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Ariel Echeverria commented on 'Elle' Magazine Releases Photos From Miley Cyrus's 'Women In Music' Issue Photospread

at 8:17PM on Apr 8

so she decided to pay homage to madonna, again. when does a homage moves from being that to be a gaga??

Ariel Echeverria commented on James Franco Tried To Hook Up With A 17-Year Old Girl, She Declined

at 11:55AM on Apr 3

whatever!! who is this girl anyway!! probably doesn’t even exist. just an elaborate stunt so we keep talking about him.

Ariel Echeverria commented on Anne Rice Reveals Her Picks For Actors To Play The Vampire Lestat On Film

at 12:32PM on Mar 19

hemsworth never!!! he’s a terrible actor, stop looking at his hot body and then saying he is a good actor when he is not!

Ariel Echeverria commented on Disney Characters get Genderbent

at 12:49AM on Mar 15

ariel looks like zack efron

Ariel Echeverria commented on Watch: Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay

at 3:17PM on Feb 15

it didn’t surprise me at all, i’m happy for her.

Ariel Echeverria commented on Miley Cyrus Gets Naked, Channels Madonna For German 'Vogue' Magazine

at 8:57PM on Feb 6

and marilyn did mae west better than madonna did marilyn ;)

Ariel Echeverria commented on Madonna Posts, Then Deletes The 'N-Word' On Instagram [UPDATE With Apology]

at 10:42PM on Jan 19

my guess is the boy wishes he was black! and was a comment that should’ve remained in her circle. i think the usage of the word as something cool should stop!! but as long as rappers don’t stop, the white kids or anyone who loves them will keep using it!!

Ariel Echeverria commented on Madonna Instagrams A Photo Of Her Underage Son & His Friends Posing With Alcohol

at 12:51AM on Jan 6

did anybody else read rocco’s response to some guy? where he says that he didn’t drink anything, that his mother would whip his ass if he ever drinks? and that his friend has a better life than the guy who commented?? personally i think people are making such a fuss!!

Ariel Echeverria commented on British Diver Tom Daley Opens Up About His Same-Sex Relationship

at 10:44AM on Dec 2

who might be his boyfriend? please let it be chris mears