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jen g commented on Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Take Up The Role Of Batman In Future DC Comics Movies?

at 11:15AM on Nov 27

I love Batman and I love JGL. Bring it on!

Also, the guy behind the story getting out is named Drew McWeeny? I know it’s terribly childish, but I snickered. I can’t help it.

jen g commented on Broken

at 7:48AM on Nov 13

Sending much love and hugs from the freezing cold midwest!

jen g commented on Pink Is The NEWER Blog

at 7:10PM on Jul 26

Looooooooove the new design, Trent & co! Sometimes the old pink on black and white on black was hard on my eyes. So excited to be able to read my favorite blog with ease!!

jen g commented on Justin Bieber Is Accused Of Fathering A Love Child

at 10:05AM on Nov 2

Baby, baby, baby, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I don’t want to believe this! I am no giant fan of el Bieber, but I still don’t want to believe this is for reals!

jen g commented on Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge, Goes Grocery Shopping

at 11:45AM on May 6

I really didn’t get all caught up in the Royal Wedding spectacle, but when I saw this today, I think I might have fallen in love with Kate. I want to be BFFs!

jen g commented on Kobe Bryant Fined $100k For Homophobic Remark

at 7:51AM on Apr 14

I have had a very hard time respecting Kobe since the alleged sexual assault years ago, but this just sealed the deal for me. And the apology? Totally half-assed. It’s not like I go around yelling the N word when I am angry and frustrated with someone. It’s inexcusable, especially for a public figure that many people seem to look up to. Shame on you, Kobe. Shame.

jen g commented on Kimberly Stewart Is Pregs With Benicio Del Toro's Baby

at 12:07PM on Apr 11