Juneh commented on An Open Letter From One Writer To Her Mentor

at 7:49AM on Sep 13

Shannon, I love that you were a breath of fresh air when you first started writing for PITNB and after all those years it’s refreshing to see your passion is still there! Your passion for Frank Ocean, 90s music, ‘Scandal’, … I’ve loved that you wrote from the heart and I’ve been inspired by it. Your taste in movies always coordinated with mine and when you recommended movies that’d be in theaters here I would go see them. Thank you, for your positivity and your light! x

Juneh commented on The End Of An Era

at 7:43AM on Sep 13

This breaks my heart! I’ve been reading your blog for over six years and you have been my source when it comes to positive blogging! As a european it was wonderful to read your honest opinion, an opinion that has not been clouded by sponsors, endorsements and what not.. something I cannot say for other american bloggers.. Thank you Trent, for those many years of laughter, joy and sometimes tears. I wish you well and peace the spork out! x

Juneh commented on Watch: 'The Loft' Is The Sexy, Suspense Thriller You've Been Hungry For

at 8:57AM on Jan 23

Belgian pride, woohoo! :D

Juneh commented on This Photo Of Britney Spears With Her Sons & Boyfriend At The Beach Will Give You Life

at 10:56AM on Dec 2

‘It’s Britney, Beach’ – So funny, I’m still laughing 15 mins later.. :D

Juneh commented on Watch: S Club 7 Reunited Last Night In Spectacular S Club 7 Style

at 3:52AM on Nov 16

Their singing and dancing was way off :( It kinda ruined it for me :(

Juneh commented on Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Is 'Definitely A Love Story,' According To Jessica Chastain

at 9:12AM on Oct 12

I’m with you! I’ll bring tissues!

Juneh commented on 12 Hot Feminist Dudes We Love

at 9:23AM on Oct 6

I’ve had a bad day, at work, at life, so this made me smile! Thank you

Juneh commented on Eva Mendes Has Given Birth To Ryan Gosling's Baby!

at 12:13PM on Sep 16

Sigh :(