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janaegal commented on Watch: This Disturbing Video Shows How Women Are Treated By Men Just By Walking Around New York City

at 1:02PM on Oct 30

I can actually take this a step further.

If these men (straight men) were to be treated this way by gay men, they would be angry, disgusted and infuriated. But it would still never change their way of thinking.

janaegal commented on Watch: This Disturbing Video Shows How Women Are Treated By Men Just By Walking Around New York City

at 5:38PM on Oct 28

The comments are even more disturbing. It’s not my obligation to the world to smile on demand and talk to complete strangers or to get stopped and harassed for POINTEDLY avoiding eye contact. Doesn’t matter if my headphones are in and I’m reading a book, it’ll happen. If I smile politely and answer with a simple hi or thanks, it invites more unwanted attention. If I ignore them, more than often I’ll be called a bitch or stuck up.

It’s just further proof that women are not treated as human beings the vast majority of the time, we’re treated as objects.

janaegal commented on The Dallas Cowboys Have Cut Michael Sam From Their Practice Squad

at 7:11PM on Oct 21

I actually think it has to do with the Cowboys having such an amazing season, the asshole owner Jerry Jones (I can say that as a long time fan) doesn’t have a need for publicity right now like he did when he signed him.

Michael Sam is a great player, he should have been drafted in one of the first few rounds. I’m disappointed that he’s not with a team, but I’m still holding out hope!

janaegal commented on 'American Horror Story' Has Been Renewed For A 5th Season

at 12:15PM on Oct 13

I also read Jessica Lange is interested in doing another season. I’m curious if she’ll pop over on American Crime Story instead though.

janaegal commented on Watch: Here Is Video Of Pearl Jam Performing 'Imagine' By John Lennon On What Would've Been His 74th Birthday

at 10:57AM on Oct 13

My boyfriend is an obsessive Pearl Jam fan (almost to the point of being embarrassing but then I remember how I talk about Ryan Gosling so all is forgiven) and I have to say, I never really thought twice about them before meeting him. Now, 5 years later, I’m actually a fan of them and their music (don’t tell my bf) and they do some incredible covers.

janaegal commented on OMG Did You Watch ... 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Premiere: 'No Sanctuary'

at 10:53AM on Oct 13

It. Was. So. Good!!!

janaegal commented on Whoa: Raven-Symoné Says She Doesn't Want To Be Called 'Gay' Or 'African-American'

at 11:56AM on Oct 6

I don’t know, i sort of agree with the essence of what she’s saying. Why do POC have to specify African American/ Mexican American while you NEVER hear caucasians say European American. There isn’t a qualifier on whites while there are a million of POC and the homosexual community. And as my dad found out the hard and expensive way, it’s incredibly hard to trace on Ancestry when you’re a POC because they weren’t exactly interested in keeping accurate records for slaves being brought to American, if they kept them at all. And names were changed and families broken apart. So it’s not as easy for me to go back past 5 generations as it may be for my boyfriend, who is white, and who was able to go back to the 1400′s for his family linage.

janaegal commented on Jennifer Hudson Says She Is In Talks To Return For A Third 'Sex And The City' Movie

at 11:57AM on Oct 4

I didn’t really care for Jennifer Hudson in the first film, I think she’s an actress who tries to hard to be charismatic and comedic.

But yes, there needs to be a final and BETTER chapter to the SATC films. I suspect actors are talking about it publicly because they’re trying to gauge interest for the studio.

janaegal commented on The Clooney's share their photos with 'Vogue' Italy

at 11:53AM on Oct 4

These pictures depress me for two reasons. 1. George is married (as if Ryan Gosling having a baby wasn’t bad enough) and 2. I’ll never look that gorgeous on my wedding day. That Amal Alamuddin is something else! Kate Middleton who??

janaegal commented on I Just Love These White Lesbians Suing The Sperm Bank Because They Got A Biracial Baby

at 11:52AM on Oct 4

This actually reminded me of a book I read a while ago called Handle With Care, by Jodi Picoult. It’s about a mother who has a severely disabled daughter and decides to sue for not being given the option of abortion. There are a lot of issues at play, but the moral of the story is that the mother does love her child and the lawsuit is to simply win money to provide for her child’s very expensive needs. Despite the fact that one day, her daughter will learn the details of the lawsuit and think her mother didn’t want her.

But that’s a book. Not real life. So while I would like to hope against hope that this is what these mothers are doing, I’ve been around long enough to know that statements like she never even met a black person in college mean something. I feel sorry for this child. I’m angry at these women who wanted to be mothers, but had apparent and disgusting conditions.