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janaegal commented on 'OK!' Magazine Claims That Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Are Having A Baby!

at 12:36PM on Jul 9

Also, like the brilliant Shannon would say…


janaegal commented on 'OK!' Magazine Claims That Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Are Having A Baby!

at 12:35PM on Jul 9

I very sadly (like dramatically horrified, tears, sobs, throwing myself on my bed in a tantrum) believe this one. Remember when she wouldn’t go through the airport scanner ac couple of months back?

And I’m just gonna say it…this relationship has always struck me as a bit one sided. I have a number of friends who have gotten pregnant to “secure the deal”.

janaegal commented on Theater Review: 'Newsies'

at 1:01PM on Jul 7

the dancing was INSANE! I’ve seen the movie years ago, but I really loved this staging!

janaegal commented on The Director Of 'The Notebook' Reveals That Ryan Gosling Hated Rachel McAdams During The Filming Of Their Movie

at 12:34PM on Jul 2

I’ve actually heard this before, I think they both have mentioned it in other interviews. I’m not sure if they hated each other, but they definitely seem to imply that they had tension. Clearly they figured out a productive way to work out that tension ;)

janaegal commented on Can't Fight The Moonlight

at 2:35PM on Jul 1

Coyote Ugly is to bars what Centerstage is to ballet. Totally unrealistic but fun as hell to watch!

janaegal commented on Robert Downey, Jr.'s Son Indio Falconer Was Arrested For Drug Possession

at 12:39PM on Jun 30

RDJ is such an incredible example of the success story everyone wants to see/hear with addicts. However, I’m of the (cynical perhaps) mind that it’s not always how hard you work to get past your addiction, sometimes this disease just wins. I really hope his son will be one of the lucky ones, rather than another incredibly sad statistic!

janaegal commented on R. Kelly's Youngest Child Comes Out As Transgender

at 1:19PM on Jun 10

I want to call him brave, but then it makes me sad that something like coming out should be considered brave in the first place. I wish it was the same as announcing you want to be a teacher or have 5 kids or are lactose intolerant.

Kudos to Jay and I hope he continues to find the love and support he so desperately deserves.

janaegal commented on Lil' Kim Gave Birth To A Lil' Girl . . . And You'll Never Believe What She Named Her

at 3:51PM on Jun 9

Royal Rain, Royallllll RRRaaaaain.

Sorry, but she missed the perfect opportunity for her daughter to have a theme song of sorts. Shame.

janaegal commented on Scout Willis Is Walking The Streets Of NYC Completely Topless As A Protest Against Instagram's Policy Against Female Nudity

at 3:59PM on May 28

I actually love this. My first thought was, Well if i saw her in person I would feel uncomfortable. And why is that? Because society tells us that women are only to be used as sexual objects, instead of human beings. When I see a man without his shirt, I’m either disinterested, or interested based his level of attractiveness, but it’s really not any more time consuming than if I were to see a man’s attractive or unattractive face. I make a note of it and move on. Why can’t we do the same for women?

Unfortunately I don’t think it will change Instagram’s policy, but I do think it will get conversation rolling, which is an important step.