JeniLeeSK8 commented on Watch: Teachers And Everyone Else In The World Love This Hilarious 'Key & Peele' Sketch

at 8:35AM on Aug 2

Watched this the other day and LOVED IT. For the record, a $55K salary would be amazing….im going into my 9th year of teaching and still only making about 42K….And still spending at least 1,500 a year on my classroom. :-/ blahhh

But kudos to Key and Peele for this terrific sketch!!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Mariah Carey Will Be Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

at 12:10PM on Jul 30

Anyone else find it weird that Paul Rudd got one before Mariah? I love Paul but c’mon.

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Watch: Here Is The First Clip Of Footage From 'The Unauthorized Full House Story' On Lifetime

at 12:03PM on Jul 30

i think the worst thing is that they call Joey “Uncle Joey” … WHAT!?

JeniLeeSK8 commented on 'Entertainment Weekly' Magazine Gives Us Our First Look At 'The Walking Dead' Season 6

at 12:02PM on Jul 30

I know I’m the only one but man as a subscriber to EW I am so darn sick of getting 3 or more issues a year with TWD as a cover story.

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Video Of The 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion Panel Discussion Has Been Released

at 12:46PM on Jun 8

Its unfortunately not full even though they say it is. It started at 7:40 and ended at 9:40 and the “full” video they released is only 48 minutes long. So frustrating. I wanna see the whole thing damnit!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on You Now Have Permission To Brag About Your Awesome Celebrity Twitter Interactions

at 2:06PM on May 13

Sorry for the delay. Sooooo

I have a few favorites and replies from Trevor Donovan from 90210.

Many replies from Jeff from 98 degrees, and two from Nick Lachey and Drew Lachey.

Many favorites and replies from Brent Morin from Undateable.

A reply and a favorite from Ryan Phillippe.

A few DMs and a reply from Chad michael Murray.

A few DMs from Austin Nichols from One tree Hill.

A couple replies from Jason Priestley.

A reply from John Krasinski

A reply from Emmy Rossum

and last but not least a reply from Guillermo Diaz from Scandal :-)

JeniLeeSK8 commented on You Now Have Permission To Brag About Your Awesome Celebrity Twitter Interactions

at 6:11PM on May 4

I have an entire folder of screenshots of all my celeb social media on my phone hahaha I’ll post about it tomorrow from my laptop … the mobile site is slow as molasses for some reason right now

JeniLeeSK8 commented on The Cast Of 'Glee' Flooded Social Media With Photos From Their Last Days Of Filming

at 4:18PM on Feb 23

Made me so happy that Lea took Finn’s framed jersey!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Watch: 'Gotham' Teases The Arrival Of The Joker On Next Week's Episode

at 3:38PM on Feb 21

Love cameron. you gotta watch Shameless Trent. Still think this is a red herring though and he isnt Joker

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Britney Spears & Former BFF Melissa Joan Hart Reunited In Las Vegas Last Night

at 2:48PM on Feb 21

Im weeks behind on the blog…doing a binge catch up….

Man britneys hair and makeup people need to be fired stat….she looks like a drag queen in this picture. Eek