Jess commented on Well, Damn: Kelly Osbourne Flat-Out Calls Giuliana Rancic 'A Liar'

at 11:25AM on Aug 24

Kelly forever playing the victim

Jess commented on First Look: Ciara Is Unsurprisingly Sexy In The 'Dance Like We're Making Love' Video

at 8:11AM on Jul 18

I spent the entire video trying to figure out if she’s in the same mansion used in the Shakira/Rihanna ‘Can’t remember to forget you’ video

Jess commented on First Listen: Demi Lovato's New Single 'Cool For The Summer' Has Leaked To The Internets

at 7:22AM on Jul 1

Reminds me of Domino by Jessie J in some parts

Jess commented on Today Will Be Fun

at 11:57AM on Jun 25

Magic Mike?

Jess commented on NBC Has Cancelled 'Hannibal'

at 2:46PM on Jun 22

I wonder if Fuller has other options? I remember after the will-they-won’t-they-renew for season 2 he said he wasn’t worried because he had other networks making offers. So, I wonder if they’re still available, or if him joining American Gods was a bit of a hint to Hannibal’s demise.

Jess commented on Well, Damn: Taylor Swift Got Apple To Completely Change Their Free Trial Policy

at 7:57AM on Jun 22

Anyone else smell the aroma of a PR stunt?

Jess commented on Watch: The Batmobile Shows Up On The Set Of 'Suicide Squad' [UPDATE]

at 11:47AM on May 26

Didn’t we already know that Affleck was going to be in SS since he was in Toronto awhile ago, or was it still unknown if he’d be there as Batman or just Bruce Wayne?

Jess commented on Movie Review: 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

at 5:25PM on May 15

Literally -just- got back from this movie and I think I’m still catching my breath. I knew i’d enjoy the film, I’d pay to see Tom brushing his teeth if I had to, but I definitely didn’t realize how breathtaking it was going to be. I mean, the scenes with Furiosa screaming on the hill, the scene with the tree and the green lands scene were worth the price of admission alone.

Jess commented on Watch: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Releases A Final Trailer That Is Just As Insane As The Others

at 3:21PM on Apr 29

Everything this man touches turns to gold…except This Means War, that was just bad.

I think, besides TH, I’m most excited for the use of real action vs CGI

Jess commented on Listen: Christina Aguilera Releases A Song Titled 'Shotgun', As Featured On 'Nashville'

at 8:08AM on Apr 22

16 years later and this chick keeps inspiring me