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janaegal commented on STOP EVERYTHING! Britney Spears Just Posted Video Of Her Woody Woodpecker Impression!!!

at 4:57PM on Aug 22

hahah her smile at the end is too cute for words!!!

janaegal commented on Uh Oh! Chloë Grace Moretz Caught Holding Hands With A Boy That Is NOT Brooklyn Beckham

at 3:58PM on Aug 22

Or her publicist is trying to push the Beckham thing ahead of her film opening?

janaegal commented on Beyoncé Attempts To Distract Us From Photoshop Controversies With Blue Ivy's Adorable Footwear

at 3:57PM on Aug 21

She’s passive aggressively calling you out Shannon! You better get THREE pictures up of your kid’s kicks! ;)

janaegal commented on Okay, Now I'm Starting To Think Beyoncé Is Photoshopping Her Instagram Photos

at 1:00PM on Aug 20

See, I believe that they are photoshopped for the opposite reason…Beyonce has always seemed completely disingenuous and too business minded to be “real”.

However, it doesn’t bug me, because I always assume an assistant is running most of these IG pages, with approval from the talent of course.

janaegal commented on Do We Need More Safe Spaces To Talk About Depression?

at 12:40PM on Aug 18

While there is a difference between situational depression and clinical depression, I’m surprised that with SO many people experiencing depression in one way or the other that there is such a lack of empathy.
I have clinical depression and have been able to battle it with the help of an incredible psychologist and finding the right medications for me. However, I still have a lot of dark days and find myself struggling to vocally admit that, because I still feel constantly judged. I think one of the hardest parts of clinical depression is I don’t have a reason for why I am sad. On paper, my life is pretty great, but I still have plenty of moments where life is unbearable and I want to end it. I wish I could tell friends/family that I’m struggling for reasons that are hard to explain and have that be enough. Instead, everyone wants to know WHY and WHAT’S WRONG. I wish I knew, something in my brain just doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. If mental illness had less of a stigma, if it was discussed more often and people were educated about the logistics behind mental illness, I think that we’d (as a society) be on a much better path to treating depression and other mental illnesses. I wish I felt comfortable enough to go to my boss and say, Getting out of bed and showering was a struggle today and I may underperform because of it, the same way I would tell her, Hey I have a cold and it’s slowing me down a bit.
If we can open up a dialogue about depression, both in it’s clinical and situational state, I think it would go a long way to removing the stigma which is such a horrible hindrance.

janaegal commented on 'Us Weekly' Claims Beyoncé Is Planning To Divorce Jay Z

at 2:04PM on Aug 15

Agreed, I completely think that Robin Williams deserved the cover!

I’ve always had trouble believing in the validity of A. their projected perfect marriage and B. their marriage at all. A while ago a blind item went around about a business arrangement/marriage that was coming to an end soon after a joint project which people assumed was about them. It would make sense they’d want their breakup to be a huge deal, so squashing rumors with happy pics seems about par for the course. Who knows though, I just love a good conspiracy theory. I’m sure all is fine.

janaegal commented on Rumor Has It That Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin ARE DATING!

at 1:58PM on Aug 15

I read that Paltrow is dating the co-creater of Glee, so while this is a very surprising mix (not Jake G/Taylor Swift surprising but still pretty random), I’m not shocked he’s dating too

janaegal commented on Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Very Proud To Be A Feminist

at 10:15AM on Aug 15

He could get it.

janaegal commented on Robin Williams's Wife Reveals That He Had Early Stages Of Parkinson's Disease Before He Died

at 4:07PM on Aug 14

I actually do understand where you’re coming from, although I have to also disagree. The problem with my post was this…as someone who suffers greatly from depression, I never want to make it seem like it is hopeless and Robin Williams and others are “free” from their pain. I have been lucky, I’ve managed to live with depression for most of my life. Robin was able to battle his depression for 63 years, that is an incredible feat. However, saying it was a choice to take his own life puts the blame (in my eyes) on him. It shouldn’t be on him, it should be on his illness. Clinical depression (what I have, versus situational depression which most people will suffer from at some point in their life) is a defect in your brain’s chemistry. Often your brain is not producing enough serotonin, which is why SSRI’s are prescribed to try to help restore that balance. The reason why I bring this is up is to stress that depression is a flaw in chemistry, not in personality or will or strength. If a person of severe schizophrenia where to jump in front of a train and die, most people wouldn’t blame that person’s will or for making a choice.

Either way you look at it though, regardless of opinion, it’s a tragic ending to such a wonderful talent.

janaegal commented on Robin Williams's Wife Reveals That He Had Early Stages Of Parkinson's Disease Before He Died

at 2:09PM on Aug 14

She actually released an statement before his children, so this is her second. That leads me to believe it’s important to her that people know this was a battle lost more to depression than a relapse in his battle with addiction. I actually appreciate this because I don’t think depression is taken seriously enough by the majority of the general public. So for people to know this (perhaps) wasn’t directly caused by a relapse in his addiction issues (which I think are far more accepted as “serious” afflictions, though still not taken as seriously as they should be) is important.

Also, I would love if we as a public can discontinue using the phrase “committed suicide” . You COMMIT a murder. You COMMIT a crime. Robin Williams died as a result of his disease, depression. It killed him the same way cancer or drug addiction kills.