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Alicia Mayo-White commented on Disney Is Now Planning To Make A Live-Action 'Mulan' Movie Because Every Disney Animated Movie Has To Be A Live-Action Remake

at 9:55AM on Mar 31

Live Action movies with strong female leads = yes. I think it’s just a bonus that it’s Disney is doing it because it means there is a greater chance of success at the box office.

Hopefully it will lead to more original content with female leads.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on First Listen: Here Is Carly Rae Jepsen's New Single 'I Really Like You'

at 9:49PM on Mar 1

Love it!! Carly is such an amazing singer and if you ever get the chance to hear her live, do it. She is one of the few artists out there that sound even better live.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Willow & Jaden Smith Talk About The Non-Existence Of Time, Holographic Realities & 'The Opposite Of An Apple' In An Odd-Ball New Interview

at 6:21PM on Nov 18

‘I went to school for one year. It was the best experience but the worst experience. The best experience because I was, like, “Oh, now I know why kids are so depressed.” But it was the worst experience because I was depressed.’

This is sort of really important though. A lot of what we are taught in traditional eduction is useless but it’s drilled in that you have to know it or you will be a failure. People need to be taught life skills like cooking, wellness, sex ed, money, etc. but we’re forced into academics that have no real weight in life.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Salma Hayek Says She's Not A Feminist, Whilst Getting A Women's Equality Award

at 9:39AM on Nov 8

Some people don’t like labels. The word feminist has been tainted in some people’s minds to be a very negative thing. As long as her actions are well intended, is it necessary to forcibly label her?

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Britney Spears, Queen Of All Things Flawless, Wears Pajamas To Get Her Own Order From Starbucks

at 7:59PM on Oct 16

I wonder if they spelled her name correctly

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Movie Review: 'The Fault In Our Stars'

at 10:03PM on Jun 18

I found this movie to an amazing adaptation of the book. Similar in the way The Hunger Games was adapted. It’s pretty much all in there and some of the stuff that was cut, it’s not a huge deal.

I was the same was thinking “Yep, know where this is going” and it just hits you in the face like a bus because it doesn’t go there. Definite reason this book is so popular, it’s awesome.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on First Look: Meet The Young Cast Of 'Disney Descendants'

at 9:20PM on Jun 16

I’ll watch it just for those costumes. Love them so far!!

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Watch: LeVar Burton Wants To Revive 'Reading Rainbow'

at 10:17PM on May 28

It’s at $1.46 million right now and just keeps going up every time you refresh. With still a month to go, I can’t wait to see how they can expand with all the additional funding they are getting.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on First Look: Here Are The Opening Credits For 'Girl Meets World'

at 9:26AM on May 20

All I needed was the paper airplane :D I think it will be great. I can’t see the old cast returning if it wasn’t.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on A List Of Lindsay Lohan's Famous Lovers Has Been LEAKED

at 10:54AM on Mar 12

Both her and Garret were in Georgia Rule together so the possibility is there.