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Teófilo Roque Rivas commented on Britney Spears's New Single 'Work Bitch' Has Leaked . . . And It's A CLUB KILLER [UPDATE]

at 9:50AM on Sep 15

I am slayed. Like a said in Twitter. I’m a vampire, she’s the slayer. Now I am dust. Such a fun and danceable track!

Teófilo Roque Rivas commented on Watch: Showtime Releases The Season 7 Premiere Episode Of 'Dexter' Online For Free

at 4:16PM on Oct 1

The season premiere of Dexter was amazing! Really good stuff. I love getting frustrated with Dexter and his decisions and I wasn’t expecting that ending, not in the first episode, I really feel unprepared for what’s next and I can’t wait.

Teófilo Roque Rivas commented on Rihanna Officially Announces Her Next Single, 'Diamonds'

at 10:23AM on Sep 22

New album this year? I was NOT expecting that from her!

Teófilo Roque Rivas commented on Watch: Dina Lohan Makes An Embarrassing & Disastrous Appearance On 'Dr. Phil'

at 11:22AM on Sep 18

I saw the first clip. That was painful to watch.

Teófilo Roque Rivas commented on Lindsay Lohan Seemingly Goes After Amanda Bynes On Twitter

at 10:49AM on Sep 17

I couldn’t believe that tweet, but it only shows that she feels she didn’t do anything wrong, she’s just a “victim” of the system and that’s why she lives with “without regrets”.