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katie commented on Eddie Redmayne Is Totally, Officially Hot

at 7:27PM on Nov 18

Lol, I was just gushing over his dreaminess last weekend! I barely moved from the couch and watched a bunch of BBC miniseries on Amazon & Netflix. He was in 2 or 3 of them. He is a really great actor and so hot!

katie commented on Watch: Hulk Hogan Goes On 'HuffPost Live' And Talks About His Sex Tape

at 10:40AM on Oct 13

That was fantastic! I’m just glad it happened at the beginning of the interview so that was all I had to watch, lol.

katie commented on It Turns Out That Lindsay Lohan DID Bail Her Mother Out Of Foreclosure

at 8:52PM on Oct 11

I saw that story. These people are totally insane.

katie commented on Jennifer Lawrence Covers British 'Vogue' Magazine

at 4:58PM on Oct 4

They are so cute. I love seeing the random pics of them. They always look like they don’t give a crap about anything other than just being normal. It is really nice thing to see especially when you compare them to some of the other young hollywood types.

katie commented on David Beckham Caught In His Underwear By A Tour Group

at 7:15PM on Oct 3

LOL! So damn funny! They should have charged the people on the bus double for getting that view.

katie commented on Did Nicki Minaj Really Threaten To Kill Mariah Carey?

at 7:12PM on Oct 3

Ugh…these two. I can’t help but think this is EXACTLY what the producers were hoping for. I hope it backfires and no one watches.

katie commented on Another Moving Truck Was Spotted At The Home Of Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson

at 2:53PM on Sep 29

Dang. You might want to take a look in the mirror before you talk about anyone judging another person.

katie commented on Ryan Gosling Is Not A Frontrunner For The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

at 2:31PM on Sep 29

I think pretty much all the actors mentioned are way too good for this crap factory of a series.

katie commented on Dina Lohan Offers Advice To Amanda Bynes's Parents

at 7:25PM on Sep 27

“So it’s a very strategic place” sounds like she is using the wrong words again trying to sound smart. That doesn’t make any sense. What a waste of space.