is an even bigger FU to that moron! I hope she lives it up for a while before getting back into a long-term relationship..But, as Trent said, only with super hot guys.. :)