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Jeannie Kiehl commented on Britney Spears Shares A Photo From Her NEW Music Video Shoot

at 5:50PM on Sep 11

Why does she do her eyebrows like that, they’re too angled and it makes her look creepy.

Jeannie Kiehl commented on Emma Watson Has No Interest In Doing The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

at 12:44PM on Mar 18

she sucks, she should say no and save us all from the misery. Pick good actresses who fit the role, not just some harry pothead actress, cause thats all shes known for. Just like they chose paul walked to play agent 47 in the new hitman movie. Are you kidding me??

Jeannie Kiehl commented on Justin Bieber Shows Jimmy Fallon How He Kisses Girls

at 6:27PM on Feb 6

Hahaha, it looked like he was a little too into it and wanted to keep going, cause then you see Jimmy pull it away from him. wow, yeah, hes been acting weird lately. Why would he even agree to doing that??

Jeannie Kiehl commented on Justin Bieber Grabs A Boobful Of Fan At A Meet & Greet In Miami

at 12:46PM on Jan 29

That just makes him look like a pig and really unattractive

Jeannie Kiehl commented on Justin Bieber Is No Longer Being Sued By The Mother Who Suffered Ear Damage At His Concert

at 8:29AM on Jan 19

Its a concert, of course it’s going to be loud. people are so dumb

Jeannie Kiehl commented on Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Are Pregnant!

at 1:32PM on Dec 17

I’m so excited for them. I just got step up from the library today and posted pictures of them on my tumblr, so what a coincidence :)

Jeannie Kiehl commented on Watch: 'The Lone Ranger' Releases A Second Movie Trailer

at 7:26AM on Dec 12

I’m just sick of Johnny Depp.

Jeannie Kiehl commented on Blonde Bombshell Kylie Minogue Covers 'Elle' UK Magazine

at 6:30PM on Dec 4

She looks amazing with the blonde hair :) So beautiful :)

Jeannie Kiehl commented on Rihanna Is Unsurprisingly Nude And NSFW On The Cover Of 'GQ'

at 1:18PM on Nov 12

How is this NSFW? She’s not showing any nudity, it’s all implied