Juneh commented on Movie Review: 'Noah'

at 10:02AM on Apr 1

Darren has never let me down, but I’m afraid he will this time :(

Juneh commented on 'Star Wars' Snap Backs are Sweet

at 9:55AM on Mar 27

Aaah, so cool!

Juneh commented on Watch: Oprah Winfrey Tells Lindsay Lohan Not To Be 'F*cking Up' In This Clip From 'Lindsay'

at 11:42AM on Mar 24

Actions speak louder than words Lindsay.. I’m not rooting for you, but I do believe in happy endings..

Juneh commented on A Venture Into The Valley

at 11:33AM on Mar 24

I had to google Chilli’s haha, but it looks nice!

Juneh commented on MAC Cosmetics Is Releasing A 'Maleficent' Line Of Make-Up

at 1:44PM on Mar 19

Shut up and take my money!

Juneh commented on Gwyneth Paltrow Shares A Throwback Photo Of Philip Seymour Hoffman

at 10:26AM on Feb 4

I loved him in ‘Before the devil knows you’re dead’! He was great in that!

Juneh commented on The Pink Is The New Blog Baby Predicts A Return To Simplicity In 2014

at 10:06AM on Jan 6

This little man is cute! =D

Juneh commented on Ke$ha Has Checked In To Rehab

at 11:02AM on Jan 4

At first, when she emerged onto the scene, I didn’t really like her. But when I saw her show it made me realise how much she really works, I like her openess and her message. I went to see her perform at a festival in July and she was really great! Therefore I give her some credit, I hope she recovers well.

Juneh commented on Lindsay Lohan Is Reportedly Writing A Tell-All Book

at 9:27AM on Dec 15

I agree, my first thought was ” there’s nothing left to write about.. ”