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Iris B commented on Does Nick Offerman Even Make Sense Without His Mustache?

at 9:20AM on Jan 26

I honestly thought this was Rain Wilson when I gave photos a small glance.

Iris B commented on Is Everyone Being Way Too Hard On Lena Dunham?

at 9:06AM on Jan 25

I can only stomach Lena oh-so-much, but ever since her Golden Globes red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest, I was taken aback and proud when she stated that she deleted Twitter (I’m assuming off her mobile devices only.), to create a safe space and ignore death threats and horrible comments.

One, it shows that she is bold enough to mention how trolls can affect her. I didn’t think she was whining, which was a plus. Two, she flummoxed the hell out of Ryan Seacrest and I cackled. Anyone who can do that live to RS, makes me feel some sort of camaraderie with them.

The quotes that the media picked out from the Sundance panel makes me want to know more of what she said. I guess I’m more willing to hear Lena’s stance on tough topics.

Iris B commented on First Listen: Rihanna Nabs Paul McCartney And Kanye West For Her New Single 'FourFiveSeconds'

at 8:43AM on Jan 25

I’ve listened to it about…15x since last night. If I had the chance to read the lyrics, I would have never expected it to be acoustic.

It feels tongue-in-cheek: the music makes you mellow and feel good, but the lyrics are hilarious. They’re not what you expect for this song. This would be fun in a concert or with a group of friends – you’re pissed off or acting crazy from a live-show high, but screaming the lyrics out would feel therapeutic.

Iris B commented on Jessica Chastain Boasts The Greatest Celebrity Yearbook Photo, Ever

at 9:22AM on Jan 10

Bella Thorne looks like she descended from this high school pic. Weird.

Iris B commented on Blue Ivy Had A Rainbow Cake At Her 'Frozen'-Themed Birthday Party

at 6:01PM on Jan 9

Nathan, I’m an ass, sorry! @Nicole, this sounds…interesting.

Iris B commented on Blue Ivy Had A Rainbow Cake At Her 'Frozen'-Themed Birthday Party

at 3:43PM on Jan 9

Usually just plain cake or vanilla cake. Food coloring dye doesn’t have a taste.

Iris B commented on Justin Bieber Shares A Photo Of His Broken Foot On Facebook

at 4:34PM on Jan 5

“…not to mention the dress he was wearing over his leather pants…”

Iris B commented on Who Knows How To Make (And Keep) A Good New Year's Resolution?

at 3:33PM on Jan 4

The make-up routine (trying to get the winged eyeliner game on point) and just being better with the self-esteem and life goals.

Iris B commented on Ariana Grande And Big Sean Are Still The Weirdest Thing To Me

at 1:24PM on Jan 4

Then I think it’s even weirder to know that Naya got over him by being married to someone else so quickly. That was completely bizarre to me.

Iris B commented on 'Spice'd Up My World

at 4:24PM on Dec 28

The Interview will never get on your good side. But I’m glad you saw Spice World regardless! :-P