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janaegal commented on Michelle Rodriguez Confirms That She Is Dating Cara Delevingne

at 12:40PM on Feb 18

I also sort of raised an eyebrow at the age gap…some couples makes it work though and Michelle Rodriguez has never seemed all that mature to me, so maybe they are a good fit. Cheers to them both. Literally.

janaegal commented on Is Selena Gomez Drinking Alcohol Post-Rehab?

at 11:35AM on Feb 18

I’m usually the biggest cynic, but I just do not see her as having an issue with alcohol. I do however think she was in rehab for issues with depression (which maybe stemmed from her relationship with Beiber or maybe just the pressures of being that young with that sort of fame/money/power).

My boyfriend works at a rehab facility for teens with addictions and they take on teens battling depression as well. However, a lot of times they leave earlier than recommended, mainly because a rehab that concentrates on addictions isn’t the best place for the mentally ill. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why her rehab stay was so short

janaegal commented on The Anniversary Issue

at 11:30AM on Feb 18

It’s cliche, but they get easier over time. Then one day, maybe a few years from now, the day will pass and you won’t even realize it. Lots of light and love to you Trent!

janaegal commented on Mia Farrow Responds To The Release Of Daughter Dylan Farrow's Sex Abuse Letter

at 12:52PM on Feb 5

I’d like to believe that a father wouldn’t do sick and horrible things to his daughter. Either way, there is clearly some perversion in this family and it’s obviously the children who have to suffer.

My gut tells me that Woody Allen, while a bit on the brilliant side, isn’t completely innocent. And for that, my heart completely breaks for that poor girl and who ever else may have been affected by him. My gut also tells me Mia Farrow isn’t completely innocent either though, while I think it’s a bit farfetched to say she was the mastermind behind a lie of that kind, I don’t know how to separate the mother who fought against a child molestor and one who supported a rapist (Roman Polanski).

The bottom line is that we live in such a damn rape culture, which makes me want to protect and advocate for that young woman, despite me not knowing what really happened. It’s an awful situation either way, but I commend her for having the courage to tell her story.

janaegal commented on A Judge Approves Long-Term Psychiatric Hold For Amanda Bynes

at 3:45PM on Sep 2

Hope she gets the help she seems to need! Mental illness is no joke and it seems like someone is finally taking her seriously!

janaegal commented on Ben Affleck Has Been Cast As The New Batman, The Internet Loses Its Shizz

at 10:52AM on Aug 24

I don’t know, I hate to discriminate and I LOVE me some JGL, but he just never seemed…tall enough to play Batman. Yeah, i said it.

I actually like the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman. I think that he is charismatic enough to play Bruce Wayne and is old and gritty enough to play Batman. I’m intrigued.

janaegal commented on Kevin Federline & Victoria Prince Got Hitched!

at 1:53PM on Aug 11

I think there is something very romantic about getting engaged and married in the same weekend, but the act that he waited all these years to do it, takes away some of the charm.

Of course, that could just be my own bitterness talking…going on 4 years waiting on my boyfriend.

janaegal commented on Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Her Daughter's Reaction To Her 'Maleficent' Character

at 1:51PM on Aug 11

I’m so excited to see this, I adore retellings!