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Kendra commented on FIRST LOOK: My Friend Darion Lowenstein Is Looking For LURVE In His New Reality Show 'Friends To Lovers?'

at 10:47AM on Nov 26

Most of these people seem really annoying, but I’ll tune in for Darion’s big blue eyes..I’ll probably just DVR it and fast forward through everyone else.. :)

Kendra commented on John Cameron Mitchell Will Star In 'Hedwig And The Angry Inch' On Broadway

at 1:56PM on Nov 20

I literally hate everyone who will be able to see JCM as Hedwig..It’s been a dream of mine forever! Argh!

Kendra commented on Watch: Here Is The First Trailer For The 'Peanuts' Animated Film

at 11:31AM on Nov 18

As long as their awesome dance moves are included, I’m in!

Kendra commented on The Osbournes Are Returning To Reality TV

at 12:58PM on Nov 14

I liked the first 2 seasons back in the day, but then it got kind of old..This is really unnecessary..And I can’t stand Kelly, so…No..I will not be tuning in..(Except I’m a total reality show sucker so I will probably hate watch it..)

Kendra commented on First Look: Yahoo! Accidentally Releases Taylor Swift's New Music Video 'Blank Space' Early

at 9:52AM on Nov 10

They officially released it so it shouldn’t be yanked down anymore! I love the video..It was shot beautifully and she looks gorgeous in it..The fabulous clothes that girl gets to wear makes me puke with envy..And that guy?? Hot damn! This girl can do zero wrong in my eyes..

Kendra commented on Horror Of Horrors: Jamie Dornan's Penis Will Not Appear In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

at 9:30AM on Nov 3

Now, I don’t necessarily want to see any weenis in a movie..Nor do I really want to see boobs and vageene, yet we’re inundated with those things all the damn time in movies! It’s time to cover up our lady bits and put some twigs and berries on display!

I watched Magic Mike for the first time this weekend, and really only because it was on tv and nothing else was..I was actually pretty bummed that there were boobs! I thought, finally (!) a movie that appeals to women and turns the tables a bit..But..No..Boobs in the first minute..Pretty lame..

Kendra commented on J.K. Rowling's New 'Harry Potter' Hallowe'en Story Is Out!

at 10:52AM on Oct 31

I KNEW they were releasing new pictures! I’m pacing myself so I haven’t gotten to the Umbridge story yet..Can’t wait!

Kendra commented on This Is What Kevin Smith Looks Like Now

at 5:53PM on Oct 28

He’s off of processed sugar..I think he said he lost something like 20 pounds in the first 2 weeks..

Kendra commented on This Is What Kevin Smith Looks Like Now

at 12:34PM on Oct 28

Umm..Should I mention that my ex is NOT a child? Seems like I could have phrased that a bit better……

Kendra commented on This Is What Kevin Smith Looks Like Now

at 10:32AM on Oct 28

He bears a striking resemblance to my ex with the shaved face..I have the urge to punch it over and over again..Besides that unfortunate coincidence, he looks like a child! Crazy!