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Kendra commented on Watch: 'Dumb And Dumber To' Releases A Second Trailer

at 12:54PM on Sep 26

I’m with Kat..I LOVED Dumb and Dumber and quote it all the time, which I probably shouldn’t have admitted but whatever..It looks like they’ll do some of the same jokes, but they were so funny I don’t even care! I can’t wait for the dumbness!

Kendra commented on Happy Birthday, Omar

at 12:33PM on Sep 26

Aww..Happy Birthday to Omar! He’s a lucky guy to be with our beloved Darion (and Darion’s gorgeous eyes!).

Kendra commented on Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Has Given Birth To Her Second Child -- On Camera

at 12:30PM on Sep 26

Not a Snooki fan at all, but that is a beautiful name..One of the prettiest that a “celeb” (I use that term loosely in regards to Snooks) has used..

Kendra commented on Here Are The Sexy 'Frozen' Costumes For Hallowe'en 2014

at 12:27PM on Sep 26

I could just put on a white onesie and look like Olaf with all my fat rolls..Make it low cut and I’d be a “sexy” Olaf!

Kendra commented on Kanye West & Wife Show Off Their Cleavage At Fashion Week

at 12:23PM on Sep 26

Who wins? Nobody, Trent..Nobody wins when these two morons are in the press..

Kendra commented on Britney Spears Launches Her Lingerie Line 'The Intimate Collection' (And A New Hair'do) In Germany

at 10:26AM on Sep 25

This look is so sleek and sophisticated..She looks gorgeous! And I love her deer in the headlights face..She can never totally shake some of that awkwardness and it makes me love her so much more!

Kendra commented on Kathy Griffin May Replace Joan Rivers On E!'s 'Fashion Police'

at 5:00PM on Sep 24

If this happens, I might actually watch..The other 3 people on the panel aren’t nearly enough to keep me watching so the host would have to be great..I think it’s kind of strange that they’re still doing the show..It just seemed like Joan’s show..I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out..

Kendra commented on What's Your Most Memorable Concert Experience?

at 2:10PM on Sep 21

This is rough..I’ve had some amazing concert experiences..Roger Waters doing The Wall is one that absolutely blew my mind! And I wasn’t even stoned! Or, not TOO stoned, I should say..He sounded amazing..The screens and graphics were INSANE!! Also, the first time I saw The Flaming Lips..They never disappoint, but the first time was something so new for me..I almost cried from the joy they brought!

Beck is my favorite musician ever and I’ve seen him put on some rad shows, but he did one at The Knitting Factory a while ago and it was such an intimate setting..I was up front shooting the shit with him during his set! My friend has a recording of that show and you can hear our banter..It was so awesome..

Oooor the time I got to sing Happy Birthday to Justin Meldal-Johnsen at an Ima Robot show..I sounded awful but what are you going to do when Alex Ebert sticks a mic in your face??

Kendra commented on YES: Jim Carrey Is Coming Back To 'Saturday Night Live'!

at 9:33AM on Sep 20

Yes!! I just wish he could bring some stuff from MADtv..I miss The Disfunctional Home Show..PORK AND BEANS!! Jim Carrey is so awesome..

Kendra commented on First Look: 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Finally Introduces Us To Twisty The Clown

at 1:53PM on Sep 19

Uhhhhh..HELLZ NO!! Except, HELLZ YES because it looks so good!! But still..HELLZ NO because clowns scare the crap out of me anyways and this one is just..just…..HELLZ NO!