Jess commented on Is This Sorry/Not Sorry Pantene Commercial Actually Empowering For Women?

at 12:34PM on Jun 23

This only applies if you’re not Canadian because, male or female, we pretty much apologize for everything

Jess commented on Floyd Mayweather Believes A Woman Should Be Respected By The Way She Dresses

at 10:59AM on Jun 17

So if I go out covered head to toe with just my vagina hanging out, less than half my body, then I’ll be a’ok in his eyes?

Jess commented on Gigolo Or Not, Lea Michele Is In Lurve With Matthew Paetz

at 7:52AM on Jun 14

Didn’t Lea’s character on Glee date a gigolo too?

Jess commented on Yasss: Miranda Kerr And Flynn Kerr-Bloom Are Perfection In 'Vogue' Australia

at 8:27AM on Jun 8

I love Flynn’s last name, it sounds like the noise you make when you’re imitating an explosion

Jess commented on TLC & Rihanna Are In A Twitter Beef Over Her Excessive Nudity

at 1:11PM on Jun 6

If you watch the actual video neither of them even brings up Rihanna’s name

Jess commented on 5 Ways To Celebrate Shannon's Epic Return To PITNB :)

at 7:54AM on May 14

A) Tears of actual joy at your return
B) I love that you used the photo with the ghost child behind you

Jess commented on Katy Perry Pukes Green Paint In Her New Concert Tour Show

at 12:48PM on May 10

let’s be real, the mechanical horse thing has been done for years

Jess commented on This Is What Leonardo DiCaprio Looks Like When He Dances At Coachella

at 7:42AM on Apr 14

I thought for sure it wasn’t him but I found a few pics on Twitter of what he was wearing that day and it appears to be him!
And seriously, I’m jealous of how free he is

Jess commented on Watch: A Fan Reimagines The Series Finale Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

at 12:16PM on Apr 2

I feel like there might have been more closure if they hadn’t drawn out the wedding all season and instead focused a few episodes on his wife getting sick/dying and then an episode on Ted mulling over whether or he should tell Robin that he loved her. I dunno, just my opinion.