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Ariel Echeverria commented on Janet Jackson Celebrates The 25th Anniversary Of Her Album 'Rhythm Nation 1814'

at 10:52PM on Sep 20

i love janet and i hope she makes a come back soon, we need her. ¿what was the point of mentioning madonna? they could’ve praise her without mentioning madonna. stop female singers rivalry please.

Ariel Echeverria commented on 'Time' Magazine Names Mariah Carey The 'Ultimate Pop Star'

at 12:51PM on Aug 29

bullshit, probably paid by mariah’s team.

Ariel Echeverria commented on Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Managed To Stage A 'Friends' Reunion On TV Last Night

at 4:44PM on Aug 28

rachel aniston playing her only role. the only one she has ever played

Ariel Echeverria commented on First Look: HBO Releases The Dopest Trailer Ever For Beyoncé And Jay Z's 'On The Run' Special

at 11:21PM on Aug 17

wasn’t this song originally sung by cher or nancy Sinatra?

Ariel Echeverria commented on Katy Perry Talks Cultural Appropriation, Babies & Teenage Awkwardness With 'Rolling Stone' Magazine

at 3:05PM on Jul 31

cultural appropriation, i’m getting tired of this new “trend”.if people really were into it, they would start with movies, TV shows, video games, etc. must of these singers and their videos are not offensive to a majority of “said” offended people (culture, country). i guess justin beibber needs to make a video about paraguay culture to find out what disrespectful and bad taste really is.

Ariel Echeverria commented on Watch: This Video Says Everybody Lies On Facebook, And We Prefer It That Way

at 12:29PM on Jun 25

why would i share my sadness or problems, i have friends, family and a boyfriend to share this with them. i post certain things on facebook because i want to share some thoughts, my happiness or just to be funny. not my problems.

Ariel Echeverria commented on Today, We Honor Panem's District Heroes

at 2:40AM on Jun 20

this is alex minsky!!

Ariel Echeverria commented on Rumor Has It That Sandra Bullock & Chris Evans Are Coupling Up

at 9:38PM on May 29

she’s almost 50!!! i thought she was like… 43, 45.

Ariel Echeverria commented on Watch: Eli Roth Returns With A Horrifying New Cannibal Movie Titled 'The Green Inferno'

at 2:43AM on May 23

sooooo, some people complaint about cultural apropiation, discrimination etc. but have no problem on how other cultures are portrait in horror movies. hypocrisy it’s their last name,