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Courtney Puzzo commented on Halle Berry Confirms Her Second Pregnancy Was The 'Biggest Surprise'

at 6:26AM on Apr 9

oh shut up a woman doesn’t lose her fertility until her 50′s unless there are underlying medical issues as is Halle’s case being a type 2 adult onset diabetic. many women have had children at her age or older Geena Davis had twins at 48 in May 2004 Nancy Grace did the same in 2007 granted hers were 10 weeks early and one of them was bearly 3lbs at birth. Halle will be 47 when her child reported to be a boy is born. some women are blessed to carry pregnancy well and others aren’t Halle is obviously in the former camp as was Joanne Woodward for her three sucessful pregnancies here’s a photo from her last in 1965 [IMG][/IMG]

Courtney Puzzo commented on Matthew McConaughey And Camila Alves Welcome Their Third Child!

at 1:56PM on Dec 29

congrats to them wonder what they named their daughter

Courtney Puzzo commented on Jessica Simpson REPORTEDLY Confirms Her Second Pregnancy

at 6:14AM on Dec 20

some of you commenting aren’t very bright are ou she was more fertile after giving birth because a nursing mother can’t take hormonal birth control. besides having kids close together is nothing new Theresa Festko Newman’s 2 sons were 370 days apart as in Arthur Jr was born January 22nd 1924 and his younger brother film Icon Paul was born January 26th 1925 while for example Eleanor Gillisant Trimmier’s two children were 5 years & 4.05 mos apart correct her son Wade Woodward III was born October 24th 1924 and her daughter the younger Newman’s widow Joanne was born February 27th 1930. actually baby Maxwell was born 2 weeks early Jess’s due date had been May 15th and this one is due July 4th 2013 which meand she conceived in late September. had Newman and Woodward had all four of their kids the older two would be less than 9 months apart. Jessica has openly said she wants five children and feels like she started having them late at 31 Woodward would’ve had 3 at her age had she not miscarried her first at 4 months + three step-children from Newman’s first marriage

Courtney Puzzo commented on Levi Johnston Shows Off Photos Of His Newborn Daughter Breeze Beretta

at 3:08PM on Sep 13

that poor little girl got one of the worst names ever. what happened to names like Chantel Joanne Katherine Natalia Ophelia & Stephanie. this irresponsible jerkwad needs a vesectomy and fast at least Paul Newman was married to both his baby mamas and the later of the two for more than 5 decades

Courtney Puzzo commented on The Director Of 'The Notebook' Kind Of Aligns Gay Marriage With Incest

at 4:28AM on Sep 12

are you people possibly too dumb to realize Nick Casavetes has been around the film business since birth his dad was John and his mom was two time oscar nominee Gena Rowlands those two nominations came for films directed by John A Woman Under The Influence 1974 & Gloria 1980 one of only 7 women to be directed to a best actress oscar nomination by a significant other the other six are Elizabeth Bergner Escape Me Never 1935 Melina Mercouri Never On Sunday 1960 Joanne Woodward Rachel Rachel 1968 Jean Simmons The Happy Ending 1969 Julie Andrews Victor/Victoria 1982 and Frances McDormond Fargo 1996 Of Course Woodward & Andrews had won previously for The Three Faces Of Eve in 1958 and Mary Poppins in 1965