Jess commented on Madonna's 'Rolling Stone' Magazine Cover Leaks To The Internets [UPDATE]

at 10:51AM on Feb 25

Love that she’s paying homage to Marilyn Monroe’s Red Sweater photoshoot!

Jess commented on Watch: Ed Sheeran Covers Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' In The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

at 2:08PM on Feb 24

OMG YES!! And then Trent refusing to post anything related to Kim Stewart. Can us “oldies” just get together and reminisce? I feel like it would be super fun

Jess commented on Watch: Ed Sheeran Covers Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' In The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

at 12:40PM on Feb 24

So much Xtina news on this blog recently! Feels like 2006 all over again (yes I realize i’ve just inadvertently mentioned that I’ve been here since 2005 or so)

Jess commented on Zendaya Coleman Brilliantly DESTROYS Giuliana Rancic For Ignorant Comments About Her Oscar Hairstyle

at 12:27PM on Feb 24

This is also the same woman who previously said on the show that Kylie Jenner’s locs were “cool and edge” #justsaying

Jess commented on Watch: Neil Patrick Harris Opened The Oscars With A Brilliant Ode To Hollywood Titled 'Moving Pictures'

at 2:12PM on Feb 23

He got a few snort-laughs out of me but mostly it was a whole lot of ‘wah-wah’ after each joke.

Jess commented on Kelly Clarkson Reveals That No One Wants To Collaborate With Her :(

at 7:37AM on Feb 20

Nice of her to say no one wants to work with her, and then says she won’t work with crap people.

Jess commented on Watch: 'Gotham' Teases The Arrival Of The Joker On Next Week's Episode

at 10:30AM on Feb 10

Is that Ian from Shameless?!

Jess commented on Forgive Me, But I Loved Rihanna's 2015 Grammy Awards Gown

at 7:32AM on Feb 9

I must’ve missed her on the red carpet because when they panned through the audience (from a birds eye view) my first thought was “who’s the Hostess sno ball taking up 3 seats and half the aisle?”

Jess commented on The Final, Mastered Version Of Madonna's Album 'Rebel Heart' Has Leaked Online

at 3:40PM on Feb 3

She should give each of the people she suspects a different demo and see which one actually leaks, a la Tyrion Lannister.