Kate commented on Thank You For Being A Friend

at 2:39PM on Oct 2

Been visiting this site daily for over 9 years. How can you kick out the main writer who is the heart and soul of this? Sadly, will be removing my bookmark.
Good luck, ladies.

Kate commented on Ciara's Boyfriend Says They're Not Having Sex Because God Told Him 'To Lead Her' In Abstinence

at 12:15PM on Jul 13

Good for them! Who are we to judge what other people do in their personal lives? Let them make their own decisions! Props for taking a very difficult path that is sure to pay off big time in their relationship!

Kate commented on Ryan Murphy Is Giving 'American Horror Story' A 'Huge Reinvention' For Season 5 (Thank The Gods!)

at 4:34PM on Jan 20

Every ep after the death of Twisty is still sitting on my Tivo but I can’t bring myself around to watch them! Here’s hoping S5 will be much better!

Kate commented on Breaking: The US Supreme Court Will Decide The Legality Of Same-Sex Marriage In All 50 US States

at 2:08PM on Jan 16

Praying the outcome will be positive! Whoo hoo!!

Kate commented on Taylor Swift Is Donating Proceeds From Her Song 'Welcome To New York' To NYC Public Schools

at 3:24PM on Oct 31

Success could not come to a more deserving person. Way to go, Tay!

Kate commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Uses A HORDE Of Adorable Kittens To Sell Diet Coke (And Her New Album '1989')

at 2:01PM on Oct 16

Love the tease of the new song – can’t wait for Oct 27!

Kate commented on Watch: Here Is Video Of Sarah Paulson Performing 'Criminal' On 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

at 9:58AM on Oct 16

Can’t wait to see what this season has in store! Excited for Emma Roberts’ debut this season and to see how Twisty and Dandy team up.

Thanks for that screen cap. I may never sleep again.

Kate commented on Watch: 'Mean Girls' Star Lacey Chabert Stars In A Movie Based On The Dating Site Christian Mingle

at 6:08PM on Oct 7

This movie looks so cute. I’m so excited to see it :)