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at 7:38PM on Dec 7

AHHH, during NYCC, I was able to go to the second season’s screening and watch the first episode. It was pretty good. I have to start it from scratch!

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at 8:23AM on Dec 7

Wow, what a way to give your daughter a complex. Yikes.

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at 11:39PM on Dec 4

I know, Shannon! Originally I was going to mention that after Dolly Parton and Whitney, no one should attempt to remake, but then I listened and I became sad over Whitney. Sorry, I’ll do better for next time! :-)

Iris B commented on #ThrowbackThursday: 12 Songs That Should Never, Ever Be Remade

at 3:28PM on Dec 4

…I can’t believe I forgot Kelly’s “Since U Been Gone.” But yesss! Your list is so good!! I can see that we’re going to need a part two eventually!

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at 3:41PM on Dec 3

But Iron Man had a cartoon series! I just can’t remember anything about Vision. Oops.

Iris B commented on The Backstreet Boys Movie 'Show 'Em What You're Made Of' Will Hit Theaters In January

at 10:23AM on Dec 3

WHEEEEEE! I’m sure I’ll catch this in theaters. The do one better than a movie: every year they have a cruise they go on with their fans for a weekend. I can’t wait until I make money for that one, lol.

Iris B commented on Dear Parents Everywhere, Are You Talking About Racism With Your Kids?

at 12:19PM on Dec 2

I thought I edited to say this, but not speaking Spanish and being judged for that is nothing CLOSE to being oppressed by your skin color. You are not losing jobs over it, you are not being attacked in the street for it, and you’re most definitely not being killed over not knowing a language. Think about it.

Iris B commented on Dear Parents Everywhere, Are You Talking About Racism With Your Kids?

at 11:56AM on Dec 2

Right, so I want to take this piece and break it apart with a counter-argument, but not to attack you. There are multiple issues going on and I feel you may be lost in a complex. This is going to be so freaking long, I’m sorry Shannon and Trent.

One thing – there is a special club that has killed (still kills) blacks. It’s called the KKK and during protests, you see that some of them have come out to antagonize the protestors.

Now about the facts about Darren Wilson responding to the robbery. There are some shady facts in this case. When the case was first reported, there was no mention of a robbery until way after. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson was sitting on the evidence (the video) for a while before it was released to the media. If Darren Wilson went over to Mike Brown because of this call, why wasn’t that information released much sooner than it was? As a cop’s daughter, I understand and KNOW that cases have to be under wraps until all evidence is inspected with a fine-tooth comb. Fine. However, they allowed Mike Brown’s body to stay there for hours without covering it up. Then Police Chief Thomas Jackson did something: On a Friday morning, he said that Darren was answering the call from dispatch about the robbery and that’s why he encountered Brown. However, that same afternoon, the SAME police chief said in a later press conference that no, Darren wasn’t there for the robbery at all. He was in the area for a traffic problem. Okay, which is it? SO MUCH CONFUSION and cops have to get all their evidence in order.

Yes, there are situations one should always walk away from, because the outcome can cause a dangerous situation to occur. But to be called those names over and over and have her kids cursing the man out, sometimes people are just TIRED of being treated this way repeatedly. The man videotaping the woman did not resort to violence by recording her. He didn’t call any woman from his life to come and fight this woman. She was wrong! She is bigoted. It needs to be recorded and shown to the world because this behavior is sickening.

I realize that when there is looting/riots, people focus on the minorities at all times. Let’s go back to Hurricane Katrina: Check out this Huff Po article that discusses the media scrutiny of Hurricane Katrina. The title of it is “Black People ‘Loot’ Food, White People ‘Find’ Food.” “
There are even pictures that show proof that media coverage is biased. There is a lot more out there, but I’m already writing a dissertation here.

All right, so your from Spain and Denmark. Beautiful mix, but about being mix-raced. Spain is Spanish, and I hope I’m not messing this up completely, but still European. That’s a whole different ball game from being Latin/Hispanic. Wanna know why Hispanics came about? I’m going to use Puerto Rico (since I am full-Puerto Rican) and Mexico as my examples because I know most about their history: Spaniards came to conquer our lands. They most definitely brought slaves in. Mexico is part of North America, so I would think that when they conquered those lands, they definitely enslaved THOSE natives and brought slaves from Africa with them.

Here’s a wiki and a quote: “The history of Puerto Ricans of African descent begins with the immigration of African free men called libertos, who accompanied the invading Spanish Conquistadors.[6] The Spaniards enslaved the Taínos (the native inhabitants of the island), and many of them died as a result of Spaniards’ oppressive colonization efforts. This presented a problem for Spain’s royal government, which relied on slavery to staff their mining and fort-building operations. Spain’s ‘solution’ was to import enslaved West Africans. As a result, the majority of the African peoples who entered Puerto Rico did so as a result of the forced migration of the Atlantic slave trade, coming from many different societies of the African continent.”
There is also an amazing book about slavery in Puerto Rico that I have on my wish list because mi gente! I have to know more about my people!:

As 100% Puerto Rican (Or not really, since we all cultivate from different areas, Spain, Portugal, Africa, etc), I do not speak Spanish at all. So I understand where you’re coming from. But there is a lot of your history you need to read because you’re mixing concepts. There is also more facts you should read about the Mike Brown case. I hope you don’t feel attacked in this random freaking comment, but I felt it was important to respond to you.