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Ariel Echeverria commented on Watch: This Video Says Everybody Lies On Facebook, And We Prefer It That Way

at 12:29PM on Jun 25

why would i share my sadness or problems, i have friends, family and a boyfriend to share this with them. i post certain things on facebook because i want to share some thoughts, my happiness or just to be funny. not my problems.

Ariel Echeverria commented on Today, We Honor Panem's District Heroes

at 2:40AM on Jun 20

this is alex minsky!!

Ariel Echeverria commented on Rumor Has It That Sandra Bullock & Chris Evans Are Coupling Up

at 9:38PM on May 29

she’s almost 50!!! i thought she was like… 43, 45.

Ariel Echeverria commented on Watch: Eli Roth Returns With A Horrifying New Cannibal Movie Titled 'The Green Inferno'

at 2:43AM on May 23

sooooo, some people complaint about cultural apropiation, discrimination etc. but have no problem on how other cultures are portrait in horror movies. hypocrisy it’s their last name,

Ariel Echeverria commented on First Look: Steve Carell Plays A Killer, Alongside Channing Tatum In 'Foxcatcher'

at 2:03PM on May 17

i recently watched this story in discovery investigations. channing tatum ughh he can’t act, just like chris hemsworth, but well i hope he can show acting skills and not just being hot and dumb.

Ariel Echeverria commented on Watch: Lea Michele Refutes Claims That She Got Into A Catfight With Naya Rivera On The Set Of 'Glee'

at 1:50PM on May 17

ughh she is sooo fake!!! can’t wait until glee ends so she can just disappear!!

Ariel Echeverria commented on 'Elle' Magazine Releases Photos From Miley Cyrus's 'Women In Music' Issue Photospread

at 8:17PM on Apr 8

so she decided to pay homage to madonna, again. when does a homage moves from being that to be a gaga??