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janaegal commented on A Quick Trip Home

at 11:42AM on Sep 9

Lots of love and light to you and yours!

janaegal commented on The Dallas Cowboys Are Interested In Signing Michael Sam To Their NFL Team

at 12:38PM on Sep 3

Which is exactly why Jerry Jones would want him. We (yes I’m one of those obnoxious fans who says we) have played so poorly for the last decade (ahem or two) that what is making Jerry money right now is the incredibly high sales of his merchandise.

I’m actually really happy about this development, because our defense can use the help. And I’m happy to see Michael Sam (hopefully) playing in the NFL, so hopefully it won’t be such a big deal one day!

janaegal commented on Work Space

at 12:35PM on Sep 3

I LOVE seeing pictures of the new place! Redecorating and arranging is so much fun to me. Congrats on the new place!

janaegal commented on Damn! Jennifer Lawrence's Nude Photos Hit The Interwebs, Along With Dozens Of Others From A-List Celebrities

at 10:22AM on Sep 2

Spoke too soon I guess…

Whether you want to pose nude on the cover of Sports Illustrated or in the privacy of your own home, that’s your right. The difference in the world seeing both of them is in one instance is with your consent, which is huge! Using that logic of “How is a shot of Kate Upton covering her boobs with her hand any different than what she shows for Sports Illustrated” is very similar to saying “well, she’s had consensual sex with her husband before, so it’s not rape if she repeated says no this time.”

CONSENT is needed or it is not okay. Plain and simple.

janaegal commented on Jennifer Lawrence's Rep Comments On Her Nude Photos Leak

at 10:09AM on Sep 2

I have to say, I’m glad to see there isn’t a whole lot of “Well if you don’t want personal nude photos leaked, don’t take them”…which is incredibly victim blaming.

I do think I’ve seen leaked photos posted in the past (though I can’t be for sure) but everyone should be given the chance to grow and learn. I’m glad to not see any here today!

janaegal commented on CeeLo Green Implies Unconscious Rape Is Consensual Sex

at 9:57AM on Sep 2

He and his way of thinking are disgusting and FAR too common!

janaegal commented on STOP EVERYTHING! Britney Spears Just Posted Video Of Her Woody Woodpecker Impression!!!

at 4:57PM on Aug 22

hahah her smile at the end is too cute for words!!!

janaegal commented on Uh Oh! Chloë Grace Moretz Caught Holding Hands With A Boy That Is NOT Brooklyn Beckham

at 3:58PM on Aug 22

Or her publicist is trying to push the Beckham thing ahead of her film opening?

janaegal commented on Beyoncé Attempts To Distract Us From Photoshop Controversies With Blue Ivy's Adorable Footwear

at 3:57PM on Aug 21

She’s passive aggressively calling you out Shannon! You better get THREE pictures up of your kid’s kicks! ;)

janaegal commented on Okay, Now I'm Starting To Think Beyoncé Is Photoshopping Her Instagram Photos

at 1:00PM on Aug 20

See, I believe that they are photoshopped for the opposite reason…Beyonce has always seemed completely disingenuous and too business minded to be “real”.

However, it doesn’t bug me, because I always assume an assistant is running most of these IG pages, with approval from the talent of course.