JeniLeeSK8 commented on MTV Will Dedicate 'The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II' To Late Castmembers Diem Brown And Ryan Knight

at 7:38PM on Dec 4

I’m all for new episodes ASAP however MTV never airs challenge and RW at the same time so, while i had a feeling they’d do this, I feel like they moved the challenge premiere up to almost capitalize on the publicity the show is getting because of these deaths and maybe gain viewers and it puts a bad taste in my mouth. For as long as i can remember mtv aired RW then as soon as that ended the challenge premiered. It cant be coincidental that they changed this pattern now :-/

JeniLeeSK8 commented on MTV Star CT Shares A Touching Memorial Online For His Late Girlfriend Diem Brown

at 3:13PM on Nov 20

its funny that they said that because all of CTs friends and some mutual friends of theirs have posted about them being together. very conflicting. there are pics of them from August that are very lovey dovey

JeniLeeSK8 commented on MTV Star CT Shares A Touching Memorial Online For His Late Girlfriend Diem Brown

at 2:22PM on Nov 19

Personally, I see where you’re coming from about CT in general but I feel like you’re maybe only remembering how he was on Duel 2 after their breakup. His brother had just been recently murdered and Diem didnt come to the funeral hence his anger then. I didn’t really see him treat her poorly before or after that – he was always the one encouraging her to be comfortable without her wig and that she was beautiful no matter what. He always seemed to play into his “bad guy” character on the show in his interactions with everyone else but was a softie around her :-) He’s been with her at the hospital this whole time.

I’m hoping they don’t cut her out of the show and instead use her brief appearance to promote MedGift somehow….maybe a fundraising thing after her last appearance or the cast auctioning off their challenge memorabilia with the proceeds going to medgift.

Here’s one of her and CT’s cast pics for the new season :-)

JeniLeeSK8 commented on MTV's 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge' Star Diem Brown Has Passed Away

at 7:41AM on Nov 16

@Trent here’s a really nice post about Diem and about her and CT from one of CT’s friends

JeniLeeSK8 commented on MTV's 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge' Star Diem Brown Has Passed Away

at 7:29AM on Nov 16

I really hope MTV handles this respectfully on the show. I hope they asked Diem what her preference was for the new season….she was only there for a week or two before she collapsed and had to leave so the courteous thing to do would have been to ask her if she would prefer her footage all completely cut as if she was not there or to show it (except for her collapse. NOBODY needs to see that). Regardless MTV better do a special on her with the cast telling stories about her and celebrating her life and hopefully they highlight her MedGift organization in the process!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Which Celebrities Have Totally Hooked Up... In Your Head?

at 4:44AM on Oct 20

Jennie Garth and Luke Perry!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on It Looks Like Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue Ivy Had A Fun Visit To The Louvre Museum

at 11:20AM on Oct 19

If I planned a trip to Europe for months on end then wasn’t allowed into a museum on the day i planned because celebs basically shut it down for themselves last minute……I can’t describe how livid I would be

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Ryan Murphy Will Next Produce A Series For FX Titled 'American Crime Story'

at 10:22AM on Oct 11

2 big holes to fill….Justified ends in the spring too which I am heartbroken about!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on What's Your Most Memorable Concert Experience?

at 6:29PM on Oct 4

I’m I’m late to the party…..catching up on weeks worth of posts!

My most memorable was only a little over a year ago. June 22 2013. As a teen I was a ginormous 98 Degrees fan and have remained so all these years. I was so excited for their reunion tour last summer. When I saw them in concert as a teen I was in the 2nd to last row. This time I was 3rd row and got to meet them at the meet and greet. Then since it was my b day week they surprised me by picking me as one of the 4 girls they brought on stage to serenade with My Everything. Best night everrrrrr!