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Daryl Brice commented on Everyone's Mad That Justin Bieber's Mom Is Producing An Anti-Abortion Movie

at 1:35AM on Jan 22

Why are people making this so complicated. Mixing Feminism with abortion? ALL humans deserve complete domain over their bodies without others denying them access to safe medical procedures. It’s a human right and not a feminist issue. Don’t micro manage the issue. Think big picture.

Daryl Brice commented on The 2013 Oscar Nominations Are Out!

at 8:34AM on Jan 10

I’m Canadian and enjoyed Lincoln. But I knew what type of film it was and was in the mood for it. Watching with my family may have changed the viewing dynamic a bit. Daniel Day was amazing as usual.

Daryl Brice commented on The 2013 Oscar Nominations Are Out!

at 7:35AM on Jan 10

I loved Django. Christopher Waltz was amazing in Inglorious Bastards but in Django I felt his character though strong reminded me too much of Hans Landa. A wise German, who is almost always two steps ahead of everybody in the room. So for that reason I don’t think he has much of a chance of winning even though he’s nominated. Trent been wanting to watch Rust and Bone, definitely will now.

Daryl Brice commented on Broken

at 2:49AM on Nov 13

Hugs Trent. It’s heart breaking going through a break-up. I went through a divorce and feel your pain. Expect good days and bad. Give yourself time and patience as you won’t feel like yourself for a long while. You may even become a somewhat different person after all it’s said and done.

Don’t work too heart I burnt out trying to work through my break-up.

Your friend,


Daryl Brice commented on Trent Reznor Announces New Music, New Shows & A New Member Of How To Destroy Angels

at 3:59AM on Sep 22

Interesting the signing with Columbia Records.

Daryl Brice commented on Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are Reportedly Getting Back Together

at 3:45PM on Sep 20

Even if they don’t get back together, their going to have to figure some sort of co-working relationship for when they have to promote the last Twilight movie and the endless interviews and worldwide premieres.

Daryl Brice commented on Is Trent Reznor's New Band About To Release A New EP Titled 'An Omen'?

at 3:42PM on Sep 20

I can wait for November . . . . NO I Can’t! ;-) Whatever it is,it will be quality so it’s worth the wait.