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Alicia Mayo-White commented on A List Of Lindsay Lohan's Famous Lovers Has Been LEAKED

at 10:54AM on Mar 12

Both her and Garret were in Georgia Rule together so the possibility is there.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Here Is A Graphic That Features Every 'Best Actress' Oscar Gown Since 1929

at 6:51PM on Feb 28

I want this as a humungous poster I can hang in my sewing room as inspiration.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Disney Is Ready To Turn 'Frozen' Into A Broadway Musical

at 7:23AM on Jan 14

As soon as I saw the movie, I thought it needed to be a musical, more so than any other Disney movie. It’s just the way the songs are written into it. It’s the most natural transitions from spoken to song I’ve seen for a Disney movie and the songs are amazing. It really feels like on of the movies out of the Disney renaissance from 20 years ago.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on First Look: Carly Rae Jepsen Shows Off The Dress She'll Wear As Cinderella On Broadway

at 9:04PM on Jan 9

I had the amazing opportunity of seeing her 2 years ago when she was opening for Hanson. It was just her, Tavish and her drummer and it was still one of the best performances I have ever seen. This girl can SING. I am sure she will do phenomenal in her new role.

It’s a bit of a shame Canadians who are super successful here in Canada still need to try and break into the American scene. Carly’s music has been playing on the radio for years in Canada and it’s all really good. Curiosity, Tug of War and Sour Candy are all amazing songs of hers.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Amanda Bynes Has Been Released From Rehab, And Is Looking At Colleges

at 12:50PM on Dec 5

Very excited she is looking at Fashion School. It’ll be nice to get a celebrity line that actually has education behind it instead of just a name. Go Amanda!!

Alicia Mayo-White commented on RUMOR HAS IT: Tom Cruise Is Dating 'Orange Is The New Black' Actress Laura Prepon

at 7:40PM on Nov 27

She’s taller than Katie. Tom is gonna need a bigger pair of man heels :D

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Listen: Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Duet On 'Let Me Go'

at 6:04PM on Oct 9

It’s not horrible, it just has zero impact. I love Avril and will easily forget she released this song in a year.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are Dunzo . . . For Good!

at 8:17PM on Sep 16

Exactly what I was thinking!! Everyone seems to pin this on Miley’s new image when there were rumours about Liam way before this.

Alicia Mayo-White commented on An Afternoon/Evening With 'Cardcaptor Sakura'

at 3:21PM on Sep 15

HOLY CROW TRENT! I had zero idea you were an anime fan! Your upcoming trip to Japan sounds ever more super amazing. I also have all the original Japanese DVD’s of CCS but will admit, I liked Cardcaptors too. I just take them as two separate things. 90′s anime is definitely the best anime.