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Sarah Brewer commented on Kelly Osbourne Cannot Change Her Hair Color Because Of Her 'Fashion Police' Job

at 10:07AM on Apr 6

I agree. Since she’s on Fashion Police you would think the show would support her choices, and even try to make it seem like she sets fashion trends. Instead, they are smothering her creativity.

Sarah Brewer commented on Kelly Osbourne Cannot Change Her Hair Color Because Of Her 'Fashion Police' Job

at 10:05AM on Apr 6

I’m 27 like Kelly, but everyone says I look way younger, but I have no plans to change my style once I’m 30. I say your only as old as you feel, and if you’re confident and don’t over do it who cares?

Sarah Brewer commented on Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Refusing To Go To Rehab Without Her Adderall

at 2:26PM on Apr 1

If she has a legitimate doctor prescribed medication a rehab facility will let her take that medication (As long as they on staff doctor agrees with the diagnosis). They just won’t let her control it. They will lock it up in an office and give it to her at the allotted time frame.

Sarah Brewer commented on We Are All Equal

at 2:00PM on Mar 26

Trent, something I do when I have trouble meditating is to focus on just relaxing one part of my body, like the big toe of my right foot. Then moving the relaxation from there. Sounds odd, but it really helps when I have trouble detaching myself from my day-to-day worries.

Sarah Brewer commented on Watch: 'The Real World' Season 28 Trailer Looks An Awful Lot Like A Coed 'Bad Girls Club'

at 4:10PM on Feb 18

” I always thought Jonathan Murray was gonna keep The Real World fairly classy”. LOL. I’m sorry but the Real World has not been classy since Hawaii.

Sarah Brewer commented on Alyson Hannigan Talks Sibling Rivalry Between Her Two Daughters

at 8:54PM on Dec 29

My sister is almost 3 years older than me, and my parent’s tried the whole “you get to be a big sister!” thing with her. It did not work, lol. When I was born they asked her if she wanted to go see me and she said “no, I want to go to McDonalds”. I think he depends on the kid.

Sarah Brewer commented on Just Another Thursday

at 12:14PM on Nov 23

….Britney looks great. So there’s that, right?……

Sarah Brewer commented on Anna Nicole Smith's 6 Year Old Daughter Is Now Modeling For Guess

at 10:16AM on Nov 23

I just wanna throw this out there. When I was little my mom was the world to me. I tried to act like her, look like her, practically be her as much as possible. Maybe this little girl looks up to her mom a lot. All she would have now are photos and videos to see her, so maybe this IS her way of looking up to her mom. By trying to be like her. Also, I will be more worried if her father continues to allow her to model on a more regular basis. Only time will tell.

Sarah Brewer commented on 'Closer' Magazine Publishes Topless Photos Of Kate Middleton

at 12:33PM on Sep 14

I can’t believe so many people are all offended on her behalf. Its not like they don’t know they are followed everywhere. If you are outside of your house in daylight with your boobies out, your asking for it. I feel its as simple as that. She simply has to wear a top. That’s it!

Sarah Brewer commented on Shock! Amanda Bynes ALLEGEDLY Involved In Her Third Car Accident In Six Months

at 2:11PM on Aug 21

Why doesn’t she just hire a driver?