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janalynn22 commented on 'Her Ass Looks Good In That Song'

at 9:23PM on Aug 24

OMG Shannon, Beyonce just shut that ish down. She owned the VMAs! Every time I start hating on her, she goes and rubs it in my face. And even without a costumer change! Danced and sang her ass off. Check. Did it for 15 minutes when those other younguns can barely do a 3-minute set. Check. Looked amazing. Check. Stood up for feminism. Check. Worked the wind machines like nobody’s business. Check. Sang her billion dollars in an elevator line. Check. Shut down the rumors of marital strife. Check. Had her freaking kid looking so damn cute. Check. Had her sister and former Destiny’s Child members in the audience. Check. Sigh… She wins. #flawless

janalynn22 commented on Lindsay Lohan Shares A Bikini Selfie On Instagram

at 9:05AM on Aug 3

I’m just impressed that her room isn’t a hot mess… Must be the maids… Or maybe she just moved to a new hotel?

janalynn22 commented on Watch: New Video Of Justin Bieber Using The N-Word While Singing About The Ku Klux Klan Has Surfaced [UPDATE]

at 6:25PM on Jun 4

Soooo he was always a f*%^&ing idiotic, ignorant asshole, he just did an “ok” job of hiding it for a bit… Betcha this douche bag still thinks he’s untouchable, just like Anne Frank would have been a belieber… ugh. He’ll still make millions, but with that kind of stupid, racist, narcissistic behavior, he’ll lead a very lonely life.

janalynn22 commented on First Look: Is It Way Too Soon For A Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Movie?

at 7:40PM on May 17

I can’t even with this…

janalynn22 commented on #ThrowbackThursday: Solange Shares A Cute Photo Of Beyoncé On Instagram

at 5:27AM on May 16

Wow I always thought Blue Ivy looked just like Jay. But she actually looks like Beyonce in this picture.

janalynn22 commented on Justin Bieber Makes His First Public Statement Since The Arrest, Aligns Himself With Michael Jackson

at 7:15PM on Jan 24

Would it be going too far to say that Bieber is more delusional than the crack-smoking Canadian mayor? Poor Canada… at least they can still claim the hot Ryans and Rachel McAdams.

janalynn22 commented on Here Are The Top 5 'Oh Hell Nawl' Moments From 'Hatred', Last Night's Episode Of 'Revenge'

at 10:07PM on Jan 20

OMG yaasssss!!! So on point with everything! And I LOVE that the only thing that calmed Sara’s craziness down was her mom telling her that she disappointed her. Nobody can get in a woman’s head like her momma… True story!

Loved this episode. Although I do feel icky that ‘Emily’ has essentially turned into Victoria :( And I too am just going to ignore that cray Conrad business, bc ewww.

janalynn22 commented on 'Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman With Daddy Issues,' And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments

at 7:55AM on Jan 20

Ah! Thanks for the shout out, Shannon. You just made my week!!! :)

janalynn22 commented on Mini Recap: The Number One 'Oh Hell Nawl Moment' From 'Endurance,' Last Night's Episode Of 'Revenge'

at 8:42PM on Jan 13

I’m not feeling this whole Niko storyline. It’s not even that she and Aiden are getting it on (Which directs Emily back to Jack!). It just doesn’t seem to fit, and Emily trusted her immediately. This episode seemed very forced to me.

And with the Niko addition, I do feel like the show could be renamed: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman with Daddy Issues. Kinda long, but pretty much fits almost all the female characters, as well as some males :)