JeniLeeSK8 commented on Apple Will Announce The iPhone 6 At An Event On September 9

at 8:02AM on Sep 5

I love my iPod, but i had an iPhone and after upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy i’ll NEVER go back!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Watch: Jessica Simpson Shares Her Wedding Video With The World

at 8:22AM on Jul 15

you aren’t! i had a one shoulder knee length dress for my wedding that i got from Macy’s for $120. It was super comfortable and the best thing is I had it dyed black afterwards so now its my fancy LBD i can wear again and again :-)

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Lea Michele Remembers Cory Monteith On The Anniversary Of His Death

at 11:38AM on Jul 14

She posted another picture on twitter with a cute caption. def check that one out!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Here Is The Full List Of 2014 Emmy Award Nominations

at 7:02AM on Jul 11

So mad about Tatiana and even more that for the FOURTH year in a row Emmy Rossum was snubbed for Shameless!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Walton Goggins Will Reprise His Role As Venus On The Final Season Of 'Sons Of Anarchy'

at 8:25AM on Jul 7

love him in Justified…one of my top 3 shows ever!!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Can't Fight The Moonlight

at 11:32AM on Jul 4

Trent you have plenty to binge watch! Justified and Veronica Mars are both amazing and both on amazon prime :-)

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Watch: Jimmy Fallon Takes Kevin Hart On The Most Terrifying Roller Coaster Ride OF HIS LIFE

at 10:16AM on Jun 24

Have you been on the Rip Ride? It’s awesome and far from tame! Other than Hulk shooting up the hill it’s like any run of the mill coaster

JeniLeeSK8 commented on YOU Are The New Blog: Does It Suck To Meet A Celebrity Idol?

at 10:03AM on Jun 24

Anytime I have met someone famous that I have been a huge fan of for a while they have exceeded my expectations!! I guess I have been lucky!

JeniLeeSK8 commented on Oh My Hotness! Ryan Phillippe Hits The Beach

at 6:43AM on Jun 11

yup it will be midseason! and it looks awesome

he also has a movie coming soon that he is starring and he directed it as well and i believe he wrote it. It was called Shreveport originally but i feel like they are changing it according to his twitter.