Iris B

Iris B commented on First Listen: Taylor Swift Releases A New Song Titled 'Welcome To New York'

at 9:24AM on Oct 21

I didn’t give “Out of the Woods” a chance due to “Shake it Off”, but after listening, I will give up my minor (insignificant) ban. I wish this was the first single instead.

Iris B commented on PITNBr Devonte Antonio Is Celebrating Hallowe'en Early, And Amazingly

at 9:26AM on Oct 20

I’m so glad he’s IG friends with me. Love him and his commentary lol.

Iris B commented on Last Night's 'The Good Wife' Made Me Want To Break Up With 'Scandal'

at 9:36AM on Oct 13

I just want a lil love to happen between Alicia and Elfman. That’s all.

Iris B commented on Last Night's 'The Good Wife' Made Me Want To Break Up With 'Scandal'

at 9:36AM on Oct 13

Okay, pleasssee tell me I’m not the only one who wants Alicia and Elfman to get it on. I only saw a few minutes, but those few minutes between each other when she was getting her wine…WOW. I just…I hope it happens LOL.

Iris B commented on Which Celebrity Breakup Are You Still Not Over?

at 12:02PM on Oct 12

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. I always FORGET that they’re no longer together, despite all the young dudes she’s with. Because of this video:

When they got together, it seemed as if there was a collective sigh of “Thank God.” Because it felt from watching that video, that they always wanted each other and couldn’t be due to their other spouses…but sighs. It wasn’t meant to be.

Iris B commented on Morrissey Reveals That He Has Cancer

at 10:49AM on Oct 7

Awww mannnnn. This is horrible news. I hope he is able to fight it with dignity and as painless as possible.

Iris B commented on When Was The First Time A Movie Changed Your Life?

at 2:09PM on Oct 5

Real Women Have Curves. I was 14/15 when watching this movie, going through all kinds of family and weight drama. Seeing another teenager like me was a breath of fresh air. I remember when towards the end, she was walking in Manhattan towards her dream school and that made me cry, because it was exactly what I needed to see to give me courage in my life lol.

Iris B commented on PITNBr Devonte Antonio Is On Creep Mode And It's Amazing

at 1:13PM on Oct 5

That neighbor one…I have 5 of his videos I contentiously watch over and over, and that’s #4.

Iris B commented on Ciara And Her Calvin Klein-Clad Post-Baby Body Need To Go Away

at 7:36AM on Oct 4

Wait, is four months even considered healthy to do that? That’s insane.

Iris B commented on I Just Love These White Lesbians Suing The Sperm Bank Because They Got A Biracial Baby

at 7:36AM on Oct 4

Oooof. This was a story on Tumblr/Twitter that I had followed for a bit. Some people were so outraged, they commented that the two women should give up their daughter for adoption so she can be raised in a more “loving” home.
The worst part is knowing that if these parents just focused on loving the baby instead of being upset about the circumstances, that child could thrive in any situation. Yeah, the sperm bank messed up, but that is still THEIR child.