JeniLeeSK8 commented on Which Celebrities Have Totally Hooked Up... In Your Head?

at 4:44AM on Oct 20

Jennie Garth and Luke Perry!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on It Looks Like Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue Ivy Had A Fun Visit To The Louvre Museum

at 11:20AM on Oct 19

If I planned a trip to Europe for months on end then wasn’t allowed into a museum on the day i planned because celebs basically shut it down for themselves last minute……I can’t describe how livid I would be

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Ryan Murphy Will Next Produce A Series For FX Titled 'American Crime Story'

at 10:22AM on Oct 11

2 big holes to fill….Justified ends in the spring too which I am heartbroken about!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on What's Your Most Memorable Concert Experience?

at 6:29PM on Oct 4

I’m I’m late to the party…..catching up on weeks worth of posts!

My most memorable was only a little over a year ago. June 22 2013. As a teen I was a ginormous 98 Degrees fan and have remained so all these years. I was so excited for their reunion tour last summer. When I saw them in concert as a teen I was in the 2nd to last row. This time I was 3rd row and got to meet them at the meet and greet. Then since it was my b day week they surprised me by picking me as one of the 4 girls they brought on stage to serenade with My Everything. Best night everrrrrr!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Should We All Be More Pissed About Beyoncé Continuing To Photoshop Her Thighs?

at 9:33AM on Sep 18

@OG Emily – couldnt have said it better!!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Apple Will Announce The iPhone 6 At An Event On September 9

at 8:02AM on Sep 5

I love my iPod, but i had an iPhone and after upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy i’ll NEVER go back!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Watch: Jessica Simpson Shares Her Wedding Video With The World

at 8:22AM on Jul 15

you aren’t! i had a one shoulder knee length dress for my wedding that i got from Macy’s for $120. It was super comfortable and the best thing is I had it dyed black afterwards so now its my fancy LBD i can wear again and again :-)

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Lea Michele Remembers Cory Monteith On The Anniversary Of His Death

at 11:38AM on Jul 14

She posted another picture on twitter with a cute caption. def check that one out!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Here Is The Full List Of 2014 Emmy Award Nominations

at 7:02AM on Jul 11

So mad about Tatiana and even more that for the FOURTH year in a row Emmy Rossum was snubbed for Shameless!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Walton Goggins Will Reprise His Role As Venus On The Final Season Of 'Sons Of Anarchy'

at 8:25AM on Jul 7

love him in Justified…one of my top 3 shows ever!!