Jess commented on Watch: Aretha Franklin Performs A Medley Of 'Rolling In The Deep' & 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' On 'The Late Show'

at 2:41PM on Sep 30

Absolutely dying at Whitney Houston’s mom in the background

Jess commented on Tom Hardy Got Hitched . . . In Secret, 2 Months Ago!

at 1:02PM on Sep 22

Just a heads up Trent, that’s actually his friend kelly Marcel in the second photo

Jess commented on What's Your Most Memorable Concert Experience?

at 10:56AM on Sep 22

Justin Timberlake/Christina Aguilera with Black Eyed Peas opening. Not only was it my first official concert (I don’t really call 98 degree’s and Jessica Simpson at a fair a concert lol), but it was the most memorable, the most emotional and probably the biggest bang for my buck in regards to talent and the length of the show

Jess commented on Movie Review: 'The Drop'

at 9:22AM on Sep 19

Saw this at TIFF and I was so blown away that I immediately saw it again a week later. Tom’s ability to portray everything a person feels using nothing but his eyes is absolutely insane, not to mention him and Noomi being able to portray their relationship as sweet but also a little bit wary. Gah..I can’t say enough about how amazing this movie is, as well as how sweet the cast was to us fans

Jess commented on Here Is A Batch Of Great Photos From 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

at 8:35AM on Sep 14

I love that he reused a character from Asylum!

Jess commented on Sofia Vergara Is Taunting Us With Photos From Her Romantic Holiday With Joe Manganiello

at 1:24PM on Sep 2

Based on the cropped photo I was totally expecting Joe to be taking it from behind. I have a filthy mind, it’s better I just admit it and move on lol

Jess commented on Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Inspires Twitter To Change Their Policies

at 12:48PM on Aug 14

@Brandyjk I came on to make this exact point! I had a friend who was viciously attacked by a specific poster, saying she deserved the cancer diagnosis and miscarriage because God thought she was evil. Dozens of us filled out the lengthy report forms but Twitter didn’t do a damn thing

Jess commented on Um, Okay: 'Lifetime' Finds Their Missy Elliot And Timbaland For The 'Aaliyah' Movie

at 11:03AM on Aug 10

Izaak, he’s a dancer from So You Think You Can Dance Canada! Although odd choices it looks like they’ve decided to keep a relatively Canadian cast, since it is filmed in Toronto.

Jess commented on Britney Spears Releases A Second Promo Photo From Her New Lingerie Line

at 2:01PM on Aug 9

I’m confused by her nose though, why does it look so…crooked

Jess commented on #ThrowbackThursday: 'Lady Marmalade' And 9 Other Woman-On-Woman Collaborations That Rocked

at 3:09PM on Aug 7

Can we please talk about Can’t Hold Us Down,though? Although it was never really a radio “hit” and the video would probably be considered cultural appropriation if it were released today, this song is -still- fire! P.S. this song was written as an Eminem diss track so that alone makes it a win