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Iris B commented on Uh Oh! There Are Lots Of Changes Happening With The 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Movie

at 4:16PM on Apr 3

Okay, I refuse to watch the movie until I see your review, Trent. With that said, I’m going to refuse watching any other thing about it. I’m scared.

Iris B commented on James Franco Tried To Hook Up With A 17-Year Old Girl, She Declined

at 3:57PM on Apr 3

I am extremely conflicted over this. Half of me wants to laugh my ass off due to the absurdity of it all, the other half of me is extremely disgusted, especially due to her age. I know 17 is the age of consent, but far would he go for a 16 year old? Or 15? Her mother was there, and he still attempted…

Iris B commented on Inventive Artists Give Disney Characters Clever Gender Reassignment

at 1:59PM on Mar 14

I haven’t seen this yet on Tumblr! Wooooaaahhh. These artists are amazing.
PS – Perhaps one day you’ll guys will set up a PitnB Tumblr? I’d follow the hell out of that.

Iris B commented on Watch: Jennifer Lopez Releases A SEXY Music Video For Her New Single 'I Luh Ya Papi'

at 11:52AM on Mar 14

I love this. Love, love, Love. (Wait, luh luh luhhhh this!)

Iris B commented on Watch: Lindsay Lohan Got Super Soaked On 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon'

at 10:48AM on Mar 7

This was adorable! I forgot this was the old Lindsay…
BTW – she did me a huge favor by getting Jimmy in the chest. I um, yeah – I didn’t realize he had the potential to look that good.

Iris B commented on Listen: Here Is A Britney Spears Demo, Produced By Bloodshy And Avant, That Was Rejected From 'Britney Jean'

at 6:14PM on Mar 1

This blows, because I like this song 100x more than anything else on the album. :-( Bummer.

Iris B commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From The Spring Premiere Of 'Scandal'

at 2:30PM on Feb 28

Oh, how I missed these recaps. But let me say one thing: Being a cop’s daughter, I will die if anyone said those things to my father. I will turn red, cry, burn, and light myself on fire due to embarrassment. Then I’m going to burn the ever-living fun out of the DB, because payback is payback.

Iris B commented on Watch: Kanye West Defends Drake, Attacks 'Rolling Stone', Tim Cook & More In An Epic 20-Minute Concert Rant

at 4:38PM on Feb 16

In the crowd, it came across as “funny” as opposed to bragging, because he was singing it with the autotune.

While you are absolutely right and he does say idiotic things, I think the fuel to his fire was how rappers still feel they don’t have any respect in mainstream media. (Grammys, Drake with Rollingstone, etc), and it was nice to feel that he was being in camaraderie with other rappers in his league, instead of against them. Which I guess was the whole problem with Drake vs. Kanye in those comments, so it made them a team as opposed to rappers going to fight/hurt each other.
But of course, he can always react and speak better. It will always be a downfall for him.

Iris B commented on Watch: Kanye West Defends Drake, Attacks 'Rolling Stone', Tim Cook & More In An Epic 20-Minute Concert Rant

at 1:09PM on Feb 16

Trent, I @’d you and Shannon last night on Twitter, so you can be alerted to get this. I’m not sure if was just because I was there, the atmosphere, and with him playing all of his old hits (Graduation, Late Registration, and more) so I was feeling lost in nostalgia, but this was insightful to hear from him.
Kanye doesn’t want to be involved with rapper battles that the media comes up with. It was cool to hear him give shout outs to Drake and others, to hear that he wants people to appreciate him as an artist (within music, fashion, etc).

Kanye touching on race, media portrayal, and culture? This was priceless.

If you were in the audience, you were really flowing with his words and the way he was building of connection to us. Kanye is a funny dude, even making fun of his “genius” behavior, while criticizing the media for always pinning him as a bad guy.

Yes, I agree he does some amazingly stupid things, but this in the middle of the show, made me become a bigger fan of his.