Iris B

Iris B commented on Ciara's Boyfriend Says They're Not Having Sex Because God Told Him 'To Lead Her' In Abstinence

at 9:24AM on Jul 12

I’m just…completely amused by the fact that this is the woman who made me Google what the helicopter move was about… I just can’t remember what song/show/performance she did that made me research it. But it was definitely her.

Iris B commented on First Look: Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé's Music Video For 'Feelin' Myself' Has Leaked Online

at 3:43PM on May 18

I like the song so much more due to the video. Yay!

Iris B commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Has Released Her Mini-Movie Music Video For 'Bad Blood'

at 9:30AM on May 18

I know Joseph Kahn has a director’s cut somewhere out there – but this was perfect to me. I want a longer version, but I was happy and thrilled to see so many kick-ass women.


Iris B commented on Joan Holloway-Harris Stole The 'Mad Men' Series Finale

at 8:19AM on May 18

Watching the finale as my first episode made me feel exactly like Joan, when snorting coke for the first time: “I feel like someone just gave me very good news!”

That episode was like Jesus came down and thumped this “Mad Men” Bible in front of me, so YES, I don’t regret it, and YES, I’m a convert and I’m going to drink up this “good news” like it’s no tomorrow, because I’m invested and it’s for my salvation.


Iris B commented on First Look: Britney Spears Releases The Music Video For 'Pretty Girls'

at 2:44PM on May 13

I’m here for Britney having fun and having time of her life. That’s all. Yep.

Iris B commented on Fox Has Cancelled 'The Mindy Project'

at 8:38AM on May 7

Haha! You’re right, I was super bummed and Hulk’d out last night. Last season wasn’t the greatest, but Fox REALLY messed up by not giving TMP another season to (at least) finish off two of the major plots.

I believe the streaming views for TMP have always been high, and NBC Universal knows they have a prize on their hands, so it’ll work out. BESIDES, Mindy winking at us while on vacation? She has no worries about her show moving on to better pastures.

Iris B commented on First Look: Kanye West, Diddy, Riccardo Tisci and André Leon Star In The New Documentary 'Fresh Dressed'

at 7:43AM on May 4

Maybe I didn’t catch it, but I didn’t see any mention of Baby Phat or Phat Farm OR Russell Simmons. That hit me as very odd.

Iris B commented on You Now Have Permission To Brag About Your Awesome Celebrity Twitter Interactions

at 7:02AM on May 4

Ladies, I’ve done so already. Fun Fact: When Neil Gaiman retweeted my blog post, I fell off my bed. Literally. :-D

Iris B commented on You Now Have Permission To Brag About Your Awesome Celebrity Twitter Interactions

at 5:23PM on May 3

OMG R.L. Stine was INCREDIBLE for that one!

I used to care so much about people’s thoughts on this – but when Gina Rodriguez COMMENTED, REPLIED, FAVORITED A BUNCH OF MY TWEETS – I DON’T CARE. I WIN.

Another highlight? When NEIL-FREAKING-GAIMAN retweeted my blog review of his Carnegie Hall show. NEIL GAIMAN. It’s one hell of a rush, LOL.

Iris B commented on Donald Glover Stars In This New 'Magic Mike XXL' Poster

at 2:01PM on Apr 29

I feel really weird looking at his body. It has to be because he looks so young. ACK!