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Kendra commented on Which Celebrity Breakup Are You Still Not Over?

at 9:21PM on Oct 16

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett..I love them both so much individually and felt like they were a dream match! Ugh..Still makes me so sad..And, of course, Britney and Justin..I still hold out hope that someday they’ll get back together and will take over the world! At least, the pop world!

Kendra commented on Warner Bros. Announces A New Trilogy Of Harry Potter Films Is Coming Our Way With MORE Movies Likely To Follow

at 3:52PM on Oct 15

I just crapped my pants a little..This is the best news ever!!

Kendra commented on Watch/Be Horrified: The '80s Cartoon 'Rainbow Brite' Has Been Rebooted Into A TERRIBLE MESS

at 5:20PM on Oct 14

@Joanna – It’s very possible that I spend some mornings watching My Little Pony and I’m a 36-year-old woman..Yes, it’s pretty and adorable, but it’s funny, too! I wish they’d leave the classics alone, but if they do them as well as MLP, I couldn’t be too mad about it..

Kendra commented on Chris Rock Will Host 'Saturday Night Live' With Prince As Musical Guest

at 5:14PM on Oct 14

Bill Hader, Jim Carrey and now Chris Brown?? Season 40 is bringing it!!

Kendra commented on First Listen: Taylor Swift Releases Her New Song 'Out Of The Woods'

at 12:12PM on Oct 14

No worries! I figure I’ll hear it all over the place soon enough, but thanks for sticking up the extra link! Her voice sounds much more mature on this song..I dig it..

Kendra commented on First Listen: Taylor Swift Releases Her New Song 'Out Of The Woods'

at 10:30AM on Oct 14

The video you put up was already taken down.. :(

Kendra commented on OMG Did You Watch ... 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Premiere: 'No Sanctuary'

at 1:03PM on Oct 13

@Karen – Yep! I was watching the marathon yesterday and realized he was the Penguin when that episode came on! That’s probably how I recognized him right away when he was about to be bludgeoned, since I had just seen his episode a few hours before..

Also, the crazy tattoo face guy that they “rescued” from the container, only to be taken out by a walker right after, was one of the bad guys that dragged the girl from the boxcar in the second flashback..I learned that little tidbit from The Talking Dead.. :)

Kendra commented on OMG Did You Watch ... 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Premiere: 'No Sanctuary'

at 11:25AM on Oct 13

Argh! I love this show so much!! I agree, Trent..Last night’s episode was easily one of, if not the, best of the whole series! The trough scene was so brutal, but said so much about the psyche of the people at Terminus..And did you notice the first guy to get the bat to the head was the dude from the episode where Rick tells Carol to leave? I scared the crap out of my son when I started yelling that it was him..

There were so many great moments..The Carol/Daryl and Rick/Judith reunions made me weep like a baby..I’m so happy they’re all together again! Except for Beth, but whatever..When the door to the train car opened and it was just carnage outside and Rick was being a badass? Ugh..I got chills!! And, of course, the return of Morgan..We literally cheered out loud! And they did some GREAT gory stuff, too..Just..So solid..If it’s any indication of how this season is going to be, it’s going to be their best..

Kendra commented on The Jim Henson Company Announces Sequel Films To 'Labyrinth' And 'The Dark Crystal' [UPDATE WITH BAD NEWS]

at 3:24PM on Oct 10

Damn you and your update! I was so excited about this! Still excited for the Dark Crystal, though..I love that movie so much!

Kendra commented on Watch: 'Saturday Night Live' Releases Bill Hader Promo Videos

at 9:42AM on Oct 8

I hope he brings back Stefon..I need to know the hottest clubs in New York to go to for Halloween this year!