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Keegan Hawkeswood commented on Jamie Foxx Confirms His Casting In The Next Spider-Man Film

at 11:25AM on Dec 6

Where is that Electro graphic from? I’ve never seen him looking like that… weird.

I feel like Marvel has a lot of strong villains but Spider-Man (while he has a large rogue’s gallery) doesn’t have the most interesting enemies. It’s a shame that Sony has the rights to Spider-Man for the future and that he can’t be pulled into the much more interesting Marvel Universe that the Avengers/etc. currently occupy (same with the X-Men!)

Keegan Hawkeswood commented on First Look: 'Man Of Steel' Releases Its First Movie Poster

at 12:22PM on Dec 4

It.. kind of looks like bad fan-art. Feels pretty ‘meh’ to me.

Keegan Hawkeswood commented on Twitter Reacts Strongly To The 'Liz & Dick' Premiere

at 2:04PM on Nov 26

I taped it because I had better things to do, but eventually, I’ll open a bottle of wine and watch the whole damn thing. I’ll probably wait for a day when I need a good laugh.