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Iris B commented on #ThrowbackThursday: 10 Terrifying Videos For Hallowe'en

at 10:47PM on Oct 30

Okay Brent…all those bugs? NOOOOOO!

But that is definitely something I’ll think of for next year!

Iris B commented on Watch: This Disturbing Video Shows How Women Are Treated By Men Just By Walking Around New York City

at 11:12AM on Oct 29

When I worked in NYC, even with headphones I would see a man pointing to my face telling me to smile. So annoying. Mind you, one wears the headphones so they can’t be bothered.

Iris B commented on Watch: This Disturbing Video Shows How Women Are Treated By Men Just By Walking Around New York City

at 11:08AM on Oct 29

I agree with Stephanie. This is a form of harassment, regardless if it bothers you or not. There are women who are so scared of walking outside, due to scary circumstances of men following them or trying to force them to pay attention to their “caller.” When I have to worry about someone having anxiety due to unwanted attention, whether they’re in sweats/skirt/t-shirt, that is problematic.

“To me this just reeks of a hipster girl trying to stand out with her speshul snowflake grievance/cause.”

This statement you made is so unnecessary, because there are many women (and the men who side with us!) who are DONE with this behavior. Lumping all of us under some category isn’t fair and coincides with what main society states: Women are whiners, they have no right to complain, it’s a compliment. Uhhhh, no.

I am so happy you’re able to get past it, but it doesn’t mean that another has to take it. IMHO.

Iris B commented on Here's A Nick Jonas-Inspired Gallery Of 30 Hot Shirtless Hotties

at 8:42AM on Oct 27

I love being an intern. So much.

Iris B commented on Devonte Antonio's Hallowe'en Costume Is Glorious

at 2:27PM on Oct 26

The greatest. costume. of all. time.

Iris B commented on Chrissy Teigen Quits Twitter After Getting Death Threats Over Her Gun Control Tweet

at 11:15AM on Oct 26

Yeah, I’m glad you wrote that last line Shannon, “Is it time for Twitter to step in and do something (which is what they implied they’d be doing, when Zelda Williams quit Twitter a while back)?”, because the entire time I read the article, I wondered what did Twitter do to try to and prevent this.

I do believe that she knew her statement was a biting one, no matter how much I appreciated it. Chrissy is a spitfire and is used to trolls on her Twitter, so why wouldn’t this cause a commotion? She drags them all the time. However, NO ONE deserves death threats. No one at all. Social media websites in general need to really get right with their crap. They let loose all the BS with the #GamerGate trolls and things of this nature, but a freaking nipple would cause a crisis and downfall of a society.

Iris B commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Shut Down Hollywood Blvd. To Perform 'Out Of The Woods' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

at 7:59AM on Oct 24

Lo o o o o v v v v e e e “Out of the Woods.” Her model poses on stage were interesting. I kind of wanted MORE, but eh. Okay.

Still can’t listen to “Shake it Off.”

Iris B commented on First Listen: Taylor Swift Releases A New Song Titled 'Welcome To New York'

at 9:24AM on Oct 21

I didn’t give “Out of the Woods” a chance due to “Shake it Off”, but after listening, I will give up my minor (insignificant) ban. I wish this was the first single instead.

Iris B commented on PITNBr Devonte Antonio Is Celebrating Hallowe'en Early, And Amazingly

at 9:26AM on Oct 20

I’m so glad he’s IG friends with me. Love him and his commentary lol.

Iris B commented on Last Night's 'The Good Wife' Made Me Want To Break Up With 'Scandal'

at 9:36AM on Oct 13

I just want a lil love to happen between Alicia and Elfman. That’s all.